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Auction Lot No 679

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2012 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; sbf; costume; rope; gag; sack; trunk; encase; stuck; auction; sold; mast; climax; sex; cons/reluct; X

Ever since I was a small child growing up I had a love of enclosed spaces, I would spend hours inside a cardboard box, closing the flaps and laying there pretending I was one of my dolls. My parents often found me inside one box or another and after a while left me to it, thinking that it was just a phase I was going through.

My grandparents lived close by and I was often over there especially after school as both my parents worked, my father was a Doctor and mother was a nurse, so they both worked shifts and I was then looked after by my grandparents. I used to rummage around the house, the cellar was dark & always cold, there were several boxes down there that I use to get myself into but couldn’t stay too long in them because I’d get too cold.

Up in their attic I found one day when nosy around, when both of my grandparents were busy in the garden, tucked away in a corner amongst several boxes and other old stuff was a large black trunk, the outside seemed to be made of leather and had 2 straps that had what looked like belt buckles to fasten them. There were two locks and the corresponding fasteners on the lid; it looked quite old and also quite interesting.

Moving the boxes that were on top out of the way I managed to open the lid only to find the trunk full of old clothing and other stuff. I started to look through the contents pulling the dresses and other clothing out until a small pile lay on the floor, but the trunk was only half empty at this stage but I figured that there was room enough for me and the rest of the clothing would be a comfortable place to lay on.

Climbing inside, it seemed to be slightly naughty of me, well this was my grandparents property and whilst may have know about my habit of climbing into boxes they hadn’t yet caught me out inside one of their boxes. I really didn’t give it too much thought, the power of the box or trunk in this case was overwhelming and the desire to be inside this thing took over.

As I climbed in the clothing below me settled and made more room for me, I folded my legs under me and sat there in the trunk looking out at the rest of the attic, a peaceful calm came over me, a feeling of belonging too, I belonged inside this trunk, inside this attic, I was in my rightful place so it seemed to me. I reached up and took hold of the lid and pulled it down, folding my body up as I did so and letting the lid fall the final few inches until it closed.

Now enclosed with the confines of the trunk I wriggled around to get myself comfortable and enjoy being inside this container. I felt wonderful inside, my tummy tingled and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, I hadn’t yet found out that these were the first stirrings of my sexual being and desires, that would come later. I didn’t stay too long in that trunk the first time; I was concerned that I may be found out by my grandparents.

I continued with my box habit as my parents called it well into my teenage years, they were getting concerned about it at this stage as I hadn’t grown out of it as they first thought and there was talk of counselling sessions, but I managed to persuade them that everything was fine and I cut down on the times I spent inside a box, mostly to when they were both out. But then school work got in the way of fun and I spent less time encased.

It wasn’t until I’d finished college and was starting out on my medical career that things started to change, my grandfather died and followed within the year by my grandmother, she must have missed him terribly. But that meant that their house had to be sold and it also meant that the house had to be cleared too. There was to be an auction of the property that the family hadn’t wanted to keep and because it was my day off I was left in charge of looking after the auctioneers cataloguing what was to be sold at auction.

I arrived at the house early to let myself in and have a good look around and remember all the times I had spent here as a child. I wandered from room to room and cried a little at the memories it brought back to me. My Mum had told me that if there was anything I wanted to grab it before the auctioneers started, there were one or two knick-knacks that I cherished and had some sentimental value to me and I packed them away in some old boxes I found.

Seeing the boxes brought back memories of the times I’d spent down in the cellar inside one or other box, and I went down to revisit the scene of my crimes so to speak. There were a few boxes stacked against a far wall but far fewer than I recalled from my childhood memories and none that I could have fitted into these days now I’m a full grown adult. I looked through one or two boxes to see if there was anything I wanted but it was mostly junk.

