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The Brussels Weekend

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

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We were playing cards Saturday night. Strip poker. I was down to a white thong, Jane had on a black cotton bra and pantie briefs while Charlotte wore only a skimpy red thong. This hand would decide the fate of either Charlotte or myself, or would be the penultimate hand should Jane lose.

Jane dealt the cards to us all and I picked up my cards and looked in horror. I didn't even have a pair. All my cards were low too. I threw down my lowest card, a two of Clubs in the hope I would have enough of a range of cards in my hand to get a pair. It was a big gamble on my part, but I had no choice.

You can’t chicken out at the last minute when you yourself suggested a game of cards out of boredom for having met the girls on a night with no decent TV, and because we couldn't agree on which DVDs to watch! Although I suggested cards, it was Jane who suggested we spice it up a little and play strip poker. Jane is a little more dominant than both Charlotte and I, and I suppose the leader of our pack of friends. She was my best friend in the world and was once my lover, so I had readily agreed.

At the start, Jane played three bad hands in a row which had her half undressed before we had even removed a stitch of our own clothes, but soon after we were down to bras and knickers, and Jane's luck had turned and she was winning every hand.

I gulped some wine and Jane smiled at me. "Don't worry Babe; I've seen you naked before." She said coolly. "Looks like you have as bad a hand as me."

I was lovers with both my friends before they hooked up together. Jane was my first girlfriend. I had boyfriends before that, so at the time I was extremely confused at my bisexuality.

Jane and I had worked together ages ago. When she left we remained friends. Jane had even caught me in a self-bondage predicament, and our relationship had developed from there.

Jane was tall curly haired brunette that dropped to shoulder blade level. She had shapely long legs and small but firm breasts. She had also had a skin complexion to die for and cheek bones that would slice paper. Lovely olive skin, from part Italian genes. As soon as the sun came out she turned into a tanned goddess. I had loved her with a passion, but we drifted apart when my work got in the way. I stupidly spent to long working and ruined something really beautiful.

While I lost Jane, I met Charlotte shortly after. We were both on a rebound. She was complete opposite to Jane. Charlotte is five feet four, in her stocking feet and the same height as me. Pale with sunny blonde hair she keeps in a short bob. For a short girl she has amazingly big boobs. She hides them away but secretly loves the attention she gets when people stare at them. We had met in a bar and I had to apologize to her for talking to her tits rather than her face. That evening she and I got together to see just how much fun we could have with our fun bags. Charlotte loved sex, and loves to be loved.

When I introduced Charlotte to Jane shortly after, the minute she saw Jane she was crazily in lust and love. My beautiful Jane talked to me about my feelings a few evenings later and asked me if she could see Charlotte which was sweet. Again my work meant I hadn't been seeing Charlotte as much as I would have liked. I wanted Charlotte but she wanted Jane. I couldn't step in their way for a chance of love. I was happy they both had someone, but that evening I cried buckets into my pillow.

My beautiful Jane had definitely seen me naked. Many, many times. I looked at her checking to see if she was bluffing. I couldn't see any telltale twitches to prove if she was lying.
"I'll take one card and it better be a good one." I said beseechingly.

Jane dealt me the card. It was rubbish. I had a nine high in my hand. It was down to her and Charlotte now. Both laid their cards face up. Jane had a full house.

"Suckers, now get your panties off!" She laughed at my predicament.

Charlotte had a pair of Kings so I could never have won anyway. I slipped out of my knickers and using the elastic, pinged my thong across the table where it hit Jane in the side of the head making Charlotte laugh out loud as the knickers elastic hung off Jane's ear.

"I won’t take a wooden spoon to your cute little ass Paula if you cut the cards for a forfeit."

Now this was more like old times when Jane used to tease me and I liked her to dominate taking control of things. I deferred to her to make the suggestions for both of us. She pushed me to try new things where I was too conservative to do so.

"If you draw over six you lose and pay the forfeit, under six and I will pay the forfeit for you. You can decide the forfeit for me so make it good."

"Jane, you know there is more chance of drawing higher cards. A straight cut of the deck. My card verses yours." I said belligerently

"Done. Go on write it down. But don't tell me what you have in store for me."

She threw the pad of paper at me that she used to keep score for the Whist game we played earlier.

I remembered the best sex of my life with Jane had involved being tied to the bed. She teased and licked and nibbled and spanked and tickled me to multiple orgasms. I stupidly picked the pad up and wrote what appealed to my sexual desires, but I also wanted to humiliate her too. I scribbled If Jane loses she is to be tied up and left naked in a public place for a few hours. I folded the paper over and put it down on top of the table.

I quickly cut the cards before I could chicken out. Rash wasn't I? I picked a 9 of Diamonds. It was a nice high card, and the odds were now back in my favour. I smiled. Jane cut her card and held up a Jack of Spades. I was stunned and gapped at Jane who coolly placed the cards back on the pack on the table.

