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by David Smith

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© Copyright 2009 - David Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; gag; cuffs; chast; boxed; transport; hotel; hum; cons; X

Fiction: A 52 year old nerd marries a 19 year old girl, unaware of her selfbondage obsession. Described from the husband's point-of-view.

You could say that I had an extended childhood. Or you could say that I was late to physically mature. Either way, I was by far the smallest kid in my class. Physically I was at least a year or two behind the others. Other kids my age found me an easy target for bullying. Even the girls towered head and shoulders above me and probably weighed twice as much. They didn't want anything to do with me. Being the youngest in my large family didn't help either. It was impossible to develop a lasting friendship with any kid my own age.

I retreated and grew up introverted. I replied when spoken to but I never initiated a conversation nor changed the subject. I apologised for things that weren't my fault. I never said anything that would provoke anyone. I learnt the value of honesty for ending disputes. There was no physical way I could win an argument when I knew I was wrong. I was last in sports events, even behind kids who weren't trying. I tried to make up for it by studying hard and getting some good grades. Even so, when I top-scored in maths and science, other kids felt they were being shown up and they picked on me more.

My parents were religious and brought me up with conservative, traditional values --- marriage once and for life, no sex before marriage, etc. I abstained from alcohol and smoking. I didn't even like tea or coffee, considering them to be addictive drugs. While eventually I became disillusioned with my parents' religion, I respected their values. Those values severely restricted my social life.

I got a science degree and became an engineer. I was well into my twenties by the time I reached normal height, my body physically matured and I was attracted to girls. All the best girls my age had already paired off. I didn't seem attractive to younger ones and I was too shy to approach them anyway. My older siblings had married, moved away and started families of their own. I worked long hours, stayed at home with my parents and diverted myself with hobbies like model trains, 8-bit computers and rebuilding car engines. I cycled to work to keep fit. Today I would be called a nerd.

I became a good friend to two teenage boys in my street, Jason and Tom Taylor, who had computers like mine. We often spent evenings at each other's homes learning computer programming, playing computer games and watching movies. We shared hobbies from telescopes to r/c model helicopters. Their parents, Clare and Bruce, were best friends of my parents and they attended the same church.

I remember the day Ann was born. She was a new little sister to Jason and Tom. I was 33. I saw Ann in hospital before she came home. She was the cutest baby you've ever seen. I knew that Clare and Bruce had been trying for years to have more children. They had almost given up hope before Ann arrived. Ann was so precious to them. Clare told me that if ever I needed a girlfriend, I could have Ann. I thought she was joking.

I continued my friendship with Jason and Tom, often visiting their house. I watched Ann playing with girls her own age and doing girlie things. She played with dolls, skated, ballet-danced and was good at gymnastics. She learnt to play the piano, violin and flute. She wanted to be a music teacher when she grew up. Sadly, I learnt that Ann couldn't have children of her own. She had the same genetic infertility condition as her mother, only to a much greater degree.

Both my parents lived to their eighties, then both died in the same year. I bought the family home, which used up most of my savings. I remodelled the house and added a new master bedroom, which used up most of the rest. My siblings and their families often came to stay. I visited them on travelling holidays, doting on my numerous nieces and nephews.

Tom married his long-time girlfriend and moved away to start a family.

At 18, Ann was petite, extremely attractive, just gorgeous. I thought she would win any beauty contest, no matter what she was wearing. Clare said she wasn't tall enough to be a model. Ann just seemed to ooze femininity. I could detect her presence in the room with my eyes closed and I couldn't work out which sense I was using. Boys always followed Ann around and Ann brushed them off.

Tom was home on holiday, visiting his parents. I was watching an old TV comedy with Jason and Tom. The show featured an old-fashioned, metal chastity belt.

"It doesn't look anything like Ann's", I overheard Tom say to Jason.

"Ann has a chastity belt!?" I exclaimed.

Jason and Tom looked embarrassed and wouldn't say yes or no.

A few days later Jason and I went to a movie. Ann asked if she could tag along, because it was a movie she wanted to see too. Ann sat next to me before the movie started. Jason was still buying popcorn. I whispered to Ann, "Tom said you've got a chastity belt".

Ann was astonished and she blushed. "Yes, but don't tell anyone. Tom shouldn't have told you that", she said.

She stood up and took my hand, then guided my hand to her backside. "Feel there" she said. I felt a metal chain under her clothes. We were interrupted by Jason returning to his seat.

"Why?" I whispered to Ann.

"I want to have a family", Ann whispered back.

"I don't understand. You can't have children", I replied.

Ann explained quietly, "There is a chance. I'm taking strong fertility drugs. But they make me horny. They lead me into temptation. I can't control myself. I need a last line of defence. I only want children with the right man."

"Oh", I said, "and who might the right man be?"

Ann paused for a moment, then said quietly, "I kind of hoped it would be you". She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. The movie started and we held hands right through. As we were leaving I arranged a dinner date with Ann for the next evening. I can't remember anything about the movie.

"Were you serious last night?" I asked Ann over dinner.

"Deadly", she replied.

"I'd love to marry you, but I'm 51 and you're still at school!", I said.

"So what? I was promised to you, remember?" she replied.

"That was a joke. You could have anyone you like." I said.

"I only want you." she replied.

"What about boys your own age?" I asked.

"They're not like you at all. None of them are honest. They all compete instead of cooperate. Then they binge drink and go sadistic. I couldn't trust any of them not to hurt me." she replied.

"You're over-generalising. Nobody would ever want to hurt you." I said.

Ann continued, "I've known you all my life, David. I've seen you doting on your nieces and nephews. You get on so well with my brothers and you're such a good influence on them. You live a healthy life-style. You don't smoke. You don't drink. You don't even drink tea or coffee. You never lie. You never raise your voice. I never heard you use a swear word once. You wouldn't hurt a fly. I could trust you with anything. My parents reckon you're the ideal. You've even got a University degree, a steady job with a good income, a house and savings. I bet you're a virgin too." I was flattered.

I asked Ann about her chastity belt again. "Do you need a key to open it?" I asked.

"Yes, I can't take it off without the key. That's the whole point." she replied.

"Then where is the key?" I asked.

"In my purse at first, until I was sure I wouldn't need it. But now I don't have the key at all. Only my parents know where it is." she replied.

"Why don't you keep the key with you?" I asked.

"That would defeat the whole purpose", she replied.

"When did you last take it off?" I asked.

"I'm still growing so it has to be adjusted every few weeks, which can only be done when it's off. Last time would be about two weeks ago." she replied.

"Isn't it dangerous?" I asked.

"It's worth the risk", she replied.

"Wouldn't other girls notice?" I asked.

"Not so far, but I have to be careful. I skipped swimming classes and I can't go through metal detectors or security gates".

"What about hygiene?" I asked.

"It's more effort. Usually I wear a pad over the belt, especially when I have my period. I have to thoroughly wash very often, but I'm used to it now." she replied.

"Whatever gave you the idea of wearing a chastity belt?" I asked.

"I found the belt at home and asked Mum about it", Ann replied.

"Your parents got you a chastity belt!?" I exclaimed.

"No, no, I found it and it wasn't mine", replied Ann.

"Where was it?" I asked.

