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Bound for an Unknown Destiny

by Robinoff

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© Copyright 2009 - Robinoff - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; strip; bond; rope; gag; tease; nipple; hood; hogtie; bagged; box; packaged; cartrunk; mast; denial; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

I found myself standing in front of a full length mirror. My feet were bare and I was wearing jeans and a blue small-checked shirt over a white t-shirt and white cotton briefs which covered no more than they needed to. My mouth was filled with a large ball-gag pushed deep in and over that was wrapped the whole of a wide adhesive bandage, completely sealing my mouth. My arms were tied behind my back with ropes at wrists, forearms and elbows and the rope round my forearms was also wrapped tightly round my waist just above my waistband, immobilising my arms.

My captor was standing behind me, wearing black leather jeans and a white t-shirt. His hands were on my shoulders, massaging them; slowly he slid his hands down my front until he reached my nipples. He circled them slowly with his fingertips then started to caress them, gently at first with his fingertips, then taking them between his finger and thumb and squeezing and twisting them, but not too hard, eliciting groans of pleasure from behind my gag.

He slid his hands to my shirt buttons and very slowly undid them to my waist, before sliding his hands back up my stomach and chest pulling my shirt wide open as he did so until his hands were once again on my nipples. He played with them through my t-shirt, making them engorge further and sending shock waves to my cock.

He pulled my shirt just off my shoulders and took another length of rope; he attached it to my elbow bondage and then wrapped it round and round my chest tightly just below my nipples and tied it off behind me. His hands went back to my nipples and carried on playing with them, more firmly now, starting to make them hurt a bit. He produced a pair of strong clover clamps and attached them to my nipples; I gasped through my gag at the sudden pain.

He moved his hands down my body to my waist and unbuckled my belt, before pulling it out and dropping it on the floor. He unbuttoned the fastener at the top of my fly and slowly undid all the buttons and pulled the flaps open, revealing my bulging cock straining inside my tiny briefs. He told me to part my legs wide and then he let my jeans slide down my legs until they were held just above my knees.

He ran his hands over the front of my briefs feeling my cock and then slid one hand inside to release my cock and allow it to stand up straight and rigid. He pulled my briefs back over my cock and slid his hands round behind me to fondle my buttocks. He slid one hand between my legs and while his fingers felt the back of my balls his thumb pushed firmly up against my rosebud. At the same time his other hand was massaging my cock through my briefs; I was breathing heavily, getting very near to cumming. He told me that under no circumstances was I was to cum without his permission.

Then he slid my briefs down my legs freeing my cock; he took a length of cord and tied it tightly round the base of my cock and then round the top of my balls and back round my cock in front of my balls; a second length he tied tightly just below my glans and took round my back holding my cock tightly against my stomach.

He told me to bend over and then he lashed my buttocks hard about a dozen times with my belt which he had doubled over. I screamed through my gag but he ignored me, just carrying on with the beating and ordering me to stay still. I heard him undoing his jeans and then felt cool cream being spread into my rosebud; this was quickly followed by his cock which pushed its way insistently inside until its full length was buried deep inside me.

He held it there for a moment or two then started to slide it in and out, slowly ay first but gathering pace until it was like a piston and he suddenly exploded inside me forcing his great cock inside me until his stomach pushed against my buttocks. He held himself inside me for a while and then withdrew, wiping his cock clean on my buttocks.

He pushed a large butt-plug deep inside me and then told me to put my legs together. I did so and as I did my jeans and briefs slid to the floor. He told me to step out of them, leaving me wearing just my t-shirt and my shirt pulled wide open and off my shoulders. He took a rope and passed it between my wrists, then down between my buttocks and up and round the base of my cock, before taking it back between my legs, through my wrists and back down between my legs and round and round the top of my thighs. He then proceeded to tie my legs tightly above and below my knees and at the ankles.

He made me kneel down and then helped me to lie down on my front. He pulled my ankles up behind me and tied them off to my elbow bondage, before taking another rope and tying it round underneath my thighs and over my ankles several times, forcing my heels hard down on to the back of my thighs. Then he told me to take a last look at myself in the mirror; I did so and saw myself tightly bound in a stringent hog-tie with the lower half of my face buried beneath a wide swathe of tape.

He quickly pulled a black leather hood over my head; it had no holes at eyes or mouth, just a couple of small holes under my nostrils to breathe through. He laced the hood up at the back and pulled the straps tight at mouth and eyes and a third one from under my chin over the top of my head clamping my mouth tightly round the gag. He took a rope from a ring on the top of the hood and, pulling my head back, he attached it to my ankle binding. I was now completely helpless, totally unable to move, unable to make a sound and utterly sightless. 

I felt a bag pulled up my body and over my head and tied off and then further straps tightened round my body. He left me there like that for a little while. Then I felt myself being lifted up by my knees and my shoulders, clearly by two people and then lowered down into a box which was just big enough for my body; my forehead was pressed against one end and my knees against the other and it was just wide enough for my body. Some sort of filling was packed round me and then a lid was forced down, pressing the packing tightly against me, and nailed down.

I couldn’t move a muscle and it was starting to warm up. I was quite glad he had removed all my clothes apart from my t-shirt and open shirt but I was still starting to sweat. I had no idea what was going to happen to me but despite that I felt very aroused in my bondage and would have cum if it wasn’t for the cord round my cock and balls which prevented it.

Suddenly I felt the box being lifted up and it was carried a short distance and then put down again. I felt what seemed like a boot lid being slammed shut. A few minutes later I felt the vibrations of an engine being started up and I realized I was in the boot of a car being driven away. I wondered where I was going and why and who was taking me. I rather regretted letting him tie me up so easily at the beginning, thinking it was just for a bit of fun. Why had I even told him I enjoyed bondage in the first place? Why had I let him tie that first rope round my wrists and the one round my elbows which made me really helpless?

The answer was simple – the idea of being tied up by him had turned me on so much. Maybe when the gag became so comprehensive with the swathes of bandage, I should have realized and stopped him, but by then I was so aroused that I wouldn’t have wanted to even if I had suspected his motives in tying me up and I was pretty helpless anyway by then so it would have been too late. And I was still feeling totally aroused, just rather apprehensive as well, the fact of the matter was that this was what I had always dreamed of.




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