"Charlotte, I think Paula should be condemned by her own hand. My forfeit can be hers!" She unfolded the paper and looked silently at it, before passing it to Charlotte who gasped when she read it.

"Jane we can’t do this. What if someone molests or rapes her. I won’t go along with it."

"It’s decided. Paula,will you submit to the forfeit if we work out a few of the details?"

I dumbly nodded still in shock at what I had agreed to. Bloody fool, me. Well after that I sat quiet for the rest of the evening and knocked back quite a bit of wine too.

When the cab came, Charlotte went and got into the back while Jane pulled me aside.

"I won’t let anything bad happen to you Paula. You know I'll protect you right?" She hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue flick at my lips and slip in my mouth. And I drunkenly responded; before I pulled back feeling bad about what Charlotte would think. She brushed the hair from my face and her hand traced over my ear and I shuddered from the touch. Jane knew full well that I melt into a horny mess when anyone touches or nibbles at my ears.

"See you for some Brunch tomorrow?" She asked. "Let me know. Now go to bed and sleep the wine off. Love you." She pulled the door closed and walked off to the taxi.

I was a jumbled mass of confused emotions after Jane's kiss. I was terrified at what I had gotten into and couldn't see how I could back out. I finished what was left of the bottle of wine and passed out on the sofa.

I awoke to a splitting headache and a ringing telephone.

It was Jane asking me to meet them for brunch in a little Bistro just down the road. I looked at the clock on the mantel piece above the fire and realized it was almost eleven o'clock. My mouth was parched and felt like a tramp had used it to sleep in. I croaked okay and to give me ten minutes. I drank a big glass of water with a couple of Aspirins and went to shower.

Out of breath from rushing down the road to the Bistro, I slumped down in a chair next to Jane, ten minutes late and my hair dripping from the shower. Jane kissed me on the cheek and Charlotte lent over the table for a hug.

"You look terrible Paula. Did you stay up drinking after we went?" I nodded a response.

"Drowning your sorrows for being a bad card player is not like you." Jane retorted. "She's afraid of the forfeit she stupidly agreed to and lost. That's really what the matter is, Charlie!"

"I said I wouldn't agree to let you do it Paula, but if it can be arranged and you are safe will you be in agreement?" Charlotte asked as she passed over a piece of folded paper, and a glass of tomato juice. Which I gulped back.

"It's a Bloody Mary. I thought you would need a bit of a pick me up." Jane interrupted, as I choked on how strong the vodka made the drink, as Jane laughed at me.

I was beginning to get a little cheesed off at Jane. She laughed at me last night like I was a little girl. Then she stuck her tongue down my throat like we were still lovers. God, how I wished we were! And now she was laughing at me again. I was about to vent my spleen and tell her what I thought of her, and it wasn't very nice what I was going to say. That's when she cut me off and asked me to just read the paper before saying anything, while looking earnestly into my eyes. I was never very big on eye contact and always blinked or stared at something else. Jane knew exactly what to do and when to say the right things to give me time to calm down.

I slumped back into my seat and read the paper, while Charlotte ordered a bottle of white wine. I could feel Jane's eyes bore into me as I read the paper.

"You want me to take Thursday to Monday off work. Why? I am not being your bloody prisoner on display that long!" I spat venom.

"Shush Paulie. Charlotte came up with an idea this morning and we've checked a few things out online. We can’t find any where suitable to do this in London; otherwise you would be doing this at Waterloo. Then we could take in a show and late dinner after. We could have stayed overnight in a Hotel up the West End. Charlotte said that as we were being mean to you, so we should at least treat you for being a good sport. Therefore we both decided to take you to Brussels for a long weekend. How does that sound, Babe?"

I slumped down in the chair and pushed the paper back to Charlotte. I was thinking I could still back out if I was determined enough. Jane knew me well and if I set my mind to something, there was no way she could change my mind.

And yet I sat still and didn't say a peep. We had a nice lunch. Quiche, salad and a glass of wine. Then we had a walk in the park down the road a ways, watching the younger children run about in the sunshine while their parents sat absorbing a few of the rays. I had been informed I was to go with the girls to Brussels and that was that, No details as to what was going to happen to me. It was still frightening but Jane had promised I would be fine. I shivered. I wasn't sure if it was from the cold air or my fate.

That Monday I told everyone I was taking the time off and emailed Jane. An email pinged back instantly. It said she had already booked the Eurostar and a nice four star hotel just around the corner from the Grand Place. I was to meet her at six thirty at St Pancras by the Eurostar concourse near ticket machines.