"It was in a big wooden box of ropes and things in the master bedroom. I was playing hide-and-seek."

"Then whose was it?" I asked.

Ann paused, then said, "Mum's, but don't tell anyone."

"It was Clare's?" I queried.

"Yes, Mum and Dad played tie-up games. Mum said it improved her chances of having me, and it worked." Ann continued, "I started on fertility drugs at puberty and they just make me horny as hell. I'm afraid I can't control myself. The chastity belt seemed like a good idea and Mum was OK with it."

"Don't you hate it?" I asked.

"I'm more comfortable with it on. I sleep better with it on", she replied.

We went on many more dates, usually for dinner or to the movies. We also went to some art shows, museums, live plays, concerts and some local events such as fireworks displays. Sometimes Ann would come to my house and cook a meal for both of us. She knew without asking exactly what foods I liked best. Sometimes I would cook for both of us, but I wasn't very good.

I don't think there was a precise day or moment when we decided we definitely would marry. It just gradually became clearer over time. We decided to wait until after Ann left school, in case she wanted to change her mind. We both decided to abstain from sex until after we were married. Then we would try to start a family. Ann pointed out that we couldn't have sex if we wanted to --- at least, not without her parents knowing about it. She also said that my abstinence from alcohol, smoking, tea and coffee was perfect as it would maximise my sperm count. That would go a long way towards cancelling out our age difference, she said. By the way, from my observations of people who can't do anything without a cup of coffee, I'm now quite glad that I don't drink coffee.

Ann was 19 and I was 52. Ann chose an engagement ring and I paid for it. Nobody was surprised when we announced our engagement and I don't know how long they already knew. We set a wedding date for mid-December, following Ann's last school exams. Ann said she didn't want a honeymoon straight away. She wanted her wedding night and Christmas in my house. So we arranged to have no guests in my house over that period and we booked a holiday for January.

We had a traditional white wedding at Ann's parents' church. Predictably, Ann was stunning! All our siblings and their families were there, along with Ann's school friends, my acquaintances from work and some other family friends. The reception followed in the adjacent hall. Alcohol was available for those who wanted it. I asked Ann if she was still wearing her chastity belt. She replied, "Of course! I can't take it off." Following Clare's long speech, which was mostly about me, everyone must have thought I was an angel come from heaven for her daughter.

Ann and I got home just after midnight. Ann was still in her low-cut wedding outfit. After Ann toileted, I followed her to the bedroom. Ann seemed more nervous and excited than when she walked down the aisle. There was a large, wooden box on the floor that I hadn't seen before. A hand written label said the box contained wedding presents from Clare and Bruce. The label went on to wish Ann and me lots of children. An envelope on top of the box was labelled "chastity belt key". Ann picked up the envelope and handed it to me. "Please hide this and keep it safe", Ann asked.

"I've been waiting all my life for this" said Ann.

"I've been waiting longer than you", I replied.

Ann continued, "I want you to have a shower, please, while I get ready. I want our first night together to be perfect. Please go and have a shower and don't come back for at least ten minutes."

"What if I come back sooner?" I asked.

"That would spoil everything. Please go away for at least ten minutes. I trust you."

I returned to the bedroom ten minutes later anticipating a very pleasant surprise. What I got was the shock of my life!

Ann was tied helplessly on her back to the bed in a stretched spread-eagle. Her legs were split wide open, 180 degrees. Cuffs buckled on her ankles were pulled apart by a taught rope looped under both sides of the bed. Another taught rope under Ann's back went from the headboard to the foot of the bed. Straps buckled around Ann's waist and above and below her breasts were fixed to this rope, holding her torso rigidly in place. There was a pillow under the small of her back. Cuffs buckled on her wrists were linked to the headboard by short chains. Her arms were held straight and wide apart. One of the chains had a closed padlock link which Ann clasped in her right hand. The padlock key was on the dresser. She wore a white garter belt with suspenders, white fishnet stockings, a white 1/4 cup bra and of course her chastity belt. The bra lifted and held her breasts but it didn't cover her nipples, which were erect. Ann's wedding veil covered her face.

I rushed over calling "Ann! Are you all right!?". I whipped the veil off her head revealing a white blindfold over her eyes and a large white ball-gag in her mouth. Both were buckled behind her head. Ann appeared to smile around the gag.

Recovering slightly from the shock, I noticed a large sheet of paper next to her prominently titled "RULES" in Ann's handwriting. I picked it up and read right through.

1: Don't be alarmed. I often tie myself up. I love it.

2: Don't undo, rearrange, loosen, tighten or add any restraints unless instructed. That includes the blindfold and gag. I know what I'm doing.

3: Remove my chastity belt whenever you like. Lock it on again before you release me.

4: Have sex with me whenever you like and as often as you can. I can't refuse.

5: Love me. Don't hurt me.

6: Release me at 8am.

I trust you one hundred percent.

All my love, Ann.

My mind was in turmoil. Did Ann do this herself? Is it some kind of sick joke? Is this what Ann really wants? Does Ann really tie herself up often? Could anybody really endure being in that position for hours? Would Ann be permanently injured? Since when has Ann been tying herself? Where did the rules come from? What are they for? Did Ann just make them up? What happens if I break the rules? Is it a game? Is Ann testing me? Would Ann hate me if I didn't release her now? Ann looked so beautiful --- so totally irresistible. Oh I love her! All this time Ann seemed to be laughing hysterically into the gag.

I laid down beside Ann, hugged her and told her I loved her. She relaxed and continued to smile around her gag. I concluded that if she wanted to be released then she would indicate either with the expression on her face, by struggling or by making appropriate noises. I lay there for several minutes with questions whirling in my head, watching her reactions as I stroked her and touched her in different places.

I already had a hard-on. It started in anticipation before I got home. Seeing Ann like this I could barely contain myself. I decided to remove Ann's chastity belt and give her what she asked for. Well, it wasn't really a conscious decision --- she was irresistible! If she reacted badly at any moment I would release her.

The chastity belt had an unusual lock, complicated by opening 3 ways and allowing for strap length adjustments only when open. Lucky I was an engineer, but it still took a minute figure out how to unlock and open it with the key. As I pulled the belt out from under her, Ann shuddered slightly, but she continued to smile around her gag. Though the outside of the belt was stainless steel, the inside lining was hard, smooth, extremely slippery and it had round edges --- maybe Teflon, I thought. Surprising to me, Ann had no hair under her chastity belt. Her pussy looked just delightful. Ann had left some K-Y jelly on the bed. It was a tight fit, but two minutes later I was inside her. Both Ann and I were shaking. Ann's breathing and pulse increased and so did mine. I think we climaxed together. Certainly Ann tensed up and arched her back several times. "MMmmh MMmmh", Ann said, which was about all I could say as well. I stayed inside her for at least couple of minutes and climaxed again. I think Ann climaxed again too.

I didn't sleep much that night, if at all. I watched Ann closely, monitoring her breathing and circulation and watching for any sign that she might need to be released. She seemed totally relaxed --- probably asleep most of the time. She never expressed discomfort nor pain. There were no signs of cramped muscles, nor blocked circulation, nor anything like that. I took her several more times during the night. I simply couldn't resist.

