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Away in the Manger

by T.S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2006 - T.S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; gag; cuffs; packaged; trunk; cons; X

Gina once again struggled against the leather handcuffs and ankle cuffs holding her in a tight hog-tie; grunting into her ballgag. There was still that warm, after-orgasm feeling glowing within her like embers underneath the fire grate. Her husband, Stephen, had made sure after they had made love that she wouldn't go anywhere. He had a surprise for her, something she deserved. What had begun as a simple Saturday afternoon's delight was ending up as something much more.

Something she deserved. That was the last words he said as he left and the words that she dreaded. Whenever her husband of three years and lover of several more said those words, it was to punish her for some infraction of the "Rules of the House." She and Stephen had had a D/s relationship since they met nearly ten years ago at a friend's party. Stephen was immediately attracted to her slender good looks; her pageboy cut blonde hair and her dark eyes. She was a bit tipsy and as bubbly as a glass of champagne and he asked her, in a whisper, if she would like to come over to his place to tie one on, Gina immediately asked in a seductive whisper if he was going to use rope or chains. Thus began their exploration of bondage.

And in all those years, she never had been able to escape Stephen's bindings.

She was glad that she had been left on the bed. Gina had been left in many, less comfortable places before. She was nude save her white leather collars, black leather cuffs and bright red ballgag. Stephen had not blindfolded her (not a good sign) and had not bound her to the bed. She could rock and squirm and buck all she wanted to, but Gina knew that she would get nowhere. Her struggles would only make her more horny.

"I see you messed up the sheet covers," Stephen grinned from the doorway.

'God, he was still a good-looking man,' Gina thought. Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a six-foot body that he kept in perfect trim at the gym five nights a week after work, a spray of freckles over his nose and a smile that would melt steel.

"Uuuuughhhh," was all Gina could reply.

"Ready for what you deserve, honey?"

Gina shook her head no, but Stephen ignored her.

"Well, time for you to take a little trip," Stephen said as he turned and went back into the hallway briefly.

Gina's eyes widened as she saw what her husband was carrying an old steamer trunk. She began her struggles and wails anew. She was familiar with the foam-lined trunk. She had been carted around in it several times, one time even to a picnic with her parents, a vibrator raging within her as Stephen explained that she got tied up at work at the last second and couldn't make it.

"Don't worry, honey, you won't be in here for long. Just long enough to get you to where I need you."

Stephen dragged the chest over beside the brass bed and sat down next to his petite, patting her rear. She was still grunting and moaning through her gag. It was one of the most erotic sounds he had ever heard. One muffled moan was enough to get him erect. Sometimes Gina would just lean over to him at the grocery store or at the mall and pretend to make a gagged moan, and it would make Stephen want to take her right there.

"Ready?" he asked his wife.

"Nuh-uggghhhh," Gina shook her head again.

"Good. So let's get you packed."

Gina felt Stephen's' fingers glide over her helpless form as gently as a dove's wing. Touching here and caressing there. She felt the embers of her previous orgasm start to burn red again, heating up as her husband continued to feel her. His hand reached between her legs and with his fingertips, began gently teasing her swollen lips. She moaned into her gag and parted her legs as much as she could, inviting him to touch deeper within her petals. His fingers obliged, running up and down her moistened slit lightly, never touching her clit. Gina moved her hips more violently to meet his caresses. Then Stephen stopped.

"Not just yet, my darling slave."

Gina moaned with displeasure. He was very good at knowing when to stop, which frustrated her to no end. She was really horny now; the coals had turned into flame, licking at her libido. Her moans fell on deaf ears as Stephan firmly grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back.

It was times like this that Stephen knew that he was the luckiest man alive and thanked God for that. In front of him lay a gorgeous woman, his wife, bound up and gagged; looking up at him with those dark brown eyes that broadcast her love for him. Gina was a petite woman, not much more than five foot, and very slender. Her breasts were small but her dark rose-colored nipples stuck out nearly an inch and each sported a silver ring that she surprised him with on his birthday. She was a natural blonde, but she shaved her pussy smooth once she started dating Stephen, a fact that he enjoyed thoroughly. Gina writhed for her husband, thrusting her hips to him as he drank in her loveliness. He watched her for a few moments more, enjoying her pleas through her gag.

"Okay honey, time to go."

With little effort, Stephen lifted his wife up and deposited her into the steamer trunk. Stephen had placed a pillow inside it and the 1 inch foam that covered the inside made sure that Gina's short trip would be a comfortable one. They had used the chest before for her many times and Stephen had made sure that it was well ventilated. The way Gina was tied, it was a tight fit. She could not move about much.

Stephen smiled down at her, "There is something missing. . ."

He reached over to her nightstand and opened the drawer. Inside were a variety of toys and vibrators and dildos and such. I picked up one of the slimmer vibrators and knelt down over Gina.

"This should keep you company during our short trip out front. But I warn you, if I hear you, your surprise will last even longer."

Gina uuuummmphed in reply as her husband eased the vibrator into her, it's buzzing turned to low.

"I also will make sure your surprise lasts longer if you let your little friend here slip out of you without permission."

Again, Gina grunted a reply. Already, the vibrator was working it's magic within her, adding it's fuel to her fires. Gina knew she was very loud and violent in bed, so this was more of a torture than a pleasure. If he were indeed taking her outside in the trunk, she would have to make sure that she maintained her silence and the only way to do so would be to fight down her orgasm as much as she possibly could.