Thursday night I booked a cab pick-up, and threw some stuff in my small travel case. Jeans, blouse. two summer dresses, underwear and toiletries. I also threw in a pair of patent black kitten heels. Small enough to be elegant out to dinner yet able to carry me over the cobbled streets. The cab picked me up at five thirty, Thursday morning, and got me to the station just after six. I didn't want to be late, but under-estimated how little traffic there was on the London streets at this time of day. Yawning, I hung around waiting for Jane.

"Very Chic" I heard behind me and I spun around to face Jane. I really hate it when she does that. She stepped back and stared at me. I was wearing a tight mid-thigh antique cream dress with thin shoulder straps and a wide black patent leather belt, blonde pantyhose and black round toed pixie ankle boots. She leant in and kissed me on each cheek while I felt her hand slide over my bottom. "Here Darling, this will go much better on you with that dress." She pleated a black silkscarf in a two inch strip and knotted it gently at my throat.

"Now let’s get those tickets. Charlie has gone to get a table at the little Café and has ordered us some coffee. We need to be through the ticket area and customs by about seven o'clock.

She put her credit card in the machine and the tickets printed out. Instantly I went to my purse to give her some money.

"Don't be silly Sweetie. I've already told you. We are getting this. Of course if you want to, buy us dinner and a nice bottle of wine. That would be very thoughtful."

She put her hand around my waist and guided me along to the Café. She sat opposite Charlotte while I took a seat the other side of the table. Charlotte pushed an Americano at me while Jane had the usual a double espresso. Charlotte sipped her cappuccino. Jane took a battered guide book of Brussels out of her purse and pushed it over to me.

"This is where we are going, so if there is anything you want to see or do, speak up and we can fit it in. I trust you brought your passport Paulie."

"I have, and Euros. I trust you, to do the other thing too!" I said quietly and I blushed. I buried my head in the book to hide it.

"This is going to be such a fun weekend." Jane exclaimed and put her head on Charlotte's shoulder, beaming like the Cheshire Cat.

Just before seven o'clock, we went through passport control. I slipped my ticket in the machine and walked through to the passport office. A quick look at me and a scan of my passport and I was through to the customs baggage checks. I loaded up the little tray the officer handed me to put my handbag and sun glasses, and I put my little bag on the conveyor belt with the tray. I walked through the metal detector without setting it off like I always have in the past. I put it down to having no pockets in my dress to leave a stray coin or my keys in.

Charlotte and Jane had also got through with out any problems.

I walked up to them and said "That was painless."

"I was up to mischief." Charlotte whispered to me. "I've put a ten inch Vibrator right on the top of Jane's clothes. But they didn't even bother to check it."

I burst out laughing, and Jane enquired what was so funny.

"We are talking about you not to you Jane. Nothing bad I promise."

"So what other goodies did you bring to amuse yourself I wonder?"

"If you ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies." Charlotte replied mysteriously.

It appeared I would get nothing else from her lips so I walked over to the seats and grabbed three chairs side by side and plonked my bum down in the first one. Now the Eurostar seating area isn't as big as you think. Long and narrow with the several high street shops having small stalls on the platform. I caught an announcement to buy train and tube tickets for Brussels or Paris. I was about to go to the Information desk and purchase three Five Day travel passes for Brussels when Jane put her hand on mine and guided me back into my seat.

"Not here, Babe. The travel tickets are cheaper in Belgium. I got ripped off buying Paris tickets here once. I didn't make that mistake again. So have you thought of any place you want to visit?"

"Well the Grande Place is top of the list."

"Good choice. When we have dropped the bags at the hotel, we will sit in the Square and have a drink. Then you can see it in all its splendor. There is a flower display there every two years in May, and it’s all decked out and really beautiful. Then we can go to "Butchers Row" where all the little restaurants are. Tonight I have booked a table, at a good restaurant I know, for the three of us. After that we can wing it."

I buried my head in Jane's guide book oblivious to the time. The Tannoy loud speaker called out our train and with tickets in hand we traipsed up the escalators onto the Platform. We followed the numbers of the carriages printed onto the concrete until we got to our carriage and climbed on board. We were half way down the carriage with a set of four seats facing each other, with a table between the seats. I perked up a bit after that as I was expecting to be tucked into a single seat by myself and miserable all the way there.

Jane saw the look on my face. "All together, or nothing. When I ordered. Besides if I sit opposite you, I can cheekily ask for one of those lovely foot massages you used to give me. I really miss them, and you to sweetie. I am really glad you got your head out of your work arse and came with us. "

I blushed yet I was a little annoyed too. I had to work to pay the bills. Jane's outlook to life is Live To Work, mine is Work To Live. I have always been responsible for earning my own money. Charlotte always says I have to much pride and always do things that are expected of me. When we were together she was always asking me to let my hair down. I really tried but lost her to Jane anyway. I decided just to go along with the situation and see what Brussels had to offer a sexually repressed workaholic this weekend.