At 8 o'clock I snapped her chastity belt back into place and unlocked the padlock in her right hand. Ann reached over and opened the straps around her torso, then she released her left hand and took off the blindfold and gag. "Is it 8 o'clock already? David you were wonderful! That was better than I ever dreamed! I knew I could trust you! I love you!" were her first words, as she stretched to reach her right ankle cuff.

"I love you too dear, but you gave me such a fright!", I said, "You've got a lot of explaining to do."

Ann took off the remaining straps and started some bending and stretching exercises. "Now you know my secret. I love to tie myself up at night." she said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"I wanted it to be a surprise", Ann replied.

"It sure was!" I said.

Ann put the cuffs and ropes back in the box. The box had been open all night and I hadn't noticed --- I had been concentrating on Ann. The box was full to the brim with rope and leather items.

Answering my questions, Ann explained that the bondage gear belonged to her parents. They needed sex more often for a better chance of conceiving. They explored ways of making sex more fun. Clare sometimes tied herself in accessible positions for Bruce. Bruce took her more often that way.

Ann discovered the bondage gear and her mother explained all about it. Ann wondered what it felt like and secretly tied herself up. She started with gentle ties. She always left a hand free so she could escape without assistance. Ann discovered she enjoyed being tied. It was so relaxing that sometimes she even slept tied up.

One night Clare discovered Ann tied up. Clare was horrified at first. Ann explained that she liked it and that she wanted to try anything that could improve her chance of having children. Ann persisted in tying herself up at night. Ann said it was the only way she could relax and sleep all night. Eventually her parents accepted it.

I asked Ann how she could endure being held in one position so long. She said the secret is to choose a position that's perfectly comfortable then totally relax. The restraints can't be too tight. Her weight must be evenly distributed when she is relaxed. That is, there can't be much pressure on any one spot on her body. She said that even in last night's tie she could shift her weight around a bit to relieve any potential pressure points. She experimented with different positions to discover which ones were best. I said I thought people have to roll over several times each night for their internal organs and circulation to work properly. Ann's only explanation was that she must be different --- she felt fine on her back all night.

The next few nights Ann tied herself to the bed each evening in a similar position to on our wedding night, but each time dressed in a different sexy outfit. These included several different baby doll dresses, bikinis and lingerie. She left written instructions each time including the time she wanted to be released. She always requested sex as often as I could manage and I was only too happy to oblige. Sometimes I had to remove an item of clothing before I could take off her chastity belt, as her instructions would explain. She always ball-gagged herself but didn't always use a blindfold.

I asked Ann about her lack of pubic hair. She said any hair under her chastity belt would be unhygienic, and anyway she wanted to be maximally attractive to me. She used a home laser hair removal gadget she saw advertised in an infomercial. One night she left the laser machine out and instructed me to use it if I saw any pubic hair. I didn't find any.

Ann also instructed me to wash her mound with a warm, wet flannel and to sprinkle some scented talcum powder. These I did, which seemed to amuse her immensely. I thoroughly washed the chastity belt separately in the bathroom too, as instructed.

I asked Ann where she got all the gear and sexy clothes. She replied that most of it came second-hand from her Mum. But she also bought stuff cheap at local markets and Internet auction sites. Although second hand, a lot of it had never been worn. She explained that many women auction off unwanted presents as new for almost nothing.

On Christmas Eve Ann asked me what was my favourite outfit. I said she looked fantastic in all of them and I wouldn't commit to any one. That night she tied herself naked --- apart from her chastity belt, of course.

It was Christmas morning. "Come here, I want to show you something" Ann called.

"What is it?", I asked, curiously.

Ann went to the box from her parents that all the bondage gear came in. Then she dragged it to the middle of the floor. "This beautiful box has been in my family for as long as I can remember" she said. "Look at the craftsmanship. I used to get inside. It was cool, very relaxing, an escape from everything, I loved it. Do you reckon I still can?"

"You, in there, with the lid closed", I said skeptically, "a child would fit, but grown-up you, now? I don't think so."

"I'll show you", Ann replied.

The box was full of bondage gear and the lid wasn't completely closed. She lifted the top lid and flipped it wide open, right back on its hinges. Together we emptied the contents of the box in a heap on the floor: gags, cuffs, straps, hoods, loops of rope, padlocks, keys, K-Y jelly, etc. "Look, the box has a padded floor", she showed me.

"Won't you suffocate in there?" I inquired.

"Not at all. See the apparently engraved patterns on the top and sides --- actually they are overlapping layers of plywood all separated from each other by gaps. Air flows freely in and out through the gaps, but the design blocks direct light." she replied.

"I think I'll tie myself up first" Ann said, as she stripped to just her chastity belt.

"This'll be good", I replied.

She selected two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs and put them on. All her cuffs have D-rings. She told me that the last rope to go on would be a loop through the D-rings of all four cuffs. She asked me if I would thread it up, pull it tight and tie it off. "OK", I answered.

"And please close the lid when I'm in".

"OK". Then she selected a red ball-gag from the pile, put it behind her teeth and buckled it behind her head.

She buckled a loose strap around each knee and squatted on the floor in front of the box. Then she pushed her arms through the knee straps from the top and held her hands together behind her back. She nodded for me to attach the last rope, which I threaded through the D-rings, pulled it tight and knotted it. Not quite following her instructions, I made a separate knot at each D-ring, holding her wrists together and her ankles together. She was in an arm-to-leg tie (""). She waddled around for a few moments, then leaned sideways over the front rim of the box, fell in and landed with a thump on her right side.

"Are you all right?" I asked. She nodded.

Her shoulders and hips stuck out the top quite a bit. I flipped the lid down but it stopped a few centimetres short of closing. She wriggled around a little and I saw the lid drop a little further, then after a few moments, further still. With about 1 cm to go, I pushed the lid down firmly with my hand. Click. It was shut.

I left her to enjoy being in the box for a few minutes while I did some chores around the house.

When I returned I examined the box to see how to open it. There was a keyhole on the front, in a metal square, but no button or lever. I tried pushing the metal square, in, left, right, up, down, but it didn't move. I pushed it harder. I felt all around the front and top for a latch or button and found nothing. There must be a key somewhere, I thought.

"Where's the key?" I called.

"MMmmh MMmmh" was the reply.

I rummaged through the pile of bondage gear. There were lots of keys for padlocks. I tried them all, but none fitted. I found Ann's keyring with her house and garage keys and some more keys I didn't recognise. None of them worked.

"Where would Ann keep the key?", I pondered. I looked in all her drawers in the bedroom, then all mine. No luck. I looked around where the box was kept, under the bed, on the mantelpiece. Surely it's not in the kitchen, tool-shed or bathroom, I thought.

I called out, "I'll have to telephone your Mum. Maybe she knows where the key is."

"MMmmh MMmmh" was the reply.

So I called Clare. Luckily she was home. I wished her a merry Christmas, then asked about the box. "You know the box you gave us on our wedding day?".

"Oh yes".

"Do you know where Ann keeps the key to open it?".

Clare thought for a moment. "I think things like that are in the top drawer next to her bed", Clare said.

"I already looked there."

"Why don't you ask Ann? She'll know" Clare suggested.

"That's the problem, she's gagged herself and locked herself inside."

