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The Adventures of Lizzy G Part 2

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; bag; wrap; swimcap; breathplay; lingerie; voy; photo; fantasy; mast; climax; cons; XX

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. continued from part one

Part Two

It had been a while since her last posting on the site so Lizzy thought it was about time to get out her gear again and make a lot of people very happy indeed with her latest work. This didn’t detract from the fact she was continually perfecting her craft and art whenever she could in private and still enjoying the wonderful feeling of breathless play in the comfort of her own bedroom, oblivious to the outside world. Very few even knew of her secret existence or her alter ego persona online. This alone excited her more, especially when shopping for new toys and equipment, knowing what they would be used for ultimately. That special place she entered into was a magical place and the addiction to be there again was never far from her mind at all times. She hoped however she would not become boring and stale in her play and that others would not think she was repeating the same type of scenario again.

With this in mind Lizzy had decided to always wear something different for her photo shoots from her ever extensive wardrobe. Just getting the outfits of the rail was enough to make her tingle all over with anticipation of what was to come. She had contemplated performing totally naked, as she sometimes did when alone, but it was more exciting and thought provoking to her audience to imagine what lay beneath her wonderful costume. This time she choose the black chiffon ensemble with her elbow length gloves; her figure hugging matching bodice too which dug nicely into her crotch as she pulled it up and over her shoulders. This made her pussy twitch beautifully and immediately became damp. She then wore the hold up stockings, a gorgeous pair of boots and to top it all off the see through chiffon top which hung down over her thighs and was clingy to the touch due to the static. She also used her wide studded belt around the middle to make her look totally in control and meant business.

At this stage she looked in the mirror and liked what she saw; she took some photos as she got dressed in stages and one of the other equipment lying on the bed, which included a pair of handcuffs, the largish plastic bag and her neck collar with the strap fastening at the rear. The excitement built inside her as she surveyed her playthings, holding up the bag to demonstrate to her willing fans of its dimensions, but more so to feel its lovely softness through her fingers. Lizzy loved her outfit and thought it made her look like some super heroine; she chuckled to herself briefly before readying herself and concentrating on her breathing. She would soon need all her attention once the bag was in place. She had been experimenting with different bags but she had found this larger type gave her a little longer to play due to its capacity. Once again the build up and the photo taking took some time and she found herself getting wetter between the legs as a damp patch grew in her crotch. Then it was time for the main event; she took the bag and placed it over her head slowly easing it down over her ears and around her neck; that feeling just so wonderful as it clung lightly against her skin.

The plastic is so thin that even without smoothing it down; it began to cling into her nose and mouth and was already misting up while she took another couple of pictures. She took some deep breaths and then pulled it around her neck and grasped the loose ends together, holding them there briefly with her hands only. Lizzy took a couple of breaths and loved the feeling as the bag deflated and crinkled up around her face, then filled out like some crazy see through balloon as she breathed out again. The air being used up slowly and it became increasing difficult to see; it did not matter anyway because by now Lizzy had closed her eyes and was savouring the moment, almost forgetting where she was and what to do next.

Opening the end once more she took some more much needed air before picking up the neck collar from the bed and getting it ready for the all important fitting around her delicate neck. This was the tricky bit, positioning the strap and trying to fasten the buckle behind her head blind; she had done it many times before but now that time was of the essence, she fumbled her fingers trying to push home the straps and finding the holes for the fastenings. This added to the overall excitement and was not clear from just the photos how difficult this task was. Another quick photo of it all in place and then it was a case of timing just how long she could stay in there without passing out. The original idea was to fasten the handcuffs behind her back and then wriggle like fuck into the bed, face down.

