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Beauty's Rescue

by Mark

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© Copyright 2006 - Mark - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bond; casket; buried; nc; XX

Beauty's Rescue is a sequel based on the characters in Beauty in Repose

It had been three months since Cindy had joined the others entombed under the garden. She, like the others, had kind of gotten used to being buried, sort of. She loved to watch their "Catherine," funny, she never thought she would be so totally dependent on another person, especially not a woman. She had loved being her lover, making love on the bed. Now she knew that their Catherine was out looking for another girl. Another girl to add to her growing collection of girls, it seemed. Cindy could sometimes look at the four headstones, all in a row, wonder if the other girls were still down there, still quite alive. She was not sure that anything was true any more. The only thing she truly missed was her locket, she had not worn it the day she was buried. It must still be on the bedside table. Her great-grandmother's beautiful gold locket, with the picture of her parents in it. She could see it on the table if she looked hard enough in the view of the bedroom.

Cindy could hear the loud conversation, someone was arguing in the house, very loudly. She saw someone, very male, stalk into the bedroom. It was her brother! She saw him startled as he saw the locket on the bedside table, but made no move towards it. Catherine stalked into and they argued some more. She said loudly that Cindy had never been there and she wanted him to leave. He looked at her with a very hard look. Cindy knew it so well from when they were kids, she knew Catherine was lying. She thought for a thrilling moment that he might force the truth out of her, but he turned and stalked out of the room.

"NOOOOOOO", she thought, "COME BACK" and it was all she could do not to say it.

Catherine came on the mic a little later, "You were a bad girl, not letting him know you were leaving."

"You said you didn't want anyone to know I was there, at least not till you were ready," Cindy said simply.

"Well, he's gone now and you're still mine. I suppose he wouldn't believe me if I told him you were buried alive anyway," Catherine said simply.

The days passed slowly, Cindy could so clearly see her brother's face. He knew she was lying about Cindy not having been there, what was he doing? He had to know she was a prisoner somehow, but would he believe the truth, not do something horrible to Catherine? She hoped he could keep his temper in check.

The night was long, Cindy wondered if the other girls heard it, some kind of commotion, then wonder of wonders, it was her brother! He was carrying Catherine unconscious over his shoulder. He dumped her form on the bed, went and got a chair, stripped her nude and tied her to it. Cindy remembered the days when they used to play tie up games at home, how good he was. She ached looking at Catherine' nude form, remembering making love to her, how sweet she felt. He put her on the chair and tied her to it, her hands and arms tied over the back of the chair, her ankles pulled back towards the of the chair, her knees tied to the front of it, he then tied her body to the chair back. Cindy remembered THAT position only too well, her brother had used it when he didn't want to be bothered. Catherine was not getting out of THAT one without help. Cindy giggled to herself as her brother put something with wires on Catherine' breasts and down below. She watched and could even hear them, her brother was HUMMING to himself, like it was a game. Finally Catherine stirred slowly, coming to.

"Well, hello sleepyhead," her brother said mockingly.

"You'll let me go if you know what is good for you," Catherine said darkly.

"Or what, you'll have me arrested? Somehow, I don't think you'll do that."

"Why wouldn't I?" Catherine demanded.

"Two reasons, one, you can't possibly get loose without help and two, there is THIS." Her brother reached over and snagged the locket off the table, holding inches from Catherine' face.

"My sister would never, EVER leave this anywhere, it's her link to our parents and if it's here, SHE'S here," he said finally.

"She was never here, I told you that, you stupid fuck," Catherine snarled.

"Funny, the people at the bar saw you leave with her, she didn't go back to her place, I checked. This locket is the final proof that she was here and didn't leave. She only takes this off for special occasions and to bathe. Now, since you're not telling me the truth, I guess I'll have to MAKE you tell me." He dramatically pulled the towel off the box he had wired her up to. Catherine looked at it with a little fear. 

"Now, we're going to play a game of Truth or Consequences. You tell the truth, I let you just sit as you are, you lie and there are consequences, which I'm sure you'll know ALL about in a minute. I know some of the truth, so sometimes when you lie, I'll already know you're lying and you get the consequences. Ready to play?"

"Fuck you, you stupid prick," Catherine snarled again

"THAT counts as a wrong answer," he said simply and pressed a button. Catherine stiffened and screamed. He held the button down for several seconds, then let it up. "The interesting feature here is this knob," he pointed meaningfully at a knob, "As long as it's below 9, you're OK, if it gets over 9, wellllll, you might not make it."

