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Body Mold Mistake

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sbf; plaster; mold; naked; gag; encase; vibrate; tease; stuck; climax; cons; X

Lori had been dating Jim for a few months and both had enjoyed each other’s fascination with bondage since they met, when Lori had replied to an ad Jim had run looking for models to make body molds for his art. She responded mostly because she wanted to experience being cast in some form of restricting material unsure of what exactly he would use but willing to try anything, she got along with Jim immediately and over the next few weeks Jim had casted her hands then her legs as they both flirted and teased each other about going further with the casting process and Lori teasing him about not taking long enough before releasing her, indicating she wanted to stay in the cast longer. Jim had asked her to do a lower body and leg cast and when she quickly agreed without asking how much he knew she was really into the restriction of the process and was going to see just how much.

Lori showed up early Friday night and was waiting for Jim when he got to his studio and chatted with him in her tiny bikini as he poured the materials and set his mixer for 15 minutes and started getting her prepared for the casting process. Jim already had the mold ready and helped Lori smear lube on her body, his favorite part of the process, until she was covered from her chin to her toes in the slick lube and already feeling horny from Jim rubbing his rough hands all over her back side. Jim leaned the mold back and helped Lori slide into the deep mold that went over her head, she mentioned the depth of the mold and Jim told her it was used for any kind of body casting and asked, “You scared it will get too deep?”

Lori sexily bit her lower lip and smiled as she said, “The deeper the better”

Jim laughed and said, “Make sure once I start pouring you pick your feet up a few times and stand on the “Shoes” in the bottom of the mold.” After Jim set the mold back up Lori felt around and found the platforms and noticed that they were essentially high heeled shoes made from shaped blocks of wood mounted to the floor of the box.

Lori stood waiting for Jim to start pouring teasing him about how long it was taking him as she tried to watch him standing on her toes and peering over the top of the box. Jim attached the mixing bucket to the hoist that carried it over the mold and asked Lori if she was ready, Lori stood looking up at the large bucket and said, “Ready and willing if you think you can handle it”

Jim laughed again and tilted the bucket and began carefully pouring the mixture into the mold around her body. Once the mixture reached her calves he stopped and told her to raise her feet which she had already been doing and once she had her feet covered she stood on the blocks and said ok and he started pouring again and continued until her reached her hips and stopped again. Lori was very aroused from the thick mixture climbing up her body and knowing she would soon be held rigidly in a thick body cast unable to release herself relying completely on Jim to release her and not being sure when that would be since she had not asked and truthfully didn’t care as her nipples were standing erect pushing through the thin material of her bikini top.

Jim turned on the machine to vibrate the mold to aid in moving the air bubbles out of the plaster mix, Lori really liked this part as the thick mixture transmitted the vibrations directly to her most intimate areas making her moan and bite her lip as her climax built. Jim had watched her in past sessions and knew she really liked this part and turned the shaker up before climbing back up and looking down on his captured model. Lori looked up at him and said, “Is that all you got?” 

Jim said, “No, I have some left but I don’t know how high it will go do you want more?”

Lori smiled and said, “Just don’t drown me.”

Jim agreed and started pouring the remaining mixture over her body. As the plaster rose higher Lori was breathing harder as it covered her beautiful breasts and continued up over her shoulders, Jim was scraping the bucket as the mix climbed up her neck and stopped rising just under her chin. Lori was laughing and trying to hold her arms up then deciding she didn’t want them just partially trapped and pulled them down until just her hands were sticking out of the thickening mixture. Jim stood looking down on her making sure she wasn’t going to panic and want out.

Lori continued to chat and flirt with Jim as they waited for the mix to set, Lori asking if he could turn the vibrations up smiling broadly as Jim just said, “Naughty girl” and climbed down and turned the vibrator to max and listened to her moan louder as her climax grew closer. Lori could feel the heat building around her ankles and knew she was now trapped even if she wanted out knowing that the mix was getting hard from the bottom up and soon could feel the heat rising all around her hips and stomach as she started to sweat. Jim appeared over the top of the mold and asked if she wanted a drink, she opened her mouth and let him pour some water into her mouth, already feeling the restriction of the plaster drying around her body. Lori tried to move her legs some and found she was truly stuck and was starting to moan louder as her encasement grew more and more firm trapping her motionless under its weight.