Unfortunately the fastening the neck collar had proven more difficult and had taken up valuable time and air, so in her own mind she was not happy, so Lizzy took it off again, loosening the bag slightly and taking some more breaths. To save time she fastened one hand in the cuffs ready before she reapplied the collar. This time she was ready and on the ball; quicker than before she managed to thread the straps and secure the collar, then one last tug of the bag to make sure it was secure and then her arm went behind her back and the other cuff applied shut. Lizzy was totally helpless now but unknown to her fans she was not alone. She would never try this alone; it was too dangerous to do so in case she could not operate the lock behind her back, even with the key. Her friend was at hand for the benefit of the photo shoot only and would remove the bag on Lizzy’s signal; it was all a case of timing. Once the photos were in the bag as it were, Lizzy would repeat the play later on without the handcuffs. Safety first always was the motto of the breath player; never put yourself in a situation of danger where you cannot get out of it alone, it is not worth it; you only live once. The motto being ‘live dangerously, but live another day’.

Lizzy thought how wonderful it would be to be able to play with someone of a similar mind set and be totally under their control; total trust of another human being. Their life in your hands. In future adventures Lizzy would employ the services of a photographer and helper, although this person would never fully understand the sense in taking ages taking pictures instead of just getting on with it; that was the whole point, without the photos to look back on it would not be as exciting and it did take time to get it right. Regardless of all that Lizzy enjoyed the situation and she hoped her fans would like the new outfit. Once her friend had left and gone home, she would repeat the play holding her hands behind her back pretending they were cuffed, and pressing her face into her pillow once more, she went to that starry place called breathless heaven. Her legs squeezed together tightly as she wriggled face down on the bed, dragging her on fire pussy up and down the covers until she could take it no longer. With one last gasp of what little air was left, Lizzy let go with her whole body, her orgasm rushing in like a train, exploding in her head, stars and sparklers going off as she shuddered violently, eventually coming to a mind blowing halt and finally ripping off the bag just in the nick of time.

It may have seemed like just another bag play, but to Lizzy it was much more. For one thing she had shown off another exciting and sexy outfit to her adoring online fans and she knew they would keep coming back for more, which she could provide in buckets. Now she had the basics of her play outlined, it was a case of keeping it interesting and different enough to please everyone, but most of all herself. It is too easy to fall into the trap of habitual behaviours and the excitement wanes over time. Be it plastic bag, cling film or rubber swim cap; lacy chemise, latex wet suit or fishnet bodice; chains, cuffs or straps; whatever the combination, the outcome would be the same, total satisfaction guaranteed.

* * *

The regular postings continued plus the number of friends Lizzy had got over the months since she first started posting increased dramatically; she had become an overnight star because of her imaginative pictures and use of breath play in a real context. There are so many fakers out there it is hard to decide what is real. Lizzy knew it was very real and even though it was posed for the camera, most of what she did was for her own excitement too. What started off as a small part time hobby had developed into a full time job and completely took over her life. With the addition of her partner in crime and friend to help out, she could do even more now and take her audience to the next level. No longer did it have to be self-bondage, she could experiment with more daring exploits with her new secret breath play buddy; even though her friend did not fully understand the thoughts behind it all, she went along with her but continued to complain about the length of time to set up shots. It had to be right argued Lizzy if it was worth doing at all. That remained her philosophy throughout much to the delight of her admiring public. She may not have been a household star in the world of fetish circles but she was getting quite a following and respect from those who had seen her pictures and had been there.

With all this in mind Lizzy choose her outfit and equipment and as in some ritualistic ceremony laid it out on the bed ready. This time she would wear the gorgeous split sided soft chemise top with its sheer material allowing a great view of her ample tits and lovely brown nipples. The crotch less bottom allowing plenty of fresh air below, exposing her great lips which were already glistening with excitement. No boots this time, just the thicker stockings. It was time to take some pictures then onto the bondage attire; recently purchased Lizzy had a four way cuff and chain set which was ideal for using on wrists and ankles in any combination. They were sturdy in construction and the cuffs comfortable to wear for long periods without digging in. She was really getting hot and bothered now as she fastened the ankles straps up as tight as she could make them and practiced pulling her legs apart to test the chain.