"Oh! I thought she would have grown too big for that now. Does she really still fit inside?"

"Only just" I replied.

Clare continued, "She used to get in that box when she wanted time-out by herself. I worried she would suffocate at first, but she showed me the air vents. The vents really let a lot of air through and she could stay inside for hours. She also hid in there when playing hide-and-seek. Nobody could find her because she had the key with her inside the box. It opens with a latch from inside, you know, so she doesn't need a key to get out."

"Oh, that's interesting", I said, "but what if I told you she's bound in an arm-leg tie?"

"Oh! Did she manage that all by herself?"

"Well, almost", I replied, "she just needed my help with the last rope and to shut the lid."

Clare laughed, "I bet she's loving it in there. Are her hands near the latch?".

I thought for a moment. "She's lying on her right side with her hands tied behind her back. Looking from the front, her head is to the left. So I think her hands are on the wrong side of the box."

There was a short pause. "We'd better find the key", Clare said, "It could still be at our house. I'll go and look in Ann's old bedroom."

"Wouldn't it be at my house though?" I replied, "after all, she opened the box here on our wedding night."

"I'll go and look anyway, and I'll ask Bruce if he knows.", said Clare, "I'll hang up now and I'll call you back in a few minutes".

I had another look through Ann's bedroom things. She wouldn't really like me going through all this stuff, I thought. I never knew she had so much lingerie. Look at all these sexy costumes. And here's some more bondage gear. No key. The telephone rang. It was Clare.

"No, there's no sign of the key here.", Clare said, "I looked everywhere. Bruce doesn't know either. If she can't get out by herself, I think you'll have to break the box. Neither the latch nor the plywood are probably very strong."

"That would be a shame", I replied.

"Maybe you can fix the box afterwards, David. If Ann isn't out soon I'm coming round."

"No need for that", I replied, "I'll break into the box now." I hung off, went to the tool-shed and returned with a large flat screwdriver.

"Ann, I'm going to break the box to get you out", I called. "I'll try breaking the latch first".

"MMmmh MMmmh" came the reply.

As I was deciding where to put the screwdriver to get the best leverage with the least damage, I was surprised by a sudden click and the lid popped slightly ajar. I lifted it over and back. Ann looked like she hadn't moved at all. I reached in, undid her gag and pulled it out of her mouth by the straps.

"That was exquisite, so relaxing", were her first words, "but please, don't break the box. I can open it any time."

"How?" I asked.

"I use my knee, or is it my shin, I'm not sure which. The latch is quite big, see." Sure enough, there was a large lever on a spring inside the box which latched to a hook inside the lid.

Ann continued, "Would you please replace my gag and shut the lid? I'm good for another few hours yet. I'll open the lid when I'm ready to come out."

"OK, but first, where is the key?", I asked.

"I'm not telling", replied Ann, abruptly. I noticed that both her hands were tightly clenched.

"Is it in your hand?"

"I'm not telling", she repeated. I prised open first her left fist, then her right. There was the key!

"That's not fair. Please let me keep the key?" she pleaded.

"You caused so much trouble", I said, "I searched everywhere. The place is a mess now. You know I had to call your Mum. And your Dad knows what you're up to too now. And I nearly broke the box to get you out. If you can't open the box, I don't want to have to break it. I'm taking the key, thank you."

"Oh all right then" she said, as if she had a choice.

"I'll call your Mum back and tell her about the key", I said.

"It's wonderful in here --- so peaceful, so relaxing. Please replace my gag and close the lid again now, please, please", she asked. So I did.

Clare had already guessed that Ann had the key. "I thought so" she said, "but I didn't think she could open the latch in an arm-leg tie".

"Apparently it was a breeze for her", I replied, "she used her shin or knee."

"Ann has many talents", Clare said, "I'm so proud of her."

"I love her too", I replied.

Clare continued, "Did you know the box has two retractable wheels and a handle?"

"Does it? I had no idea", I answered.

"Look closely near the bottom, left, front. There is a small button. You have to lift the box about 10 cm then press the button and a small wheel with a rubber tyre drops down. Releasing the button locks it in place. There's another wheel and button at the bottom, left, back. The retractable handle slides out the right-hand end from under the base". From where I was, I could see one of the buttons.

"You should give Ann a treat", suggested Clare. "Take the box with her in it to a plush hotel for the night --- tonight even. You can order all meals to be taken to your room. Let her out when you get there and do whatever she wants. She'll probably want to tie herself down for the night. She won't need any clothes, but you could take some sexy lingerie if you like. You could wrap a strap around the box so she can't open it while being transported.".

"She'd like that?" I asked.

"It's one of her favourite fantasies", Clare replied, "she confessed it to me. It'd be a wonderful Christmas present for her." I thanked Clare and said it sounded a great idea for both of us.

Clare continued, "I have to go now. I just sent Bruce on an errand. I don't know exactly how long he'll be and I want to prepare some Christmas things for him before he gets back. We'll probably be busy tonight so I can't talk to you again until tomorrow. Jason has gone to his girlfriend's house for Christmas. Tom and his family are visiting here, but they're about to leave for the rest of their holiday." I wished Clare a happy Christmas again.

Being Christmas morning and holiday season, it took several telephone calls to find a nearby luxury hotel with a vacancy for tonight. The one I eventually found had just had a cancellation. There was a double room available on the 11th floor with a view. It had two king-size beds. The holiday season price for one or two guests was the same. It came to about a week of my salary for one night, payable in advance, meals extra, room service extra, and double price for extras on Christmas day, ouch! Other than that, perfect. I booked it on the spot, ordering lunch, dinner and breakfast for two to be delivered to the room. I paid by credit card over the phone, and said I would be there in less than an hour.

I extended the handle, then raised the box one side at a time and lowered the two wheels. Ann probably wondered what I was doing, but she didn't unlatch the lid. I found two long straps in the pile on the floor, then buckled them tightly around the box. "I'm going to give you a Christmas treat, so stay in the box and keep quiet", I called.

"MMmmh MMmmh" came the reply.

The remaining bondage gear just fitted in my large suitcase. I decided not to take any of Ann's clothes or lingerie. One large box and a large suitcase were enough. I put a sachet of Ann's fertility tablets in my trouser pocket.

I lifted the handle until the box balanced on its wheels. "Ann is on her head", I thought. Oh well, she's a gymnast. I could easily wheel the box along with one hand while carrying the suitcase in the other. I took them out to the car, locking up the house as I left. I manoeuvred the box into the back of my station-wagon and the suitcase onto the back seat. The box sat flat after I retracted the wheels and handle. I drove for about half an hour to the hotel.

The hotel had an underground car-park. Using the box's wheels and handle again, I rode the lift to reception. Reception was crowded with guests both arriving and departing. Only the hotel manager was at the desk. I waited several minutes in the queue. Finally, "Do you need any help with your luggage?", he asked.

"No, no, I'm fine", I said. "The box is heavy, but it has wheels, see."

He examined the box, curiously. "I've never seen one like that before", he said, "Where did you get it?"

"It was a wedding present.", I replied.

"Is your wife coming?", he asked.

"She's travelling separately", I replied.