"Now, let's get started, where is my sister?"

"I told you, she's not here."

He sighed slowly, looking almost regretful. "Lying again, I told you, it's useless to lie to me." He pressed both buttons this time. Catherine shrieked and struggled hard, twisting and screaming like she was dying. When he let up, she slumped against the ropes, breathing hard.

"I told you, she wouldn't leave the locket, weren't you listening. Now, I know she's here, so stop pretending."

Catherine finally composed herself, looking up at him, her usually perfect hair dishevelled as she glared up at him. "She left suddenly, said something about someone looking for her, said she was in trouble and she had to leave fast." Cindy held her breath, that story was almost believable and Catherine was a very good liar, as she knew SO well.

"Hmmmmm, nice try, but no, NOTHING would make her leave that locket." He shook his head, turned the knob slightly and pressed both buttons. This time, Catherine' shrieks really did sound like she was dying, she thrashed hard against the ropes holding her, screaming. When he let up, she slumped, breathing like she had just run a foot race, totally spent.

"Please, please don't do that again, please," she begged, her voice rasping from the screaming.

"Where is she?" he said firmly.

Catherine looked up at him slowly, licked her lips. She was still breathing hard. "You'll kill me if I tell you," she said plaintively.

"I may kill you anyway, you don't have much to lose now," he said simply.

"She's in the garden, buried alive," Catherine said.

"WHAT, I better not have heard that right," he growled.

"She's alive, I tell you, I wanted to keep her and the others"

"Others? You've done this before?"

"Three times before, yes, I wanted to keep them, keep them with me, so young, so beautiful."

Cindy's brother looked at Catherine like he was seeing her for the first time. He realized that he was sitting in front of someone truly insane.

"She's still alive, you can even talk to her, she can see us and hear us right now," Catherine said, motioning with her head towards the camera. Cindy felt a thrill run through her as he looked at the camera, staring like he was looking into her eyes.

"How do I talk to her?"

"The laptop over there," Catherine motioned to the laptop. "Click on 'Cindy' and put the headset on."

Her brother looked at the laptop, picked up the headset, put it on, clicked on the icon.


"Oh Jason, " Cindy began sobbing, "I'm so scared down here, please get me out." He clicked on another icon, seeing his sister in her coffin. "What the hell as she done to you."

"I'll tell you all about it later, just please, get me out," Cindy was still sobbing.

Jason took off the headset slowly, looking at Catherine with a mixture of anger and revulsion. "You know, I think killing is too good for someone like you. I'm going to get those girls you buried out and have to think of some way to really punish you, something truly worthy of what you've done." He injected something into her arm and Catherine struggled, then slumped. He put her on the bed and tied her wide spread on it, gagged her and left the room. Cindy frantically changed the view, saw her brother come into the garden, look at the headstones so well concealed. He got out a shovel and began digging.

It took several days to unearth all four caskets, remove the women from them, remove the masks. Carrie would still not stop giggling and singing in rhymes, so Jason finally put her to sleep. Each of the girls was in good condition, aside from muscle atrophy. Jason knew how to take care of even that, having gotten an electric machine to exercise their muscles. Every day, he carefully fed Catherine, making sure she was healthy, which bothered Cindy some, as she did have feeling for her. Jason forbid any of the girls to go in the room, keeping it locked. Catherine was now a prisoner in her own room. Cindy knew her brother too well to think that that was the worst thing that was going to happen to Catherine. Jessica and Danielle both tried to ask her what he was going to do, but Cindy didn't even know.

Jason had gotten a fake power of attorney for Catherine, had used her money to buy things, install equipment. Cindy didn't know what it was for or why he had kept all four of the coffins carefully preserved, like he had plans for them. He removed the headstones from the garden, too. but he left one hole not filled in, carefully preserved. Cindy knew it had been her grave, she was so afraid that he might kill her and put her in the hole, but Jason assured her he had something much better in mind.

The day dawned warm and sunny. All of the girls had been returned to health, even their nails were growing again, thanks to vitamins and drugs Jason had gotten. He had told them all that they had to stay till it was all done, then they were all free to go. He had not said what "done" meant, but Cindy shivered as she thought what it might mean. Jason had come out with Catherine over his shoulder, her trailing the tubes that all four of the girls remembered. He took her out back, Cindy's coffin was over her grave on the bier, ready to be used. All the girls followed, watching as Catherine was carefully placed in the coffin, strapped down and cuffed as each of them had been, encased in the endless layers of cloth. Danielle noted that she was even in the living underwear, as they all had been. They all noted that there were many more wires on Catherine than any of them had had before. Catherine roused slowly just after the mask was in place.