Wowsers she thought to herself as with a bit of help from her friend managed to put on the wrist cuffs too. As she took some more photos, Lizzy tingled all over at her restricted movement and thought at some later date she might try them fitted around her back for extra restraint feeling. As it was having them fastened in front meant that she could manipulate the rubber swim cap with her hands by bending her head downwards; if she needed to remove it in a hurry she could do, but once in place she could lay back and feel totally bound.

Again Lizzy tested the strength of the chains by tugging her hands and feet; it felt wonderful and there was little movement allowable, perfect. After her early attempts of using the swim cap, she felt quite proficient in being able to stretch it sufficient to get it over her head in one attempt. Some more photos as she savoured the feel of the latex hood between her fingers holding it up teasingly to her nose to sniff the marvellous aroma; she was soon to be encapsulated by its dimensions over her face, clinging and tugging tightly against her features so beautifully. One last photo before she pulled it onto the top half of her face covering her eyes and ears.

She even managed a knowing smile for the camera prior to that point of no return. As she put both hands inside the cap and tugged it over her ears it made a wonderful whooshing noise as all the air temporarily was pushed out on top of her head. Her friend took another picture now as Lizzy could no longer see with the rubber over her eyes; it felt tighter than usual but the latex had not yet warmed up; nevertheless it felt absolutely marvellous and she could not wait to pulled it down all the way and get to her place. It had been quite a struggle to bend her neck right down to her restrained hands in order to position the hood but Lizzy was pleased she had achieved this alone because she knew it could be done when she was alone later.

She concentrated hard now on her breathing knowing there was no going back now; one or two more deep breaths for good luck and then her friend poised on the shutter release, she tugged that soft rubber over her nose and mouth for the first time. That sensation as you enter this strange new world is too great for words; as you try to hold onto that first breath as long as possible. Then the out breath filling up the front of the cap slightly like some deformed balloon. Then the next breath; your very lungs almost sucking into nothingness; tasting the rubber in your mouth and the sweat running down your neck; your eyes bulging in their sockets as the cycle is repeated. The first time you do it, you think you are going to die or pass out, but eventually you trust in yourself belief and know your limits of endurance

Once or twice she resisted the compulsion to rip the mask off in panic mode but by now Lizzy was becoming a seasoned professional of breath play techniques and she kept on going for two more pictures; she would select the best ones later. In her current mental state it was too much to have to desist from rolling over onto her tummy and frigging herself off so hard, but her friend was still there, that would have to wait. For now all that mattered was enjoying it and getting the shots in the camera. Each shoot depending on what she had to set up for would take around a couple of hours or so but it was worth it to get it right and with the advent of digital photography it was easy to just run off several pictures and delete the bad ones later. Even though on average she only posted around 16 shots per play session, she invariably took many more, but never could delete the others she did not use, they were far too valuable to her. So once again her mastery of the swim cap had proven her progression into the next stage of her training; Lizzy was proud of her own achievements and the compliments others had been giving her. She was addicted to it now.

Later that evening in a repeat performance, Lizzy now alone and gagging for it, resumed the position, gasped for her last breath as she made herself cum yet again; that mind blowing place where she longed to go, where no-one could hurt her or spoil her fun; where dreams were merely ideas for tomorrow; where heavenly orgasmic pleasure ruled the waves of her brain patterns. Hands and feet securely bound, rubber hood tightly around her features, lungs on fire like they would explode, mind filled with whirling pools of imagination and joy. Lizzy was home and she loved it. That night as she lay in her bed, dwelling upon her new found love of the play, her own courage of expectations to come, her new friends online, and most of all to be doing something she enjoyed which gave her such pleasure. Maybe she would try a whole body wrap now she was becoming more adventurous; with all that in mind she drifted off to sleep and to another world…..

