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A Birthday to Remember

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2007 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; corset; boxed; gift; toys; cons; X

“Thanks Jeff.” Tami said as she closed the tailgate on Jeffs’ truck.

“Not a problem. I hope Jake likes what you got him.” Jeff got in and started his truck.

“I am sure he will, take care.” Tami said as she walked up to his window.

“You too.” Jeff said as he pulled out of the driveway and left.

Tami went inside and locked the door behind her. In the middle of the living room was a large box wrapped in colorful paper. Today was her boyfriend Joe's birthday and she was going to give him a present that he would never forget.

Tami made sure that the blinds on the windows were closed and the card was taped to the side of the box. She next removed all her clothing and removed the lid to the box. Tami reached into and began to pull out what she needed to finish her gift. The first thing out of the box was a pair of knee-high 5” heel boots. Stepping into the boots Tami pulled the zipper up, sealing her smooth legs in the tight legs of the boots. Reaching back into the box she pulled out a pair of leather ankle cuffs. Tami quickly locked them around her ankles and then pulled out the next item she needed.

This item was a leather waist clincher. Wrapping it around her waist Tami pulled the laces as tight as she could and tied them off. The next item was a special leather thong. This thong had a hole in it that allowed her sex to be uncovered and it also had a small leather patch that would bisect her sex, but could easily removed. Tami pulled on the thong and reached for her next item.

Next she pulled out of the box a pair of leather shoulder length gloves that Tami pulled on. This was followed by a pair of leather thigh cuffs. Tami wrapped them around her thighs and locked them in place. The next item was a ring gag. Opening her mouth and pulled the ring into her mouth and buckled it tightly under her hair. The ring gag covered the lower half of her face. Tami pick up a leather plug attachment and pushed it into her open mouth then twisted it to lock it in place.

Next item out of the box was a Leather bra. Tami pulled on the bra, then pulled her breasts though the leather wrapped metal rings. The rings were slightly smaller than the base of her breast. This caused her nipples to harden and her breast become more sensitive. The next item was leather posture collar that Tami wrapped around her slender neck and buckled it in place.

Reaching into the box Tami pulled the release pin and carefully lowered the side of the box. Stepping into the box Tami pulled the side back up and replaced the locking pin. Reaching over the side of the box Tami picked up the lid and then sat down lowering the lid in place. Tami carefully moved around until she was sitting on her knees with a spreader bar between her ankles. Tami reached between her legs and locked her ankle cuffs to the ends of the spreader bar and then locked her ankle cuffs to her thigh cuffs.

Almost done now Tami released one end of the leather thong on the front of the thong and pushed a small vibrator into her sex. Turning the vibrator to its slowest setting Tami reattached the leather thong to hold the vibrator in her sex. Tami picked up a pair of clover clamps, she attached one first to her left nipple. Before Tami attached the other clamp she slid a key ring over the clamp and onto the chain then attached the clamp to her right nipple.

Picking up her final lock Tami pulled her hands behind her and locked her wrist cuffs to a O ring in the middle of her spreader bar. The lock closing echoed in her small box telling Tami that she was now nothing more that a sex slave waiting for her master to use her. Tami began to fully realize what she had done. She didn’t know when Joe would be home or if he would have company. The thought of some seeing bound and gag and so exposed would probably make her die of embarrassment.

Tami's mind began to fantasize that Joe had come home with his team and opened her box and then began letting them each use her body for their own use, how ever and how many times they wanted. Tami found that her trepidations were going straight to her sex adding to her vibrator driving her close to a orgasm, but not letting her cum. Tami lost all track of time lost in her fantasies and sexual frustrations.

Joe let himself into his house and closed the door behind him. He hung his coat and put a bag full of gifts he had gotten from his co-workers next to the door. Walking into the hall he noticed a large box sitting in his living room. “What in the hell?” Joe said aloud as he walked over to it and pulled the card free. Reading the card Joe smiled, wondering what gift would make this birthday one that he would never forget. Pulling the lid free Joe looked inside and was surprised to find Tami inside, bound and gagged with a wild look in her eyes that seem to beg him for sex.

“I think your right hun I don’t think I will ever forget this birthday.” Joe said as he lowered the side of the box.


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