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Brianna the Alligator Girl

by Garsponlin

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Brian's phone rings.

“Brian I have a really unusual request.”

“I bet it's not, nothing you want is unusual.”

“I’m willing to bet to haven't heard of this one before.”

“Surprise me.”

“Ok here goes, I need a girl who is willing to go into an alligator skin.”

“That's not what I was expecting, how is that unusual?”

“It is because the girl would need to stay in the alligator skin for a couple of months.”


“She would be in a horror film I want to make, and to make her really realistic she would have to be sealed into a real alligator skin, and if I tried to get her out it would destroy it and they cost a fortune.”

“What about putting her in just as the film starts?”

“That wouldn't work, she would need weeks of training to be convincing.”

“This is going to be a really tough one, does it need to be a female? Couldn't it be a guy? That would probably be a lot easier.”

“No it must be a female but a very strong one, have you seen how alligators move, no guy would be able to move like that, no it must be a female.”

“I have just thought of a problem, I bet you haven't thought about feeding her?”

“I have there is a company that makes a liquid food, its doesn't produce any waste, plus it has a very strong sexual stimulant in it, so that will help to keep her happy.”

“Wow you seem to have thought of everything.”

“I hope so.”

“Ok Samantha, I will give it a go but I don't hold out much hope.”

“I know you have never failed me before and the fee is enormous if that helps.”

“Well it will certainly help.”

Brian adores Samantha and he knows what its like to shag her, and if he can pull this off he knows she will let him shag her probably for days.

Samantha is not very confident about this, but she is still quite upbeat, she always finds a way if she can't she will have to do it herself, it's that important.

She sits in her conservatory with a glass of red wine thinking over what she will do if Brian let's her down, after half an hour her phone rings it's Brian.

“Sorry to phone you at home Samantha, but I think I have found someone, I actually think she is perfect.”

“Wow I didn't think it would be that quick, in fact I was beginning to think it wasn't possible, does she know about the two months?”

“Yes she does, I think she is desperate for money.”

“I like it.”

“If she is suitable would it be ok if I watched, I find this whole scene quite fascinating “

“I would need you to help anyway, so you will be part of it, can you get her measurements I need them before I order the alligator.”

“I already have them, I supply all her clothes.”

“Excellent text me them and I will phone the alligator man.”

Brian disconnects the call and does that immediately and she phones Roger the alligator man straight away.

“Hi Barry, Samantha here I phoned you the other day if you remember.”

“I do remember what can I do for you?”

“It's regarding what I talked to you about, I now need an alligator skin asap.”

“Ok let me have the persons measurements and I will find one for you.”

She gives them to him over the phone and he asks her to hold on while he has a look.

“I have one it was killed two days ago and I have already cleaned it's insides out, so I think its just perfect, if you want it I can bring it over tomorrow morning.”

“Excellent yes bring it over, can you put it in preserver overnight.”

“I have already done that so its ready as soon as you get it, I promise it will still look good in five years.”

“You are a star, I will have the cash here waiting for you.”

Samantha phones Brian and he answers straight away.

“Ok it's all set up, can you bring her over tomorrow afternoon, I think we need to do it quickly before she can change her mind, by the way what is her name.”

“It's Brianna and you will be really impressed when you see her.”


“She is a stunner that's why.”

“So long as she is fit and strong that's the important thing.”

Samantha puts the phone down and refills her glass with more red wine, she is so elated that she drinks the wine straight down and fills her glass again, its late by the time she goes to bed.

She does sleep very well, the amount she has drunk probably did that but as soon as she wakes she gets up.

Today is probably the most important day all year, she really needs everything to work perfectly, so she gets dressed in her sexiest outfit she wants to distract Brianna as much as possible, but she also loves dressing like this anyway and Brian will be really impressed, she just loves turning him on.

She gets to work really early as she wants to make sure everything is ready, she has bought lots of expanding rubber foam and special glue on her way to work, she also brought in a rubber hood and a few other things she already has those at home, so she doesn't need to go to the sex shop its not open yet anyway.

Brian arrives a few minutes later so they go over how they are going to deal with Brianna when she arrives later.

“I have lots to do but I won't get involved with any of it till tomorrow, this is far too important.”

Barry arrives just after nine and they help carry the alligator skin into the office its still quite heavy even with its insides removed, before he leaves he shows her what he has done to prepare it, afterwards she pays him and he drives back to the alligator farm.

“Now I have seen it, I must say it looks really terrifying.”

“It does doesn't it, that's exactly how I want it to look, when Brianna is in it i'm hoping it will look real.”

“I think you can guarantee that.”

Brian helps Samantha turn the alligator onto its back and they cover it with a sheet now they just have to wait for Brianna to arrive.

“You do look sexy today Samantha.”

“I hope so I want Brianna to be so distracted by me that she won't react badly to what I want to do to her.”