Almost two hours had past and Lori was still hanging on the edge of a wonderful orgasm as more of her body was held firmly in the hardening mixture. Jim had been tending to his clean up and talking loudly over the shaker when he noticed she was no longer talking and quickly climbed the ladder and looked down at her face and could see she was gasping as her hands flexed and her fingers tried to grasp the air as her orgasm washed over her and she started a slow moan until her head flopped forward and she stopped making any noise. He climbed down smiling knowing her had found a new model but more importantly found a new partner to dominate and hoped she would be as in to it as he was. Waiting a few minutes before turning off the shaker and hearing a weak “Thank you” from within the mold he climbed the ladder again and held a bottle of water to her lips and let her drink a little before pulling it away saying, “Not too much, wouldn’t want you to have to pee before tomorrow afternoon would we?”

Lori thought about it for a second then asked, “Tomorrow? What do you mean tomorrow?”

“I mean you won’t be fully set until tomorrow so you will have to spend the night like this remember I told you that.”

Lori was slightly panicked as she said, “No I don’t remember that”  

“Well it’s too late to worry about it now, the mold is set,” Jim snickered knowing she had not asked so he hadn’t volunteered that information wanting to see her reaction to the news.

Lori tried to struggle and found she was indeed stuck in place and whined, “I had people to see tonight, it feels dry to me.”

“It’s only set partially it needs to be completely dry before we can cut you out and have a good mold left over.”

Lori whined again but quietly said, “Well ok I guess I don’t have much of a choice.”

Jim was peering over the edge watching her face and knew for sure he had found the one he was looking for and turned on the stereo leaving her alone with her thoughts as she continued to sweat from the increasing heat as the mix continued to set further.

Jim had changed clothes and before leaving he gave his model another drink then laid a blanket over the top of the mold covering Lori’s head, when he did she asked why and he told her to give you some privacy so you might sleep while I go out. “Go out!” Lori yelled, “Your just going to leave me here alone and helpless?”

“You’ll be fine I don’t want to waste a Friday night, I’ll leave the shaker on for you how about that?” Jim said smiling at her.

Lori looked up with a hint of fear in her eyes but really wanted the vibrations to return and shook her head ok. “You will have to be quiet, I wouldn’t want anyone calling the cops or anything”

Lori thought about it and said with a smile, “Then I guess you’ll have to leave it off or gag me!”

Jim grinned as he lowered the blanket and walked off. Lori was looking at her hands sticking out of the hard plaster and waving them as far as she could as she flexed and twisted in her hard shell trying to excite herself more, looking up she saw Jim staring at her for how long she didn’t know but she blushed anyway knowing he knew her secret by the way he looked at her.

Jim asked, “Gag or machine off?” holding up a serious looking gag harness, Lori was immediately wetter as she stared at the gag licking her lips and said, “Gag please.”

Jim smiled again as he reached in and placed the large ball into her mouth and worked the multiple straps around her head and face tightening each another notch or two once they were all lined up leaving Lori’s head surrounded in leather straps and her mouth held open by a large ball forced deep behind her teeth. Lori grunted with each pull of the straps, her pussy now dripping down her encased thighs as she realized she was truly helpless and couldn’t free herself and now couldn’t even make intelligible sounds. Jim could see a small gap forming around Lori’s neck and knew the plaster mix was shrinking slightly as it dried and decided to fix that before he left. Jim mixed a small batch of plaster leaving it very thin and returned to the mold and poured it in filling the mold almost up to Lori’s chin. Jim told Lori that once the shaker was on the extra liquid was to seep into the gaps between her body and the plaster and fill them giving them a much better cast.

Lori held her chin up and grunted as Jim poured more into the mold leaving her with her head held backwards so none of the mixture could get into her mouth. Jim turned on the machine and watched Lori’s reaction and also watched the new liquid slowly seep into the gap, knowing that it would make Lori’s confinement even more difficult as her gasps would act as a pump stuffing the new material deep into the mold and as it hardened would make her breathing more difficult giving her less and less room for her body to expand as she breathes.

Lori could feel the cool liquid moving down her body, the tickling sensation mixed with her frustrated attempts at moving combined with the vibrations drove her quickly to an orgasm making her moan loudly and begin gasping for air around the large ball filling her mouth. Lori could swear she could feel her legs and hips being compressed as she noticed the liquid had now dropped to where she could lower her chin and could feel the crust of it building on her neck and hands as what had splashed on them dried, Lori reveled in her confinement and wished she had asked Jim to cover her head completely. Maybe next time she thought as another wave of pleasure washed over her.


