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The Best Christmas Present Ever

by Grimm Searcher

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© Copyright 2008 - Grimm Searcher - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; tape; box; packed; shipped; toys; cons; X

Note: The names and physical likenesses of all the women in this story are courtesy of the Bondage Damsels website. The personalities and events portrayed are COMPLETELY fictional and have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual models on Enjoy!


Kimberly Anne had been dating Dan for a few months and really liked him, but how she tell him about her other love, bondage. With Christmas coming she also wanted to get him something really special without succumbing to the commercial spirit of Christmas. Then it hit her, “why don’t I give him the ultimate gift … me (all wrapped up for the holidays)!”

Since getting herself wrapped and under Dan’s tree would be tricky, and since she had always fantasized about being shipped in a box, she decided to contact a local cross-town shipping company and have herself delivered to his door. The next couple of weeks left her aroused every time she mulled over the details.

The next obstacle came from the shipping company – they could not guarantee same day delivery for Christmas Eve. They could promise overnight, but that was the best they could do. Kim thought for a moment and then went ahead anyway and set the whole thing up. The shipping company would pick up the package by noon Dec 23rd and would deliver it after noon Dec 24th. It would mean more than 24 hours in a shipping box, but that only added a few details to the plan and Kim decided Dan was worth it. Besides, as a bondage model she had been bound and restrained in every way imaginable for extended periods, so she was confident she was up to it.

The next step was to get help – she could bind herself easily enough, but there was no way for her to seal the box from the inside and be there for the pickup. So she called her friend from, Lucy Jane, to see if she could help with the boxing and pickup part. Lucy was instantly excited by the idea and had a million questions. After a few hours on the phone going over the details, and a little girl talk, Lucy agreed to meet her no later than 10:00 AM on the 23rd.

The real preparation began 2 days before Christmas Eve – Kim began fasting. Should would end up doing several enemas anyway, but she wanted to be absolutely certain her system was totally empty. Nothing would ruin the mood faster than Dan opening a package that smelled like an foul. She drank only water the last two days, but stopped even that the night before to be sure her bladder was also totally empty. Just before 10:00 AM on the 23rd she hit the enter key on her computer, sending a timed message that would be delivered to Dan the next morning.

Kim was ready when Lucy got there. She had a heavy duty reinforced cardboard box that had originally been used for some kind of heavy medical equipment. It was just big enough to keep her cozy without being so snug she had to worry about positional asphyxia. She also had picked a nice comfortable gag that she knew she could wear for more than 24 hours, some padded ankle and wrist cuffs, and her favorite slave collar. She also had out some wide bondage tape, her favorite high heels with the straps that padlocked on, and a small heavily padded mini-stool to sit on. She loved how the heels made her legs look, but in practicing she found her long legs and high heels meant she would need to sit up a few inches from the bottom of the box to make the position work. Besides that, there was not much else. She had gone to a spa the day before and had gotten the works, full waxing, skin treatment, hair and nails, etc. She wanted everything to be perfect for Dan.

Upon entering her house, Lucy seemed more excited than Kim. This should have alerted Kim to what was to come, especially since she was also carrying a much bigger bag than usual, but needless to say Kim was a little preoccupied at the time. Kim quickly went back over her plan, this time pointing to each of the accessories as she got to them. It was short work for Lucy to help her with the cuffs, gag, and bondage tape (loosely wrapped just below the knees to keep her heels close to but not touching her behind).

It was at this point that Lucy stepped back, and then sat down so she was eye to eye with Kim. She admired her captive friend for just a moment and then began to speak.

“I have a few surprises of my own to add to your present. The first one is for Dan …”, and with that she reached into her bag and pulled out a blindfold that could be padlocked on, “… this way he can give you a few surprises of his own after he opens his present. “

“The second one is for you …” she said as she reached into her bag again and pulled out a very unusual looking vibrator. From the front it looked like a butterfly vibrator but without all the butterfly motif and decoration. On the bottom it was much more devious, having soft rubber nubs over the clitoris area and a short thick phallus that curved up to create a kind of “U” shape to stimulate the wearer inside and out.

Lucy went on, “The shape itself pretty much keeps it from moving around and these straps”, pointing to adjustable straps designed to go around the legs and waist, “make sure it won’t come lose or slip out. We wouldn’t want that during your day in a box now would we?” Smiling a mischievous grin she continued, “I thought you might get bored in transit so this should provide you some distraction. But my favorite part is the battery pack.”