I was interrupted by the door bell ringing, it must be the auctioneers come to start cataloguing I thought and left the cellar to let them in. After introductions etc I left them to what work they had to do, they started in the lounge room and seemed to be very proficient at what they were doing and as they didn’t seem to need me there I went back to my looking around the house. Upstairs I found a few more items that I wanted so I found some more boxes to put them in, that’s when I remembered the trunk in the attic and wondered if it was still there.

I climbed up the stairs into the attic space; it was more a room in the top of the house with floorboards and even a couple of windows. It was quite cosy and warm up here and there was plenty of stuff still up here that hadn’t been touched. I started to look through things and shifted several boxes when I found my goal, the trunk looked smaller than it did when I was a child, the leather looked old and worn, but the straps still remained on the outside and I wondered what was inside the trunk.

Shifting the last few boxes out of the way I managed to gain access to the trunk and the contents inside, lifting the lid gave off a wonderful musty smell and brought back memories of climbing inside and spending time enclosed inside this trunk. There inside were the clothes that I’d played with as a child, I’d dressed up in some of these before getting into the trunk, they were long dresses from memory that reached down passed my ankles. Now when I pulled the first one out I could see that it would reach as far as my ankles and cover my body leaving little skin showing, the dresses looked old certainly older than my grandmother and I wondered where she got them from.

I continued pulling the clothing out of the trunk taking care to fold and place the items on top of one of the other boxes as I didn’t want to damage them, I was thinking to myself about taking these home with me. I also wondered who had worn these dresses back when they were new. Getting the trunk half empty I had visions of me climbing in as a small girl, it was usually about this level when I did get myself inside. But now being an adult there wouldn’t be enough room for me to get inside the trunk and certainly not enough room to close the lid, and anyway the auctioneers were here and moving about the house.

I put the thought out of my head and continued exploring the contents of the trunk. As a small child I had never emptied the entire trunk and now my curiosity go the better of me I wondered what else this trunk contained. I pulled another dress out of the trunk, this one seem to have an inbuilt bodice that would gather the waist of whoever was wearing it, pulling it in and enhancing the figure. Then I came across what looked like a swimmers outfit, it seemed to be the same shape but this certainly hadn’t been designed to wear in the water. The material seemed to be shiny and had sequins sewn into the material, it looked more like you’d see some beautiful female wear on stage in some act.

There were two more costumes like this, both of these were kept in tissue paper to preserve them, they looked simply magical, then the thought struck me that these were the type of costumes worn by female assistants in magic acts. I wondered why these were here. Now my curiosity had gotten worse, I had to find out more.

Digging deeper into the trunk I found not clothing as previously but it now seemed to be props from an act, then I came across what looked like more clothing, the material had a felt like feel to it, soft and warm to the touch. I pulled this out but rather than being another dress or costume, this turned out to be a sack, a rather large sack it seemed enough to enclose someone in. There were drawstrings at the top to close off the sack and looking inside it seemed to be lined with similar material but lighter in colour than the outside.

I held it up against my body to judge the size of it and at my height of just over 5 feet my head would stick out the top of it but the rest of my body would be covered. Interesting I thought and again I wondered how my grandparents had this stuff, maybe they did a magic act when they were younger, the thought crossed my mind and I would have to ask my mother next time I saw her.

Placing the sack down on top of the clothes I looked further inside the trunk, there were a couple of bags that seem to contain more props, looking inside the first one revealed ropes, several ropes that look as they they’d been used. The other bag contained leather straps and what seemed like a harness of sorts and I wondered what they were used for, maybe an escape trick was what I surmised judging by the contents that lay before me.

I was interrupted from my chain of thought when the auctioneers called up the stairs to say they were going to lunch and would be back in two hours. I greeted them with an acknowledgement and they said that they would let themselves out. I then went back to looking at the contents of the trunk; I just had to find out why they had this stuff. Then my thoughts turned to what it would be like to use this stuff and I had visions of being on stage dressed in one of the costumes, whilst someone tied the ropes around me and then placed me inside the sack, then lifting me into the trunk and enclosing me inside.

