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Bondage Barbie Deluxe 2

by Jackrabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackrabbit - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part Two

Don came down into his toy room and found me wandering around, wearing only the thin cotton shift and freshly bathed. I felt even more naked than I did before, probably because Don was dressed to go out and I obviously wasn't. He said he still wanted to know how I found out about the toy room, and I was obligated to tell him about the hidden letter in the Barbie box. I didn't go into the painful details, but he said that it made alot of sense. It seemed like the existence of the letter explained more than one thing that was bothering Don.

My ass was still too sore to play with, but the rest of me wanted Don, especially if he could get me back to the pain / pleasure overlap that I experienced for the first time in my life. Don could see the look in my eye and answered my unasked question. First he said that I wore him out the other day, and as much as he would like to play with me some more he needed to rest. The second thing was that it was Sunday night, and he had to take me home. When he saw the bewildered look on my face he said that without windows, or a clock, or any other of the many ways we keep track of time, it was possible to loose hours down here. And he also told me I slept alot after our time together!

Don said he would take me home now, and I asked him to take me to Ken's instead. I followed him into the elevator and with the turn of a key the door behind us closed and another opened in front of us both symbolically, and literally. He walked toward his Aston Martin and opened the passenger side door for me. Inside I found his black trench coat so I could cover myself up. The cotton shift I was wearing was thin and inappropriate for public, and besides it was raining heavily at the time. The leather seats felt cold on my naked ass, but I loved the car.

Don said thank you more than once on the way to Ken's, and he wanted to see where I lived, so we drove by my dark house first. Don didn't say it, but I got the feeling he felt guilty for what he did "to me", and I had to find a way to say thank you to him for what he did "for me". I didn't want him to think I was getting emotionally attached either, that could never work between us for several reasons. It was just physical for me, I NEEDED more of what he gave me a taste of. I wondered silently if this is what it felt like to be addicted to drugs, willing to do anything to get that high you just came down from. And, I would find out later, always needing more of the same just to get to the same place you were last time.

I decided honesty was the best policy, at least in this case, and thanked Don for the experience of a life time. I told him I didn't know how I could possibly top this one as neither of my guys could take me where he just did. My tone let him know the disappointment I felt, but I had to explain all about "my two guys"... Don listened without passing judgment on our odd life style, and made the comment that I was more than "what meets the eye". Don's tone and eye contact let me know that he also appreciated the part that met his eye.

We arrived at Ken's house and he wasn't there. He was probably picking hubby up at the train station as our house was dark at the time as well. I let myself in with Ken's hidden key and Don left. I wondered when my next "fix" would be, and if it would be Don supplying it! To reinforce the addiction analogy in my mind, I suddenly realized that I hadn't eaten much in the last two days. Forgetting to eat was a bad sign, but I made up for it in Ken's kitchen...

* * * * *

Some time went by and I saw Don at work, and he was never there unless something was very wrong! I had not even met Don at work in an official way, as I was very junior at the time. Even though he obviously had larger things on his mind, Don went out of his way to say hello to me in a way that let my watching manager realize we knew each other on a social level. I don't think my manager thought I slept with the owner, but if he did he had the good sense to keep it to himself.

I didn't have an office at the time, only a cubical with a desk and phone and several non challenging duties. I got a call from Don on my office phone telling me he had a second problem that I may be able to help him out with, on a purely voluntary basis. I don't remember how I answered him, something like "anything you need" something like that. Not exactly a legally binding contract, just that I would help him if I could. He asked me to tell my manager that I have a personal problem, and that I needed to leave early. He then asked me to go over to his place at noon, and meet him there so he could discuss it with me in person. I felt awkward lying to my boss, he was a good guy, but told Don that I would...