With that she pointed to a long slender rounded item slightly larger than 3 D-cell batteries hanging a few inches down from the vibrator by a cord. “The control allows several speed settings, and my favorite – random. Set to random it will go on and off at random times for random periods at random speed settings. There is no telling when it will kick in and how long it will stay on – now that’s what I call a surprise.” Lucy’s grin went from mischievous to wicked and Kim knew she was in for trouble.

“I’m not sure if it was intentionally designed for this “, Lucy continued, “but the shape lends itself to a very ‘personal’ form of storage that once covered with panties or a g-string renders the whole thing rather inconspicuous. Oh, by the way, as your friend I would never force you wear these without your consent. That said, if you say no I’ll probably be so hurt I won’t be able to follow through with the rest of your plan. So do you agree to let me put these on you?”

While Kim wasn’t particularly interested in Lucy’s additions, she didn’t really have much choice. She had gone this far, and she would be crushed if Lucy followed through on her threat and left without boxing her up. Besides, it might be fun. So despite her reservations, she nodded yes to Lucy. 

Lucy wasted no time and had the blindfold locked on almost before Kim finished nodding.

“Oops, I forgot the lube … I guess I ’ll have to figure something out.” Lucy paused for dramatic effect before laying Kim down on her back and gently stroking Kim’s clitoris.

Kim jumped at the touch, at least as much as her bondage would allow. She had been sexually playful with some of her girlfriends before, but this was different. As Lucy began slowly playing with Kim’s most sensitive part, Kim could almost see the glee on Lucy’s face. She was giggling like a girl on Christmas morning playing with a new doll. That’s when it hit her, her arousal was more intense than ever before because she was no longer Lucy’s friend or even her lover – she had become a toy for Lucy to play with. The fact that Lucy made her agree to this only added to Kim’s submission.

Lucy set the battery pack / control to random and then sealed it inside a condom. She then progressed, from touching Kim with light finger strokes, to quick flicks from her warm wet tongue, until Kim started getting very damp with arousal. She then began rubbing the battery pack over Kim’s clitoris and labia, at first poking the tip just inside Kim’s waiting hole, then slowly working it in and out, each time going slightly deeper. It didn’t take long for Kim to begin panting through her gag as her arousal continued to rise. But before she could get close to any satisfaction Lucy slide it out of her front, and quickly slipped the now very well lubricated pack into Kim’s rear. Kim was both shocked and surprised to have the little invader suddenly begin poking her behind, but Lucy was extremely skillful and knew just when to ease it in and just when to drive it home. As Lucy pushed the last of the pack into Kim, Kim’s little anus closed tightly sealing the pack deep inside.

“Now for the fun part”, Lucy declared, picking up the vibrator piece dangling only inches from the now invisible battery pack. She waited until it was in an off cycle and then slid the phallus part into Kim’s anxious vagina. The nubs touched Kim’s clitoris almost instantly and made Kim shudder with delight. As aroused as she was it would not take very long on one of the top settings to get her off. Unfortunately the way her luck was running she was not counting on that anytime soon.

Next Lucy unlocked one of the ankle cuffs and slid a very sexy thong over both ankles. She then relocked the ankle cuff before removing the bondage tape and sliding the thong the rest of the way up. She pulled it high and tight, making sure neither the vibrator nor the controller was going anywhere. She then reapplied the bondage tape just as before, and moved on to Kimberly’s nipples.

“This is a little trick I first tried at parties with a thread. You loop one end of the thread around a nipple and then poke the other end through a blouse or sweater. Throughout the night people will try to ‘help’ you by pulling the loose thread, only to find it strangely attached on the other end. A little public humiliation and bondage all rolled up into one innocent little thread.”

Lucy went on, “For you I decided on a thick soft wool string instead of a thread. Since no one will be around to pull it, I’ll loop one end around one nipple, run it down under the vibrator, and then back up to the other nipple. That way every time the vibrator goes off your nipples will get a little tickle - much safer than extended use of nipple clamps, but even more devious for the wearer.”

Lucy then gently suckled Kimberly’s nipples till they were fully erect, and did just what she had described. The feeling of the soft fuzzy yarn around her nipples would have been enough to keep them erect, once the vibrator kicked in it was almost like a lovers tongue. 