I started to get that lovely warm fuzzy tingly feeling again, my sex started to get wet at the mere thought of me being inside the sack or trunk. It brought back many happy memories of my times inside the trunk and it seemed to be calling out for me to be inside. I had suppressed these desires since my late teenage years when my parents started talking about counselling, but now I could feel free to experience those feelings again as an adult. But no I couldn’t do that, not here and not now, the auctioneers would be back soon. I put the thought out of my head and went downstairs to make a coffee and clear my thoughts.

I sat there drinking my coffee and eating a sandwich I’d brought with me thinking about the stuff I’d just found, the little knick-knacks and other stuff but my mind was always drawn back to the trunk upstairs and its contents. Just then my thoughts were interrupted with the sound of my mobile phone ringing, it was the people from the auction house, the vehicle they were driving had been involved in an accident on the way to lunch, they were both alright but shaken and they said that they wouldn’t be coming back until tomorrow and asked if that was okay. I expressed my concern and told them that I would be here again tomorrow, in fact I may stay here the night.

A smile passed my lips as I said that and wicked visions of me using the trunk crossed my train of thoughts. Hanging up I drained the last of the coffee and placed the remaining part of my sandwich in the refrigerator, I had things to do and now I had the time to do them, no time to waste eating. I must have bounded up the stairs two at a time and soon I was back in front of the trunk in the attic.

I looked through the stuff again, wondering how and when it was used, the vision of me on stage again dressed up in costume, bound and placed inside the sack and trunk ran through my mind. I wondered if this was what my grandmother had done and her visions were filtering through my mind, maybe she was guiding me who knows but I now had an overwhelming desire to try this out.

Toilet first I thought and made a mad dash back downstairs, that done I then made sure that the house was secure and that I wouldn’t be disturbed. I made my way back to the attic space, I picked up the first costume I’d come across and held it against my body to check for sizing, it would fit me I judged and placed it back down and started to undress. Soon I was naked, I took off everything I was wearing it just seemed natural to be wearing just the costume.

I placed my left leg inside the costume and pulled it up, the feeling against my skin caused goosebumps to appear on my flesh and a tingle went up my spine. My right leg soon followed and I eased the costume up over my hips, when the material came into contact with my sex it felt as though I had a small climax, delightful feelings spread throughout my body and a warmth flowed throughout my being. My legs felt like jelly and I had to steady myself against the trunk.

Wow I thought, I wonder what it’ll be like when I actual wear the costume and anticipated what it would feel like enclosing my body in its confines. I pulled the straps upwards and over my shoulders, the material now coming into contact with my sensitive breasts, enclosing and taking hold of them in the cups of the costume, more shivers went down my spine and my nipples stood out like organ stops at the delightful sensations they were experiencing.

I had to take a quick breather at this moment and explore the feeling I was getting from wearing this costume, I knew I had to check out how I looked but there was no mirror up here, I had to walk back down to my grandparent’s room to look in the mirror. The costume fitted me like a glove, it showed off my breasts and seemed to push them up and inwards giving me quite the cleavage that would knock men off their feet. My bottom looked great too, the material covering just enough to be decent but allowing my magnificent globes to show their wares. I looked very sexy and felt that way too.

Back in the attic I stood in front of the trunk, the vision of me inside came back to me, one moment I was a small girl again and another I was grown woman being part of a stage act. Both gave me delightful feelings and I knew that I had to continue. Reaching for the sack I wondered if I should try using some of the ropes or straps, and again the vision of me bound and placed in the sack came to me, so I knew I had to explore the bondage aspect of it.

Grabbing the bag that contained the ropes I sorted through them and found a couple of lengths that looked like I could use. I bent down and started to tie my ankles, I had done some bondage before when in college with a boyfriend, he’d tie me up and tease me before we eventually had sex, it had been very enjoyable but after we broke up I never had the nerve to ask other boys to tie me up, not something a girl likes to do admit her kinky side.