At Don's he opened the large parking garage so I could drive right in, and that nobody could see my old car from the road. I didn't know what to expect as we walked toward the same elevator I had rode in last time. I could see the tension in Don's shoulders as I followed him, wondering if this was some elaborate plan to get me into the toy room for round two. If it was, I was going to be very pissed off! All he would have had to do was ASK me if I wanted to come over and play, and I likely would have been more than willing. I had been coerced into a bazaar dog show once by a professor of mine and decided I would never let that kind of thing happen again. That adventure turned out OK in the end, even though the sex we had was forgettable at best! To this day, I pretend like it didn't happen.

I relaxed when we rode up in the elevator to his dinning room and he made us some steak and corn on the cob for lunch. It wasn't in season, but it was one of my favorite things to eat and I wondered how he knew. He first thanked me for coming as he knew I must have had some reservations after my last visit to his house. And second he said he wanted to make sure I at least ate properly, as last time he realized too late that he was a rude host in not feeding me well.

I told Don I was sure if I had thought to ask for something to eat that he would have provided it. I also told him that I was dead serious that he had provided me with an experience that would be hard to beat. I silently thought it was odd that I subconsciously choose the word "beat" as I could have used any one of several words instead. Don looked like he didn't believe me, but let the subject drop. He told me he had invited one couple to his "happy divorce" party just to see me, and twist up his ex-wife at the same time as they were her friends. He told me that it was stupid of him and now they would try to use this against him to renegotiate his ex-wife's settlement. He would have to pay out even more or her lawyers would be sure to bring up his Barbie Bondage Deluxe full sized versions existence, and how he had forced her into the box and displayed her as such!

"But that's not what happened", I reminded him.

Don took a ragged breath and said he wanted to have a custom doll maker cast and duplicate me exactly, perfect in every detail. He said there is a company that does this kind of thing for the motion picture industry. Don said he was told about it by a director friend of his who knows of his problems, and is completely trusted. He said he would produce my full sized doll, when complete, and show it to the two "pain in the asses" along side the original one his ex-wife gave him for comparison. He said his ex-wife couldn't press the issue without looking a little nuts, and would be forced to go away empty handed.

Don told me it was an extreme process, but the end result was a perfect duplication of my body, realistic silicone skin over muscle like tissue, and even a skeleton so every joint can be moved like the original can. Don told me the modeling would take a week to do, and I would have to expect to be nude for at least some of that week with the master doll maker and his staff. Don said he was only asking me to do this, and he wouldn't blame me if I said no. I would have been insulted if Don offered me money to do this second modeling job, and I think he realized this. Don added that if I agreed to do it, he would arrange my time off work to look like a special training session, and I would have to fly there and back and be gone at least a week.

I told Don that I needed time to think about this and would give him an answer by the end of the night, implying I was in no hurry to go home. I realized this doll had to be made very soon to be of any value to Don at all... There was no hiding the the fact that being turned into a doll for real was turning me on. I just starred at Don across from me as I toyed with my spoon seductively. I looked at him and told him that he looked as tense as I felt. He understood what I meant and asked me if I wanted to go downstairs, even though there are no stairs involved, I knew what he meant. I told him "yes", but I needed a shower first. He lead me to the shower in one of his guest rooms and before I got in I called hubby at work and told him I may have to work late, and to eat dinner without me. As I showered away the days grime I marveled at my change of mood. At first I would have been pissed off at Don for offering to take me to his toy room, now I NEEDED him to! It wasn't the first time I realized I was addicted to this new thing Don had introduced me to!

I came out of the shower and found another cotton shift waiting for me to wear on the bed. I slipped into it and put on my high heels so I wouldn't have to walk barefoot through his house. Don was waiting, also apparently freshly showered and wearing his dungeon outfit like last time. My long hair was still wet, but I didn't care. I told Don I was his until eight PM, and not to worry about being too gentle on me. His smile was his answer, but he asked me if I was sure anyway. I nodded my head in response. Don had a silver bucket in his left hand with a small towel over it as we walked to the elevator, and I wondered what for.

