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A Case For Chastity

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2016 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; factory; accident; fall; machine; wrap; encase; cocoon; stuck; discovery; M/f; tease; nipple; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

"If dad could see me right now..... he'd probably kill me."

Nervously, Chastity stepped out onto the catwalk overlooking the production floor. This had seemed like a great idea before, but now she wasn't so sure. Still, she'd made it this far, so the rest should be easy. Slowly, but with growing confidence, she made her way along the catwalk.

The whole thing had begun earlier in the day, when Chastity had dropped in to visit her father at work. He, however, had been less than pleased, namely because of her choice of clothing. She'd been wearing a light, short summer dress, its tight, thin material leaving no doubt that there was no bra beneath. Instead of a visit, she'd been on the receiving end of a lecture on propriety.

"Why don't you just come in naked," her father had said scathingly. "You're already showing everything you have."

Stung nearly to tears by her father's words, Chastity had rushed out. She'd spent the rest of the day in her quiet place, a small patch of woods nearby. It was here that her tears had changed to anger over her father's words, and it was here that she conceived the idea that had led her here, to this catwalk over a dark, silent room.

"Ok, dad, you want it, you got it," she said softly. Turning, she glanced behind her, where her dress, panties and sandles lay in a neat pile.

Had anyone been there to look, they would have seen a slender young woman in her late twenties. From her small toes to the top of her head, Chastity was almost perfectly proportioned for her size, with toned legs, gently swelling thighs, high, tight ass, narrow waist swelling slightly into a chest that supported breasts that, while not large, were firm and proud. Above, slightly slanted brown eyes gazed from a face of almost elvish beauty.

Chastity had always been proud of her body. An active, outdoor lifestyle kept her toned and tanned. She knew she looked good, and she had no problem sharing that knowledge with anyone who cared to look, selecting clothes that highlighted her charms while still protecting her modesty, if only just. After all, she wasn't an exhibitionist. She just enjoyed being what she was, a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately, her father didn't see it that way, with today being only the latest in a series of lectures about her clothing choices.

Now, still nervous, she glanced down at the dark, silent production floor. During the day, the room would be full of workers, cutting, grinding, mixing and cooking the cuts of meat that went into the sausages that were her father's trademark. Even in the darkness, the machines gleamed, reflecting both the small amount of light and her father's dedication to quality.

At the end of the catwalk, Chastity stood for a moment, gazing down at the final machine in the production process. Newly installed, untested, it lay silent, awaiting the morning to show what it could do.

For another moment, Chastity gazed out on the production floor, before turning away with a shrug. This had seemed like a good idea before, daring and defiant. Now it just felt dumb. What had she really meant to prove? There was nobody here to see, nobody to appreciate her bravado. There was just an empty room. Shaking her head at her own foolishness, Chastity stepped back along the catwalk, only to feel her foot slide from beneath her.

Perhaps it was fate, perhaps simply bad luck that brought her foot down onto the small patch of grease. Under her weight, her foot shot out from under her, sending her reeling backwards into the railing at the end of the catwalk. Arms flailing, she tumbled over, dropping several feet to land hard atop a solid surface. Chastity felt a sharp pain as the back of her head hit, and then everything went dark.

Chastity woke to a strange sound. It was a soft, barely audible whistling, high, then low. As her mind began to rise from the darkness, she simply lay listening to the strange sound, only mildly curious as to where it might come from.

Where am I? Wherever it was, she thought blearily, she wasn't sure she liked it. Definitely not home. Her bed was nowhere near this hard, this solid. Then, as her mind became more clear, she realized something wasn't right.

She lay on her back, feet together, palms flat against her thighs. Something, something incredibly tight, enclosed her, making it impossible to move. Whatever it was, it was warm, and it covered her from the bottoms of her feet to the top of her head. Slowly, afraid of what she might find, she tried opening her eyes, her sudden fear growing when nothing happened.

"What...?" she asked, hearing, not her spoken word, but a soft hum from lips that refused to part. Desperately, she struggled to move, but the tightness of whatever it was that held her reduced her most violent struggles to little more than slight squirming.

This is insane, she thought frantically. How did I get here? I remember the catwalk, slipping, the rail. I must have fallen and.... oh no! The machine!

Was it possible? Had she landed on her father's newest machine in a way that had somehow activated it? Her mind racing, she struggled to understand.

The machine, brand new, was her father's latest pride and joy. On the day installation began, her father had dragged her to the plant to show her. She hadn't paid a lot of attention to what he said, but now the details began to creep back into her mind.