"OK, write your name and address and sign here please", he said, "then take the lift over there to the 11th floor. Your room is 1121. It has the best view of the city. Room service will bring your lunch shortly. You're lucky to get in. We're fully booked. And being Christmas, we're short-staffed today."

The lift ride was uneventful. Sure enough, the room had a great view. I closed the door and made sure it was locked. Then I put the box on the middle of the king-size bed closest to the window and unbuckled the straps. "You can come out for your surprise now", I called.

"MMmmh MMmmh" came the reply. The latch clicked. I threw the lid open, tipped the box on its front, then upside-down, dumping Ann, still arm-leg tied, on the bed. I lifted the box off her and placed it gently on the floor, leaving the lid open. Ann had the best smile I had ever seen around her gag. "MMmmh MMmmh", she said.

I couldn't contain myself. I reached between Ann's legs with the key, removed her chastity belt and threw it towards the door. Tilting her on her back, I dragged her by the wrist/ankle rope to the edge of the bed. I dropped my trousers, crouched next to her, and exploded into her. She shuddered and shook in her bonds, arching her back. "MMmmh MMmmh" was all she could say. Then I lay down on the bed and hugged and caressed her. "I love you", I said. Ann went all floppy in her bonds and purred like a kitten around her gag. There were tears in her eyes.

There was a knock at the door. "Room service. I brought your Christmas lunch" a male voice called. I covered Ann with the bedspread then opened the door. A uniformed waiter wheeled a trolley with numerous dishes into the room and transferred them to the dining table, setting two places. "Any wine with your meal?", he asked.

"No thank-you, just fruit juice please." I replied.

"Fine" he said, pouring two glasses. I saw him curiously looking at the open chastity belt on the floor and at the large bulge on the bed. He gave me a strange look. Then he wheeled the trolley out of the room. I locked the door again.

Returning to the bed, I uncovered Ann. "I'm going to untie you now because lunch is ready" I said. I studied the knots in the ankle/wrist rope. They looked like they wouldn't undo easily at all. I pulled at the knots in different ways, but they didn't yield. "I need scissors", I said, "or a sharp knife".

"MMmmh MMmmh", said Ann.

There was some cutlery on the dining table. It wasn't sharp enough. I looked around the room, also in some of the cupboards and drawers which were mostly empty. "I'll go see if I can borrow some scissors or a sharp knife", I said to Ann, as I slid her to the middle of the bed and rotated her so she could see out the window. "Wait here and enjoy the view" I said. "MMmmh MMmmh" she replied.

As I went out the door, I locked it behind me and placed a "Do not disturb" sign on the handle. Then I took the lift to reception.

Only the hotel manager was there and again I had to wait in line. Finally, "Sorry to bother you, do you have some scissors I can borrow please? There's a package tied with rope in my room and I can't undo the knots." The manager opened a drawer and pulled out a very small pair of scissors.

"Will these do?", he asked. Just then, the desk telephone rang.

"A bigger pair would be better", I replied.

"Excuse me please sir, this is a high priority call" he said, reaching over and answering the telephone.

"I'll try them anyway, thank-you", I said, as I took the scissors and returned to the lift.

I entered the room and locked the door behind me. Surprisingly, Ann had untied a knot and freed her left ankle. She was contorting herself, trying to get her left leg out of the left arm-leg strap with her hands still tied behind her back and to her right ankle. "MMmmh MMmmh", she said, shaking her head. She was so hot! I couldn't take my eyes off her. I couldn't contain myself. I had to take her again.

I grabbed and retied her ankle, pulled her to the side of the bed, crouched and exploded into her for the second time. "MMmmh MMmmh", she said. Again I lay beside her and cuddled her. This time she struggled in her bonds. She almost seemed to be trying to push me away. "MMmmh MMmmh", she said again, still shaking her head.

"What's the matter?"

"MMmmh MMmmh", she repeated. Quickly I removed her gag. "The window!" she exclaimed.

Two excited window cleaners on a scaffold were looking in. They were talking to each other and pointing at Ann and me. One was jabbering on a mobile phone. They couldn't keep still. I couldn't hear what they were saying. "They've been watching me for at least 5 minutes" Ann said. I jumped over and yanked the curtain closed.

"Good grief, it's Christmas day. Why would there be window cleaners working on Christmas day?" I said.

"I'd better untie you quickly. I brought these scissors", I said.

"You silly", Ann said, "you only have to unbuckle the wrist and ankle cuffs. I can work on the knots later when there's no tension in the rope." Suddenly it seemed so obvious.

"Where are we?" Ann asked, as I worked on unbuckling the wrist cuffs.

"I booked this hotel room for tonight. I ordered lunch, dinner and breakfast to the room, so we don't have to go out."

"David you're incredible! You read my mind!", exclaimed Ann, "Do you have E.S.P?" I looked at her and we both smiled.

"The chastity belt!" Ann exclaimed. "You forgot to put on my chastity belt". It was still on the floor over by the door. Before I could retrieve it, there was a loud knock at the door.

"Police! If you don't open the door, we're coming in!".

Ann unbuckled her ankle cuffs while I stepped across and opened the door. By the time the door was open Ann stood stark naked behind me trying to cover her mound with her right hand and her nipples with her left arm. Two policemen and the hotel manager stepped into the room. They shyly averted their eyes from Ann and looked slightly embarrassed. I could see more staff trying to peer in from the corridor. Ropes, cuffs and straps untidily lay about on the bed and on the floor.

"We have a report of a bound woman in this room, maybe a kidnap victim or a slave" said the first policeman.

"That would be me" said Ann, quietly.

"Are you all right Miss?" he asked.

"Never been better", replied Ann.

"You should get dressed" said the second policeman, pointing to Ann.

"We have to investigate", said the first policeman, "What are your names?"

"Ann Taylor" said Ann.

"That's Ann Smith", I corrected.

"Don't you lie to me" said the first policeman.

"Sorry, I'm Ann Smith" Ann said apologetically, "we married 10 days ago. I'm still getting used to it."

"You should get dressed now" ordered the second policeman emphatically, pointing to Ann.

"Did you bring any clothes for me?" Ann whispered in my ear.

"No, sorry", I whispered back, "it would have been too much."

"Stop whispering" said the first policeman. Ann smirked.

"What's your name?" asked the first policeman, pointing at me. "David Smith" I replied.

"Do you have any identification?" I opened my wallet and handed him my driver's license. He noted my address and birth date. "And you?" he said, pointing towards Ann.

"No, sorry, Ann has no I.D. with her. We're married. We live at the same address", I said.

"Is that true?" the policeman asked, looking at Ann.

"Yes" replied Ann.

"And what is your birth date?".

While Ann was giving her birth date, a bead of semen or some other body fluid trickled down the inside of her right leg. Ann wiped it with her right hand before she realised what it was. She looked at her palm, then put her hands behind her back. She was now fully exposed. Ann blushed.

"Get dressed now!" ordered the second policeman. Ann looked at the hotel manager who was standing closest to her chastity belt. "Would you mind passing me my chastity belt please sir?", she asked, pointing to the belt and looking at the manager. The embarrassed manager picked it up and passed it to her, averting his eyes. Ann put it on firmly and clicked the lock shut. "Thank-you", she said.