Once we entered the toy room it was "game on", and Don got right into his role, and I had little choice but to get into mine as well. He grabbed both my wrists with his one large hand behind my back and marched me toward the stocks in my heels. His other hand was on the back of my neck and he guided me into the stocks. He easily held me there with his hips on my ass and latched the heavy oak top into position. I knew if I fought for real it would take more than one man to get little me into this position, and I wondered how they did this sort of thing for real hundreds of years ago. I decided I would read up on the historical practices of the time when I could.

I was trapped and bent over at the waist, and Don had obviously took my words to heart about not being too gentle. He left me little choice but to go where he directed me, but he didn't actually hurt me. I remembered his words from my last visit to his dungeon about the stocks. I was just as helpless as when I was suspended by the chains, but unable to even see what was going on behind me. Don had another surprise for me and opened a small round opening in the top of the stock about one inch in diameter directly above my head. I only caught it out of the corner of my eye when Don forced me into position.

He was directly behind me and forced my legs apart until my ass cheeks were being split by his erection through his pants. He reached way over me, Don is over six feet tall, and wrapped up my wet hair and lead it through the open one inch hole above my head. Next he pulled my hair slowly but firmly until my head was tipped back as to align my mouth and throat perfectly in my present position. I was held in a similar position as we make hubby take in his dog persona when he begs for a treat. He wound my hair around an iron bar that was hanging in a bracket on the back side of open hole, and closed the small device above my head. My hair was pulled painfully if I tried to drop my head, and I immediately saw the advantage of this position for Don.

When Don came around where I could see, he had my Barbie riding crop in his hand and he reached over me with it and smacked my ass that was still covered by my shift. I yelped and tried to lunge forward only to bump into Don's crotch and up against the mass of the heavy stocks. Don peeled off his pants and boots this time and I got a close up view of the same cock that first took my ass several weeks ago. He was just as hard now and smacked my cheek with his cock when I didn't open up quick enough to suck him. He also smacked my ass again with the crop.

I learned quickly and opened up, and he was deep into my mouth and he just kept pushing. I had never given head like this before in such a helpless position, I couldn't back away or even tell him to stop, and he kept pushing until he was all the way down my throat. He thrust in and out gently to let me get used to it, and I found if I relaxed I could breathe. Don waited until that happened before he started fucking my throat in earnest, and he smacked my ass with the crop while he was plunging in and out of my throat. After a few swats with the crop it became a welcome feeling, and one that I thought I would miss when he stopped.

I knew he had incredible staying power and decided if I didn't want him to do this all night long I should help him to cum quickly. I wrapped my lips and tongue tightly around his shaft as I fought with my gag reflex, and Don eventually unloaded deep enough in my throat that I didn't even taste him. The sting of the crop was lost in the pleasure of the moment, and I had a teaser orgasm with Don's cock in my throat...

Don pulled out, and a tendril of our combined juices was stretched between my lips and his cock for a very erotic moment. He then put the crop into my mouth, and told me if I dropped it he would really use it on me. I felt silly with it in my mouth, but decided my humiliation was better than an ass full of welts. I also had trouble keeping my aching jaw shut on the crop because it was just stretched open moments before by Don. Don went behind me and out of sight, and he hiked my cotton shift up until it was bunched up around my shoulders as everything below my neck was exposed. He roughly kneaded my tits and pinched my nipples and I fought not to drop the crop on the stone floor. I knew my tits probably looked larger than normal swinging below me as they were.

My feet were getting sore in my heels and I was unprepared for Don's still hard cock as it pushed up into my over wet pussy. I expected him to go for my ass instead as he had a kind of claim on it, but he seemed to enjoy what he was doing more. I know I was! Right when I was getting into a rhythm with Don he shocked me by dropping the contents of his silver bucket, ICE onto the small of my back! I was shocked and twitched as I dropped the crop with a clatter on the stone floor. Don picked up the pace then and was getting even rougher with me, actually lifting my high heels right off the floor with each powerful thrust. As rough as he was, I needed more. I told Don to smack my ass between my gasps, and he was only too happy to comply. His big hand came down on my upper thigh repeatedly with a loud crack as his other arm wrapped around my hips forcing me onto his cock. It didn't hurt at all, it just drove me over the edge to the most wonderful, shuddering orgasm...

