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All Bagged Up

by UncomfortablyNumb

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© Copyright 2019 - UncomfortablyNumb - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; sex; rope; balltie; bagged; tape; palletwrap; pumpgag; breathplay; objectify; cuckold; cons; XX

Jack had known he was kinky for years, but it had never really been something he was able to explore. He had always been fascinated with the idea of being helplessly bound and gagged, to the extent where the more bindings and the more layers that were added, the more intense he found the idea.

Over time, this led him to discover the idea of being locked away in a trunk or zipped up in a bag – he even found websites where people fantasised about being taped up in plastic bags, completely enclosed, and found himself fantasising about that as well. He could only imagine what it would be like - to be tightly bound, gagged and bagged, sealed up and treated like an object or a piece of luggage.

By the time he had reached his late 20s though, he had started to give up on ever really fulfilling any of his fantasies. He had several relationships, but never seemed to quite work out - most of the girls he met showed no interest in even the most basic of his kinks let alone anything more adventurous, and this eventually caused a strain on both of them. He even dabbled in the idea of something more casual but though he found people more receptive to his kinks this way, he realised that he needed something deeper and never followed through with it. Eventually, he started to accept that his fantasies would remain just that.

That all changed when he met Roxy.

They met purely by chance at an awfully awkward party held by mutual friends. The moment he saw her he felt himself becoming infatuated, and fortunately she took notice of him as well. Both of them found each other far more interesting than anything else at the party, so it wasn’t long before they found an excuse to make their exit, leaving together and spending the rest of the night getting to know each other. She was confident, funny and not afraid to speak her mind, with a playful and mischievous nature he found impossible to resist. They meshed together perfectly, and within a few weeks they were almost inseparable.

A few months into the relationship, Jack was stunned when – during a rather intense session of love making - Roxy completely of her own accord took one of her silk scarves and used it to tightly tie his wrists together to the bedframe. Unable to contain himself, Jack confessed his kinky desires and love for her right there and then and asked her to move in with him. Roxy delightedly agreed, and they continued to have one of the most intense nights of sexual pleasure either of them had ever had. Finally, both of them had found someone able to fulfil their long-held fantasies.

As time went on, they began to explore more and more, engaging in all sorts of kinky scenarios, as Roxy fully embraced her dominant role in the bedroom. She would often have him tightly bound and helpless, using and teasing him to bring him to the edge of reason before gently and lovingly guide him back again.

Despite all this, Jack was still a little guarded and insecure about his more ‘out there’ fantasies such as being bagged up. Multiple previous rejections had taken their toll, and he convinced himself that despite her kinkiness, Roxy might find it weird or boring to just leave him tied up somewhere like that. Despite trying to work up the courage multiple times, Jack was never quite able to broach the subject of being bagged up, and always told himself that maybe it was something he could mention in the future sometime. Instead, he made do with finding stories online and other forms of satisfying that particular itch, while the two continued to enjoy and explore their other desires.

As time went on however, life began to get in the way. Roxy worked for a high profile marketing firm, and got a promotion that meant she had to work long hours of overtime on important accounts, often getting called into work at short notice or on weekends, which meant their opportunity for play gradually diminished. For a time Jack even began to worry that his girlfriend might be losing interest in him – it didn’t help that her boss Dave was a very charismatic man who clearly found his girlfriend very attractive, and always seemed to find an excuse to need her for something or other. Thankfully, this was not the case and she was able to reassure him that their love was just as strong as ever. Jack still found her boss to be incredibly aggravating, but no longer had any concerns about his girlfriend’s commitment to him – even if she did enjoy teasing him about it every now and again afterwards!

Nevertheless, between their respective work commitments it started to feel as though they hardly ever got to spend any quality time together. After months of frustration, Roxy suddenly suggested that they try to arrange to get some time off for a long weekend, to make up for not getting to spend much time together recently. She even coyly hinted that perhaps if he was lucky she might feel the desire to revisit some of their games. Jack phoned work there and then and managed to pull some favours to get the time off as well.

When the first day of the weekend came, both of them were able to indulge in a long lay-in - a luxury neither of them got to enjoy very often! They spent the best part of the morning and early afternoon in each arms and fooling around, getting to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a manner that they hadn’t been able to in a long time.

“You know, we really should get out of bed at some point,” Roxy said eventually, propping herself up by her elbow and gazing over at her boyfriend.