Lucy inspected her package one more time to make sure everything locked just right and then hung a sign from the collar on Kimberly’s neck. The sign read, “I know this is not what you expected, but I wanted to surprise you. Please use and abuse your new present anyway you desire, just please don’t leave any permanent marks : )”

Lucy then opened the box by pulling the front side down like a drawbridge. She rolled Kimberly back up to a sitting position so she was just in front of the box and crouched on the open front side. From there Lucy just had to shuffle Kimberly back a few inches into the box until she was sitting on the well padded mini-stool. Lucy closed the front back up and sealed both sides with sturdy tape, leaving only the top of the box left open.

Following the plan she dumped several bags of unsalted, unbuttered, air-popped popcorn into the top of the box. The popcorn would act like packing peanuts but were safer against Kimberly’s skin than peanuts – and were environmentally friendly too. Lucy repeatedly shook the box, added more popcorn, and shook again to make sure Kimberly was well packed and not going anywhere.

When Lucy got up to Kimberly’s chin she stopped, and asked her if she was ok and ready for the last step. Using their agreed upon signals, Kimberly grunted once to signal she was comfortable (considering the circumstances) and ready. With that, Lucy filled up the rest of the box with tightly packed popcorn and closed the box, sealing Kimberly in for the duration.

Lucy rotated the box several times, each time yelling at the box to make sure it was still ok – each time she waited for the barely audible grunt before rotating again. Even though the box was CLEARLY marked “This side up”, “Fragile”, “Sensitive Medical Equipment”, etc Kimberly had asked Lucy to take no chances. If a careless driver flipped the box upside down while loading it into the truck and Kimberly couldn’t breathe there would be no one there to save her. Lucy was waiting for the confirmatory grunts and even so had to strain to hear them – someone not listening for them would never hear her. After checking all positions Lucy was satisfied and had nothing left to do but wait.

Since the box was in the middle of the living room, Lucy shuffled it over next to the couch.

“I hope you don’t mind me using you as a foot rest.” She yelled at the box. She then kicked back on the couch and put her feet up on the package. She was so aroused she almost instinctively reached under her blouse and under her skirt instead of reaching for the TV remote.

“Why not”, she thought to herself, “the house is empty and I’ve got time to kill”. Kimberly felt the box occasionally move slightly, never realizing it wasn’t just Lucy adjusting her feet on her foot rest – it was her adjusting her feet through a toe curling orgasm.

Inside Kimberly was beside herself. Her fantasy was playing out even better than she expected and she still hadn’t even left the house. The sensation of being rotated and moved was disorienting, but really reinforced the notion that she was just another package. The idea that she was not only a package, but also just furniture to be casually used heightened her arousal further. If only her little invader would stay on for a little longer …

About thirty minutes latter there was a knock at the door and Lucy jumped up off the couch. “Show time”, she thought to herself adjusting her clothes and heading for the door.

“Cross Town Delivery” the driver announced, “you have a package for pick up?”

Lucy admired the strapping young man and even attempted to flirt with him as long as possible. He seemed interested, but also in a big hurry. Once Lucy signed the paperwork he whisked the package onto a handcart and loaded it into the truck with the rest of the deliveries. As she watched the truck drive off she found herself getting hot again just thinking of her friend’s adventure. “Next year I’ll have to figure out how to get one of those for a present” she thought, closing the door and heading back to the couch for one last “quickie” before heading home.

The next few hours were filled with fantasy and stimulation for Kimberly. She felt the rumble of the truck driving down the streets, quietly longing for those potholes that seem to bounce her in just the right way. In the end though, she made it all the way to the shipping terminal with nothing more than rising sexual frustration to show for it.

At the terminal she was unloaded, sorted, and reloaded. This was AMAZING – the thought of all those men touching her, moving her, utterly yet anonymously in control of her very destiny was almost too much for her to bear. As she was being loaded into the last truck the loader pushed on the box with his hands to slide it into place. Kimberly had become so sensitized she could actually feel the slight pressure through the box and all the packing and even heard him grunt with exertion – and that was enough to finally push her over the brink. Her body twitched and shuddered through the mind numbing orgasm. Part of her hoped she hadn’t given herself away, another part hoped that she had (and that the mysterious stranger would find her and ravish her further). That was her last thought before drifting into blissful unconsciousness.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. The vibrator eventually woke her up and after that managed to keep her up most of the night. After a few hours she exhausted all of the fantasies she could imagine and was left (again) sexually frustrated and very, very tired. Yet invariably every time she nodded off the vibrator would kick back in and wake her up.

