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Belinda's Boutique

by Talon

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© Copyright 2009 - Talon - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; armbinder; gag; kidnap; enema; slave; sold; boxed; nc; X

Amy was on her way home after a days shopping, her mind wandering to what she’d get up to later. She was a big bondage fan and was in need of a serious self bondage session. As the bus came to the end of the high street she noticed a new boutique had opened. In the window appeared to be a mannequin dressed in bondage apparel, Amy quickly rushed to get off the bus.

As Amy approached the shop she could feel herself getting moist, the boutique seemed to specialise in bondage. Once inside Amy was not disappointed, there was a vast array of clothes and various forms of equipment. She walked around the store wide eyed, when she found an armbinder that screamed at her to buy it. The price however was way beyond her budget, still she caressed the soft leather and imagined how it would feel on her.

`You’d look great in that’ said a voice from over her shoulder.

Amy turned to see a tall lady dressed in a latex catsuit, she was beautiful and the latex clung to her like a second skin.

Amy just smiled and tried to hide her embarrassment.

`Why don’t you try it on’ said the lady.

`Oh, I’m not sure I should, it’s a bit out of my price range’ said Amy.

`Hmm, how about a deal?’

`What sort of deal?’

`Say 50% off if you manage to keep it on for half an hour without begging for me to take it off?’

Amy was a bit startled by the ladies challenge and blushed a deep red.

`Is that a yes’ said the lady.

`What’s the catch?’

`Well, if you fail you’ll have to do something for me.’

`Like what’ said Amy.

`Hmm, I don’t know, maybe please me somehow’ said the lady.

Amy thought for a moment, as she fought with her submissive nature. Her head said no but in the end the sub in her gave in to her now wet pussy.

`Yes, ok’ said Amy. After all how hard could half an hour be?

`Great, lets go out the back, I have a changing area out there.’

Out the back the lady introduced herself as Belinda, the shop owner. Amy also gave her name.

`Right lets get that top off then Amy.’

`Cant you do it with my clothes on?’

`I’m afraid we need your top half naked for this to work properly.’

Amy reluctantly stripped off her top half and placed her hands behind her back.

`Right then, put your hands palm to palm’ Belinda asked a nervous Amy.

Belinda enclosed Amy’s wrists in a small leather strap, then proceeded to slide the armbinder up Amy’s arms. A shiver ran through her as the soft leather caressed her skin, Amy was so horny she thought she might start a puddle from the moisture in her crotch.

`Right then Amy, there’s not much room in the hand pocket, so if you interlock your fingers to create a large fist, it should slip on nicely.’

Amy’s hands now rested in the pocket, Belinda tightened another strap and her hands were now useless. The holding straps went over Amy’s shoulders and connected via another strap running across the top of her breasts. Then Belinda went to work on the laces, she went through them as if tightening a corset. As she got to the top, Amy’s elbows were about four inches apart. This was going to be easy thought Amy, until Belinda announced that it shouldn’t take more than three goes to tighten it properly.

By the end of the second run with the laces, Amy’s elbows had closed to two inches. She was feeling the strain and her shoulders were already starting to ache badly. The third and final run bought her elbows together and also some tears to her eyes. In all the years Amy had played with bondage she had never been so tightly bound, it was so painful, but she had never been so turned on as now.

To finish Belinda tightened the four straps which ran around the binder, they weren’t needed but gave an extra feeling of helplessness to Amy.

`There all done, how does that feel?’

Amy’s face was flushed and tears were rolling down her cheeks, she bit her lip in an effort to control a whimper.

`Oh dear, I don’t think your going to last ten minutes, let alone half an hour’ said Belinda with a smile on her face.

`Belinda please, I’ve made a mistake, I can’t do this, it hurts too much’ Amy said as she grimaced from the strain on her shoulders.

`Is that a surrender?’

`Yes, please I’ll do anything to please you, you win.’


`Yes, anything.’

`Well I’m a hard woman to please, but if you insist.’

Belinda disappeared behind her for a moment, then returned with a ball gag head harness. Before Amy realised what was happening her mouth was stuffed with the large ball, seconds later Belinda was tightening the strap around her head. Another strap ran over the top of head, creating a V over the top of her nose. A final strap ran under her chin and was cinched tight, forcing her to bite down on the large ball. Amy tried to complain, but no coherent speech was possible and Belinda just laughed.