The train pulled out at eight o'clock, and as there wasn't anyone sitting next to me, Jane slipped off her shoes and slid down in her seat and plonked her feet right into my crotch. I started to rub Jane's feet I was looking out the window and was impressed how fast East London disappeared into Kent countryside, with its farms and Oast houses and recently its award winning wineries.

Charlotte had got up and went off to the Bar carriage to get everyone a croissant for breakfast. As soon as she had gone Jane slipped her foot up my skirt and I gasped as her toes stroked at my pussy. I went bright red with embarrassment and I hissed at Jane to cut it out as we were in public. Jane looked at me with an evil little grin and totally disregarding me, as she stroked her big toe up and down my labia and pressed her toe into me. If it weren't for my panyhose and knickers her toe would have diddled me.

I squirmed in the seat yet I was badly turned on but very afraid of the people sitting near me seeing what Jane was doing to me. Gasping under her assault on my sex I tickled her feet which brought a big laugh as Jane squirmed in her seat trying to pull her feet away. The two passengers opposite couldn't quite see what was happening, so I told Jane to be good or I would tickle her again.

It was just as well as Charlotte came back into the carriage carrying two small bags. She put the bags on the table and Jane reached in to explore the contents. She pulled out three small bottles of wine with plastic glasses, while Charlotte passed around the croissants from the other bag.

"Paula has been very mean to me Charlie. She was giving me a foot rub and the Cow kept tickling me. Hope she doesn't do it to you. She has evil tickling fingers." She said loud enough for the two passengers near by to overhear.

"Well Jane deserved it." I cut in laughing.

"Children. Will you please settle down?" Charlotte smiled.

I looked at Jane and she looked at me and we both said "Yes Mother." together in fits of giggles.

"You two are big kids! My turn for a foot massage next. I'll ply you with alcohol and croissants as a reward."

"Then I won’t have to tickle you, too." I smirked.

Charlotte slipped out of her shoes and I was soon rubbing her feet in between munching pastry and sipping wine.

I leant my head back into the head rest and closed my eyes I hadn't felt this relaxed in ages I continued to stroke Charlottes feet. when I must have fallen asleep. I only awoke when the train shuddered to a stop at Lille station. I still had Charlotte’s feet in my hand and noticed she was also waking up. She had fallen asleep on Jane's shoulder, who had wrapped a protective arm around her.

"Oh wow that was a brilliant foot massage." She yawned rubbing her eyes. "I fell asleep straight away."

"Well Paula fell asleep straight after too. Either that or she must have been over come from your smelly feet." Jane grinned at her, and got a playful slap on the arm for her troubles.

"So Paula, in less than an hour we will be Brussels. Are you ready to embark on your challenge?"

I yawned still sleepy. "I am so relaxed I think I can do anything, at this moment." Jane grinned. She took out of her handbag two envelopes, and slid one each to Charlotte and I.

I picked it up and went to rip open the envelope, when Jane put a hand on mine.

"Not yet, Babe. Open it and follow the instructions when we arrive at the platform. You too, Charlie."

"Aw Jane, that's a bitchy thing to do. Why give us both something you don't want us to open." She crossed her arms with a humph.

"It’s because I am so bitchy, and yet you both still love me!" she smirked.

I wasn't going to rise to the bait. I left the envelope on the table and didn't even look at it. I rubbed Charlotte’s feet some more and she was murmuring in pleasure at my touch. Then I finished up my little bottle of wine and buried my head in Jane's book of the city. I was now determined to pay off the forfeit to Jane and just enjoy the city break. Very soon after that I fell asleep again.

I was woken with a nudge to my leg. Jane was trying to wake me up. The train was just pulling into Brussels Midi station. Charlotte was looking at me in a strange way.
"How can you sleep through everyone rummaging around for their bags? The idiots are all in a rush to get off and everyone is hitting each other with their bloody bags!" She glared daggers at an old woman opposite.

We sat and waited for the carriage to empty. I don't really understand everyone's urgent need to rush to get off a train or an airplane. At the airport you have to wait ages for the bags to be unloaded so what's the point. Jane had been to Brussels several times on business and said we were only a fifteen minute slow walk to the hotel.

We finally made our way onto the platform and out onto the main concourse. Charlotte ripped open her envelope with a flourish and looked at the paper. "Oh wow." she exclaimed.

I looked at my envelope and ripped it open.

"You are to leave your baggage with me and proceed to the toilet. Charlotte will accompany you. You will both enter the disabled stall where you will remove your dress, bra, panties and pantyhose. Give them to Charlotte to look after for you. You will use the facilities because you will not be able to for the next few hours. Charlotte will take control after this and you will follow her instructions to the letter. You will then put on your dress and return to find me on the concourse."

"More of your evil plan?" I looked into Jane's eyes. She nodded. "The sooner I get it done the sooner I am on holiday right?"

Jane pulled me close and hugged me. "That's right Babe. You will be fine I promise."