She finally did achieve some semblance of sleep, and was just starting to have some very naughty dreams, when she awoke with a start to the rumble signaling the truck was moving. She was now wide awake, and newly recharged. She knew it was only a few more hours till delivery and release – the light at the end of the tunnel. She began fantasizing anew about all the devious way Dan would play with his new toy. Little did she know what was to come.

At 8:00 AM December 24th (Christmas Eve) Kimberly’s email message hit ALL of Dan’s inboxes. Like clockwork it went to his work email, home email, even an SMS message to his mobile telling him to check email for an important message. The message, simple but vitally important, read:

“Dan – Merry Christmas Eve!

Since you said you’d be home before noon I’m having a VERY special package delivered to your house some time after 12:00. The package will need to be signed for as the contents are EXTREMELY time sensitive. Please, please, please open you present as soon as you get it - do NOT wait till Christmas morning or even for me to get there to open your present. I hope you enjoy your it and that it provides you endless hours of amusement.

Love, Kimberly”

Dan read it with rising disappointment. He found out about her bondage modeling a few weeks ago and was actually quite shocked at some of the things she had gotten herself into. His conservative Christian upbringing told him it was sinful to do such things so he knew the relationship couldn’t last – he had just been hoping to make it through the holiday. He didn’t want to spoil it for her, and he thought he could let her down easy after it was all over. That would be much more difficult now if she got him some elaborate expensive present.

“What a minute”, he thought, maybe that was the answer. His neighbor Mandi Rae was gorgeous, perfect for instilling jealousy and doubt into other women. Maybe he could get Mandi to sign for the package and then he could show up late to the house. That kind of blatant disregard for something so important to Kimberly was sure to spark a fight. If he was lucky she would break up with him and make it easier for both of them. 

He called Kimberly but was surprised when she didn’t answer her mobile or her home phone. “Oh well”, he thought to himself, “she must have jumped in the shower or something”. He left her a message explaining he got her email but might be delayed. He added he would have his neighbor Mandi sign for the package and make sure it got in the house but he wouldn’t be able to open it until a little latter. “I’m sure whatever it is will last a few more hours”, he added glibly. With that he went back to work, not realizing how true his words would become.

A little after 10:00 disaster struck.

Dan got a call from one of his companies biggest financial customers that began with the ominous words, “the system is down.”

Dan knew exactly what this meant – it had happened once before and afterwards they calculated the customer lost about a million dollars an hour during the outage. So it was not surprising for him to hear the next words from the customer, “We’re arranging for a corporate jet to pick you up and fly you directly here but it’ll take a couple of hours to make that happen.”

“Understood”, replied Dan. “That gives me an hour to try and fix it from here and 30 minutes to pack up anything that might help diagnose it on the plane. I’ll let you know the moment I know anything.” In his most reassuring voice he added, “We’re on it sir.”

The next hour and a half were a blur. Dan had the whole team brought in and worked feverishly to try and fix it before he had to run to the local commuter airport. At 11:30 he burst forth with a barrage of profanity that would have made Satan himself blush. He grabbed the discs and drives the team had been prepping and turned to the most junior intern and barked, “I need to make some calls, can you get me to the airport without any interruptions?” The intern sheepishly nodded his head, grabbed his coat and keys and they were off.

From the car Dan called every number he had for Kimberly all to no avail. He finally started leaving messages, all basically apologizing, explaining the situation was worse than he thought, and asking her to call his mobile the moment she got any of the messages. Then it was time to call Mandi, even though his excuse was now legitimate, if the contents were perishable he didn’t want to come home to a mess after Christmas. 

“Hello, Mandi Rae”, she answered

“Mandi – thank GOD you’re there. I have a huge favor to ask. My sort of girlfriend is having some ‘time sensitive’ present delivered to my house in 30 minutes and I’ve had a catastrophe at work and won’t be home till probably the day after Christmas. Could you wait at my house and sign for the package?” Dan blurted it out almost in a single breath.

“Sure, I still have the key and the alarm code from a few months ago when you went out of town.” Mandi replied.

