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by Sockless74

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© Copyright 2003 - Sockless74 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; kidnap; trunk; toys; insert; climax; reluct/cons; X

It was Emily's first day of a new job as a waitress at a diner downtown. She liked the job and was glad that she found something so quickly when she moved into this area. The diner was right across from a very large office building full of high paid executives. They were always good tippers. The dress was casual so she could wear jeans and sneakers and be comfortable. She never wore socks or underwear and was glad that she didn't have to worry about having to wear them. Her shift went to 11:00 pm and she was going home. She got on the bus and sat down. She realized after a few minutes that she had got on the wrong bus. She got off at the next stop. It took her a few minutes to figure out where she was. She determined that her apartment was only 3 blocks away if she cut through an alleyway, but 6 blocks if she took the main streets around. She decided to go through the alley. It was well lit and looked safe. 

As she was walking along she heard something behind her, then saw a flash of a hand in front of her face holding a cloth. The cloth was held over her nose and mouth while her arms were held from behind. She was unconscious in only a few seconds. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a room. She was still wearing her work clothes and was not hurt. The room was about 10 feet wide by 10 feet long. The floor was concrete. She looked around the room. There was a table and chair on one wall with a pen and some paper. In the middle of the room was a wooden trunk. It was small about 3 feet long 18 inches wide and 2 feet tall. It was open and inside was a blanket in the bottom and a red button on one end. There was a wire that ran from the box to a digital clock on the wall. In all 4 corners on the ceiling were little video cameras. On the wall across from the clock was a computer screen built into the wall. She was scared and wanted to leave, but there was no door. She got up and tried kicking a wall. They were made of steel and did not move. She began to cry and scream for help. Then she heard a beep come from the computer screen. She went over to it and looked at the message on the screen.

It said, "Emily, You have been captured by the Encasers. No harm will come to you. If you do as you are told you will be released after an undetermined amount of time and allowed to return to your normal life. You will determine the amount of time. You are to get inside the box in the middle of the room and pull the lid shut. It will lock once closed. Once the box is closed the clock on the wall will start to keep track of how long you have been locked inside. There is a button inside the box that will stop the clock. You have to stop the clock when you have been inside the box for 3 days or more. If you press it when it is less than 3 days you will be given a one-hour break from the box to clean yourself and eat, but you will return to the box and the 3 days will restart. If you do not follow these instructions you will never leave this place. You will spend the rest of your life inside a small box. You may write one letter to anyone you wish telling them of what is happening to you. If you fail to obey you will be allowed to write one more letter to let them know they will never see you again. In your letter do not tell them who we are or describe this room or how you were captured. Also tell them to not contact the police. If they do contact the police and it is made public what has happened to you, you will remain here for life. The letter will be read before it is mailed. You will also find a vibrator in the box that you may use as much as you wish while inside the box. You will also find several tubes inside the box. One is water for you to drink. The other 2 are for the removal of your waste. You do not have to use these tubes, but they will make your stay a little more comfortable. Do not attempt to escape this room any further. It is impossible to escape. You have one hour to write the letter and lock yourself inside the box. If you are not locked inside in one hour it will be viewed as directly disobeying your instructions."

She finished reading what the screen said and looked over at the clock. As soon as she turned her head to look at it the timer started and the computer screen when black. She stood there stunned at what was happening to her. She stared in disbelief at the box as her first 5 minutes ticked away. She sat down at the table and thought about what she should do. She thought about trying again to get out. Maybe if she kicked the computer screen out she could get out thru that hole, but if there was no way out behind it she would be trapped here for life. She decided that the best thing to do would be to obey what they want and she will get to go home in 3 days. She was not afraid of enclosed spaces, but would rather not be locked inside one for a long time. She knew it was either obey what they wanted or spend the rest of her life in this place. She turned to the table and picked up the pen. She was not sure who to write to. Her parents were both deceased. She barely knew her aunts and uncles. She had no really close friends to write to. She finally started to write a letter to her sister Kate. They were not really close, but she knew that Kate would take her letter seriously. 

Once she finished writing the letter she looked at the clock. She only had 10 minutes left. She went over to the box and found the vibrator. She wanted to use it while in the box, but didn't want to take her clothes off in front of the cameras. She finally decided to use it anyways. She pulled her jeans down and slid the vibrator in. It went in easy since she shaves her pubic hair. She then inserted the tubes so she could use the bathroom while in the box. Then she pulled her jeans back up. It felt odd to have so many things inside her like that. She had only 2 minutes left. She stepped into the box making sure that her head was at the end with the water. She got down on her knees and waited until the clock had 20 seconds left. She turned the vibrator on then bent down and squeezed in tight. She pulled the string as she had been instructed and the lid came down and made a locking sound that sounded permanent and secure. It was dark and quiet. The clock started to count the seconds. Her heart started to pound as she realized that she would be here for 3 days. 