“I don’t know, I feel like I have everything I need right here.” Jack smiled, rolling over and snuggling closer to her.

Roxy smiled and playfully jumped up, leaping onto her boyfriend like a tiger capturing its prey. She pinned him down and straddled him with a playful grin. Looking up at her, Jack couldn’t believe just how lucky he was. She was incredibly beautiful, with cool blue eyes that seemed to both soothe and pierce his soul at the same time. Normally these would be framed by waves of shoulder length brown hair, but at the moment this was pulled up into a messy ponytail. He reached out to touch her supple body that looked irresistible in her silk nightie.

“Oh really? Not even if it meant we could have a little fun...” she suggested coyly, a cheeky glint in her eye as she stroked his chest. She felt his cock twitch gently underneath her at the suggestion and started to gently rub herself against it teasingly.

“What exactly did you have in mind?” Jack queried excited at what she may have in mind.

A sultry grin appeared on Roxy’s face, and a seductive and authoritative tone crept into her voice as she locked her eyes with his.

“Go downstairs and wait in the kitchen for me while I get dressed, lover.” She leaned forward and kissed him softly, her brown hair drifting in front of her eyes.

“You won’t be needing any clothes...”

Jack didn’t hesitate before obeying, jumping up from the bed, hurriedly stripping off out of his loungewear and making his way downstairs into the kitchen. The black tiles were cold on his bare feet as he stood in the middle of the generously spaced room, trembling slightly in anticipation of what might be coming.

He did not have to wait long before Roxy followed him into the kitchen. She breezed in with a causal ease, as if she hardly noticed the naked man standing submissively in the centre of their kitchen. Jack’s cock gave an involuntary twitch as he admired her appearance. The waves of her long brown hair were now free and cascading down around her shoulders. She had put on a tight fitting green jumper that she wore over a tight, soft black leather skirt that accentuated her beautiful figure. Opaque black nylon leggings and her favourite pair of sexy heeled black leather ankle boots completely the image. She turned to look at him with a sultry smile, her blue eyes sparkling with mischief. It was at this this point he realised he had been gaping at her from the moment she entered the room, and he quickly looked down at the floor in embarrassment.

“Oh don’t play coy and innocent,” Roxy laughed amusedly, walking slowly over until she stood directly in front of him. She reached out a hand and playfully stroked his rigid member.

“I’m glad you like my outfit,” she smiled. Jack blushed and raised his head to look into her eyes. Those gorgeous blue eyes that sparkled with devious plans. 

“Don’t get too excited yet, baby,” she purred as she pulled in close and whispered in his ear, the smell of her perfume intoxicating, “I’ve been looking forward to this. I have big plans for you...”

She slid away, her hands lingered on Jack’s chest as she walked back over to the kitchen counter where she had placed one of their bags of toys. 

“Now sit down on the floor like a good pet,” she instructed without even glancing over at him, an unmistakable edge of authority in her voice. Jack dutifully complied as she began to rummage through the bag. He winced at the cold touch of the tiles on his backside as he sat down, eliciting an amused giggle from his girlfriend as she walked back towards him.

“Poor baby, is that not very comfortable?” Roxy grinned, standing over him seductively with one hand on her hip and the other holding several coils of white nylon rope. “Let me help...” 

She bent down in front of her docile lover and pulled Jack’s hands in front of him, tightly binding them together with the soft rope. He sat in obedient silence as she worked, his mind running rampant trying to figure out what she had planned for him. She peered up at him seductively, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes as she wrapped more rope around his ankles, cinching it tightly before moving up and repeating the process above and below his knees. She then gently – but firmly – bent his legs, pushing them up into his body before adding more rope tightly binding his wrists to his ankles in front of him. Roxy continued to wrap more rope round his body until by the time she was finished, he was bound into a tight ball tie. 

“Hmm is that better?” she teased with a sly grin, sitting on her haunches in from of him, her arms resting on her knees as she admired her work. 

“Not exactly...” Jack smiled as he tugged at his bonds. 

“Ah, that reminds me. I knew I’d forgot something...” Roxy exclaimed, quickly getting up and walking behind Jack to the bag of toys. He could hear her looking for something but could not turn around to see without risking toppling over due to the position she’d left him in. Within moments she was back in his field of view and bent down in front of him. If he had thought she looked mischievous before, now she had a look in her eye that looked almost downright evil. She held something in her hands that he had never seen before.