"What are you doing," she asked Jason, as she started to struggle.

"Little late for that, don't you think?"

"What is all this?" Catherine demanded.

"Oh, you don't know what I have done to improve your little method for storing girls. You see, you missed a few points. First, the vibrator inside you is now activated by your squeeze bulb and you can turn your monitor off with it, too, so you can conserve it. There's an emergency bottle of air that is kept filled by the system, in case of a power outage, can't have you suffocating down there. There is also a battery back-up for the other critical systems. And the biggest thing you missed is how to keep that lovely body of yours in top condition while you're down there. I've added electric pads to work your muscles, so you body stays trim and firm. Oh, unfortunately, the same system is set to torture you for one hour a day, it will make you feel like you're being pulled apart, really. I thought you deserved some pain after what you did."

"You're insane," Catherine said in horror.

"Nope, that's YOUR problem, not mine, I'm simply letting the punishment fit the crime," Jason said simply.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO, you can't bury me," Catherine howled.

"Oh, but I can, and this time, no headstone, no one to know you're here, no one to talk to, no lovers to tell you how wonderful you are, nothing. You'll be just buried, to live out your life as you made them live. You should be good for 40 or 50 years down there, provided that the equipment holds. Personally, I like the idea of you getting life for what you did, a life truly fitting your crime."

The three women were sobbing, though Carrie was still giggling, giggling even harder, really as though it was all just TOO funny. The other were crying but smiling too, as though at a real funeral, as Jason closed the coffin, locking it firmly. He let the bier down, the coffin lowering slowly. They could all hear Catherine screaming, saw the coffin wiggle slightly as it went down. All four girls could remember what it was like, being buried alive. Jason pulled up the straps and began to fill in the hole that had once been his sister's. The whole time, as dirt rained down on the coffin, they could still hear the screams. Finally, Jason put the sod back over the hole, very careful to make sure the hole could not be told from the rest of the garden. We all knew Catherine was down there, knew how it felt to find yourself entombed, begin to contemplate being buried alive forever.


It's been almost three years since Catherine was buried down there. I can even look at her in her coffin, another little touch of my brother's. She looks so perfect, not a fold of her dress out of place, just like mine, all those years ago. Obviously, her face never changes, or at least the mask doesn't. I can even hear her, if I want. I just have to put in an internet address in my web browser and I have a choice of several views of her in her coffin, though Jason has not told me how to talk to her. He says he can talk to her but he has no intention of letting me know how to do it. I really did love how she made me feel and I've found a man who makes me feel the same way, really. I even still have a taste for being in a coffin sometimes, though never, ever with the lid closed. I've spent enough time inside a closed coffin short of being dead. David is caring enough, indulges me almost every way Catherine did, as he has even more money than she did. Jason all but looted poor Catherine's accounts. The house was sold, though the new owners don't know there is a woman buried in their garden and she can watch parts of what they do in the house. Jason hid the equipment very well, and it has a battery back-up and a concealed power connection. He claims that the new owners probably don't even notice the extra power drain. Oh well, sorry, Catherine, you were fun.


The storm was terrible, lashing the house furiously. Catherine could only see it because of the external camera showing the garden. She watched the storm and remembered what it was like when she was up there, could feel wind, rain, the touch of a woman. She had struggled time and again, endured the interminable exercise sessions of the pads, even the torture sessions. The vibrator that was on her was a good one, of course, easily able to make her orgasm. Sometimes she watched the new owners of her house make love, imagining herself making love the the pretty brunette wife she could watch. She so wished someone would figure things out, get her out of here, but she had long since lost hope of that. She was watching the storm when suddenly the monitor went dark. This was not the first time this had happened and that Jason, damn him, had designed his back-up systems well. She heard the hiss as the emergency air bottles filled the coffin, providing her with air. She sometimes almost wish the system would fail, just to give her a release from all this. The systems started to come back on, the flickered again, oddly. She waited, wondering if the power was out or what. Then, on her monitor, she saw words she had never seen before, "Restart program Y/N?" Catherine clicked frantically, but every monitor view showed only that message, nothing more. She realized with a chill that the air bottles were only good for 12 hours, and she had only about 4 hours air after that. She began screaming, but she realized no one could hear her and without any way to get anyone's attention, she was doomed.

She wondered if anyone would ever find her body.



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