I wrapped the rope a couple of time around my ankles, I liked the feeling of the rope against my skin I also enjoyed the feeling of restriction it gave too. I remembered how my boyfriend used to tie me and cinch the ropes between my ankles, tightening them as he did so. I followed his example and finally got it right and tied the rope off; my ankles were now bound together. Now how to tie my hands?

Looking at the ankle tie I worked out that was basically a couple of loops with the cross over in the middle and then the knot. So I fashioned the rope into two loops, ran the rope around the middle of the loops and created what looked like rope handcuffs. Placing my left wrist inside the first loop I tightened the cross rope slightly so the rope wouldn’t move. Next I slipped my right hand through the opening left over and pushed my hand through the tight opening until the rope enclosed my wrist. I pulled at the loose end with my teeth and managed to tie off the rope now placing my hands in bondage in front of me.

Again warm fuzzy feelings flowed through my body, here I was in this costume, self bound and it felt great. Now for the sack, I picked it up and was about to climb inside it when I thought of how I was going to get inside the trunk when I’m bound inside the sack. MMM, I thought, maybe if I place the sack inside the trunk first, then climb inside it would make it easier and probably less painful than falling into the trunk when inside the sack.

So placing the sack inside, I made sure that the sack was at its widest opening at the top. Sitting on the side of the trunk I lifted my bound ankles up and over, thinking again this may have been easier if I’d tied them together when inside the trunk. I managed to get then over but nearly fell off the edge losing my balance and placed my feet inside the opening of the sack, it felt warm and snugly inside, the fabric had that wonderful feeling just like getting into a warm bath, sheer joy.

I stood up inside the trunk looking down inside, thinking about being inside, the sack looked like it wanted to devour me; some creature had started to swallow my feet. I reached down and grabbed hold of the sack pulling it up, welcoming its embrace and wanting the creature to swallow me whole. I wriggled around in the sack until I had managed to get most of my body inside, shrugging it up and over my shoulders; I looked out and around the attic one last time.

Pulling the sack over the top of my head, I now had been eaten by the sack creature, I felt for the drawstrings and pulled them inside with me, pulling on them closed the top of the sack and secured me inside the belly of the sack monster. I had to bend down to get the sack over my head and now folded my legs under me to make it easier to close the top of the sack. Next I started to manoeuvre my body to fit inside the confines of the trunk, first down on my knees and then I started to lay down inside, folding my body to fit the interior of the trunk.

As I wriggled around getting myself into position I managed to topple the lid of the trunk from its upright position to close on top of me, falling initially on my head, banging against my skull, but closing the top none the less and enclosing me inside the trunk. I continued moving my body around into position inside, getting into a comfortable spot and finding that I fitted nicely inside the trunk and sack.

As I settled down, moving the last parts of my body to get comfortable, I noticed just how quiet it was, there was no noise only my breathing inside the trunk. The sack monster had swallowed me whole and was now settling down to digest me. I was safely contained inside the sack, bound by my own hand and encased inside the trunk in the attic, no one knew I was in here and I was back in my own little world again.

My mind calmed, I was at peace in here, I began exploring what my feelings were. The tight fitting costume felt wonderful against my skin, in fact as I moved about inside the sack the costume seemed to find all the interesting parts of my body, sending delightful sensations through me and I knew that if I continued it would lead to a fantastic climax. The sack’s material felt lovely, enclosing, safe and like a big hug, this also helped stoke the fire with me and on top of that was the enclosing trunk. Encasing me within its confines, sealing me off from the outside world, I was just an object stored like everything else in the attic.

Thoughts of me being found like this sent my fingers reaching for between my legs, finding out my most sensitive parts and causing lovely tingly feeling flow up my body and into my brain. My fantasy mind took over and I had visions of the trunk being sold at auction with me sealed up inside, someone buying me and taking me away, just another item on the auctioneers list. I wondered what they would do with me when they found me bound up inside.