The machine, she knew, sat at the end of the production line. After the meat had been ground, mixed, and seasoned, it was pressed into casings and then smoked. At that point, the product was essentially complete and ready to be packaged. That was the job of the new machine, to encase each sausage in a clear plastic wrap, which was then subjected to heat, causing it to shrink until tight.

Suddenly, a new and terrifying thought flashed into her mind. Air! If she was, as she thought, sealed tight within a casing of plastic, then the only air she had was whatever had been trapped inside with her. Desperately, she began once more to struggle, visions of her lifeless body encased in plastic filling her mind. Frantic, she squirmed within her tight prison, only to feel the plastic reducing her struggles once more to pitiful squirmings that, even in her terrified state, reminded her of a worm trying to escape the hook. Finally, exhausted, she went limp, helplessly awaiting the end.

As she lay in her darkness, it slowly dawned on her that, somehow, she was still breathing. Strangely enough, it seemed as if she were drawing air through only one side of her nose. How and why this might be, she had no idea, but the smell of spices that always filled the building were a welcome sensation.

With her fear of suffocation subsiding, Chastity began to notice something else. Here and there over her body, small patches of skin seemed to feel... strange. Idly, since she had nothing else to do, she tried to identify this strange feeling, but, after careful consideration, all she could come up with was that, in those small, scattered places, her skin felt... puckered. It made no sense, she knew, but that was the only description she could think of.

One new sensation, she did recognize. Once, after watching a bondage video online, she'd gotten curious about something she'd seen done to the model. In the video, after being securely bound, the model was subjected to having twine tied around both nipples. Intrigued, Chastity had tried it out on her own nipples, and the feeling was identical to what she felt now, though for some reason, the sensation was confined to her left nipple, which felt slightly pinched around its base, the sensitive bud throbbing slightly.

As time passed, Chastity felt her fear slipping away. Helpless she might be, but she seemed in no danger of immediate harm. In place of fear, she began to feel something that surprised her. Her plastic prison, while tight, was not painfully, nor even uncomfortably so. After a while, the sensation even began to feel comforting, like being hugged all over, and she had to wonder if this is what it felt like for the women she'd seen wrapped in videos.

Then, just as she felt her body beginning to relax fully, another thought caused her to stiffen all over again. Who would find her? The thought that it might be Charlie made her squirm once again. Charlie was the plant engineer, and older, slightly overweight man who, to Chastity, always seemed to smell of the strange combination of engine grease and paprika. Silently, she prayed that he not be the one to find her, even though she knew he was almost always the first one to arrive, needing to get the machines started before the rest of the crew arrived.

Unwilling to contemplate her discovery, Chastity tried turning her mind to other things. With the feel of the plastic enclosing her, she soon lost herself in fantasy, imagining herself to be, first, a caterpillar in its coccoon. Slowly, her fantasies turned to more erotic subjects, images of helplessly wrapped women soon causing her to squirm for much more pleasant reasons than before. As these thoughts filled her, it seemed the pinching sensation on her left nipple increased, but this only seemed to add to the erotic nature of her thoughts.

Lost in these thoughts, Chastity was eventually brought crashing back to reality by a hollow, booming sound. The door, she thought, someone just slammed the door. Which meant discovery, and eternal humiliation, could only be moments away. Tensely, she waited, finally hearing footsteps approach, pausing, it seemed right beside her.

"What the...?" Hearing this, Chastity cringed.

Danny! Why did it have to be him? Suddenly, Chastity found herself wishing it had been Charlie.

Danny was her father's assistant. He was also, at least in Chastity's opinion, one of the hottest guys in town. Just looking at those blue eyes was enough to make her knees go weak, and when he smiled at her... Not, she thought bitterly, that he would ever look at her again after this, much less smile. Picturing him standing there, looking down at her, she found herself wishing she could sink right through the floor.

"Chastity? How did this happen?" As she helplessly hummed, trying to answer Chastity wondered why he wasn't cutting her free.

"Are you...?" Hearing this, Chastity started. The voice came from right over her head, as if Danny had knelt beside that end of her body. "Oh, I see. I'd forgotten we put the perforated plastic on here."

Perforated? Hearing this, Chastity suddenly understood. Perforated plastic had small, circular holes randomly placed over it's surface. By sheer luck, she realized, one of those holes must have come to rest beneath one nostril, allowing her to get air. It also explained the strange puckered feeling, her skin pushing out due to the tightness of the plastic. At the thought of her left nipple also poking out, Chastity suddenly felt her face warm, knowing she was blushing furiously. She could only hope that Danny didn't notice that one little detail.