A third policeman arrived at the door and made his way to the front. "I'm detective Anderson", he said, "I specialise in kidnap and slavery. I'm taking over this case." The first policeman handed him his notes and the detective looked over them.

"You two are married?" he inquired, skeptically.

"Yes" I replied. "what's your age difference? 30 years?"

"33" said Ann. Anderson looked at the notes. "So it is", he said.

"Did he tie you up?" the detective asked Ann.

"No, I tied myself up" replied Ann.

"Don't you lie to me." he said, "Two witnesses saw a man tying your leg in this room."

Ann looked uneasy. "That was David", she said.

"Did you ask David to bind your leg?" continued Anderson.

"No, not that time, only the first time."

"Slavery is a serious offence" said Anderson, "criminal. Did David rape you or sexually abuse you?"

"No, no." replied Ann.

"Two witnesses say otherwise. We can protect you from David. We can arrange counselling for you. Do you want to lay any charges?" asked Anderson.

"Of course not" replied Ann.

"You have two witnesses. David would be convicted for slavery, rape or sexual abuse. Are you sure you don't want to lay charges?" asked Anderson.

"I'm sure. I love David. We're married. It was private and consensual. Those two peeping-toms at the window should be charged for invasion of privacy." replied Ann.

"They were doing their duty as citizens to report any serious crime they see. We have to investigate." said Anderson.

"I just want you all to go away." said Ann.

"What's that in your pocket?" demanded Anderson, pointing at my trousers. I pulled out Ann's fertility pills. The second policeman took them off me. "These are restricted drugs. Doctor's prescription only", he said. Anderson looked at me sternly.

"They're mine" interrupted Ann. The second policeman continued, "They are fertility drugs, hormones, they make women hot".

"We want to start a family." said Ann, "It's the only way for me".

"Why have you got Ann's prescription drugs?" asked Anderson.

"I was carrying them for her" I replied.

"You shouldn't have her drugs" said Anderson.

"She's got nowhere to carry them" I replied.

The first policeman asked Ann about her doctor and clinic. Ann gave him the details. "We'll check this out after Christmas", he said. "If you're lying you'll hear back from us". He put Ann's tablets in a bedside drawer. "Should we search for more drugs?" asked the first policeman.

"Not yet" replied Anderson.

"Where are your clothes?" asked Anderson.

"At home", Ann replied.

"Where are the clothes you arrived in?" asked Anderson.

"I didn't arrive in clothes", Ann replied, "except for this chastity belt."

"Don't you lie" said the first policeman.

"It's true", I said.

"Then how did you get here without being noticed?" asked Anderson.

"In that box over there" said Ann, pointing to the open box on the floor.

The policemen and the manager looked incredulous. "Don't you lie to me" said Anderson.

"She's telling the truth." I added.

"Did David put you in that box?" asked Anderson.

"No I got in myself" replied Ann.

Anderson surveyed the ropes, cuffs and straps scattered on the bed and on the floor. "Were you tied up in there?"

"Yes" said Ann.

"Did David tie you up?"

"No, I tied myself, well, nearly all myself", said Ann.

Anderson looked at the red ball-gag. "Were you gagged?" he asked.

"Yes, I gagged myself" said Ann.

"Did David make you do any of this?" asked Anderson.

"No, no" replied Ann.

"She's telling the truth." I repeated.

The hotel manager pointed at the long straps on the bed. "Those straps were buckled around the outside of the box when Mr Smith checked in. I'll show you on our security camera tape. Mrs Smith couldn't have buckled those straps herself from inside the box", he said.

"Did you ask David to buckle the straps?" Anderson asked Ann.

"No, I wanted him to and he read my thoughts", said Ann.

"Impossible", said Anderson.

"He must have", said Ann, "because I never mentioned the straps to David."

"How can I believe anything you say when you make ridiculous statements like that?" asked Anderson,

"Are you under duress?" Ann looked frightened. She bit her lower lip.

"I can explain", I said, "Ann told her mother and her mother told me."

Ann gaped at me, suddenly understanding the source of my E.S.P.

"Ann's mother! What does Ann's mother know about this? I think we should give her a call. Let's see if your mother can corroborate your crazy story." Anderson said. Ann provided some details and Anderson called Clare's number on his mobile.

Tom answered the phone. He hadn't left for the rest of his holiday yet. "Is Mrs Clare Taylor there please?" There was a pause.

"Mum's tied up at the moment. Can I take a message?"

"Tied up! Do you mean that literally?"

There was another pause.

"This is the police. I am Detective Anderson. This is urgent!"

"Oh, hang on" said Tom.

Later I found out that Clare had tied herself spread-eagle for Bruce. She had rolls of Christmas paper wrapped around her torso, decorated with ribbons, balloons, Christmas balls and a Christmas card. She wore a red and white Christmas hat and a red ball-gag. Ann kept the Christmas card and showed it to me later. It read "Dear Bruce, You've been so good to me and our family this year. I am your reward from Santa. Please treat me however you like and don't release me until morning. All my love, Clare."

Although Tom knew about his mother's bondage sessions, he had never been in her room during one. But this was the police, urgent. Maybe a family member had died! Tom entered the bedroom and gently released Clare's right hand and ball-gag."

"What is it Tom?" Clare asked, surprised.

"Police on the phone Mum, urgent". Tom placed the cordless phone in Clare's now free hand.

"Hello?" said Clare.

"Is this Mrs Clare Taylor?"


"This is Detective Anderson ma'am. Do you know where your daughter, Ann, is?"

"Is she all right?" asked Clare, concerned.

"Fine" said Anderson, "but do you know where she is?"

"Not exactly", said Clare, "but I think she might be at home, or she might be at a hotel with her husband."

"She's in a hotel room with her husband ma'am."

"That's nice, but is she all right?" asked Clare, still concerned that something awful must have happened to Ann.

Anderson explained that two witnesses had seen Ann being sexually abused in bondage, seen me tying Ann's leg, that Ann had been tied in a box and transported, that Ann couldn't have buckled the straps from inside, that kidnapping and slavery are serious criminal offences, and so on.

Clare explained that she knew all about it and said that it wasn't slavery, kidnapping, rape nor sexual abuse. "Yes I suggested the hotel room and the straps to David" admitted Clare, "but they were really Ann's ideas. Ann wanted it most of all. They're just married and having some harmless fun while they try to start a family."

"Do you want to press any charges against David?" asked Anderson.

"Heavens no! Don't be silly." replied Clare.

Still talking into his mobile, Anderson spoke so that everybody could hear. "What you're doing isn't harmless. It's dangerous, extremely dangerous. Being restrained is very bad. Joints lose flexibility. Painful pressure sores develop quickly and take months or years to heal. Cramp tears ligaments apart. Restraints cut off blood circulation and people lose limbs to gangrene. Even Ann's chastity belt is dangerous --- she could suffer painful and serious internal injuries, from something as mundane as indigestion. People die doing this kind of thing. People strangle themselves, they asphyxiate themselves, they suffocate, they choke on their own vomit. People accidentally crush, electrocute or impale themselves. They expire after days of agony when nobody comes to get them out. They can't escape if there's an emergency like a fire. There are more than five hundred autoerotic fatalities annually in the U.S. alone. I have to clean up the mess and explain to grieving relatives. It's a job I hate. You shouldn't do it. Nobody should do it. Do you understand?"