“Are you wondering what this is?” she purred, holding the contraption playfully up in front of him. He could only nod meekly, his mouth suddenly dry with anticipation and excitement as he admired this beautiful temptress in front of him.

“Here, let me show you,” she grinned, her big beautiful eyes gazing deep into his, “any last words?” Jack opened his mouth to try and tell her how much he loved her, but before he could utter a word she forced the leather gag into his mouth and buckled it tightly behind his head. Jack mewed softly as the gag was tightened, feeling Roxy’s body close to his as she did it. 

She pulled back gently, stroking her face against his as she came back in front of him. “Too tight?” she queried with playful concern, giggling at Jack’s muted moan, “I wouldn’t worry pet - that’ll be the least of your problems in a minute!”

Roxy giggled, stroking the gag she had just secured in her boyfriend’s mouth “I bought that gag especially for this. See this tube coming out the front? This means you can breathe even if your face is totally covered.” Jack’s heart skipped a beat at this comment and his eyes widened. Roxy smiled in satisfaction watching him react, feeling herself tingle at the emotions she was making him feel.

“I suppose you are wondering what you could need that for, hmm?” Roxy purred, edging closer to Jack so that she was only inches away. He could almost feel the leather of her boots against his legs as she leaned towards him. 

“You see, I stumbled on something in your search history when I had to use your laptop a few weeks ago. And then once I’d seen it, I decided to dig a little deeper,” she purred in his ear and reached behind his tightly bound legs. She was just about able to reach through and gently stroke his rock hard cock, smiling at the response she was getting from her slave. She locked eyes with him, a seductive and dominant expression on her face. 

“So now I know. I know all about how much you want to be bagged up. Bagged, taped and sealed,” Roxy smiled as she felt Jack tremble at her words and touch. “I’m surprised you never told me before. Finding this out made me realise just how much I’ve missed our little games, so today is the day you get to live out your fantasy!” Jack let out a loud moan, his cock hard and ready to burst at the mere thought of what she was saying. Suddenly she pulled her hand away from, eliciting a disappointed groan. 

“Hmm, we can’t be having that,” she mused at Jack’s protests. She reached down to a small bulb that was hanging from the front of his gag. His eyes widened in shock as she began to squeeze it and he felt the gag inflate inside his mouth. Roxy let out an evil little laugh as Jacks gagged struggles became more and more muted. “Oh, did I forget to mention the gag was inflatable as well?” By the time she stopped, and detached the bulb from the front of the gag, he felt as though his mouth was completely filled.

Roxy stood up in front of her helpless boyfriend and rested her hands on her hips, accentuating her gorgeous body under the tight leather skirt. 

“Hmmm, still something missing...” she muttered to herself, before heading back to the bag of toys. She glanced over at Jack squirming uselessly against his tight bonds and struggled to contain the sense of pure arousal she got from having him so totally under her control. Jack meanwhile, could not entirely organise his thoughts – he felt embarrassed at Roxy finding his secret desires, excited beyond belief at the thought of potentially living out one of his greatest fantasies – but also slightly nervous at what that could mean!

Before he could try to get a grip of his feelings, Jack was suddenly snapped back to the reality of his situation by the sound of duct tape being ripped from the roll. Suddenly tape was being wrapped tightly round his mouth and over the gag, taking great care to leave the breathing tube exposed. Once Roxy was done. that was all that could be seen of the rubber gag, the rest hidden by layers and wraps of the sticky, black tape.

“How does that feel, pet?” she smirked.


“Much better,” Roxy smiled as she reached down for one of the things she had brought with her – a large roll of shiny pallet wrap. “Now to get you nicely secured before we bag you up!”

Despite his gagged whimpers Roxy started to wrap the pallet wrap tightly around Jack’s body, adding layer upon layer, pulling him into an even tighter ball than he was before. She was methodical and thorough, ensuring there was an even wrap all around until Jack was completely and helplessly trapped.

“That should do it, don’t you think babe?” she purred, watching her lover squirm and moan. She placed a soft blanket on the floor next to him, and then playfully gave him a slight push with a booted foot. She couldn’t help but giggle as he panicked struggled fruitlessly to stay upright, before toppling over onto his side, the blanket cushioning his fall. 