* * *

The next photo shoot was due and Lizzy had been thinking hard all week for new ideas. Ever since her first encounters with cling film, she had longed to be totally encased in the stuff. She had seen many pictures online and she imagined it would be a sensational feeling. There were a few problems with this like having some help to apply it properly, having enough film to cover her whole body, plus having the time and patience to get it right. Having examined online other people’s efforts she was now confident to give it a try. She bought some extra rolls of the film and decided to get ready in another of her sexy outfits. This time she would play as the action girl in full combat clothes and sexy cut off hot pants. She was also feeling adventurous to do her first full frontal naked shots too; she was initially too shy to do this, but in the end it would feel better once wrapped in the cool smooth plastic.

Before she started the play properly Lizzy did a couple of set up shots in her full combat gear, showing the cling film she was about to use. The photographs never really conveyed the feelings of her plays and although she attempted to post as many as possible, it was down to the individual’s imagination as to the enjoyment they would give. In between photo shoots Lizzy would study her own work hoping to improve on it in the future and also becoming so aroused at times she would have to stop what she was doing to see to her wanton desires alone. Back to the wonderful cling-film then.

She hoped it would be wide enough, but regardless it would simply need more strips to be applied as required. She also did a pre-shot of her in handcuffs looking like some sexy prisoner of war or woman urban guerrilla just been captured by the jungle mercenaries. I doubt if this had been the case they would have chosen to take her top off and wrap her in cling-film, or would her fantasy capture have been as enjoyable. If Lizzy were some super-heroine she could imagine herself trying to escape her captives. In her mind she imagined they would maybe take her to the very edge of her endurance, this alone made her tingle even more with anticipation. She ached to have a play partner who could dominate her and learn to get her to beg for air. To have mastery over her very life was every breath players dream. Each play was in essence 80% imagination, 20% perspiration.

Down to business then, as she decided to start from her ankles upwards. Standing against the backdrop Lizzy carefully began to wrap the film around her ankles and slowly up her calves, trying to keep her balance and making sure she had sufficient layers to keep it tight. Already it felt brilliant against her skin and she began to get excited, her pussy twitching as always with thoughts of what was to come. At some point she would have to lie down somehow and let her assistant finish her off when both her arms would be trapped by her sides rendering completion of the task impossible alone. She was beginning to get warm now too so she disposed of the combat jacket totally exposing her wonderful breasts in all their glory.

Lovely large brown areolas and erect nipples tingling and ready to be wrapped in soft clingy plastic. The cling-film would make a superb tight strapping across her chest like a PVC bra. The more she thought about cling-film, the more she realised how multi-purpose it was as a fetish tool. The only possible downside was its overall strength, although you could buy pallet roll online which was much thicker. Maybe one day she would try this out but for now it was the soft clingy feel which appealed most to Lizzy. It made the perfect seal and boy did it make you sweat. More photos then onwards and upwards to her thighs; for the purposes of these pictures she would leave her combat hot pants on, but at some later time she would go totally naked. There was something special about the feel of cling film against your naked buttocks and tightly hugging your pubes; sealing in the freshness of a wet sopping pussy mmmm. Tight as a drum but yet soft enough to allow gentle pressure against her clitty button driving her wild. What would become her special plastic panties and provide many a hour of pleasure. Her mind wandered off for a moment into another dimension before getting back to the task at hand. Round and round the roll went overlapping each previous band until she had reached her bum. The roll would eventually run out and she would have to do a clever bit of joining around her middle. Her legs were very restricted now and it felt marvellous as she looked in the mirror at what looked like the beginnings if an Egyptian mummy taking shape.