With these thoughts running through my mind I came very strongly, my orgasm shaking my very core with earth shattering after effects. I must have blacked out from the experience for I woke up wondering where I was and what was I doing bound here. I must have been kidnapped was my first thought until I remembered the trunk, sack and the costume. My tummy rumbled and I knew that it was time to get out.

It was after dark when I emerged from the trunk and then the sack, my hair was matted from the sweat from both my containment and the orgasmic experience I’d just had. I untied the top of the sack, letting it fall down my body as I stood up, holding on to the side of the trunk I bent down to untie my ankles, then finally my wrists. I kept the costume on and walked downstairs, finding a robe hanging on the back of the door to the main bedroom.

After more coffee and the last of my sandwich I felt tired and decided to sleep in my grandparent’s room, I feel into bed and was soon asleep wearing the costume. I awoke the next morning to the sounds of the auctioneers arriving, pulling on the robe I went down to let them in. As they started doing their stuff, I thought I’d better shower and pack my stuff that I wanted.

Reluctantly taking off the costume I headed for the shower, cleaned myself and dressed in my normal attire. I started packing away boxes of stuff I wanted and taking it out to my car, by now the auctioneers had finished downstairs and moved up to the next level. I busied myself with what I was doing, I took some more stuff to my car and tidied up around the house, I didn’t notice the time fly by as it did and soon the auctioneers said that they’d nearly finished with the bedrooms, that they would be coming back after lunch for the attic and cellar. They had some paperwork to do but would be back by 3pm. Great I thought that’ll give me time to get the trunks and other stuff out of the attic. I told them of my desire to keep the trunk and its contents and they agreed to leave that for me to sort out.

I finished packing my stuff in the car and was just making coffee when my phone rang, a friend of mine said that her car had broken down, she had an urgent matter that she needed to drive out of town for and she wondered if she could borrow mine. I readily agreed, she’d helped me out loads of times in the past and it was an honour to repay my debt to her. Though I told her my car was full of stuff I was moving out of my grandparents place. She said that it was no problem; she’d store the stuff in her garage. I told her to bring lunch.

She turned up and we shared coffee, gossip and lunch, then she had to go, she said that she would return the car after the weekend. The sale was tomorrow, how would I get the trunk out of here, but she said just tell them you’ll pick it up Monday. That sorted she took off in my car and I went back to sorting out more stuff.

But I had this itching feeling, especially when I returned to the bedroom and picked up the costume I’d worn the night before, I just had to try it on again. It was calling me, and I had to respond. The auction staff wouldn’t be back until 3pm, so I had an hour or two to try this on. Slipping out of my clothes I was soon naked and pulling the costume up over my self, the feelings started to spread again throughout my body and centred in my crotch. My desires were building and the itch continued to scratch, now I had the costume on again I wanted to be back in the trunk.

My mind reasoned that, no you couldn’t possibly get back in the trunk as the auctioneers would be back this afternoon. My wicked self then reasoned that you’d already told them to leave the trunk for you. With my mind going over the possibilities of what I could or couldn’t do I found I had already walked up to the attic and was staring at the trunk. Ideas came into my head and I thought of a way I could do this.

I gathered all the clothing from the trunk and placed these in some spare boxes; I labelled these as mine and moved them over to the far wall. I then moved the trunk over there as well and made sure it was separate from the rest of the stuff for auction. I headed back downstairs and left a note for the auctioneers, saying I’d been called away and that I’d see them at the auction tomorrow if there was any problem.

That done I headed back upstairs, the call of the trunk overwhelming my sense of reason. Again I was in the attic standing in front of the trunk; the sack taunting me with it’s opening revealing the soft interior. Picking up the ropes I stepped into the trunk, then thinking what if they heard me, my wicked self gave me the answer and soon a couple of scarves were packed in my mouth with another two holding them tightly in place. Now the ropes were back around my ankles, they seemed to belong there and I felt as though I was naked without them. Then I looked to my knees and thought the same, soon rope fastened around them too holding my legs tightly together.