Brian has a huge erection and he uses it on Samantha and she loves it he bends her over her office chair and shags her, for some reason the thought of putting Brianna in the alligator is making both of them very randy, and its not till they hear the door bell that they stop. Samantha disappears into the toilet so she can rearrange her clothing, while Brian answers the door and he just manages to put his penis back in his trousers by the time he gets there.

“Hi Brianna come in.”

She has a good idea of what he has been up to, as he looks very flustered.

He walks back into the main office with Brianna following, and by the time they are in there Samantha has come back.

“Brian wasn't exaggerating, you really are a stunner Brianna.”

“Thanks, but not as stunning as you I think.”

“I will take that as a compliment coming from you, ok have a seat has Brian explained everything about the job.”

“Yes I think so, but it does sound very bizarre, what you want me to do?”

“It is but the financial rewards are enormous, you would be a very rich girl afterwards.”

“How much are we actually talking about.”

“About two million pounds maybe more with bonuses.”

“That is a lot of money but what you propose is going to be very tough, so maybe that is not enough.”

“It is tax free did Brian tell you that.”

“No he didn't, I guess that does make quite a difference.”

“Ok will you do it or do I need to find someone else?”

“I will do it so long as you promise to release me afterwards.”

“That I promise.”

“Then lets do it.”

“Great ok you had better get undressed first.”

Brianna doesn't waste any time she has all her clothes and shoes off in a couple of minutes.

“Ok sit down I need to cut all your hair off you will be so much more comfortable inside the alligator.”

“Ok just do it.”

Samantha get her electric shears and removes all Brianna's hair and eyebrows, then she shaved her all over with a wet shaver and paints hair root killer over her whole head and body, then after ten minutes she gets her to walk into the shower where she washes it all off.

“What was that for?”

“It was just to make sure you are clean.”


“When you are inside the alligator you won't be able to see anything, so its best if I cover you eyes, don't worry you will get your sight back afterwards and also the way I will feed you is through a plastic pipe attached to a breathe through ball gag, are you ok with that?”

“I suppose I will have to, but i'm not too happy with all that.”

“The two months will go by really quickly I promise.”

“Ok .”

“Great, ok close your eyes for me.”

Brianna does that and Samantha seals them shut with special glue and shaped pieces of latex, she then paint her eye sockets and glues two more bigger shaped pieces of latex on.

“So I can talk to you when you are in the alligator I need to put an audio receiver in you left ear, so hold still while I do it.”

She is more than ok with that so she sits patiently while Samantha fits it then, she fills both ears with wax, now she can't hear anything unless the transmitter is on so Samantha does turn it on.

“Can you hear me ok?”

“Yes fine.”

“What I want to do now is fit a device in your fanny called a zapper, don't worry its to give you pleasure I promise you will love it.”

“Is it like a vibrator.”

“Yes but much more sexy.”

“Ok do that.”

Samantha gets a new zapper out of its box, tests it and slides in right into Brianna fanny, then she seals it in with glue and a piece of shaped latex.
“Ok its the gag now, do you want to say anything before I fit it?”

“No just do it.”

“Ok open wide this is quite big so it might hurt at first.”

Brianna opens her mouth as wide as she can and Samantha still has a job to push it in, when she is happy its fully in she does the straps up behind her head.

“Brilliant nearly done, I just need to paint you head, face and neck with a skin preserver it will help to keep your skin in good condition.”

What Samantha has just told Brianna is a lie, but she has no way of knowing that, when she has painted enough glue/skin preserver on she pulls a black rubber hood on with only one hole in it for the breathing/feeding tube and smooths it down. Brianna get very agitated at that and tries to stand up but Brian holds her down. Samantha makes sure the audio transmitter is off when she speaks to him.

“I thought that might happen, i'm guessing she will struggle when we put her in the alligator so be ready for that.”

While Brian holds Brianna, Samantha pulls the sheet off the alligator and mixes up lots of the expanding rubber foam and adds the activator and mixes it again, then she pours plenty into the alligators body and legs

Before they lift her in Samantha glues a long stainless steel rod deep into the bum, Brian has no idea what that is for but he trusts her so he doesn't say anything.

“Ok Brian lets get her in.”

Now Brian can see what the rod it for they have to seal the other end into the alligators tail, then they lower a struggling Brianna in head first. Samantha has to force her head and breathing pipe into the alligators head and mouth before they can lower her into the body and legs, both of them force her body and limbs deep into the foam and hold her while it expands and its several minutes before the foam has stopped expanding.

“She won't be able to get out now Brian, so you can stop holding her.”

Samantha mixes up a small amount and pours it into the head space so when that's finished expanding Brianna can't move her head at all, then she mixes more up and they fill the rest of the alligators body and legs, while it expands they make sure the slits in the stomach and legs are closed right up, so now you can hardly see where they had been.