Charlotte and I walked off leaving Jane guarding the bags. We found the toilets and had to wait to use the disabled stall. The cleaner looked at us both as we slipped into the stall together. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and plonked myself on the loo. It took a bit of time but I eventually managed to empty myself and using the toilet paper and a Wet Wipe I carry around in my handbag. I felt refreshed. I turned to hand my under garments to Charlotte and when I looked up, Charlotte was dangling an Egg Vibrator in my face. I looked at her dumb struck.

"You must be joking?"

"No Honey I am following the instructions I was given." She took a tube of KYGel from her bag and wiped some over the egg.

"Are you going to do the honors or shall I?"

I held out my hand for the egg and then eased it inside myself while Charlotte rolled up and then stuffed my underwear into her handbag.

"Where the hell did you get it?" I hissed at her.

"Jane took it from your drawer last week after you lost at cards."

She then rummaged in her handbag and pulled out my small pink vibrating Butt plug.

"Fuck sakes. What else did you two steal?" I hissed at her.

"Nothing else. Bend over."

"I'll do it, thank you very much." I whispered to her.

"No. You will do as I say Paula. Touch your toes Honey or you won’t get any lube on it!"

My cheeks burnt bright red. I was never really into Butt plugs. Jane bought me this one, and although I used it with Jane. I hadn't used it since I split from her.

I bent over. Charlotte's hands went straight to work massaging my ass and stroking her fingers over my pussy. I was soon panting. That's when Charlotte squeezed a dribble of KY onto my rectum and slowly rubbed the plug over my arse. The rubbing got progressively harder as did my pants of pleasure, then I felt Charlotte's hand spread my cheeks wide and slowly ease the Plug into my bottom. Pulling out, then easing in a little bit more than before. Charlotte was gentle yet firm and although it always felt weird having a vibrator inserted up my bottom it wasn't a painful experience either. I just felt my bottom expand against the normal way it is used to clenching, until Charlotte popped the plug all the way in and my rectum muscles contracted around the narrow base of the Butt plug. It wasn't going to fall out unless I deliberately pulled it out.

I was in a world of my own when I felt the Egg and the Plug whir into life making me gasp. Charlotte grinned and whispered that she was just making sure everything worked. I glared daggers at her as I pulled on my dress.

"Not so fast buster!" Another rummage in her handbag and she pulled out a length of rope and pulled it around my waist, pulling the rope between my legs and up tight to my belly button. She took an eye measurement and tied a knot in the rope just under my clitoris. Then she tucked the rope under the rope waist band and yanked the rope up so I squealed as she tied the rope. It had pulled the knot right up onto my clit. The Egg and the Butt plug were now imprisoned by the cruel rope sawing into my fanny. I thanked the gods that the Egg and the Buttplug were both wireless remote controlled, otherwise I would have the leads dangling between my legs as we walking back.

"All done and quite painless. Now let’s go find Jane."

"How the hell did you get rope through Customs?" I hissed at Charlotte hoping that she would slow down enabling me to catch her up.

"Oh that's easy. Jane and I have a few lengths each rolled up like wire cables. Put with some curling tongs, a phone charger and a camera charger lead. It didn't get spotted on the xray machine."

Charlotte was walking at her normal pace but I needed to get used to walking with my intrusions and rope underwear! Charlotte spotted Jane, who waved at us. Soon she was way in front of me. I slowly shuffled over to Jane who was chatting animatedly with Charlotte.

"Righty-ho. We need to find the baggage room so we can leave the bags here while we pop off to see the Atomium at Heysel."

Jane walked off, away from the Eurostar platform to the other end of the station. It was torturous for me. I thought my fanny would be a red raw mess when we got to the baggage office. I followed her down the stairs to the luggage room.

"Bonjour, Monsieur. Comment Ca Va." Jane rattled off in French. My school girl French was poor and I only followed half of what she said. Basically she was chatting up the guy as he x-rayed the suitcases we were depositing. She explained they were here for a few days on business and could he recommend a good restaurant or bar to go to tonight.

She thanked him and we trotted off into a secluded corner. She spotted a large locker we could all put our bags into. Jane pulled open one of the larger lockers in a bank of various sized lockers.

"Look Jane I don't think I can manage a train trip to Hysel with what Charlie has done to me."

"Oh we are going but you are staying here. Didn't I say?"

It slowly started to sink in I was soon going to be in trouble and paying the forfeit. The hotel was only fifteen minutes slow walk away, so why were we leaving bags here?

"Quickly! Get in there." She pointed at the locker. "Come on. Quick. There are bloody CCTV cameras all over the place."

I looked at her and my jaw dropped. Jane put her hand on my head and pressed me toward the locker. It was about two feet wide about five feet deep and three feet high. I stupidly got in, bashing my elbow against the aluminium side wall of the locker as I did. The metal was cold against my skin as I sat in the locker.