Her friend helped to tamp down the plastic into place as Lizzy worked her way up slowly savouring each layer. At last it was time to encase those lovely breasts and finally clamp her arms by her sides and it did feel so bloody good having them squished flat, turning her on even more, as the first dewy drops of her love juices began to trickle down between her legs. She was in every sense of the word on fire now inside and out. Both her arms now tight by her sides unable to move an inch, wobbling on her soles hoping she would not fall over. She then wondered how she was going to get down on the floor without ripping the film. This proved to be quite difficult but worth the effort aided by her helper. Sweating, turned on and leaking between the legs like fuck she was ready for the ultimate play. If only she had been on top of her bed maybe she could have flipped herself over and managed to wriggle against the edge of the mattress mmmm, again more delightful thoughts running through her head.

More pictures taken and then it was time for her to lie down and for her friend to take over the neck and head part. Her friend was not as proficient as her at applying the film and it took a couple of attempts to get it right; several layers on her face now closing in as she breathed heavily under the hot conditions. Occasionally she would have to signal for some air at which point a tiny hole could be made in the film to allow a couple of breaths and then resuming the mummification. The final piece in the jigsaw would be her feet at which point Lizzy was totally encased in her own plastic world, all senses removed from the outside world, eyes shut deep in thought. Her own fantasy world of exciting pulsating joy. She wanted her fingers to be able to reach down there and frig herself off but of course they could not, strapped as they were to her sides. Instead she wriggled slowly backwards and forwards on her back rubbing her thighs together a little. Eventually she managed to make enough play in the plastic to allow the ridge of her hot pants to rub delightfully against her waiting throbbing lips. Gasping for air now she was totally lost, mind bursting in a heaven of a thousand stars as she gave up the fight and let go. Screaming inside her head but no sound coming out of her mouth, bucking wildly on the floor like some crazed animal.

She was worried that her friend would rip the plastic off too soon or even think she was having a fit on the floor, as her body rippled with pleasure. Just as Lizzy thought it was going to go black she felt the cold air hit her face for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. That joy of completion once more, of release and relief; of danger and of being lost. Lizzy had done it again and come through. That was without doubt one of the most wonderful sensations ever and she wished she could stay just wrapped up forever, maybe even laid into a sarcophagus like an Egyptian queen, and the lid being sealed down for all time, slowly loosing consciousness. That night she would relive this fantasy in her mind turning her on all over again, maybe just maybe she played herself to sleep, dreaming of her next playtime …

* * *

It had been a few weeks since her last post so it was time to get busy with the camera again and the bagging for fun. Once more with excited trepidation Lizzy prepared herself for the public display of her love of breath play. She tingled all over as she got the things ready in the bedroom, this time she would use the step ladder and the wardrobe for background; this also allowed her to carefully display her makeshift noose over the door. Maybe if she had time later she would use this, but regardless of the photos she would experiment with the noose alone at some point, such was her excitement at such pictures online. Another daring play was building in her mind, and Lizzy felt so proud of how far she had come in only a few months of playing.

This times play was going to be more for show that anything as she selected the ankle chains, wrist cuffs, small plastic bag, tie band and her outfit of golden one piece PVC suit, her fishnet tights and finished off with boots and gloves, perfect. As she got naked and began to dress she felt all flushed with anticipation, as she pulled on the tights and then stepped into the suit and zipped up the front; it felt clingy against her breasts and just tight enough to give her a thrill as the material rubbed against her already erect nipples. Next the boots and chain secured between both ankles looking wonderful. The gloves and one of the hand straps fastened to save time later. Time for the first picture; wowsers she thought I look stunning in this super heroine type costume, and her imagination began to wander to thoughts of being captured by some evil villain and tied up.

Lizzy made herself comfy on the top step of the ladders, and then did her customary display of the empty bag to show its size to her waiting public. It felt soft and clingy even before she had the pleasure of putting it over her head and it all helped to build the scene. She tugged the bag to its full extent wriggling on the step as she felt a twitch down below. She then held it up to her face masking her features and pausing for effect and another picture. Then she tugged the zip up a little more on her top making her breasts jut out even more. She carefully untangled the neck band ready for its job, the bag lying between her legs now waiting to encase her lovely locks and head once more. She desperately resisted the temptation to rub herself as the desires began to overtake her. Lizzy was already breathless with excitement even before the bag was on. One final show of the neck band to the camera and she was ready to begin, concentrating hard now for the main event. The more of these photo shoots Lizzy did the more daring she had become and she loved to tease her audience by taking every step very slowly and deliberately; as an example she held the bag just inches away from her face before taking some deep breaths, peering through the crumpled plastic sheet into the lens.

