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An After-Baseball Bagging in the Locker Room

by Nabville

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© Copyright 2018 - Nabville - Used by permission

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Logan turned the shower nozzle to the right, unleashing a cascade of warm water over his body. Immediately, his tense muscles loosened under the soft pressure of the shower head and the steam that billowed up around him.

He squeezed a dollop of body wash into his hands and lathered it on his naked skin. Using his fingernails, Logan gently freed the dirt that had stuck to his body during baseball practice. The particles ran down his legs and escaped down the drain in a spinning cyclone of mud.

Logan loved to catch a quick shower in the locker room after baseball practice. It was a good way to meditate on his thoughts — break apart his game wins and mistakes and figure out what to do better next time.

He especially loved days like today when most of the team had already gone home. The locker room was quiet, empty, peaceful — the perfect way to wind down.

Even once his body was clean, the young man stood underneath the shower head for several minutes longer, letting the falling water droplets massage his shoulders and back.

Yup, that was what he needed.

Logan turned the shower off and stepped away from the stall. He grabbed one of the folded towels that were stacked beside the wall and methodically blotted his body until he was completely dry. He tossed the towel into the waste basket before making his way back toward the lockers where his clothes waited for him. He didn’t mind walking in the buff, because the locker room was empty… or at least it was supposed to be.

The boy rounded the corner to the locker area, and from his peripheral vision, he caught the silhouette of two individuals standing at the locker room entrance. Startled, he made an attempt to cover his naked body with his hands.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know anyone else was in here,” he apologized as he looked up to see who his guests were.

Logan was surprised even more by what he saw: two girls in the boy’s locker room. They weren’t just any girls, though; he knew them well.

The blonde-haired one with the blue piercing eyes was Rebecca, his ex-girlfriend. They had dated all throughout Freshman year to the end of Junior year, but her erratic behavior and clingy disposition drove Logan to break ties with her before summer break. He admitted that a text message break-up wasn’t the best way to end a three-year relationship, but did it warrant her storming the locker room?

The brunette standing beside Rebecca was Madison, her best friend and trusted confidant. She was such a follower, she would’ve taken Rebecca’s word as gospel over the Messiah himself.

They both were staring at Logan fiendishly; well, Rebecca was. Madison was having a difficult time maintaining her glare with her eyes quickly darting between his loins and his face.

“What are you two doing in here?” Logan questioned. “This is the boy’s locker room. You’re not allowed in.”

“It’s okay. I don’t think anyone will bother us,” Rebecca grinned as she slowly twisted the deadbolt lock on the entrance door, sealing them all inside.

“What do you want, Rebecca?” Logan sighed. The sooner he could get this over with, the sooner they would leave him in peace to get dressed and get the hell out.

“You know what I want,” Rebecca took several steps toward Logan. He didn’t retreat from her. “I want you.”

Madison followed closely behind her friend. Her face appeared focused, as if she was waiting for something.

“We’ve been through this, Rebecca — all summer long, in fact. We can’t be together anymore. We don’t jive.”

“Well, lucky for me, I wasn’t asking your permission,” Rebecca spat back as she caressed something that was draped over her left shoulder.

Logan focused his eyes to see what Rebecca had brought with her. He hadn’t noticed it before, especially since it was shaded in the school’s grey and brown “Owls” mascot colors. But there was definitely a rather large cloth hanging off of either side of Rebecca’s shoulder.

“What is that?” Logan nodded at the cloth.

“Oh, this? Just a present for you. Take a look,” Rebecca pulled the cotton mass from her shoulder and held it up for Logan to see.

Even as he was staring at it, he wasn’t quite sure what it was.

The item’s color scheme matched that of the team’s baseball jerseys, but the similarities ended there. This thing was one continuous piece of cloth with no openings other than the large one in front.

The front opening started at the very top of the garment and extended down to its center. Lining the opening all the way down was a brown placket of eight buttons, all of which had been unfastened to let the garment hang open.

“Oh, and that’s not all!” Rebecca’s excitement reverberated throughout the room as she turned the garment around.

Sewn into the back at the very top was Logan’s last name: Turner. Below that in big script were his jersey numbers: 18.

“Soooo…what is it?” he asked again.

“It’s your new uniform!” Rebecca smiled. “I had it made just for you.”

Logan looked perplexed, “I still don’t understand.”

“Here, we’ll help you put it on,” Rebecca took a step forward just a little too enthusiastically. Again, Madison was on her heels.

Logan instinctively took a step backward to maintain distance, – partially because he was still naked – but that apparently was the wrong thing to do.