"Take your shoes and the dress off!" The door closed to give me some privacy and I wriggled as best I could to slip the garments off. It opened and I twisted to give Jane my stuff.

She threw in two pieces of rope. "Tie your ankles and knees. Make sure its tight and cinched the way we used to play." The locker door half shut, giving me just enough light to see how to tie my feet and legs. I folded the rope just as Jane taught me years ago when we played these sorts of games. Looping it around my ankles and cinching snugly in the center, pulling all knots tight so they didn't slip when I struggled. The locker rattled some more with the effort.

The door shut quickly and Jane rattled off some more French. A man responded and it sounded like Jane had asked for some change for the locker. The guy went off and soon the door opened.

"Hands behind your back.” she whispered.

I squeezed my hands against the locker wall causing the locker to rattle as I pulled my arms behind me in the confined space. I could hear Jane kneel and she crossed my wrists and quickly roped my wrists together making sure she cinched between the crotch rope. Every movement of my hands would pull the viciously tight crotchrope harder against my clitoris.

As she moved I saw a hand come around my face.

"Now be good and open up, Babe." She whispered.

I saw my own thong and pantyhose balled up into a big wad. It pressed on my lips and as I opened them, Jane forced the whole lot into my mouth. The black silk scarf I wore earlier now had a big knot tied in the middle and Jane's fingers pressed this into my mouth too. A hard tug behind my neck and I knew I was tightly gagged. I pressed my tongue against the wad of packing trying to ease the strain on my jaw, but there was no give. The scarf was so tight it pulled my lips up over my teeth revealing them in a hideous toothy "Joker" grin, with the skin at the corner of my mouth feeling like they were about to rip. That's how tight the gag felt.

Jane pushed me further into the locker so my knees pressed up against my chest. Then I felt the small suitcases stacked behind me pressing me further against the back wall of the locker.

"There I told you we could fit everything into one big locker." I could hear Jane tell Charlotte. The door was shutting when I heard Charlotte squeal. "Not yet silly. We haven't used these."

The locker door opened. I felt the Egg and the Butt plug which I had momentarily forgotten, explode to life in my pussy and ass and I gasped into the gag. Then the locker door was slammed shut. There was no adjusting of the vibrators. It appeared they were on full power.

It was pitch black for a minute until my eyes got used to the space. There was a small shaft of light coming from a tiny breathing slit in the aluminium door. Not for my benefit, you understand, but to allow the suitcases to breathe to prevent condensation in the lockers. The crotch rope was pressing tightly against the butt plug and I could feel the rope tickle and tingle on the cheeks of my bottom. I tried to move to get comfortable when I pressed my weight down on the floor the locker started to rattle as it was in contact with the vibrator. I eased aside again onto one buttock cheek so the noise stopped.

The blood was pounding through my body. I could only hear the buzz from the vibrators. I didn't know if this was me being self-conscious, or if they were echoing around the locker giving myself away to the next person to use the lockers. Shit. What would happen if the staff came over to investigate, and opened the locker. The suitcases would fall out and so would a naked and tightly tied woman. I started to panic I had to get free.

My fingers felt frantically for the knots of the rope. The suitcases had pressed me into such a confined space I was helpless to move. I still tried for what seemed an age, but my fingers couldn't unpick the knots Jane made.

The relentless whir of the vibrators soon made me a panting orgasmic wreck. I tried very hard to suppress my orgasms in terror of someone outside the locker hearing me. Several people came and went, as I came and came!

I was thankful that Jane had stuffed my mouth, but my jaws ached terribly. It was soon very hot in the locker. I was extremely uncomfortable and started to get cramps in my legs from not being able to move them. Sweat beaded my forehead and I could feel perspiration running down my breasts and stomach. I also started thinking Jane and Charlotte were never coming back. When you are trapped in a confined space with no clocks or a window to look out on the world, you don't appreciate how bored you get. You soon realize your brain needs to do many things and do them all at once to stop your boredom.

I thought back to my job and how to solve certain accounting problems. Then back to school times, and certain favourite lessons I did. I then started to silently sing to myself children's nursery rhymes and old lullaby's. I do that for my sisters children, but I wasn't sure if it was panic or not, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what the next verse was. Changing songs I had the same problem again and again.

I started to brood about my life. Locked in a tight confined space with nothing to do or see, plays devious tricks on your mind. I felt secure, then trapped. I started to breathe deeply so as not to panic, saying I was alive and Jane would be back as she promised. Then several minutes later I felt I was dying of claustrophobia, and start hyperventilating in a hot my metal coffin.

The vibrators ripped more orgasms out of me but not as frequent. I could feel the vibrations die down little by little. Soon I was at a stage where I was kept on the edge of orgasm for ages. I tried grinding my hips to get myself off on the knotted rope on my clit, but after a bit I was also getting sore. The vibrators just became an irritating nuisance.