I must have passed out for a moment, but awoke with a broken heel and Don still behind me... Don eventually came a second time deep inside me, and it drove me to another orgasm, although not as intense as the first one. Don pulled out and walked around to the fallen crop and picked it up. I looked up at him and expected the beating he promised me, and would have gladly accepted it in exchange for the fucking he just gave me. I hate to say he disappointed me, but he ONLY used the crop to sweep the scant remains of the ice off of my back. Don told me not to go away, playfully, as he left me alone in the toy room...

He came back down later, properly dressed and prepared to release me. I asked Don if he was going to keep me prisoner until I promised to model for his life sized Barbie doll. Before he could answer me I told him he didn't have to, and that I would love to model for him. I was released and removed my heels, the broken one would have made it impossible to walk properly. I went back upstairs and showered and dressed back into my work clothes without my heels. I had a pair of flats in my car, and I asked Don to throw the broken shoes out. When Don opened the parking garage for me I noticed he looked much less tense. I know I was.

* * * * *

The next day at work I had plane tickets and everything else I would need for my "special training" session. I left on a Monday, and hubby dropped me off at the airport before his work. Don had provided a real training manual for my special training session, and he left me a detailed itinerary of my week. Actually he left me two, the real one with the doll maker, and the one I would tell everybody else. I was to read the book on the plane and learn all I could have in the training that I never attended. It was oddly enough titled "Creative Problem Solving". There were several scenarios laid out in the book and I was supposed to solve each one after reading the chapter...

I was nervous about this "modeling nude for a doll maker". What if I screwed up, or even if they thought I was an unworthy subject? I secretly didn't think I would measure up well against the professional models... The scenarios in the book were a welcome distraction and I enjoyed them. There was one that sounded different than the others, and I gave that one extra attention as my answer took all the way until the plane was on final approach.

Once I landed I was met by Don's director friend. He was kind enough to come out in person, just to make me feel as comfortable as possible as he took me to my hotel. Don had booked a true five star hotel, nicer than I had ever stayed in. Levi, the director, asked me if I would like to have dinner at his house after I got settled in. He could plainly see how nervous I was and I accepted the sweet gesture. He had his driver pick me up at the hotel and I felt like a big shot, but wearing slacks and a blouse and not a designer dress.

Dinner was fun and Levi had some great stories about Don when he was younger. I instantly got the feeling he knew all about Don and I, but by mutual silent understanding neither of us brought it up. I also got the feeling his wife didn't like Don, and she excused herself from the table as soon as his name came up. I rarely drink, but Levi had some awesome wine and I knew I didn't have to drive, plus this man was trusted by Don and was therefore trusted by me. I felt very loose and found out that he directed commercials now, and by all appearance made a fortune doing it, and we talked like old friends. It was dark out and I knew I had to get some rest, but Levi wanted to show me something he said he knew I would appreciate.

We walked out onto his rear lawn and walked for hundreds of feet through a tree line until we came to a heavy steel door, set into concrete and built into an earthen bank. It looked like what I imagined a cold war bomb shelter would look like, and Levi confirmed that it was. This was turning into an adventure for me and he lead me into the vast chamber and lit the many lights inside. I found what I thought was the inspiration for Don's play room. Levi had a torture chamber made up of old movie props that looked real and functional. He said this stuff was from old movies and he loved to rescue such things before they were lost.