Jack moaned loudly. He didn’t think he’d ever been so aroused; laying here naked on the floor, totally restrained and staring at the boots of his beautiful girlfriend that were directly in front of his face as she stood over him. He gazed up, working his way up her body; the shapely legs encased in nylon above the sexy leather ankle boots, her curvy hips and sexy ass tightly hugged by the soft leather, the soft green jumper accentuating every beautiful curve of her figure, and finally the beautiful face and those piercing eyes framed by her long brown hair. 

And in her hands, a large clear plastic bag.

“Time to bag you up, lover!” Roxy purred, her eyes filled with mischief and arousal. She felt so wet - despite all their other games she had never felt so in control. And he had never felt so helpless.

Without any further delay, she knelt down and started to work his bound and wrapped form into the large bag. The bag was thick and seemed huge as she slowly worked it up around him, until eventually – and with a little effort - she moved him back into an upright position. She then gathered the bag around his neck and ripped more duct tape from the roll, wrapping it round and round tightly so that only his head was left exposed. As Jack squirmed, she then proceeded to wrap more tape around the bag in various places – around his ankles and wrists, his elbows, shoulders and anywhere else she clearly felt needed more restraint - ensuring he was tightly and effectively secured. Once she was done, she took another step back and smiled at her boyfriend who was so tightly wrapped, bagged and gagged. Jack looked up helplessly into her eyes, clearly aroused and scared at the same time as every rustle of the bag with his squirms caused his cock to twitch. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“God you look so damn sexy like that,” Roxy breathed, struggling to keep herself composed against her own urges, “and I’m nowhere near done with you yet!” Jack looked up at his girlfriend as she reached down and picked up another clear plastic bag, this time much smaller. She looked at him with evil eyes as he shook his head, knowing what was coming.

“Seems I missed a bit...” she smirked, and despite Jack’s limited struggles pulled the bag tightly over his head. He thrashed frantically as he heard the ripping of more tape as it was wrapped around his neck, joining the two bags together and sealing him in. He could make out Roxy standing back with her hands on her hips again in front of him, watching him struggle for breath inside the bag.

“Oh this what you wanted?” Jack heard her purr, closer to him now. “Bound, bagged and sealed...I think I like you like this! All packed up and out of my way.” He felt her hands stroking his bagged body, trying to make out her face through the translucent bag as he pleaded through his gag.

Suddenly he heard a ripping sound and suddenly the air coming through his gag felt cool and pure. He could just make out where Roxy had made a small hole in the bag to feed his breathing tube through. He took a moment to savour the cool air.

“It’s OK honey,” Roxy soothed, “You’re safe – I wouldn’t let anything to happen to you.” He felt her get up and heard the clicking of her heels on the tiled floor as she walked over and got something else from the bag and giggled mischievously.

“Not yet anyway!”

She stood over Jack, and he mewed loudly into his gag as he felt another larger bag being pulled over his head. Through the clear bags, he could see his girlfriend pulling it all the way down his body, taking care to push as much air as possible out the bag. He could just about make out a playful smile as he suddenly felt himself being tipped over again, topping onto his side as Roxy gathered the edges of the bag underneath his butt and taped the bag shut.

“Don’t get too excited in there!” Roxy cooed, as Jack squirmed in his sealed bag “Wouldn’t want you running out of air before I’m done with you!” 

Jack felt the air inside his bag getting warmer and stuffier again as Roxy began to work yet another thick clear bag underneath him. He felt as though his whole world was spinning, but couldn’t work out if that was from the air in the bag getting thinner or his own intense arousal. He almost didn’t notice as his captor got him back into an upright position and pulled the bag up and over his head before taping this one it shut as well. He could just make out his girlfriend admiring her handiwork for a moment before he felt her hands near his face and fresh air coming through his gag once again as she made small holes in the new bags and fed the tube through them. 

He barely had time to catch his breath before he again heard the sound of the thick, sticky black tape being ripped from the roll. He felt it being wrapped tightly abound his body, securing the bag tightly around him and further limiting whatever minute wiggle room he had. He could swear he could hear Roxy humming to herself as the tape worked its way up towards his head and tightly over his already securely gagged mouth, again taking care to leave his airway clear. 

“Mmmm baby you look so damn hot right now...” Roxy purred as she walked round in front of him, the tape still in her hands. Through the plastic prison, Jack could just about still admire the gorgeous girl standing in front of him as she in turn admired her work. Bands of black tape tightly secured her slave in the thick plastic bags. She knelt down in front of him and stroked the plastic covering his tightly bound body. 