“Now!” Rebecca yelled.

Madison lunged forward at a speed Logan could not have anticipated. In an attempt to dodge her, he took another step back but stumbled. Unable to recover, the boy fell to the cold concrete floor of the locker room.

He didn’t even have a chance to sit up before Madison was there. She dove behind him, grabbed his shoulders, and pulled him backward in an attempt to overpower him, a feat which proved to be rather difficult.

“What are you doing!? Let me go!” Logan struggled.

Holding the mouth of the custom “uniform,” Rebecca joined Logan and her friend on the ground. She kept trying to follow Logan’s flailing feet, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of him.

“Geez, he’s strong!” Madison grunted as she wrestled to keep Logan pinned down. She wasn’t doing a particularly good job, but the distraction she provided was all Rebecca needed.

In the midst of the scuffle, Rebecca found her chance and pounced. She forced the gaping mouth of the uniform onto Logan’s feet and started to pull it up his legs.

“Quick! Help me get him in the bag!” Rebecca said to Madison as she yanked the unbuttoned fabric passed Logan’s naked loins.

“Bag!?” he spat. That’s what his “uniform” was?

Madison intercepted the mouth of the sack at the opposite ends of Logan’s body, and with one colossal tug, she pulled the fabric up over his head.

Madison’s eyes bulged in surprise; not even she had expected she could bag him in one pull, but she did.

Mmmm! Met me out!” Logan’s muffled voice protested from within the fabric.

Madison desperately fought off the boy’s flailing arms as she tried her best to hold the mouth of the bag shut with her hands, keeping him from getting out.

Rebecca climbed on top of Logan, straddling his wiggling body in an attempt to hold him still. With the boy completely naked underneath the sack, she could feel him pressing against her with each helpless movement.

“Button him in! Button him in!” Madison urged.

“I’m trying,” Rebecca said through gritted teeth as she forced the first of the eight buttons into place.

Mtop! Met me mo!” Logan ordered.

“Is this how you treat someone who goes out of her way to give you a custom-ordered gift?” Rebecca scolded as the second button was slipped through its hole.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold him,” Madison groaned.

“Just a little longer,” Rebecca assured as the third button was fastened.

Mmmmelp! Momebody! Mmmmelp!

“No one can hear you, Logan. Everyone at practice already went home,” Rebecca continued. The fourth button was now in place — halfway there.

Logan ignored his ex-girlfriend’s advice, “Mmmmelp! Mmmmelp mmme!

“You know, this would be a lot easier if you’d just let me button you in.”

The fifth button was slipped into place.

Mmmmuk mou!” Logan swore.

“That’s not very nice!” Rebecca scolded again as the sixth button was fastened. “Your language is something we’ll work on when we take you back to my house.”

The seventh button was pushed through its loop.

“Almost there!” Madison said excitedly.

Rebecca rammed the final button through the last hole, successfully trapping Logan inside.

“Done!” she exclaimed as she climbed off of the naked boy’s bagged body.

“Holy shit, that was hard,” Madison crawled over to Rebecca’s side with a pant.

“He put up one hell of a fight,” Rebecca admitted.

Met me moutta mhere!” Logan squirmed in the sack.

“So now what do we do with him?” Madison asked.

“We take him back to my place; my parents won’t be back from vacation for two weeks,” Rebecca stood up carefully. “We’ll lock him in the basement, and I’ll figure out what to do with him from there.”

“Okay,” Madison replied, climbing to her feet, as well.

“We can take him out the back door and straight to my car. Here, help me pick him up.” Rebecca bent down and took Logan’s top half in her hands.

Madison grabbed Logan’s kicking feet, and together, the two ladies hoisted the bagged athlete off of the ground.

He continued to squirm and moan all the way through the locker room and out the back door. He thrashed so hard, Madison almost even dropped him at one point. But in the end, she and Rebecca plopped his bagged body into the trunk of her car, just as planned.

“Now, you sit tight, Logan. It’s only a short ride to my house,” Rebecca reassured. “Remember?”

Mmmph! Mmmm!” Logan protested.

Rebecca didn’t bother to listen; she quickly closed the trunk lid of her car on top of him. Her and Madison casually climbed into the front seats and buckled their seatbelts. They pretended not to hear Logan kicking the inside of the trunk lid as Rebecca started the engine. She turned up the radio and slowly pulled away from the school parking.

They drove passed homes and cars on the busy street, virtually undetected. No one in their general vicinity would’ve had any clue that Rebecca and Madison had just kidnapped her ex-boyfriend and were planning to hold him captive until he agreed to be with her again.



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