Then it was time to go to that place; the bag over her head pulled down tight, making the comical bunny ears in the corners as it did; these would be filled with vital air for later and even though it looked strange Lizzy knew she would be glad of that later. A couple of breaths and a photo later, the plastic was already beginning to be sucked inwards and mist up to her delight and a ripple ran through her pussy muscles and she squirmed again on the step, trying not to squeeze her thighs together. The tightness of the suit bottom combined with her impending dampness, made her lips more visible for her fans.

She twirled the elasticated bands around her fingers pulling them open ready to be placed over her head, thus sealing her neck against the bag. She tugged them down as the bag made a wonderful whooshing noise; then she let go and the bands restricted her neck muscles perfectly adding even more joy to the proceedings. One or two more photos and then she had to manipulate the other wrist band into place and fasten the buckles with her other hand; this was difficult to say the least and Lizzy had to stop briefly and let some more air into her bag otherwise she would not have lasted out. Once both hands were manacled together she placed them in her lap and savoured the moment as the bag went in and out with each breath. Becoming more proficient now at staying in the bag plus the bag had sufficient air for quite a few minutes. Lizzy closed her eyes now and went inside her own secret place and pulled her hands tightly and her legs open against her bindings; it was almost too perfect for words, her mind was a whirl of her super woman character again, the evil dictator capturing her and bagging her not letting her breathe until she told him the secret plans.

More pictures courtesy of her friend at the controls and she was lost in her space, head back almost willing more air into the bag but finding there was none. Tempted to just give up and release herself too soon. Lizzy was in heaven and enjoying every minute of this play, spurred on by her own film playing in her head. So Lizzy you defy me more by not giving me the missile codes; you cannot go without air forever. Head forward again, eyes still shut tight and concentrating hard, Lizzy dug her hands into her crotch; damn you evil Lord Breathless for making me play with myself. Her fingers rubbing down hard against the silky material of her pants, back n forth, gasping for air now, breathing laboured, spasming leg movements, head rocking, lungs on fire. All she could hear was the camera shutter going off again and again; hoping her assistant had got enough pictures. It was no use though Lizzy was about to cum, she could no longer hold it back, nor could she manage another minute without air, almost passing out now with sheer delight. Stars going off in her head, flailing about wildly almost rocking off the steps as she shuddered to an orgasmic finale.

Lizzy now struggled with her straps trying to undo them, thinking her friend would come to her rescue at any minute, but she didn’t. The bag now fully into her mouth, sucking into nothing, pulse racing fast, heart beating like hell; don’t panic she told herself calmly. Her lower body was still twitching with the enormous release of her orgasm and she could not see out of the bag at all now, where was her friend, could she not see she was struggling. Then quickly she went back to her fantasy and thought super woman had been defeated, if only she could just; then she was free, ripping the bag off her head and sucking in the lovely cool air at last. You would have thought she had done enough for one day but despite reprimanding her friend, Lizzy was determined to have another go, so she went for a second round of bagging so that they could get some additional photos. All in all it had been the best shoot yet, and Lizzy would be well pleased with the results as she reviewed them later that evening.

Lizzy would indeed try out the noose in the privacy of her boudoir managing to secure the end to her door which enabled her to be tied up and pull hard against it making it nice and tight around her neck and the bag. That night in bed Lizzy dwelled once more on that day’s events and how once more she had thrilled her willing fans with more daring deeds of breathless fun and excitement. What of next time…….

To Be Continued….


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