`Oh poor little Amy, nothing pleases me more than a tightly bound totally helpless slave. And money of course, but I think I’ll get both out of you.’

Within the next few minutes, Amy found herself totally naked. Belinda then went of to fetch some other equipment from the store. If Amy new what she was in for, she would have made a run for it. But instead she stood there in pain, dribbling from the gag.

Amy was led to the bathroom and forced to endure two enemas, before being led back to the changing area. Belinda went to work and started with a quarter cup corset, Amy’s waist was reduced to 20’’ and she was forced to take shallow breaths. Next a fairly large butt plug was slowly worked up her arse. Amy was no anal virgin but still screamed as the intruder penetrated her.

`Now then my little slut, I think your going to enjoy the next bit’ said Belinda as she produced an 8’’ vibrator. Belinda ran her hand through Amy’s pussy lips and was shocked to find how wet it was.

`Oh my, you are a horny little slut, your dripping down there.’

Amy shuddered as Belinda slowly played with her moist cunt. For a moment all her pain had disappeared as she concentrated on the sensations below. Belinda toyed with her clit as she slowly inserted the vibe, Amy was close to orgasm. She then decided to pump it in and out a few times, before shoving it all the way in. Then grabbing a dangling strap from the back off the corset, she ran it through Amy’s legs and secured it to a buckle at the front. The buckle was pulled as tight as possible before Belinda secured it, driving both the vibe and butt plug deeper.

Amy cried as she was denied her pleasure and the pain returned to her shoulders. The next item was a thick posture collar, it was buckled on and Amy could barely move her head from side to side. Belinda attached the collar to a chain which ran from a winch in the ceiling, thumbing a control she raised it until Amy was forced to stand almost on tip toe. This gave her easy access to slide Amy’s feet in to the ballet boots that awaited. Once fitted, Belinda lowered the chain and unclipped it.

Amy wobbled on the new shoes, and now experienced new pain as her weight was forced on her toes. As a last touch, Belinda attached nipple clamps to Amy’s tits. There was a chain connecting them and Belinda hung something from it. Amy was unable to see what it was though.

Belinda led Amy into another back room, which was locked. Inside the room Amy began to panic as she noticed there were eight cubicles, four of which were filled with young women restrained the same way she was. Amy was led to her own cubicle were her feet were chained to ringbolts in the floor at three feet apart. Her armbinder was then winched up behind her, forcing her to lean forward.

It was then she noticed the other girls all had the same nipple clamps and chain, the chain had a small name tag but she couldn’t make out the writing.

Belinda stood in front of her and smiled, she grabbed Amy’s name tag and wrote something on it. Before replacing it she showed it to Amy, it read; Amy, $75,000.

Amy shed more tears as she realised her predicament, the other girls all looked as though they too had been crying.

Before Belinda disappeared, she attached a small power cable to Amy’s crotch strap. It was plugged into the vibrator, Belinda turned the intruder on to a mild setting then left.

Amy wasn’t sure how much time had passed, it seemed like hours to her. Belinda came back into the room, a broad smile on her face.
`Now then ladies, it’s almost time for me to lock up for the night. So we better get you rested, as tomorrow’s a big day for you.’

One by one the five girls were led out for an enema and some food and water. On their return they were all made to sit on the floor, whilst Belinda chained their collars to the floor ringbolts. There wasn’t enough slack in the chains to stand, but they would be able to get comfy enough to sleep. If they could ignore the shoulder pain.

Amy was the last, and as she tried to settle, Belinda bid them goodnight, turning off the lights as she left.

Throughout the night there were groans and whimpers, as the gagged girls struggled to rest. Amy had managed to get a few hours sleep, her arms had started to become accustomed to the strain.

Without warning the lights came on and a cheerful Belinda entered the room.

`Morning ladies, hope you all slept well’ she said with a chuckle.

Once again they were all taken one at a time for feeding and cleaning, on return they were put back to their previous days positions. Amy was last again, as her arms were winched up behind her Belinda switched on the power to the vibe. Belinda then stood at the end of the room to address the girls.

`Now then ladies, I want you all on best behaviour today. I have some important clients coming today. If your lucky some of you may be sold, rest assured I only invite reputable people to view you. It’s in your best interest to behave, not only will it increase your chances of getting bought, it will avoid any punishments. And you can trust me, you don’t want punishment.’

With that she left the girls to get on with it, and headed out to the shop.