Levi gave me his tour and it reminded me of Don's except Levi knew exactly what old movie each piece was from. Some of it was rusty, like the iron chains, but I loved it. I also loved old black and white horror movies when I was a kid, and even had some on DVD for rainy days at home. Levi was excited when I told him this, and I pointed out his missing rack from a particular movie that he had other pieces from. He told me that the rack in question was lost in a fire along with so many other pieces. I noticed the way his collection was arranged, with plenty of room to actually use each piece. I suspected this was more than a mere storage area!

I told Levi I had a friend, Ken, who could build anything from a picture, and I had a copy of the movie at home. I told him Ken could probably build him the movie rack if he wanted. Levi was interested, but told me he had not had it built yet because if it became known, it could ruin him. I told him that Ken could keep a secret, and lived far away from the west coast. Ken and I weren't getting along lately, ever since I was Don's Barbie Bondage Deluxe doll, and thought this would let him know I was thinking about him.

Levi had his driver take me to the hotel, after I thanked him for a wonderful dinner, and the tour. We already had each others cell phone numbers, but Levi gave me a card with his driver's name and number and told me to call him whenever I needed a ride to the studio, or anywhere else. I told him I couldn't, but he insisted. He gave me a second card with a web site on it and a code number, and told me with that I could see all the work he had done over the years. Levi knew his early years were in short erotic black and white horror films under a different name, and wanted to see if I was interested in them. That was another reason he loved his collection so much, that stuff along with his innovative idea of using cheap black and white film made him more money than he needed so long ago. With the code he gave me I could go anywhere on the vast site, but he could also see where I went!

The first day at the studio the car dropped me off, and everybody was so nice. I felt foolish for my earlier lack of confidence on the plane. It was like going to a fashion shoot, my hair and makeup were done and at least twenty pictures were taken of my eyes and head from all angles. After a break one of the several apprentices asked me to go into the changing room and put on the thick bathrobe she handed me. I assumed she intended me to be nude under it and that's the way I took it. I sat on a stool like I envisioned an art class model would and was asked to slip off my robe. I felt like an object to be photographed and sketched, it felt like art. I only hesitated maybe two seconds the first time I posed nude for the two apprentices. I sat, and then we took a break, I stood and then we took another break... Every time one of the girls sketched me, and one of the guys took pictures. I felt less and less deserving of clothes like them with every pose, and finally I didn't even put the bathrobe back on between breaks. I was also measured in various places so the "body" being made for my skin would be the right size.

I wanted to see what they were doing and the girl was only too happy to show me her sketches. Each was a sketch of her vision of my muscle structure under my skin. That is why they had me pose as I was. If I put together all the sketches it would look like I was skinned alive, like some kind of medical school poster! I was told I could leave early, however they still had alot of work to do. They had hours of work ahead getting my skeleton ready and building the synthetic muscles that would be hidden under my silicone skin. I called for my ride and almost walked out into the lobby nude I was so used to it. The master doll maker gave me special instruction for the next day, no clothing in the morning so there won't be any marks on my skin, and don't eat past dinner either. He said he would cast me tomorrow, and that I shouldn't get nervous about it because most people actually enjoy the process. He gave me some other instructions and a pill to take in the morning to help me relax, and said he would see me at five am for an early start.

I had time to kill once back at the hotel and I ate a small lunch. I then called hubby to tell him everything was going great. I found my one piece and went down to the hotel hot tub, and relaxed in it all by myself... Later I looked up the site Levi told me about on my laptop, and with the code he gave me I found he had quite the career. I especially liked some of the erotic horror stuff he did early on with what looked like the same things I saw in his collection. The next time I noticed it was near midnight, and I had missed out on my opportunity to eat dinner. I took a bath and shaved and then went to bed nude as instructed. I couldn't help but to think I would have loved to be in one of his early films.