I heard Clare quietly saying "yes" over the phone.

Anderson handed Ann and me some cards with website addresses printed on them. "Look at these sites and read about the awful things that happen" he said. (E.g, "")

"We'll be careful" said Ann.

"You should never be restrained in any way at all" replied Anderson.

"But since this is the first time, I'm going to let you off with a warning" continued Anderson. He turned towards the door.

"We should leave these two love-birds alone", Anderson said to the others. He ushered them all out the door and pulled the door closed behind him. I made sure it was locked.

"I was worried I would be convicted and go to prison. Or that you might die. What do you think?" I asked Ann.

Ann replied, "I think he's over the top. What he said is like we shouldn't drive cars because of all the road carnage. We just have to be sensible, careful and sober. I never put anything around my neck. In fact I never loop ropes or nooses around any part of me at all --- I only tie ropes to D-rings. That's why all my cuffs and straps have D-rings. Once a cuff or strap is buckled, it can't over-tighten like a noose. All my cuffs and straps are wide and padded on the inside. Mum and I stitched the padding ourselves. All my cuffs are specially designed for suspension and I modified them for a perfect fit. I always make sure the rope is attached to the correct place, such as the inside of my wrist not the back, so there is no pressure at all on any important arteries. All my ropes are thick, soft and slightly elastic. I don't like anything that hurts. I'd hate metal handcuffs or zip ties around my wrists. I don't have nipple clamps nor any other torture items. I'd hate to be whipped or caned or anything like that. You're the only man I can trust not to do those things when I'm tied. I don't have any dildos nor vibrating toys either. I only want you inside me, as often as possible, nobody and nothing else, not even my own fingers. That's the best chance I have for starting a family. I don't want to be taken in the ass. And oral sex is just repulsive. I just want to be gently and firmly held in place for you, so I can't change my mind when you're ready. And it's so relaxing being tied. All my worries seem to disappear. I get restless if I'm not tied. I can't sleep properly unless I'm comfortably tied."

"Maybe we should decide on signals", I suggested, "so you can tell me when something's wrong. One knock means yes, two knocks means no".

"That's easy to remember", said Ann, "or it could be one or two pulls, or one or two shakes."

"You can signal OK with your fingers, or you can signal yes or no by nodding or shaking your head", I said.

"Sometimes I can't move my fingers or head, or you can't see them", replied Ann.

Ann continued, "I don't really like signals, even for yes and no. Sometimes I don't want you to know what I want. That's why I wear a gag. Sometimes I just want you to do your thing whether I want it or not. I mean, sometimes I want you to do what I don't want you to do." Ann's logic seemed beyond my mathematical skills.

"In those cases don't signal anything at at all", I suggested, "Anyway, our lunch is getting cold."

We ate in silence, then Ann toileted and showered. "You should see the bathroom" she said as she came out, "it's so big and posh. I think I'll tie myself in the spa bath for you later". She saw the grin on my face and smiled. We hugged and kissed. Ann did some stretching exercises, then some somersaults on the floor. Then she turned on some music and danced. She was so hot! I watched for a while, then I had a shower.

When I came out, Ann was tied in a face down spread-eagle with her buttocks in the air, on the bed closer to the door. She wore a hood with blindfold and penis gag attachments in place. There was a pile of about 5 pillows under her waist. Her legs were pulled wide apart by cuffs above her knees connected by a taught rope looped under the sides of the bed. There were more pillows under her chest. The D-ring on the top of her hood was fixed to the headboard, holding her head face downwards a few cm above the bed. Her wrist cuffs were tied wide apart to the headboard by short chains. In her right palm she clasped a locked padlock comprising one of the links in the chain. The padlock key was on the dresser. Some K-Y jelly was on the bed. Ann had instructed me once before not to use K-Y jelly, unless I had to, because it can kill sperm. She was so wet I didn't think it necessary. The TV was tuned to a porn channel with the volume just audible. There was a note beside her written on hotel monogrammed paper with a hotel pen. The note read "Dear David, I never guessed you would treat me to this. Please take me as often as you can and don't release me until dinner. This is my best Christmas day ever! Thank-you. All my love, Ann.

I leaned over Ann and caressed and kissed her all over. She seemed totally relaxed. Maybe she was asleep. I reached under her and unlocked and removed her chastity belt. Her ass looked totally inviting, but I knew she'd hate me if I took her there. So I didn't. I followed her instructions to the letter, for hours. There was a knock on the door.

A voice called "Room service, dinner."

"Dinner time already!" I exclaimed. I took the bedspread from the other bed, draped it over Ann then opened the door. A uniformed waiter wheeled in a trolley and started setting two places on the table. He kept glancing at the large bulge on the bed.

"Where is your wife, sir? Is she in bondage over there?" he asked, pointing to the bed.

"None of your business" I replied.

"Any wine to go with dinner, sir?"

"No thank-you."

"Tea or coffee?"

"No thanks, fruit juice please", I replied. He gave me a quizzical look and filled two glasses with fruit juice.

After he left, I locked the chastity belt on Ann and released her, then we ate dinner together. She looked happier than I had ever seen. "Please don't let other people spoil our day", Ann said, "they don't understand. Just ignore them." She continued, "I knew you wouldn't take me in the ass. Any other man would. It would be such a waste of semen and I would hate it anyway. You're the only man I can trust and I love you for it. Thank-you."

After a pause, Ann continued, "I want to try some more positions on this special day. Maybe just an hour or two each, so we can try as many positions as possible."

I lost count of how many positions Ann tied herself in that night. There were hogties, frog-ties, ball-ties, lotus ties, spread-eagles, strappado, half suspensions, positions I couldn't name, on the bed, in the spa bath, on the floor, on the dining table, on the arm chair, on the couch, standing back to the wall, even an inverted full suspension from wide apart ankles in the bathroom. She tried every item in the suitcase. Sometimes I had to assist her with the final restraint, but mostly Ann managed entirely by herself. She couldn't lace and zip the arm-binder on herself, nor could she strap her arms into the body harness, so I helped out. I tried to take her in every position. While I always achieved an erection, I was cummed out after a while --- stone dry. It didn't seem to stop Ann's enjoyment and I have to admit that I liked it too. I learnt a lot about ropes, safety, and how Ann most liked to be tied.

We were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Room service, breakfast".

"Is it eight o'clock already?" I exclaimed, "time goes so fast".

"It must be", Ann said. We were between ties. Ann was standing in only her chastity belt, deciding what position to try next. Ann went in the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I opened the main door and another uniformed waiter wheeled in a breakfast trolley and started setting two places. He looked around the room. "Is your wife tied up in the bathroom?" he asked.

"She's -in- the bathroom" I corrected, frowning.

"Oh", he said, "fruit juice sir?".

"Yes please, and two glasses of milk."

After he left I started eating breakfast. Ann seemed to be taking a long time in the bathroom. I called and there was no answer. Opening the bathroom door, which was unlocked, I found her gagged, blindfolded and spread-eagle face-up on the floor. I leaned over her, removed the chastity belt and took her again with lots of kisses and caressing. "You're insatiable" I whispered. She smiled around the gag.