I then bent down and pulled the sack up over my body, getting it over my shoulders and just leaving my head exposed, I’d already grabbed the rope to bind my wrists and once I was in the sack I would tie them then. Taking a last look around the attic I pulled the sack over my head and tied off the drawstrings, I then pushed them through until they were outside of the sack and out of my reach; I seemed to be on autopilot at this stage. Again I manoeuvred my body to fit inside the confines of the trunk and again as last time as I did this it caused the lid to close down on top of me. Soon I was settled into the base of the trunk, the sack enclosing me in its warm embrace, the lid sealing me off from the outside world.

I rummaged around and found the rope for my wrists, again my wicked side took over and I decided to tie my wrists behind me. I was to be a bound captive on my way to some foreign shore, sold to the highest bidder after being tricked by the wicked magician on stage, bound, sacked and enclosed as a volunteer from the audience, only for him to leave me in here and distract the audience with more magic to take away that I hadn’t been released. Some people wondered but then they thought it all part of the act, not some poor victim being kidnapped.

By this time with these evil thoughts stoking the fires of my imagination, I’d managed to tied my hands quite effectively behind my back. I was now tied, gagged, inside the sack which was enclosed inside the trunk in the attic, and nobody knew I was here. I was lost in my own little world, the images flowing through my mind of the evil magician laughing at how easy he’d captured me and of his plans to sell me abroad.

My orgasm soon overtook me, a rip-roaring snorter of a climax, if I hadn’t been bound and restrained inside the trunk I’m sure I would have damaged myself. Again as before I passed out from the intensity of my orgasm, my mind drifting off to dreams of far way lands, harems and such like. The attic was still and quiet, not a sound could be heard, the house appeared to be empty again and not a soul was inside.

That’s how the staff from the auction house found it, they’d come from the office but the two who were here before were stuck back getting the catalogue ready for the auction tomorrow, so these two hadn’t received my instructions. They found my note and placing back on the counter began doing the task they were here for. They started with the cellar and were soon finished there and then made their way to the attic. They started sorting out the boxes, labelling each one as a lot, it had been decided that each box would be sold as-is, the buyers wouldn’t know what was inside until they bought them

The family had been through the boxes and had their pick of what they wanted, so it was just a case of clear it all out so the house could be sold. All offers would be accepted for this stuff. I was safe and snug in my little hideaway, not realising what was going on outside in the real world. These two new staff started cataloguing the boxes in the attic and moving them to one side. The same side that my trunk was positioned in. One staff member would write whilst the other moved the boxes, stacking them as they went.

Of course being new they hadn’t got my instructions regarding the trunk and soon a lot number was attached to the outside, they also closed the straps to stop people looking inside, they didn’t use the locks as they didn’t have a key. Now boxes started being stacked on top of the trunk and soon the pile of boxes covered the trunk. Partially hiding it from view, just another box waiting to be sold at auction.

All the while I was inside not realising what was occurring outside, even if I did would I face the embarrassment of calling out to them that I was in here. But then I’d gagged myself well and was securely bound by my own hands, hidden inside the sack and now well secured inside the trunk. I wouldn’t know what they’d done until long after they’d left the attic and locked the house.

They would have assumed that I’d gone, after all my car was no longer in the driveway and the stuff I wanted had been removed. So the auction staff continued until they catalogued the entire contents of the house and then locked up after themselves and returned to their office thinking about the work they had to complete. Not knowing that they’d trapped me upstairs in the attic.

I awoke still finding myself inside the sack, the soft material lulling me into a feeling of safe confinement. The feel of the inside walls of the trunk pressing against my back and knees, the ropes holding  my limbs fast and the gag sealing my mouth, ensuring that I couldn’t call out even if someone could hear me. I tried to move around inside, time to get out I reluctantly thought, it was nice inside here but I needed to get going if I wanted to get my stuff out before the auction.