Jim had not left, he sat and listened to Lori’s struggles until late in the night when the shaker had turned off and Lori had gone to sleep, Jim knew the next day was going to be a long one so he stretched out on the floor near the mold and slept until the bright sun woke him. Jim could hear Lori’s grunts and shorts gasps and climbed up the short ladder and looked in seeing her struggling as she flailed her hands around and threw her head back and forth trying to move her body in some way. The plaster mix had fully set and with the new liquid he had poured in had made Lori’s breathing into an hydraulic pump, packing the thickening material tightly in between her body and the hard shell trapping it, making each breath compress her torso and chest more feeling to Lori like someone was tightening a corset that was way too small for her. Lori finally noticed Jim and began whining as she tossed her head back, Jim smiled and said, “Good morning, how did you sleep?” Lori grunted and growled at him acting like she was mad but knowing she had really enjoyed her night of encasement but now was having trouble taking even shallow breaths and really wanted out of the mold.

Jim left the struggling girl and made coffee only returning after he had eaten and brought her some toast and coffee and sat it in front of her gagged face and went to go shower leaving the struggling girl to smell the food and almost be able to touch it but unable to do anything to feed herself. Lori was very frustrated and whining loudly when Jim returned and pulled the gag harness off along with the swim cap covering her dark red hair letting it fall about her face as she cussed him saying he was cruel and to get her out of this thing now.

Jim laughed and said, “I’d be nice if I was you, all I have to do is mix up some more plaster and you’d be gone forever, I’d shape you into a beautiful statue and sell you off and no one would ever know!”

Lori looked up at him with a worried look that made Jim laugh as he slipped her a piece of toast and said, “As soon as your done eating we’ll start cutting you out.” Jim helped Lori eat the toast and drink some of the coffee before laying the mold on its back and removed the sides of it leaving Lori on her back in a block of hardened plaster, unable to move or see as he moved around her and only grunting when he hit or bumped the block, Jim forced her to accept the gag again then covered her head in a towel while he prepared to start the removal process.

Lori was now blind and mute as she listened to Jim talk to himself about how to get her out of the block. Lori’s breathing became much easier now that she was on her back but she began to get nervous as she listened to him talk, figuring out he had never done this before. As the hours passed Jim was steadily cutting the now dense clay like material away from Lori’s tomb, Lori had fallen asleep several times only to wake up still entombed in plaster. Lori listened as Jim rested and began moaning and whining trying to get his attention only to be told to be still and slapped on one ass cheek, Lori squealed when he spanked her partly from being spanked and partly because she knew she was being uncovered. Jim had made much more progress that she knew and was about to uncover her whole lower body. Lori lay quietly as Jim worked for another few hours until suddenly she felt the mold being raised off her body, the release of the compression was wonderful as she took a deep breath for the first time in almost 12 hours.

Lori’s arms and head were still held firmly in place but she could feel fresh air on the rest of her body and was a little sad that her time in the cocoon was coming to an end. Once Jim had the main mold off her he quickly broke up the part holding her head and wrists and Lori was free to roll on her side and remove the gag. Her swim suit was gone from her body but Lori hadn’t noticed and really didn’t care, she felt very weak and just rolled to her side and moaned.

“You’ll be weak for awhile, it really saps your strength so don’t try to get up yet” Jim said as he covered her naked body with a blanket and picked her up and laid her on the bed in the next room. Lori slept still wearing the head harness  while Jim worked on reassembling the mold making sure all the pieces were put back together properly before filling it with a liquid that would harden quickly leaving a rock hard and very durable statue of his once captured model. When Lori awoke it was late Saturday night, she stumbled out of bed and wandered into the next room still unaware she was naked and still wearing the harness gag.

Walking into the studio she could see Jim working on a statue and tried to say something but was only able to grunt startling him as he dropped his tools and ran to her side. Jim removed her harness and Lori flexed her jaw as he asked if she was hungry and she croaked, “Starved” and followed him to the table, Jim grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around the shivering girl as he started warming some food he had ordered and set it out for her to eat. Lori sat rubbing her jaw watching him move around excitedly blabbering on about how perfect the mold came out. She smiled at him while she ate and drank several glasses of water and started to feel much better and asked if she could shower Jim said yes and showed her to the bathroom and went back to work. Lori dropped the blanket and looked at her white body suddenly realizing she had been naked the whole time during dinner and started to get mad but then remembered he had given her the blanket trying to cover her up. Lori soaked in the tub for over an hour trying to figure out what had made her so sore and stiff but smiling to herself remembering her night spent inside the mold and knew she would be doing it again.