“God I feel so horny right now...shame you’re not able to help me with that! I bet you’d love to run your hands all over my ass in this skirt,” she purred, enjoying the frustrated moans from her captive boyfriend. “I guess you’ll just have to make do with looking, hmm?”

Jack moaned loudly again through his gag, much to her amusement. He was in heaven, and wanted to fuck her so bad. 

“Then again, maybe even that’s more than you deserve...” Jack’s mind was pulled back to the moment as he heard the tape ripping once more and saw his girlfriend lift the tape up towards his face. He struggled and tried to shake his head but Roxy only laughed as she tightly wrapped the black tape around her boyfriend’s eyes. She couldn’t help but giggle as she ripped off the end of the roll and smoothed the tape down. She bent down to softly kiss her pet’s gagged mouth and stroked his taped up body, before getting up and looking down at her captive.

“I think that should keep you nice and secure for now,” she giggled. She carefully slid her package across the kitchen floor and into a corner, making sure he couldn’t topple over and that his breathing was still clear. 

“There we go, nicely out my way,” she grinned, “Now if you will excuse me, this whole affair has got me quite turned on, so I think I need a little bit of me time. You don’t mind do you?” She smiled mischievously as Jack did his best to struggle and call out to her. “I thought not. I’ll be back for you a little later babe – don’t go anywhere!”

Jack heard her familiar, mischievous laugh as the click of her heels on the tiled floor receded and he was alone, leaving him totally helpless and extremely aroused.

Jack wasn’t sure how long he had been bagged up for – it seemed like an eternity and only a few minutes at the same time as he squirmed fruitlessly against his bonds. He could not believe that he was finally living out this fantasy, and he could not believe that Roxy had made it so perfect. His cock was still rock hard as it pressed against his body – he could not stop thinking about his gorgeous girlfriend upstairs playing with herself, her hand sliding under that tight leather skirt bringing herself to orgasm at the thought of her boyfriend tightly bound and bagged downstairs.

Suddenly, the sound of Roxy’s boots on the tiled floor shook him out of his reverie as he sensed his girlfriend coming back into the room. He suddenly felt a booted foot prod him in the side and moaned into his gag.

“Still with us, I see?” came Roxy’s voice, still with a seductive tone. “Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but you know how it is, things to do...”

He felt his girlfriend’s hands stroking him again as she knelt down and brought her face close to his to make sure he could hear her through the bags.

“I had an amazing orgasm thinking about your bagged ass all trussed up down here waiting for me,” she whispered, exploring every inch of his bound form through the plastic. “Well, maybe more than one...” she giggled again as she got back up and he could hear her heels walking away. Jack squirmed and moaned in frustration at this fleeting touch.

“But I have a confession to make. I know I promised this would be our time finally away from work, but Dave just called while you were down here and they’ve had a major issue come up with the new accounts at work and need me to have a look over them. I was going to tell them I couldn’t help them, but then I figured seeing as you’re a bit...preoccupied in your current state, I could have a look through some things if they sent it to me at home.”

“I’m sorry baby, but just think how ready you’ll be for even more fun when I’m finished after all that time bagged,” Roxy soothed as she stroked her boyfriend’s face through the plastic, “and I’ll set up the laptop in here so I can still watch you squirm”.

Jack moaned in frustration into his gag – he couldn’t believe Roxy was going to work now of all times, but secretly he relished the idea of being tightly secured in the corner while she worked away like he wasn’t even there. He heard Roxy pulling up a chair at the kitchen table and if he listened carefully could just make out tapping as her fingers danced across the keyboard. 

Safely tucked away in the corner, he realised he was forced to just accept his predicament and settle back into his bindings. He thought that being left to his own devices before was frustrating, but now knowing his sexy girlfriend was just across the room from him - so close yet still out of reach – made it so much worse. Every now and then he heard the tap of a booted foot or the sound of her leather skirt as she moved on the chair, driving him mad with lust. 

Eventually if became so bad that he couldn’t help but try and amuse himself. Despite his bindings making it impossible to touch himself, Jack found that if he tried to thrust as much as he could against his bonds he could just about rub his rigid cock against his legs and body. Desperate for release and stimulation in his plastic prison, he soon started to lose himself, thrusting harder and harder to try and eek out some form of satisfaction. But no matter how hard he tried, being bound as tightly as he was meant he just couldn’t do anything other than frustrate himself even further. 

“What are you doing over there?” Roxy’s sharp voice suddenly came from across the room. He heard her booted feet come towards him. Jack stopped squirming, almost positive his face was blushing so deep red that it would be obvious even through the bags.