After only a few minutes I ungagged her. "We only have until 10 o'clock", Ann said. "That's the usual checkout time for hotels. I don't want to waste any time or miss any opportunities."

"Breakfast is waiting" I said as I locked her chastity belt into place and released her from the spread-eagle.

"I can't see how you tied yourself like this. How did you manage the last restraint?" I asked.

"My secret" she replied, smiling.

Over breakfast I asked Ann "Do you want me to get you some clothes, so you can walk out of here?"

"No, no, I'll go home in the box", she replied. "Any other way would spoil the treat. I want to be restrained in the box to the absolute max", she continued.

"Then you better start thinking about how you want to be restrained", I replied.

She started by putting on every cuff she could find --- wrists, elbows, upper arms, ankles, above and below the knees, upper thighs. Then she put more straps around her hips, waist, around her torso above and below her breasts. She put two long straps aside. "They go around the box" she said. Ann was covered in D-ring attachments everywhere.

"I'll get into position", she said, "then I want you to tie every rope we've got using the D-rings. Tie me so I can't move a muscle."

She lay on her side, drew her folded knees up to her chest and put her arms behind her back. I started threading and knotting rope to the D-rings.

"I think you would be better at this than me" I said.

She directed me for where to thread and knot many of the ropes. I rolled her over several times as I was working. "Pull my elbows together if you like" she said, so I did. Finally she was an immovable bundle on the bed, ropes knotted all over the place. "It feels wonderful", she said, "like being in a womb! I'll let you choose how or whether you want to gag and blindfold me." I picked up her most restrictive hood with large penis gag and blindfold attachments. "How did you know?" she asked.

"I'm learning" I replied.

Soon the hood and attachments were in place. I looked at my watch. "We have another half hour" I said.

"MMmmh MMmmh" she replied.

She looked so hot! I wanted to take her again, but she was wearing her chastity belt under all the ropes. I should have unlocked it earlier, I thought. I rolled her over on the bed. It looked like maybe I could reach the lock by pushing my hand with key through her legs and ropes. She probably wondered what I was doing as I pushed and prodded. I reached the lock and it opened with a click. With some more rolling, pushing and prodding I managed to grab the belt and slide it out from behind her. Pulling her to the side of the bed, I dropped my trousers and took her immediately. She shuddered as much as the bonds allowed, which wasn't much. "MMmmh MMmmh" she said.

I put the still open box on the bed beside her. Then I stood on the bed straddling both her and the box. I grabbed some ropes and lifted, then lowered her gently into the box in same position as before. It was a tight fit but no real problems. I pushed her down so that I could close the lid with a click. "MMmmh MMmmh" she said. I buckled the long straps around the box.

I collected the remaining bondage gear and put it in the suitcase which now was only half full. I checked the bathroom for anything left behind.

I just remembered the fertility tablets in the drawer. I counted them. "You took 4 tablets!" I exclaimed, loudly. Ann tapped once from inside the box. "It's supposed to be one each night." Ann tapped once again. "You little devil!" Again Ann tapped once.

"Everything's packed and there are still a few minutes to go. Are you OK?" I said. Ann tapped once. I sat next to the box and put my arm over it. "I love you" I said. Ann tapped once. Then I extended the handle and wheels and lowered the box gently to the floor.

There was a knock at the door. "It's 10 o'clock. I have to service this room", a woman's voice called. I opened the door.

"I'm just checking out" I said to the maid, as I wheeled the box with one hand and carried the suitcase in the other. The maid stared open-mouthed at the box, but she didn't say anything. I waited for the lift and rode it to the ground floor.

As I came out of the lift at reception, the hotel manager saw me. He apologised to a guest he was assisting and walked smartly over to me. "Where is your wife? Is she in that box?" he demanded.

"That's none of your business", I replied.

He leaned over the box. "Are you in there Mrs Smith?"

There was a distinct tap from inside. "I knew it", he said, "She's in there. I should call the police."

"No, no, please, she's perfectly safe. She wants this." I replied.

"You heard what the detective said yesterday. It's dangerous. She'll suffocate. She'll die. Are you all right in there Mrs Smith? Can you breathe?" There was a tap.

"One tap means yes" I explained.

"Why doesn't she speak?" the manager asked.

"She can't. She's gagged. She wanted to be gagged." I replied.

"That's really dangerous, she'll choke, she'll suffocate in there.", he said. I explained about the vents. Some hotel staff gathered around.

"Mrs Smith, are you really all right in there?" the manager called. There was a tap. "Mrs Smith, do you want me to call the police?" There were two taps.

"That means no", I said. More hotel staff arrived.

"How do I know that one tap means yes and two taps mean no?" asked the manager.

"That's what we agreed", I replied. "Ask her a yes/no question to which you both know the answer" I suggested.

"Was your room on the eleventh floor?" he called. There was silence. "Something's wrong. I'll call the police.", he said.

"She doesn't know what floor", I said, "Try another question."

"Is the Pope catholic?" he called. Would she know that, I pondered? There was a tap. Thank goodness, I thought.

"Where are you taking her?", the manager demanded. "Home. I gave you my address when I arrived."

"Mrs Smith, do you want to go home in this box?" he called. There was a tap. The manager stood staring at the box and said nothing more. More staff gathered around, pointing, talking and gasping.

"How come there were window cleaners working on Christmas day?" I asked, curiously.

"They work a flexible contract", the manager replied, "they just have to finish by the end of the month."

I handed over the room key and the small pair of scissors and thanked the manager for a wonderful stay. Then I started towards the car-park lift. The entourage of hotel staff followed me, talking among themselves and pointing at the box.

"Do you require assistance with your luggage sir?" a staff member asked.

"Please take this one" I said, handing him the suitcase, "I'll wheel the box."

The lift down was crammed. About a dozen staff stood closely around the box, which I stood on its end to take less room. Ann would be upside-down again, I thought. Some staff members were left behind. They ran down the stairs trying to race the lift. They followed me to the car. I felt embarrassed. I opened the back door of the station-wagon. As I lifted Ann's box into the back of the car, a sea of hands extended to help me. "Hands off", I said, pushing them away. I retracted the wheels and handle and laid the box flat. The suitcase fitted on the back seat as before.

"Thank-you, that's all, you can go now" I said, trying to wave everybody off as I got in the driver's seat.

They followed my car through the car-park until I drove fast enough to escape them. Feeling very tired, I drove directly home.

Ann couldn't unlatch the lever inside the box, so I had to use the key. "Just as well I kept the key." I said to Ann.

"MMmmh MMmmh" she replied. I tipped Ann on to our bed. I took her once more before starting to release her. It took ages to free Ann. Following Ann's advice, I unbuckled all the cuffs and straps instead of trying to untie the knots. All the same, I had untie some knots and cut some ropes to get her out. I left most of the knots for Ann. I replaced her chastity belt before releasing her hands.

Ann was ecstatic! She hugged and kissed me for ages saying "I love you" over and over. Ann dressed, then she immediately telephoned Clare and talked excitedly for hours about her Christmas treat. Still in my day clothes from the day before, I fell asleep on the master bed wondering about our upcoming January honeymoon...


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