Stephen closed the lid down and latched it. He could barely hear his wife's moaning. The chest had casters, for which he was glad. All he had to do is push the chest down the hallway and out the front door. He would only have to carry the trunk a little ways across the lawn to the display he had set up.

The one thing Stephen missed about living in Las Vegas was its lack of snow, especially during this time of year. The wreaths and houses trimmed in lights and such all seemed out of place without snow. That is one of the reasons Stephen had decided on more of a biblical scene for their lawn decorations this year. . . with wise men and shepherds and lambs and a large manger he had designed himself. It had a large front opening and two side windows and a rear opening so he could get inside and place the holy family. The later he had not done yet.

Gina's vibrator was driving her mad. The chest bounced and jostled about, making it hard for Gina to concentrate and hold the humming vibrator within herself and still not let herself be engulfed in a fiery orgasm. She felt herself being lifted and carried a short ways, set down, then lifted again for a few more feet.

"We're here," Stephen smiled as he flipped open the chest's lid.

Gina blinked, trying to figure out where 'here' was. It took her but a moment to realize they were inside their display manger on the front lawn.

"Still have your little buzzing friend I see," Stephen smiled as the reached in and took hold of the vibrator. Slowly he started to thrust the dildo in and out of his wife's quim, causing the flames of bliss to rise higher and higher within her. She humped the dildo as her husband used it on her, running it between her swollen lips before withdrawing it.

"Okay, time to get you out of there," Stephen said, picking up his wife and placing her on an inclined cot. The cot sloped toward the manger's entrance. In the late afternoon light, Gina could see two of the wise men and a shepherd kneeling as if in awe of Ginas' helpless form. The black, gauze-like material let her see out without anyone seeing in.

"Hold on, honey, I'll be right back."

Gina saw her husband drag the chest outside the mangers' back before turning around and gathering up a few cords. The manger itself was large for a display but cramped for a large man and his captive. The same gauze-like material covered the windows of the structure and she could hear the neighbour boys playing kick the can next door. She realized she was only steps away from being discovered.

"So how do you like the place honey?" Stephen asked quietly, "I know it isn't much, but you are going to be calling it home for a little while; at least until dinner. How long you stay here depends on how well you behave."

"Uuuuuugggh-uuuuuuu," Gina shook her head. She definitely did not want to stay here at all.

"That's not a good little slave, honey. That will cost you another hour out here," Stephen grinned, "So, do you like the place?"

This time Gina nodded.

"Good. I spent a lot of time getting this ready for you, you know," Gina's husband said as he began to adjust Gina on her cot, placing a pillow under her head and butt to make sure that her cuffed hands didn't get the brunt of her bondage,

"I have some powerful internal lighting in here, see?" Stephen pointed to a couple of outdoor spotlights mounted on the corners of the roof, aimed straight at her, "when these are on they will illuminate anything inside here and make whatever's in here visible to anyone passing by, especially at night."

As Stephen was talking, he grabbed one of the thin cords hooked to the ceiling and began to thread it through Gina's left nipple ring. He brought the cord taut and tied it off in a slipknot. He did the same with her right nipple.

"These cords are tied to a switch, honey, that if they should loosen, will switch on the lights and expose whom ever may be tied-up in here. The lights will also make it easier to see you on my video camera as I watch you from the comforts of our living room. I suggest that you don't struggle too much or you will end up in the spotlight."

Gina watched as Stephen took a short piece of rope and looped it around her right knee, bring it underneath the cot, and knotted it tightly around her left knee, effectively spread her knees out so she was even more exposed.

"There, nice and tight, like you like it."

Stephen brought out another vibrator; this one was one of those with a prong to vibrate against her clit. He eased it into her. Gina felt it fill her completely as he gently push it in until he couldn't push it in any further. With another thin cord, he tied off the end of the vibrator to the ceiling.

"This is the same type of switch honey. I you should loose your grip on your friend here," Stephen explained as he turned it on, "It will turn on the lights."

The vibrators humming against her clit suddenly caused Gina to moan in passion.

"Shhhhhhh! The neighbour kids might hear," he grinned.

The thought of her being discovered here, naked bound and gagged, was like adding gasoline to her building fires. A fiery bliss raged through her, her body squirming and writhing as it was engulfed in pure pleasure. Her mind was lost in the grips of her orgasm as flame after flame licked at her. Finally, the flames ebbed away.

"Tsk, tsk tsk," Stephen said as he took both of her nipple cords and re-tied them, "Good thing I hadn't turned on the power to the lights. And who gave you permission to cum? That will be another hour here, my love."

Gina grunted her displeasure, but Stephen ignored her. She heard him click on a switch.

"There. Ready to go. Just one last thing."

Gina felt the cot start to rise up at her head, making the cot slope more. She could feel the tension of the cords tied to her nipples, causing another burst of bliss to run coursing through her. She also felt herself almost sliding off the cot. If she didn't move a muscle, she would not slip any further. That was the last thing she wanted to do, for it would untie the slip knots on her nipple rings and she would be flooded in light.

"Take care honey, I will be watching you from inside. I will come get you around eight o'clock or so."

With that, he left.


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