“Are you trying to cum?” Roxy asked sternly. He could only nod his head meekly – or at least as much as possible given his bindings. Suddenly he felt the air flow through his gag stop as and gave out a gagged cry. 

“You only get to cum when I decide you do. I can’t believe after all the trouble I went to getting you all bagged up, you thought you could cum without my permission.” She let go of the breathing tube into Jack’s gag and smiled at his obvious relief. A mischievous grin appeared as an exciting thought crossed her mind, and Jack heard her walk away briefly before returning – this time the sound of her heels joined by another strange rolling sound he couldn’t make out.

“You know what, I was wrong. I don’t think I can leave you here. I’ve been watching you sitting there squirming and it’s far too much of a distraction. We need to find somewhere better to keep you...”

Jack cried out through his gag in confusion as suddenly he felt something being wedged underneath him and lifting him up before something else was wrapped around his body.

“I must admit I wasn’t sure what use this sack truck was when you bought it, but I’m very glad you did!” Roxy giggled as she secured her packaged boyfriend to it with another bungee cord. She heard a panicked moan through his gag as she tipped it up and began to wheel her captive out of the kitchen. She watched him thrash pointlessly against his bonds as she wheeled him along, eventually reaching the door leading out to their spacious garage. He could feel the air grow colder as she wheeled him in, realising where he must be. 

Eventually, he felt himself straighten up and the bungee cords being removed as Roxy slid his bagged form into a corner of the garage. He felt her lean him up against something relatively soft as she checked he could still breathe easily. He realised she must have leaned him up against some of the black trash bags fin the garage that were full of old clothes and blankets they were planning to throw out.

“There we go, this will be much better!” Roxy exclaimed, despite the squirming of her helpless captive. “Although it is a little chilly in here...ah! I know, wait right here!” Jack couldn’t help but scoff slightly at her words as he heard her footsteps receding – it’s not as though he COULD go anywhere else! He wondered if maybe she was going to get their electric heater, but thoughts like that were secondary to his intense arousal at this sudden intensifying of his predicament. She was moving him around just like a piece of furniture that was getting in her way!

It was not long before his girlfriend’s booted footsteps returned.

“This should help,” Roxy purred mischievously as she bent down close to her pet, “but I suggest you take a deep breath!”

Jack barely had time to register what she meant when he suddenly felt yet another large bag being pulled over his head and body, this one quite tight and snug. Again, he tried to control his breathing as the thick bag was pulled tightly over him. He felt himself being tilted and leaned up against the soft padding around him as Roxy pulled the bag underneath him and sealed it shut with tape. Almost as soon as this was done, he felt another bag being pulled up from underneath him until he could feel it being gathered other his head and similarly taped tightly shut.

“I wish you could see these bags babe,” Roxy cooed as she made some more holes for his breathing tube, “I feel like you’d get a real kick out of it. They are thicker blue plastic sacks I managed to get that are meant for more heavy duty waste. They are sooo thick, they should certainly keep you nice and warm.” 

Jack could only moan helplessly as he realised any hope or release soon was becoming even more unlikely. Despite this, his cock remained rock solid, especially as he heard and felt more of the thick black duct tape being wrapped round his body and over his eyes and mouth. These new bags felt tighter than the previous bags, and between that and the tape he felt more and more restricted with every wind of the sticky tape.

“Oh babe, I wish you could see yourself,” Roxy breathed as ripped the last of the tape from the roll and stood in front of her toy “You’re starting to look less and less like my boyfriend and more like just any other bag of stuff. You definitely belong out here out of the way.”

Roxy smiled at the faint moaning sound coming from the bags as she felt herself getting wet again. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s come over me today, I Just feel so horny,” she said loudly so her bagged up slave could hear her as she walked away. “I don’t know how I’m going to concentrate when Dave calls to go through this paperwork...”

She laughed quietly to herself at the gagged cry she could just about make out as she shut the door to the garage and left.

Jack moaned softly into his gag, knowing full well at this point that it was fruitless. He’d never been so thoroughly restrained for quite so long – and to be honest he was still loving it. He was starting to feel a bit stiff and his jaw ached slightly from the tight gag and his filled mouth, but he had never felt so aroused and frustrated. Especially when Roxy had said about have to talk to Dave at work – they could be on the phone for hours dealing with stuff! He really had been put out of the way, he felt just like Roxy’s possession. 