Jim continued to work on her statue and when a still naked Lori emerged from the bathroom holding the blanket around her she couldn’t believe what she saw he had already trimmed the rough edges off and had made the mold look like a Greek goddess statue, the head and arms missing but a beautiful body with a small waist and toned legs, the heels she had been standing on had made her leg muscles stand out and the mold had picked up every detail. Lori walked around it staring noticing her muscles were not the only details the plaster had picked up as her swollen pussy lips and erect nipples could also be clearly seen and she blushed as she stood inspecting the statue.

“What do you think?” Jim asked.

“I think it’s incredible, is that really me or did you sculpt its body that way?” Lori asked.

“It’s all you, that mixture really picks up the details, don’t you think?” Jim asked as he rubbed the erect nipples.

Lori blushed again and asked, “Are you going to leave ALL the details?”

Jim smiled and said, “I haven’t decided yet, maybe leave her nude or maybe give her a toga or something, I’m going to let a few people see it and get their reactions first.”

Lori blushed again as she thought of people seeing her naked body and asked, “You won’t tell them who the model was will you?”

Jim laughed and said, “Not unless the model wants me too, I never reveal my sources.”

This was the first of many body molds Jim and Lori made over the next few months, Jim was enjoying Lori’s fascination with being encased and Lori was enjoying being encased by her lover who now would leave her entombed longer and longer while her tormented and teased her mercilessly. Jim was going to be gone for a few weeks and Lori could not arrange to go with him and was nervous about not being encased for weeks since she had spent at least 3 days a week in some form of plaster cast or another and now almost felt like she was addicted to it.

The first week had dragged by but she thought she was feeling better until the week end, Lori mixed some plaster pouring in the softener Jim always kept in the white bottles and encased herself up to her chest, as the cast was setting she got so turned on that she stuck her hands into the plaster and pushed them deep into it. Standing chest deep feeling the heat rise she moaned into the gag she had strapped into her mouth and tossed her head around until a sudden thought hit her and she started jerking at her arms trying to pull them out of the thickened plaster.

After struggling for several minutes she managed to work her hands out of the cast panting hard from the exertion and the thought of almost trapping herself in the mold, "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!" Lori mumbled to herself as she realized what she had almost done. After another few hours she freed herself and cleaned up the mess she had made and went to bed dreaming of being cast for an entire week, wondering if she could stand it and if her body would survive being cast so long.

Waking from some erotic dreams Lori set about finding a way were she could encase herself but not be fully covered so she could stay encased longer but not damage herself. During the week Lori set up the long mold and laid it on its back leaving the top open, she thought she could partially submerge herself in the plaster leaving the upper half of her body exposed and forcing her feet and hands into it making it so she could not wiggle out but not be encased completely. Lori thought it would be so erotic to be partially trapped but still have her body exposed so Jim could tease her use her for whatever he wanted until he broke the mold and released her.

Getting everything ready Lori figured she would trap herself the Friday before he was due home and she would be trapped until Sunday evening, just in case she had taken off Monday and Tuesday so she could recoup and set everything in motion. Talking with Jim his show was doing well and he planned to be back in town Sunday morning and couldn’t wait to tell her about the show. Lori said, "I’ll meet you at the studio" and the two talked about what they were going to do and hung up.

Friday evening Lori mixed a large batch of plaster adding the contents from the other white bottle sitting on the shelf and soon had the mold half full of the sticky plaster, inserting her vibrator she laid the remote on the table near the mold and tested the plaster, waiting for it to start to set before she climbed in. At the last minute a very horny Lori strapped her head harness gag in her mouth and buckled it tightly over the swim cap, walking around nude and mumphing into it, she felt the plaster was starting to set so she climbed on top of the mold until she was straddling it and slowly lowered herself down until her firm ass was pushing into it then she laid back quickly and found she was laying on top of the surface just as she wanted to be.

Lori laid still enjoying the rising heat for a few moments before pointing her toes and forcing them under the surface, continuing to push until the plaster was up to her calves before relaxing them and doing the same with her hands. Now she was lying on top of the setting plaster with her feet and ankles pushed deep into it and her hands in it up to her elbows, she knew once it dried fully she would not be able to pull her hands or feet out and she would be trapped until he released her, so she relaxed and laid still dreaming of how he would torment her. As Lori lay breathing deeply her body started to slowly sink into the plaster, as it crept up between her spread legs it slowly filled the space between them as it moved up to her belly button and across her hips. Lori was distracted by her dreams not noticing that not only was her hips now submerged but her shoulders had also sunk and the plaster was seeping up to her breasts and filling it the space between them and her neck.

