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The Birthday Present

by Jeff Parker

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© Copyright 2003 - Jeff Parker - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; bond; cuffs; gag; hood; tape; wrap; giftwrap; stuck; toys; climax; cons; X

“I’ll give you anything you want for your birthday!” Kelsie said with a smile.

“Anything?” Jeff replied

“Anything….” Kelsie said.

Kelsie was absolutely gorgeous.  She stood 5’7”; weighed about 125 lbs. and her figure would make an hourglass blush.  She worked out quite regularly and she was firm all the way around, especially her 36 C breasts.  Jeff’s birthday was coming up and she wanted to do anything that he wanted.  They had been dating for almost 2 years now and the more she figured she would do for him, the more she figured he would be closer to asking for her hand. 

Jeff told Kelsie that all he wanted for his birthday was her all wrapped up as his gift.  She had figured that all he meant was her in a beautiful outfit with maybe a bow on her head.  So she went out shopping a couple of days before Jeff’s birthday and found the most beautiful of white silk gowns that hugged her wonderful figure.  Underneath she bought brand new white satin bra and panties, white garter belt and white thigh high stockings.

It was the day before Jeff’s birthday and she was to be at his house by 7pm that night.  When she arrived she walked in the door and said “Jeff?? I’m here where are you?” 

With that he came around the corner having just walked out of the kitchen.  “Hey most beautiful!! How are you?” he asked.

“I’m doing well … am I gift wrapped to your satisfaction?” she asked.

With that a huge grin came across his face and we walked up to her and gave her a deep and passionate kiss.  He started his hands at her hips and slowly slid his hands up her body enjoying the satin across her skin.  Soon his hands were at her shoulders and he slowly started his hands back down her arms.  As he did he pushed her arms behind her and before she knew it, her wrists were locked behind her in cold steel.  She was stunned after the kiss. 

“What are you doi...”, but before she could finish her question, he put a finger up to her mouth and replied, “Sssssssshhh, just enjoy..”

He led her into the kitchen where she noticed sitting on the table was a huge gift-wrapped package.  He told her to close her eyes that he had many surprises for her.  “Spread your legs out, please, “ he requested.  She spread them about 3 feet apart for him.  He opened the lid of the box and pulled out 2 10” vibrating dildos that were about 3” thick and poured a little baby oil on them both.   Then he led her over to the kitchen table and had her bend over with her chest and face laying flat on the table, her feet on the ground, her butt now up in the air.   He walked up behind her and pulled up her satin dress and pulled down her panties to her knees.  With one quick push he shoved both vibrators in both of her at the same time.  Her whole body jumped. 

“Oh my God, what are you doing??,” she asked.

He pulled her up to where she was back standing and pulled her panties back up to hold in the vibrators.  “Does that not feel good?”

“Yes, it does, but…” before she could finish he filled her mouth with an inflatable gag.  He lifted up her hair in the back and buckled the gag in tight underneath her hair. Then promptly inflated the gag so large that she couldn’t muster a sound out of her mouth.

“I told you to be quiet and enjoy.”  He ran his hands back down her body enjoying the satin underneath his hands.  “Boy, am I going to enjoy unwrapping this package in the morning!! But first I have to wrap it”, he said with a smile. 

By this time the vibrators were doing their job and Kelsie erupted into her first orgasm.  Jeff caught her from falling in his arms and stood her back up on her feet.  He reached into his box and pulled out a large roll of black PVC tape and started wrapping it tightly around her ankles.  “I love the outfit you are in!  I think I will keep it on you so I can help you out of it in the morning.”  Jeff continued up her leg wrapping the PVC tape around her legs and dress.  Usually the dress would bunch up under the tape, but Jeff was wrapping the tape so tight that all you could see was the shape of her legs.  He had just finished wrapping the tape around her waist when he stopped and looked up at her. 

“I guess those vibrators will just have to stay in there until the morning.”  Not realizing it but because he had left all of her clothes on he had muffled the sound of the vibrators in her holes.  She was now deep into her third orgasm as he was wrapping just above her breasts.  Around her chest he had applied the tape a little looser making sure not to compress her beautiful breasts.  He now stepped back and admired his work.  She was tightly wrapped from her ankles to just below her shoulders. 

“Let us see what else we have in this box.”  With that he reached in and found two earplugs that he tightly inserted into her ears making sure she wasn’t able to hear a sound.  Then he reached into the box again and pulled out a latex hood.  Kelsie’s eyes got big as Jeff looked at her and slowly slid the latex mask over her head, adjusting the mask so that the only 2 holes in the mask line up with her nostrils.

Now with his beautiful Kelsie unable to muster a sound, hear a sound or see, Jeff picked back up where he had left off with the black PVC tape.  He slowly moved the tape over her shoulders, up her neck and then around her head.  Jeff had wrapped her complete body so tight that Kelsie was as stiff as a board.  He now laid her down on her back and starting at her ankles taped down taping her white heels to her feet and covering them all in PVC tape.  Kelsie was now just a black PVC statue.  Inside the tape Kelsie continued to come in orgasm over and over.

Jeff now stood Kelsie back up and tightly wrapped her body in bubble wrap.  Then he wrapped around her nice form a layer of beautiful shiny gold wrapping paper.  For a final touch Jeff grabbed three bows and wrapped one at her ankles, one at her waist and one around her head.  Finally he made a card for himself that read..

    To my loving boyfriend,
    A statue for your enjoyment to be opened on your birthday

He then taped the card to her chest and went into the living room to watch TV; it was shortly after 10 PM.  About 11 PM there came a knock on the door that woke Jeff up.  He groggily got up out of his chair and walked to the door.  At the door was a local police officer.  “Are you Jeff Thompson?” he asked. 

“Yes, I am.  Is there a problem officer?” 

“Mr. Thompson I have been asked by your mortgage company to come foreclose on your house.  I am to remove you from the premises and lock the doors behind you.  All of your processions will be put up for auction a week from Sunday.”

 “But officer, my stuff…” Jeff replied.

 “Sir, please don’t make me arrest you for resisting.  You have to leave the premises immediately!”

With that Jeff hoped into his car and drove.  He had no idea what to do or where to go.  Now he had lost his job less than a week ago and now had no place to live.

A week later he showed back up at his house to watch his stuff go up for auction.  He sat across the street in his car and watched item after item.  About an hour into the auction the auctioneer brought up a nicely gift-wrapped statue to put up for auction.  Jeff gasped as he had totally forgotten about his beautiful girlfriend.  He slowly watched as a man in about his 40’s dressed in leather bid on his girlfriend.  His jacket read “Latex, Leather and Torture are the way to live!!”  He watched in horror as this sinister looking man outbid everyone else and won the statue.  The man strapped Jeff’s wrapped girlfriend on the man’s car and drove away little knowing what lay in store for him when he opened the beautiful package….



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