Casting day was here and I would have felt self-consious about being in the hotel lobby wearing only my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, IF anybody was awake at that early hour to see me. The pill I was given was all natural and was supposed to relax me, as well as suppress my need to use the bathroom, and seemed to be working fine. I was glad Levi lent me his driver for the week as finding and riding in a taxi like this would have been a bad idea, relaxed or not. Levi's driver was a large muscular black man who looked like he could double as a body guard. He was always the perfect gentleman and held the door for me and everything, even though I was sure he had to get up at four am just to pick me up. If he was surprised by what I was wearing he didn't let on, and I knew I had to think of some kind of thank you gift to give him at the end of this.

The casting was just exactly that, a full body cast would be made of me, head to toe, except for the back of my head. A permanent wig was already being made to duplicate my hair exactly at a local shop, as were fake eyes. I went to the bathroom one last time and then stripped off the bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. There were several people there and each had a job to do in a process that looked mundane to me. It gave me confidence in the fact that they did this all the time. Two of the girls were tasked to prepare my body and that included spreading a release agent over EVERY square inch of my body so the casting wouldn't stick. I took comfort in the fact that they looked as uncomfortable doing it as I was having them do it to me. With that complete they secured a thin, impossibly strong wire to my skin so they could pull it and open me up like a can of ham when the casting was dry. Both halves of my casting, once I was out of them, would be reassembled and filled with a skim coat of liquid silicone and rolled around continuously until an exact copy of my skin, fingerprints and all were complete.

The casting material was mixed and I sat in a chair as the guys started casting my legs to just below my knees. They spread the material all over my legs and even between my toes, and it was odd to have their hands all over me. The pill I was given had me so relaxed that they could have told me they were going to throw me into a wood chipper, and I would have helped them! Two other apprentices were working on my arms in the same manner. When they were done I couldn't move until the heavy casting was rigid. A spider like frame was wheeled over and my leg and arm casts were attached to it in a familiar standing spread eagle position. The master doll maker explained earlier that this position would stretch out my knees, shoulders, and elbows, as well as my breasts for a better looking skin cast.

The team went to work casting the rest of my exposed body, and their combined hands were all over my most private parts, but I was strangely relaxed, like the whole experience was happening to somebody else. I noticed the guys took pleasure teasing up my nipples with their rough hands, their erect shape to be eventually preserved in silicone. One of the girls said I was probably glad I wasn't ordered as a fully functional model. At my perplexed look she explained that option would require the insertion of two large dongs in both ends of me, to be cast as cavities for "penetration".

The team worked to my head and one of the girls put plugs in my ears and straws up my nose so I could breathe. An oval tube was also put into my mouth, and I had a second reason not to fear suffocation. When they did my face and head I had to work at staying calm, but the staff kept talking to me and I could hum answers to the questions I was asked. They were mostly wanting to know if I was comfortable and OK. With most all of me covered up, with the exception of my hair, the team started working the air pockets out by rubbing their hands all over the still soft casting, forcing the material deeper between the cleft of my ass and snug on my pussy. I was reminded to breathe as shallow as possible or it would look like I had a larger belly than I did. At some point I was no longer touching the ground, and several other hard points were attached from the cast to the spider like frame.

The casting material wasn't like the kind of cast one gets on a broken leg, it was some kind of two part epoxy type mixture that everybody there was very secretive about. I was left hanging and at least one of the crew were left with me at all times, smoothing the cast here and there, although I couldn't feel it now. I was blindfolded by the cast and without somebody talking to me as they were I would have freaked out. I realized with the ear plugs and the now warm casting the girl talking to me must have been just about shouting for me to hear her at all. I don't know when it happened, but I was so comfortable trussed up in the warm cast that I fell asleep... I only awoke when I felt the thin wire being pulled through the casting and I realized I was now positioned on my back.