Two hours had passed before Belinda re-appeared with another victim. A young girl was placed into the cubicle next to Amy, she was cute thought Amy, probably about eighteen with a good figure. Poor girl she thought.

Another hour had passed when Belinda came back with another woman, this time however the other woman wasn’t bound. She was dressed in leather, and beamed dominance. She slowly looked over the girls one by one, when she got to Amy her eyes seemed to light up.

`My my, what have we here’ she said as her hand grabbed Amy’s chin.

The lady undid Amy’s crotch strap and pulled out the vibrator, before starting to play with Amy’s wet pussy. As she played, her eyes were fixed on Amy’s, it wasn’t long before Amy was coming in a violent orgasm. The lady smiled and turned to Belinda.

`I want her.’

`No problem’ said Belinda.

`Have her packed and ready, my van will be here this afternoon to pick her up.’

Belinda nodded, a smile on her face. The lady then continued on to the next cubicle, after a brief inspection of the new arrival she turned to leave.

Twenty minutes later, Belinda returned and hung a sold sign on Amy’s chain.

`Well done Amy, you certainly impressed your new Mistress. I’ll be back soon to get you ready for transport.’ Belinda left the room, obviously happy about being $75,000 richer.

A short time later, Amy was led back upstairs to the changing area. After another enema and a thorough wash in the shower, Belinda started to prepare her for transport. Waiting on the table was a pile clothing and equipment, mostly leather with a variety of straps and some rather large looking toys.

Amy stood completely naked except for a pair of handcuffs holding her wrists behind her, a collar and the ball gag harness. Belinda attached the collar to the dangling chain and winched her up as before.

`Now then Amy, I don’t want any trouble from you or there will be severe punishment. Do you understand?’

Amy nodded yes, she new it was hopeless to resist. Might as well go quietly she thought.

`Good girl’ said Belinda as she began to sort through the pile of gear.

Once again Amy was fitted with the dreaded arm binder, this time however she seemed to be bearing the pain a lot easier. Next was an inflatable butt plug and matching vibrator, a strap from the arm binder then ran between her legs and secured to the front of her collar. Belinda then lowered the winch and laid Amy on the floor. Amy’s legs were then bound together above and below the knee with thick leather straps, then her ankles were secured to her thighs.

Amy laid there unable to move for a few minutes, then Belinda re-attached the chain to her collar and began to lift Amy on to her knees. It took a few minutes, as Belinda didn’t want to choke her latest sale and held Amy upright until the chain was taught.

Amy found new pain as she balanced awkwardly on her knees. Belinda, meanwhile was preparing rolls of saran wrap. She started at Amy’s knees and wrapped every part of her body up to the neck, being sure to leave the bulbs for the inflatable’s accessible.

`Almost done now Amy’ beamed Belinda.

Amy had never been bound so tight, she could barely move a muscle.

`Right then Amy, all that’s left before your boxed is a hood, oh, and of course how far I inflate your plug and vibe. But that’s up to you my dear.’

Amy looked confused, as Belinda lowered her to the floor once more, this time with a cushion below her chest.

`Now Amy, I’m going to take of your gag and your going to lick my pussy till I cum, is that clear’.

Amy nodded as best she could.

`If you do a good job, I’ll only inflate them a little. However if I’m not impressed……….well you can guess the rest.’

Amy wasn’t sure she could do a good job, she had never been with a woman before and was dreading the outcome. Nonetheless she began to lick with enthusiasm.

It took Amy ten minutes but she finally bought Belinda off. After a few minutes, Belinda regained her composure and fetched the hood. It was a thick leather discipline helmet, with a built in inflatable gag. Belinda fitted it on Amy’s head and tightened as much as she could. Then went about inflating the various devices.

`That was a poor performance I’m afraid to say, so I’ll have to be strict with these pumps.’

Amy groaned as the butt plug was inflated, just as she thought she could take no more, Belinda stopped and went to work on the vibe. Amy felt as though her insides were being crushed, and under the hood new tears were forming. Finally the gag, as it inflated, Amy felt as though her jaw would break open. When Belinda finally stopped, Amy was unable to utter a single sound.

Amy was placed in a large box which was then filled with packing. A small hose was attached to two tubes which were placed in her nostrils. The hose led to the outside of the box, which was then sealed.

Half an hour later a van turned up, and two men loaded the box into it.

`Have fun my little slut’ said Belinda as she watched the van drive off……………….   



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