“GREAT – if you could do me one more favor, She left me a message saying I had to open it right away due to its ‘time sensitive’ nature, so if you could open it for me that would be amazing. If it is perishable and it’s something you can use PLEASE feel free to do with it what you will – I’d hate for it to go to waste.” Dan paused, waiting for her answer.

“Won’t your ‘sort of girlfriend’ get really pissed if she finds out I opened and used her present for you?” Mandi asked.

“That’s why she’s my sort of girlfriend – I’ve been meaning to break up with her but was waiting till after the holidays. Even if she does find out, the worst that will happen is she’ll break up with me instead of the other way around. If she does the breaking up it’ll make it easier for her to move on – no matter what the reason no one likes being rejected. It’s always easier for the breaker than the breakee.” Dan added.

“How thoughtful” Mandi answered. Dan was cute, smart, and had a great job – she had considered going out with him before, but she always preferred the ‘fairer sex’ so decided not to pursue any possible opening this might present.

“Sure, no problem - I’ll open it and if I can use it I will. If you’d like, I’ll call your mobile latter to let you know what it was,” Mandi commented.

“Perfect! Gotta run, we’re pulling up to the airport. If the present isn’t enough, I’ll figure out some way to make it up to you. Thanks again!” and with that he hung up and dashed out to the plane.

Mandi grabbed a few things and went across the street to Dan’s house. She let herself in, sat back on his very nice couch and opened the book she brought with her. Just before 4:00 the doorbell rang.

Mandi signed for the package and had the driver bring it in to the Living room, right next to the tree.

Inside Kimberly was brimming with excitement – the big moment was finally here! She strained to hear Dan’s voice as he signed for the package, but between the thick box and all the popcorn she couldn’t really make anything out. Then panic set in. “What if he’s not into bondage, what if he’s repulsed by it?” she thought to herself. “Calm down”, she told herself, “even if he not into bondage he’s bound to be chivalrous to a damsel in distress, and I can play it off as a joke afterward. Besides, there’s not much I can do about it now either way.”

Mandi looked at the package for several minutes, trying to decide if she should really open it. Sure, Dan had practically begged her to do so, but it still felt wrong. Finally she decided to at least open the package and see what was inside, if it was something she didn’t feel right about using she could always store it away safely till Dan’s return.

So Mandi removed the packing straps and cut the top and front sides of the box. The front popped open and fell to the floor while popcorn spilled out everywhere … and there she was – a beautiful women, completely bound and helpless sitting inside the box.

Mandi read the note attached to Kimberly’s collar. “Wow”, she thought to herself, “The woman of my dreams wrapped and delivered practically to my doorstep. “ She considered for a few minutes more, and then decided. “Dan is an idiot to want to break up with a doll like this. Besides, this is just way too good of an opportunity to pass up. The only problem is Dan never even told me her name, and I have no idea how to begin a relationship under these circumstances.”

The more she thought about it, the more resolute Mandi became in her decision to accept the present as her own. “The note doesn’t even say Dan”, she thought. “Just says use and abuse – so I’ll be true to the intentions of the giver and do just that.”

Mandi knew she could keep the present in the dark for an extended period – after all someone had been kind enough to include a blindfold. Mandi was also confident that by the time she was through with her present and finally removed the blindfold, the present would be so drunk with pleasure it wouldn’t care if it was her old boyfriend that was responsible, or her new girlfriend.

Mandi played with her new toy for hours and hours. At first Kimberly thought it was Dan, and then she tried to convince herself it was him despite all the signals she was getting to the contrary. Finally, just as Mandi had expected, Kimberly surrendered to the intoxicating waves of bliss this stranger was subjecting her to. She no longer cared who was playing with her; she just wished it could go on forever.

Mandi eventually collapsed from exhaustion, wrapped around her new toy like it was one of those oversized sleeping pillows. She even forgot to remove the blindfold and most of the bondage. Oh well, tomorrow was another day, and after all, it’s better to wait till Christmas morning to unwrap your presents, isn’t it? Besides, Mandi had decided to keep this present permanently. She’d tell Dan is was wine and cheese or something and send him an email that looked like it was from Kimberly saying she was done with him and never wanted to see or hear from him again.

Dan got the painless breakup he hoped for, Mandi got the present she always wanted, and the present herself finally found someone who could appreciate and satisfy her deepest desires. All because that forgotten girl named Kimberly (who even the present would eventually only acknowledge as a dream she has awoken from) had given of herself instead of off the shelf.

Truly the best Christmas present ever!



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