As the time went by, he couldn’t stop thinking about his sexy girlfriend sitting in the house working, her inconvenient boyfriend neatly tidied away. He imagined her on the phone with Dave, secretly playing with herself at the thought of him all bound and helpless without anyone else knowing. He wished more than anything Roxy had left his hands free to he could have touched his rigid member, but instead all he could do was sit there and moan, frustrated.

He was so wrapped up in his own arousal that he only realised Roxy had finally returned when he felt himself being prodded sharply by a booted foot. 

“Still in there, bagboy?” she teased, as she knelt down in front of him and admired her squirming prize. 

“You’ll be glad to know that I’m all done with work now – Dave was really pleased, I dug them out of quite a hole. He even invited me out to dinner as a thank you, but I said no – after all I have a nice present to unwrap!”

Jack moaned and squirmed eagerly as he felt his girlfriend’s hands stroking his body and his head. He longed to feel her hand on his cock and struggled aggressively against his bonds, eliciting a sultry laugh from Roxy.

“I have been sooo horny thinking about you out here, like a bagged up piece of garbage. It was such a struggle concentrating on my work and I don’t know how I kept it together on the phone to Dave.” Jack couldn’t help himself and started trying to thrust again, intoxicated by his arousal of the image of his beautiful girlfriend in her tight skirt, teasing him from outside of the bag.

“Are you trying to cum again?” Roxy smirked, “You really are naughty you know. I bet you want to cum so bad. I bet you just can’t bear not being able to see or touch me.” He nodded his head desperately and she giggled. 

Her hand slipped down beneath her skirt as she watched her boyfriend squirm and struggle pathetically, totally at her mercy. She felt so wet and turned on, intoxicated by the power she had over her bagged and bound lover – she could do anything she wanted to him, even leave him here if she so desired! As this thought crossed her mind, another evil thought began to grow, and if Jack had been able to see the smile it brought to her face, he may have felt a tinge of worry.

“Seeing as you seem to be enjoying yourself, maybe I should have said yes and gone out for dinner after all. It does seem a shame to have to undo all my good work bagging you up.” Her package moaned in frustration and panic at this comment, cementing her decision.

“You know what, I’m going to go call Dave back and say I’ve changed my mind. After all, it’s not like I have anything planned with my boyfriend being a bit too tied up with other things...” she giggled as Jack cried out loudly into his gag in protest, a mixture of desperation and desire. 

“Be right back babe!” Roxy cooed as her footsteps disappeared. Jack thrashed and struggled anew against his bonds, bewildered by his sudden turn of events. He couldn’t work out what he was feeling, his mind a maelstrom of emotions. Why would she go out for dinner, with Dave of all people? What about their time together? He was so desperate to feel her touch, the softness of her lips. But at the same time a dark part of him was revelling in his arousal. After all isn’t this what he had wanted all along– to be bagged up and put away while she did as she pleased? 

He could just about make out Roxy’s voice in the distance, he presumed on the phone to Dave. He heard her laughing and giggling and it just sent his feelings into an even more confusing spiral. Not long after, Roxy was back in the garage and standing with him before her.

“Comfy honey?” she grinned, “Well I’m off out in a minute, Dave is coming to pick me up – he was very pleased I changed my mind,” she giggled again at her boyfriend’s now much more obvious struggling.

“He’s picked out an amazing restaurant for us to go to,” she stated teasingly, “much more high-end then we normally go to – he must be very grateful. I was worried I might be a bit underdressed for somewhere like that but I described my outfit to Dave seemed to approve.”

Roxy grinned at the reaction that last comment caused in Jack, watching his struggling intensify as he imagined his girlfriend describing what she was wearing to her boss over the phone. He felt his girlfriend’s hands stoking his bagged head and let out a pathetic mew, moaning into his gag. 

“I bet you really wish you could see me right now. I decided to wear the black leather biker jacket you bought me for my birthday as well,” she teased, stroking the leather of the jacket, her own arousal reaching fever pitch, “do you think he’ll like it?”

Jack cried out as loudly as possible into his gag, but between the leather, tape and plastic imprisoning him he could barely make a sound. Roxy let out an infectious laugh.

“Anyway, I thought we better do something about your appearance, just in case Dave happens to come in here – wouldn’t want him seeing you all trussed and bagged like this. Wouldn’t want to scare him off would we?” she giggled again, barely able to contain her enjoyment.