She wondered how well she would be able to keep track of the passing time. The vibrator pulled her away from these thoughts and drew her into the pleasure that it was giving her. She almost forgot about where she was. She then began to think about the vibrator and how it would be running for 3 days straight while she was in this box. She had no way to shut it off. The thought of having unstoppable orgasms over and over made her even more turned on. Then the real pleasure began for her. She shook as her body was attacked by the best orgasm she had ever had in her life. It must have lasted for 10 minutes. She started to lose consciousness during it, but fought it so she could enjoy the full power of the orgasm. It came to an end and she relaxed. She then drifted off to sleep.

Outside the box her captors watched as the box shook from her first orgasm in the box. Once it ended they took the letter and read it over to make sure there was nothing in it that they had instructed Emily not to put in it. Then the letter was mailed to her sister. Her sister got the letter 2 days later. She believed the letter, but knew there was nothing she could do about it. She knew her sister would be able to handle the time inside the box and would call her as soon as she was home.

Emily awoke some time later and the vibrator was still active. She guessed that her total time was about 6 hours already. She drank some water. The process she kept repeating was hours of joyful orgasms, then several hours of being asleep. During her time awake she would have 10 or more orgasms before she finally passed out. She had a hard time keeping track of how long she had been in for. She was ready to come out of the box. She thought it had been about 3 days, but was not quite sure. She decided to stay for another day so that she would not make a mistake and come out early.

She was enjoying being locked in the box. She felt like a little ball of sexual energy. Once home she would have to do this to herself every now and then. She waited for what seemed like a day. After another powerful orgasm she drank a little water and reached for the button. She pressed the button and heard a beep from outside. Then the lid to the box unlocked. She was stiff and it hurt to unbend her body, but she started to sit up. She did not look right at the clock just yet. She was looking down at the box. Then she held her breath and looked at the clock. Tears came to her eyes as she saw 2 days, 9 hours 11 minutes 55 seconds. She was angry with herself for not waiting the last 15 hours. She did kind of look forward to repeating the time in the box and experiencing the powerful orgasms again. The computer screen beeped. She stood up and took out the vibrator and the tubes. She walked over to the screen.

It said, "You have failed to remain inside the box for 3 full days. You must start over in one hour. Go into the door that opened and clean yourself up, once you return a hot meal will be waiting for you. You have one hour."

She turned around and the clock started to count down the hour. A door slid open and led into a small bathroom. It also had a concrete floor and metal walls. There was everything she needed to get herself cleaned up, even a razor so she could shave the stubble that was growing in her crotch. She took a nice hot shower and put on the clean jeans and shirt they had provided her with. She went out the door and it slid shut behind her. On the table was a plate with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. She was so hungry after not eating for the whole time in the box. She finished off the meal and saw she only had 5 minutes to get inside the box.

She pulled her jeans down and grabbed the vibrator. She noticed that it was a different one than she had before. She slid it in and put the tubes in place. The tube also had been replaced. She got in the box, turned the vibrator on and locked herself in, not waiting for the time to run out. She actually was looking forward to being locked in again.

The vibrator started its work. This new one seemed more powerful than the first one. It felt so much better than the other one did. It did not take long and the box was shaking again. She went back and forth between orgasms and unconsciousness. Drinking a little water every now and then. What she did not know is that in the water there was a little bit of viagra mixed in to make her even hornier. She got to the point when she thought it had been 3 days, but decided to wait longer again. So she waited for another 3 days. She figured that if she doubled what she thought was 3 days she would get enough time inside the box to be released.

Once she thought another 3 days went by she pushed the button. There was the beep of the clock and the lid came open. She sat up and looked at the clock. She was happy and kind of sad at what she saw. It said 4 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes, 25 seconds. She spent a lot more time in the box than she had to, but did get to go home now. The computer screen beeped and she went over and read what it said.

"Congratulations Emily, you have spent the required amount of time inside the box. You will be freed shortly. First clean yourself up and have another hot meal. Then get inside the box. You will be returned to you home inside the box. You have no time limit"

Emily went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. As she showered she thought about being locked in the box. When she thinks about it she really did liked it and it made her horny. Her hands slipped between her legs and after a few minutes of rubbing she brought herself to a powerful orgasm. After the shower she put the clothes back on she came in. They had been cleaned for her. She left the bathroom and ate the spaghetti that was on the table. As she ate she made a decision. She grabbed the pen and paper and began to write. She took the paper and set it on the floor next to the box. She took the vibrator and tubes and put them inside her. She turned on the vibrator and locked herself inside the box.

A few minutes later her captors entered the room. They were extremely curious what she had written down on the piece of paper.

Together they read, "Dear Encasers, thank you for keeping your word on what you said about taking me home after meeting the required amount of hours inside the box. Also, I'd like to thank you for treating me kindly and doing no harm to me. You have earned my trust and I'd like to extend that trust for the rest of my life. I know I didn't disobey any of your instructions, but I choose to remain here for the rest of my life being locked inside boxes like this. I have already written a letter to my sister explaining that I will be remaining here by choice."

With that they looked at each other and smiled. They disconnected the wire from the box to the clock, which also powered the opening of the lid. They were now in control of when Emily would be getting out of the box and they planned to wait for quite a long time before they let her out again. They walked out of the room as the box began to shake harder than it shook any other time.

The author of this story wishes you to know that he does not condone kidnapping and that this story is just fantasy.


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