Suddenly, she felt something touch her nipple. So much for that hope, she thought. But why is he touching my nipple? Why isn't he cutting me loose?"

"You know," she heard, feeling fingers pinch her nipple, "I've always thought you were hot, but I never thought I'd get to see this much of you."

Hot? Chastity suddenly felt warm all over, a warmth the plastic had nothing to do with. He thinks I'm hot?

"I'm sorry," she heard, "I shouldn't be touching you like this." Strangely, in spite of his words, his fingers remained around her nipple. "I guess I should cut you free."

Suddenly, the thought of being free didn't seem as important, not if it meant those fingers wouldn't be touching her any more. With a wrench, Chastity twisted her upper body, pushing up with her left side and nudging her nipple against Danny's fingers.

"Did you just...?" Chastity felt Danny pause, his fingers still right where she wanted them to be.

"Mmm-hmmm." It was the only sound she could make, and she only hoped it got her message across.

"If I'm wrong about this," she heard, "I'm going to be so very fired." The feeling of fingers left her nipple, causing Chastity to moan her disappointment.

Seconds later, she felt a strange pressure just below the juncture of her thighs, followed by a slight loosening of the plastic there. Damn, she thought, he's cutting me loose. Strangely, the sensation ended almost as soon as it began. What is he doing?

Suddenly, she felt something touch her. As it began to stroke softly between her thighs, she realized he'd poked a hole in the plastic, and what could only be his finger now touched her.

"I hope you don't hate me for this."

'Only if you stop', she thought, arching her back to lift her hips, struggling now to press herself against the finger that touched her.

When the finger vanished, Chastity moaned her disappointment. Suddenly, the strange pressure returned, this time moving down between her legs. Within seconds, the plastic encasing her lower body had fallen away. When the finger returned, Chastity felt her legs spread almost on their own.

"Damn, you're wet," she heard. "You're enjoying this?"


"You want more?"


"You want me to..."

"MMM! HMM!" Chastity never thought about whether a hum could be shouted, but she was determined to try.

Once again, the finger vanished, leaving her to squirm. This time, her legs rose, flailing blindly as they sought to find and capture the man above her.

Suddenly, gentle hands grasped her ankles, drawing them apart. Chastity felt something brush the insides of her thighs, followed by a waft of warm air, followed by what could only be a tongue gently probing.

"Oh GOD!" Only then beginning to realize how terribly horny she was, Chastity thrust up with her hips. As she did, Danny's tongue pushed down, slipping easily into her. Chastity moaned loudly as he slowly, gently, probed that most sensitive of places. How long that wonderful feeling lasted, she had no idea, but when it ended, she knew she would gladly kill to get it back.

For what seemed hours, Chastity writhed helplessly, wondering where Danny had gone and desperately praying for his return. Gradually, she sensed something over her. Then something nudged between her thighs, penetrating and slowly filling her.

For Chastity, what happened next seemed to last forever, yet ended far too soon. As Danny thrust into her, her body, already aroused more than she'd ever thought possible, rapidly reached and toppled over a peak, plunging her into what had to be the longest, hardest, most mind-blowingly intense orgasm she'd ever felt. Desperately, her legs locked around Danny's waist and pulling him to her, she rode seemingly endless waves that blasted through her with the force of a hundred hurricanes. After the last wave had passed, she knew it wasn't just the plastic still encasing her upper body that kept her helpless, as every muscle in her body went limp.

For what seemed hours, Chastity lay basking in the afterglow of her glorious orgasm, occasional shudders racing through her like the aftershocks from an earthquake. As she felt her body return to earth, Chastity waited for Danny to finish freeing her.

Instead, she felt herself rolled over, the loose plastic cut away. Still helplessly encased from her hips up, she felt herself being lifted from the floor and draped over Danny's shoulder.

"I need to get you out of here," she heard. "It's almost time for work to start, which means Charlie will be here any minute. I need to hide you and clean up before he gets here."

Hide me? Why doesn't he just cut me free so I can help?

"And maybe," she heard, "we can do this again." With this, she felt his hand softly caress her upturned ass, driving away any thought of getting loose.

Again, she thought dreamily. And again. And again. And, her mind added, maybe if she asked real nice, he'd run her through the machine tomorrow. Or the next day. It didn't matter when, she realized, so long as it did happen, as long as she got to feel him touch her again while she was so tightly encased.

Suddenly, she thought of something she'd recently seen, a documentary on the evils of sex. One line from the show flashed through her mind, causing her to smile at the irony of it.

This, she told herself, is a case for Chastity I can definitely agree with.

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