When Lori felt the plaster cover her ears she opened her eyes and tried to look around but her head was held firmly by the hardening plaster, she was not concerned as long as it didn’t get much higher and relaxed again. Now Lori’s body looked like she was laying in a bath tub of milk, her knees and thighs protruded out of the whiteness but her calves and feet long buried by the plaster could not be seen, her hips had been covered up to her belly button, her tanned skin could been seen up to the bases of her breasts then the white returned and filled in up to and around her head, stopping just over her ears and at the base of her chin. Lori’s shoulders could be seen just under the surface and her upper arms were still mostly exposed but they disappeared below her elbows, her hands being shoved even deeper by her slow sinking.  Lori lay quiet enjoying the rising heat and the feeling of being trapped and not knowing exactly when she would be released, as the heat continued to rise Lori could feel the plaster shrinking, she had never felt it shrink inward before and was quite surprised when she felt it getting tighter around her waist and neck.

Lori tried to move her head again and found not only had she sunk into the plaster she had let it get right up to her chin and now could not even open her mouth at all, nor could she hear anything, Lori began to panic and tried to break free but found her entire body was trapped and could not move any part of it. Only a few parts of her body and her face were above the surface and she realized she had done it she was truly trapped and relaxed and tried to ignore the feeling of the bases of her breasts being squeezed along with her waist and thighs.

Lori couldn’t tell but it was raining outside and lay struggling for freedom until she felt something wet hit her exposed stomach, then again, Lori opened her eyes and could just see a small drop fall from the high ceiling going out of her sight before she felt it hit her stomach. Great she thought an accidental water torture, as the drops continued they started stinging and a small puddle was forming. When the splashing of the drops started hitting Lori’s face she had a sudden surge of fear thinking if the mold fills up a I could drown! Struggling again she quickly found she was still trapped and not able to move an inch and started moaning as she could feel the puddle grow as it slowly inched its way up her chest.

After a few hours the rain stopped and Lori was now covered by a thin sheet of water, she could feel it around her breasts and on her upper arms but had not felt it on her chin yet and was petrified at the thought of be drowned by her own stupidity. Lori could not do anything but stare helplessly as the drips kept falling knowing that any second the water would crest over her chin and she would begin to slowly drown. Another thing Lori didn’t know was by leaving the bolts out of the front cover she had inadvertently left more than two dozen holes about a half an inch up from the level of the plaster and the water was never going to get any higher than it was right now.

As she stared at the drips she could tell they were slowing and prayed they would stop soon. When the water stopped flowing Lori relaxed and started enjoying her captivity again feeling the remaining water seeping in between her skin and the plaster made her hornier as she felt them trickle down her body. Lori wished she had turned on the vibrator instead of leaving it for him but now was getting bored as her body began to cramp up and she could do nothing but bite harder on the gag and moan loudly.

Sleep came often as the hours passed and Lori could not tell what day or time it was and hoped nothing had happened to Jim as she lay shivering from the once warm plaster that had now turned cold and was making her whole body feel like it was in a freezer. Unable to hear the phone ring or the front door open as Jim came in and found her note Lori jerked when she suddenly saw Jim’s face above hers, he was asking her something but the swim cap over her head and ears and the thick plaster made her completely deaf.

Jim grabbed a note pad and wrote “U ok?” Lori grunted once for yes. “You look wonderful” Jim wrote again. Jim grabbed the space heater and set it on Lori’s casted body and soon Lori could feel her body stop shivering as she waited for Jim to come play with her. When Jim looked back into Lori’s face he looked quite concerned and held out a white bottle and a note, “Did you use this?” Lori grunted she had. Jim turned white and leaned on her mold as he scribbled something then held it up for her to see. “This bottle was for making the plaster harder, it’s a type of glue, the other bottle made the plaster softer.” Lori grunted still not understanding the difference. Jim scribbled again and showed her the note, “I don’t know if I can break you out of there or not”. Lori’s eyes got big after reading the note and she began to whine as Jim stroked her face and wrote, “I'll get you out, somehow”

Jim turned away from Lori leaving her vibrator on low as he thought about how to break her out of the huge block of now rock hard plaster, with the additive she had put in it now had the consistency of concrete knowing he did not have the tools to break her out of the block and not having the heart to tell her she may have really stuck herself permanently. He returned to the now purring Lori and fondled her breasts and stroked her cheeks as she rode out wave after wave of orgasm’s before falling asleep leaving Jim to decide if he should just cover her up the rest of the way or try in vain to release her, that decision can wait until morning he thought as he headed to bed.  


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