Jack grunted into his gag, suspecting strongly that this concern was just an excuse for his girlfriend to inflict further torments on him. Sure enough, within a few moments he felt yet another bag being pulled underneath him.

“Luckily we have some of those really big black rubbish sacks left in the cupboard – soon you’ll look just like all these other bags of trash!” Roxy purred, as she worked the bag up her lover’s already tightly packed body, before pulling this up over his head and securing it shut with tape. Just like before, another bag was then pulled down over his head, worked down under his arse and securely taped closed. More holes were made for his breathing tube, and shortly after he heard the distinct ripping sound as Roxy began tightly wrapping bands of the sticky tape tightly around his mouth and the rest of his body. It seemed as though Roxy was going the extra mile this time, making sure that every wrap of tape was a tight as possible.

Jack’s brain was running in overdrive, imagining what is must look like; his sexy girlfriend in her tight leather jacket and skirt, tightly taping up her struggling, bagged plaything. He could only imagine how pathetic and helpless he looked.

“Mmmm babe, seeing you like this turns me on so damn much – maybe I should keep you like this out here more often while I go out and enjoy myself,” Roxy mused seductively, “But I think I need to make you look a little bit less like my boyfriend and more like one of these other trash bags.”

He felt her tip him up once more, any of his struggles now completely fruitless. He felt a final bag being pulled up underneath him and pulled up over his head. However, instead of being sealed in, he could fell Roxy stuffing something into the bag with him.

“These blankets from the other bags should make you look much more like any other bag – and at least I won’t have to worry about you getting cold!” Roxy smiled. Once she was satisfied he toy was safely packaged, she took one last look as Jack’s securely bagged and taped head before gathering up the opening of the bag and securing it shut with one last winding of tape, making sure that his breathing tube was secure in the opening of the bag.

“There we go, much better!” Roxy giggled, barely able to perceive the struggling and faint moaning coming from inside the bag. She knelt down in front of the squirming bag, the sound of her leather jacket flexing as she moved just reaching Jack’s ears in his prison, torturing him even more with what he couldn’t see but so desperately wanted to. 

“I feel like I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself - I’m going to have to be careful I don’t accidentally throw you away with the rest of this garbage!”

Roxy couldn’t resist stroking the bags that now contained her helpless boyfriend. She found herself idly toying with the breathing tube just visible from the top of the bag.

“It’s strange to think this is your only contact with the outside world now,” Roxy mused, “you must feel so helpless...”

Jack let out a desperate moan – one that was suddenly cut off as his loving girlfriend pinched the tube shut one more time. She laughed seductively, feeling herself getting wet all over again as she relished his struggling.

“I am so horny right now baby, it’s such a shame you’re not in a position to help. I feel like I need a real good fucking. Maybe if this dinner date goes well, I won’t need to get you out of the bags at all and I’ll just leave you down here with all the other used up trash to be collected and disposed of.”

Roxy could feel her arousal raging in light of her boyfriend’s now frantic struggling and desperate attempts to cry out through his gag, as she drunk in his own arousal and desperation. 

“What’s the matter honey? I thought this was what you wanted? All bagged up. Tightly bound and gagged and helpless while I did whatever I wanted with you? Well, maybe I like you like this and this is what I want.” She could barely contain herself as she watched him squirm in his plastic prison in response to her teasing. Inside the bag, his girlfriend’s words were sending Jack into a frenzy of desire, frustration and fear. He felt like he was losing his mind, battered by the incessant tide of emotions.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he felt her release the tube and cool air flow through the gag. He slumped in his bindings, completely defeated and drained. He felt Roxy’s hand gently stroking his bagged head.

“There you are honey, you’re ok, just breathe,” he heard her whisper. He could feel her bend down and lean in close to him, her voice now warm and reassuring “You know you have nothing to worry about baby – I’m only teasing. You are the only one for me. I love you so much.” 

There was a beeping noise, and Roxy took her phone out of her jacket pocket and checked it with a smile.

“Well babe, I have to go. Dave’s waiting outside for me. Have a good time!” 

Jack moaned softly as he felt her touch disappear and heard the heels of her leather boots retreat across the room.

“Dave is pretty handsome though, I suppose...” Roxy teased absently-minded from the doorway, a mischievous grin on her face. With that final comment left hanging in the air, she turned off the garage light and shut the door, leaving her bagged up lover to his struggles.


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