Before the foam goes too hard Samantha cleans any excess off with white spirit.

“That was so stressful I will be happy if I don't get to do that again.”

“Me too, I wonder what Brianna is thinking right now?”

“She will be really angry but hopefully she will calm down when she realizes that she can't get out.”

“Are you really going to pay her two million pounds tax free?”

“No way it was just to get her in.”

The expanding rubber foam has forced the alligators mouth open and half blocked the breathing pipe so Brianna is really struggling to breathe now, Samantha notices that and cuts the excess foam off with a sharp knife, then she shuts it just leaving it open enough for Brianna to breathe.

“Give me a hand to turn the alligator over, then we can get back to having sex.”

Brianna is so shocked she thought she knew what was involved, but she didn't and now she can't do anything about it, but at least she is now the right way up.

Brianna is still shocked but she does try and move and with a lot of effort she manages to raise the alligator's body of the floor, she can't see but she has an idea where she is, so she tries to walk and manages a few steps before she has to lower herself down again, she tries again and this time she manages to stay off the floor and keeps walking till she walks into the wall and stops.

“Look at Brianna Brian, she is walking already that I didn't expect.”

“Wow she really is, I didn’t think she would be able to do that for days.”

Samantha is feeling really horny now, it's all down to Brianna that she feels that way, for some reason the whole thing is making both of them very randy.

“Where are you going to keep her when you go home.”

“To be honest I have not thought about that, I was so engrossed in putting her in the alligator I forgot.”

“Well now that she can walk I think you will have to think of something fast.”

“I will, ok let's play sex some other time I need to sort this out.”

Samantha gets straight online to see what she can find that's suitable, and the only thing she can find is a lockable cage that is made by a local company, so she phones it straight away.

“Hi is that sales, ok I need one of your cages really quickly, I'm prepared to pay extra but I need it today, I'm local.”

‘Give me a size, your credit card and address and you will have it within the hour ‘

Samantha does that and she and Brian go into the store room to make space, they also cover the alligator with a sheet and tie its feet together with rope so it won't scare the delivery driver.

The company van arrives at her office within half an hour and along with the delivery driver they carry it in and straight into the store room.

Its in kit form so they along with the driver assemble it, they all make sure the door opens and closes ok, then driver leaves and wait till he has left the building before they remove the sheet from the alligator and untie its feet, then they both lift the alligator into the cage, it does struggle but as soon as its in the cage they lock the door, it does start to walk but it soon stops when it reaches the cage door.

“Brilliant I can't believe we did that.”

“We certainly did, I think I had better talk to Brianna to tell her what's happening “

‘Yes I would do that “

“Hi Brianna, just to let you know we have had to lock you in a cage, it's for you own good it will keep you safe.”

Brianna is so shocked to hear Samantha's voice that she stops moving.

“Try and get some sleep, it will be ok, don't worry I think over time you will get used to being an alligator and I hope you will eventually enjoy it, I know I certainly would.”

Samantha turns off the audio transmitter so she can talk to Brian.

“This it wonderful what we have done here today is unique, we have in a way created a new species.”

“Do you mean a human alligator hybrid.”

“Yes that's what we have done and it's amazing “

“I'm guessing you have no intention of letting her go ’

“Would you have a problem with that?”

‘No not at all its very kinky though “

‘I know fun isn't it.”

‘She has a female flat mate but hopefully she won't cause you any problems “

‘If she does I will just have to deal with her “

Lucille, Brianna's flat mate knows all about what she was going to do, she even tried to talk her out of it, she knows how impulsive Brianna is and she is concerned that she will get into something bad, she has the address so she will contact the woman tomorrow who was in charge, to find out if Brianna is ok.

“I'm going to feed Brianna before I go home do you want to watch.”

“Yes I would love to.”

“I think its best if you help me this time as its the first feed, so when we go into the cage I want you to hold the alligators mouth open so I can get access to the feeding pipe.”

“Ok Brianna i'm going to feed you now, so try and relax just let me do everything.”

Brianna doesn't really have any choice so she will just have to hope it goes ok.

Samantha unlocks the cage and they both go in, Brian prises the alligators mouth open while Samantha feeds the long feeding pipe down into Brianna's stomach, then she pumps the food in, Brianna does struggle to breathe while they do that but she is ok now.

“Ok all done now you can relax.”

Brian closes the mouth again and they come out of the cage, Samantha locks the door and they sit in the office for a while drinking coffee.

“This has been an amazing day, it couldn't have gone any better.”

“Its down to you Samantha, all I have done is provide Brianna and help a bit.”

“I couldn't have done it without you, so don't run yourself down.”

Over next few days Samantha with Brian's help to train Brianna and each day she becomes more like a real alligator, she has to zap her on maximum a lot and a combination of that, along with the liquid food is really making all the difference.



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