I started to think really dark thoughts. I had no boyfriend or girlfriend. Jane was my first girl. Before that there were a string of very short sexual relations with mostly, unsuitable, guys I met in a club or a bar. I ruined two lovely relationships with Jane and Charlotte. I didn't know why. I was thinking that I don't deserve to be in a good relationship. I was miserable and alone. I started to cry. It was such an effort not to cry in big sobbing wails. I don't really cry much but when I do it is usually bucket loads of tears. This would be what it was like to die and be interred in a coffin. It was scary and I didn’t like this anymore. Why the hell I agreed to this I don’t know. I certainly didn’t deserve this!

The good thing about crying was it made me very tired. Try yawning with a gag like mine. It's an experience, I can tell you. After that I guess I dozed off because I woke to an almighty bang against the side of the locker. The door was pulled open and the bags were removed, and I fell backwards almost spilling out of the door. Charlotte’s hand caught my head from bashing into the corner of the door frame.

As soon as I had the space I felt the cramp and pins and needles all over again. Jane pulled me closer to the door and she quickly untied my hands but gave my crotchrope and evil yank as she did. I grunted rather squeal a protest.

"Hi Honey, how was your day?” she laughed.

I managed to massage some feeling back into my legs as I slowly untied the rope at my knees. Then I leant forward into the metal prison to untie my ankles. I could hardly lift my legs off the floor. I struggled to stretch my muscles and my body was in pain.

Charlotte handed me the dress and I managed to slip it on over my top, as the air rushing into the locker made me shiver. I was freezing cold. My fingers scrambled to untie the crotchrope. It was a relief to tug the vibrating egg from my sopping pussy. Jane had the controls and popped her head in the locker and switched the vibrators off. I say "Off" but the batteries were already so drained I had hardly noticed my intruders.

A small empty carrier bag was thrown in beside me and Charlotte whispered I was to put the rope and vibrator and the gag into the bag.

I eased myself out of the locker and tried to stand and pull my dress down over my naked lower body at the same time. The pins and needles in my leg made them so wobbly I fell into the locker and was about to tumble to the floor when Charlotte and Jane both wrapped an arm around me to hold me up.

"Just lock your knees Honey and don't try to move." Jane cooed into my ear. The hot breath on my cheek made me shiver. I wanted them to hold me and never let me go. I needed to be close to someone. God damn her and the stupid bloody cards.

I stayed swaying holding onto the locker like a drunk teenager until the feeling came back into my legs. Jane stood near me to support me in case I tumbled over.

Charlotte had smoothed down my dress and was brushing some hair off my face. I mumbled a quiet thank you to her.

"Are you alright Paula?" She asked.

"Can we walk to the hotel? I don't think I can stand to be in a tube or a tram right now. Please?" I pleaded. I never thought I would be so relieved to be out in the open again. I was shocked at how easily I had succumbed to feeling claustrophobic. Charlotte put her hand around my shoulder and pulled me close to her. She rested her head on mine and kissed my forehead, "Of course we can. We will do anything you want to. You ready to go, or do you want to find a seat somewhere and have a bit longer to rest?"

"I want to be outside. Please?"

She bent and tucked the carrier bag with the gag and the Egg into her suitcase. Then she pulled out the retractable handle of her suitcase and place my bag on the top of hers. She pulled me close to her and guided me through the baggage doorway. Jane trailed behind us as we looked for the elevator to the ground floor. We turned right after that and walked out into the sunshine.

I felt warm again as the sunshine hit me. To the right were the taxi ranks but straight ahead of us were a little complex of small bars and snack shops. Charlotte led me over to the first clean table and sat me down and a waitress appeared.

Jane rattled some French off to the waitress. "Trois bieres s'il vous plait. Vous avez Corsendonk?"

""Oui Ma'mselle. Cest une bouteille, d'accord? "

"C'est bon. Merci."

The waitress walked off get the beers and I sat and closed my eyes thinking what I had gone through. I looked at the clock on the wall inside the bar. It was three thirty. I had been imprisoned in the locker for over three hours excluding the hour ahead Belgium is.

Jane put a small model of the Atomiun down in front of me.

"Just a keep sake to always remind you of today." She fished her phone out of her bag and showed me the self-picture of her and Charlotte in front of the Atomium. "It was quite a disappointment when we got there. You really didn't miss much at all. It's got a big water park and some old expo buildings, and the Atomium is in spot where there is a double road running by it and cars are parked everywhere."

I sat and sipped at the beer and looked at the menu for a snack. The waitress came back to take the order and I asked for a Cheese omelette. Charlotte and Jane ordered sandwiches. Which they munched on while I pushed the omelette around a bit on my plate thinking.

"Are you okay Paula? Penny for your thoughts." Jane leant over to ask.