Contrary to the name, the release agent didn't stop some of my skin, specifically my nipples and my sex from sticking to the mold as it was raised off of me. I left at least half of my eyelashes in the head part of the mould, and my ears felt like they would get ripped off. If it were up to me I would have torn the thing off, but fortunately they were more patient than I am. The bottom half of the now cut mold was fully supporting me, and I was carefully rolled over with the spider like mount still attached to the back side of the cast. I was lowered by hand out of mold and some of the guys had their hands in places that they didn't need to be. I was nothing but grateful though, and made my way slowly to the shower to clean off. I couldn't believe it was late afternoon, and I had been held immobile for hours. I had several erotic dreams of being turned into a living doll while in the casting, and hoped I wasn't too noisy!

I never thought to take something to wear on the way back to the hotel, and I was left with my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers to walk through the busy lobby. I hated to ask Tony, the directors driver, to pick me up something to wear, but I only had so many choices without even my wallet. I called for a ride and explained my situation, Tony offered to get me something out of my room, or buy me something to wear on our way to the hotel. I chose the latter option, and rode in the back of the limo to a store that specialized in club wear. Tony had a playful smile on his face and told me he would buy me anything I wanted in this store, IF he liked it on me.

I knew I could have told him to take me some place else and he would have, but this was more fun. And modeling this slutty stuff for him would be my way to thank him for all the inconvenience I had put him through. I walked in and you would think it was common for a woman to shop in her bathrobe for club wear in the early evening, at least on the west coast! I am sure that these people thought I was somebody important, and happily had me model various dresses for Tony. Most of them were "lingerie optional", and I didn't have any with me. I picked the most conservative dress there and Tony was happy to let me try it on for him. Several dresses later I knew he was not going to let me leave there with anything that he didn't approve of. I decided I was starving and to speed things up I just told him to pick what he wants me to wear. He picked a little black dress that fit like a glove, and some very high heels to go with it. I knew I would attract attention when I got out of his limo now, even IF I could do it without showing the world that I wasn't wearing panties.

There were no prices on anything in that store, and I almost choked when I saw the cash register. Tony said it was OK and I told him I would give him the money at the hotel. He asked me if I was hungry, and I knew he must have had heard my stomach growling earlier. I said yes, and he offered to take anywhere I wanted. We must have looked quite the sight as we drove up to a fast food drive through in a limo, with me in the back wearing a dress fit for a club!

As it turns out I was apparently a good model because we didn't need to redo any of my part of the doll. I had time on my hands and surfed Levi's movie site extensively on line. My doll was done toward the end of the week, and that was a rush job for this kind of thing. The director and Tony took me back to the studio to see the finished project, and it was unnerving to be standing next to a nude copy of myself, but she was perfect. I felt everybody there comparing her to me, and I felt like telling them to throw some clothes on her or something! They showed me how her skin moves just like mine, and waited until I felt her up like they had just done. It was as if their hands were all over me instead. I might as well stripped right there for Levi and Tony as they both knew exactly what I looked like now anyway...

I knew Don would be happy with the results, and she was boxed up for shipment to his place. Levi had me over for dinner one more time, and I told him how Tony wouldn't take the money for the dress he bought me. The director told me he would find a way compensate him for his generosity, but the director wouldn't take my money either. The wine was really flowing this time, and I felt closer to the man who now knew exactly what I look like nude, without ever seeing me that way. I told the director how I would have loved to be in one of his old movies. We then talked at length and I told him what I thought the perfect erotic horror movie would be. He acted shocked when I told him my idea for shooting it, and the general premise for the movie, for the most part it wouldn't need a script. We discussed the movie I envisioned, with the aid of the wine we both had too much of, and to me it was all hypothetical. Levi thought it would be fun to make one "over the top" movie, and make it look very old using old film. He knew the lead character I had in mind would be impossible to cast though...

When I flew home I found my old car missing, and a brand new 5.0 liter five speed Mustang waiting in my driveway. It was a wonderful surprise, but the note on the dash said it was a gift from my "Uncle Don", and I knew that meant we would never play together again. I knew that the note, signed as it was, meant our relationship had changed, and I was to think of him as my Uncle that he wasn't, and not a lover from now on.



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