My rational mind finally gaining control, I moved inside to get my knees under me to push up and lift the top of the trunk up. Then I could work on the ropes binding me. But try as I might, I could not lift the lid of the trunk and started to panic, how could I have become trapped, it all worked okay before and I wondered what had happened whilst I was encased in here. I tried to call out but the gag was very effective as well as the sack and the trunk, and no sound left the trunk, not that there was anybody to hear me but I didn’t know that.

I tried pushing some more but nothing would move, my mind panicked but I quickly overcame that and said to myself that I have to think rationally otherwise I would continue to remain stuck. The sweat built up and as I tried to remove the ropes binding my wrists I found that they had tightened whilst in the throws of my previous orgasm, the sweat had cause the rope to swell just enough to make it impossible to get them off. My knees stared to hurt from my efforts to push the lid of the trunk up and so I had to reposition myself back on my side to ease the pain.

I figured that I was well and truly stuck, I would have to wait until I heard someone and that only then I would have to face the embarrassment of being discovered, but at least I would be freed I hoped. I settled back down inside the sack, making myself comfortable inside the trunk, well as comfortable as I could being bound the way I was. Soon though I was again wiggling my way in the costume to another earth shattering climax.

The next day the auction staff arrived and set up downstairs, they prepared themselves for the buyers to arrive but they didn’t bother coming upstairs to check on the bound damsel in distress, and I didn’t know from within what time of the day or night it was or even that the auction was about to start and my trunk and it’s contents would be on offer.

People turned up, even my parents to oversee the auction on behalf of the family. Many mingled on the two floors looking at the lots but only one or two ventured as far as the attic, why would they it was only box lots up here and it was pot luck what you got in them. The auction started and the bidding flowed, all of the furniture was sold within the first hour or so, the auction headed at a pace and more items were soon sold, then they finally came to the box lots in the attic and bids were starting to flow for these items.

Finally the auction concluded and everything was sold or had offers on, some furniture needed some negotiation on price but otherwise the auction went well. All that people had to do now was present their number and the items they bid on, pay the price agreed and they could take them with them.

I of course had no idea what was happening outside of my enclosed space or the fact that the auction had started and finished and that everything had been sold including my trunk. I started to feel footsteps and then hear voices, they were coming up to the attic to get their purchases and were eager to see what they’d bought. The auction staff made sure that no boxes were opened until after they were taken off the property, otherwise people would look inside and leave any trash they didn’t want behind, the house was sold at auction and the new people would be moving in next week.

I tried making noises inside my trunk, hoping someone would hear me but I’d made sure that I gagged myself too well and the sack and trunk absorbed what little got around the gag. I heard and felt boxes being removed from the top of the trunk, that’s why I couldn’t get out I reasoned and thought that now they were gone I’d be able to lift the lid. Wrong I couldn’t have known about the straps and found I was still stuck.

Soon the person who bought the trunk came to collect, I felt the trunk being lifted and carried out of the attic, I was just another item in the auction that someone had purchased. The trunk was carried downstairs and past my family and out to the waiting vehicle outside, soon more items were loaded onto the bed of the pickup and without another thought they climbed in and drove away with me inside.

And that’s how I met my husband, he’d taken me home after buying the trunk and he stored me in his garage for the rest of the weekend, it wasn’t until the Monday that he ventured to open the trunk. Finding me bound up inside was the best present he’d ever got he said. And as he has a way of saying that as he bought me fair and square at auction I was his property to do as he wished. I was randy as hell by the time he got the trunk open and if I hadn’t been bound I would have raped him on the spot, as it was I gave every indication that I wanted to be soundly fucked by him, which he duly obliged.

I’m often bound up again inside the sack and placed within the trunk, sometimes left overnight inside as he knows when I’m let out I’m like a cat on heat. He’s often threatened to hold an auction of stuff at home and maybe I’ll find myself on the lot again. Just the thought drives me wild…


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