I nodded but said nothing.

"Jane. Leave her alone. We left her in a metal box for ages. Of course she isn't okay."

Charlotte lent over to me and put her arm around my shoulders. "I am really sorry we did this to you. Paula. You don't know how guilty I was feeling. It started as a game but I was so worried for you. I feel really awful. "

"I don't feel all that great myself." I gave her a week smile, but wouldn't elaborate.

I ate a bit more of the omelette and drank the beer and sat and closed my eyes and let the sun’s rays warm my face, just happy to be free and outside.

The waitress came and cleared the table and presented the bill.

"Wake up sleepyhead." Charlotte nudged my arm.

"I wasn't asleep. I was enjoying the sunshine." I fished 20 euros out to my purse and put it on the table to add to the cash Charlotte and Jane had put down.

"It's too much, Honey." Jane said.

"Well keep it as a whip for the next bar bill then." I cut her off, and Jane raised her eyebrows at me.

"The hotel is just over the road and a slow walk down towards the Bourse on Anspach nearby to to De Brouckere. Or we can catch the Tube to De Brouckere."

"I am not going in the Tube! I told you that earlier." I snapped at Jane again.

"Jane you really are a stupid cow sometimes!" Charlotte spat venom at Jane.

"Okay, okay! Sorry! It's this way." Jane walked off ahead and waited for us at the traffic lights by the taxi rank.

We crossed the double road and started to walk up Anspach. The top end on the Boulevard closer to the Gare de Midi looked like it had seen better days. Dogs mess littered the pavements and the lovely old buildings were looking shabby with rendering falling away, and the walls covered in graffiti. Being outside I didn't even mind not wearing underwear under my dress or the butt plug still plugging my ass, where as normally I would be freaking out that someone would notice my nipples or my pussy through my dress. I didn't care and it disturbed me, as I walked along by Jane's side in silence in my own little world.

Jane stopped to wait for Charlotte who was still carrying my bag. "This road is more shabby now than when I brought Charlotte over a few years ago. You would have thought that being the home of the European parliament they would have a little pride and cleaned up one of the major roads in the capital."

As we walked further up the road more hotels were dotted around, but there were also several beggars who sat on the pavements asking for cash.
"It's the result of the EEC relaxing border controls." Jane said into my ear. I hardly heard her. I was looking up at the buildings feeling a little better now I was in the open.

"If you follow the road all the way up and turn left you see Saint Catherine church and behind that is the old Fish Market with some nice bars and restaurants. Go straight up and you see the botanical gardens. If you turn right at the Bourse and go straight you end up and the Grand Place. Further along from there is the Royal Palace and turn left at that and that's the parliament building."

"This is us." Jane stopped outside the Metropole Hotel. She ushered us into the Lobby.

Lobby was an understatement. It was massive and clad in Marble, with art deco glass chandeliers and amazing ceiling. Jane walked up to the beautiful wooden reception desk in front of some exquisite stained glass windows.

In perfect French she told the receptionist she had booked a suite for the three of us under her Surname.

"Oui Mademoiselle. Votre Passport s'il vous plait."

She handed her passport to him for the registration and quickly filled in the details of the card the receptionist gave to her. A porter arrived and took all of our baggage and showed us to the elevator, and then onto the room. Jane flashed a ten Euro note and said thank you and he left us in the doorway of an enormous suite.

To the right was a huge bathroom with double vanity and walk in shower. The room was clad in yet more marble. Cream and feminine as opposed to the dark masculine lobby we had just been in. Near to the wall, was a claw footed Victorian Bath.

I walked further into the room into a small sitting room with comfy chairs, coffee table and a small two seat sofa. On the wall was a large flat screen television, and just beyond was an impressive King size double and to the side of that a large single bed. I walked over to the window and drew the curtains wide to let in some light and to see the view. Our room looked out over the modern city of Brussels as opposed to the older Grand Place part. I could see a large church.

"That's Saint Catherine I told you about." Jane pointed out. "Are you really okay?"

"Okay as anyone could be walking here with a plug still stuffed up my backside."

Charlotte was unpacking her bag and hanging her clothes up in the big antique wardrobe in the corner of the room. I walked over to her and brushed my hand over her shoulder and quietly thanked her for carrying my bag. I was not in a good state. I rummaged in my little suitcase and took out my toilet bag. I had been fighting it all along Anspach and into the lift. My defense had been to be angry and to attack Jane, yet I knew I was just trying to hold back the tears. Sniffing, I kicked off my shoes and went into the toilet pulling the door closed behind me.

I slipped my dress over my head and tossed it onto the floor beside me, to stand stark naked for the second time that day. I looked in the mirror at myself and I was desperately unhappy. The dam of tears I tried to hold back broke and floods of tears streamed down my face as I lifted the seat and sat down on the toilet. I tried to cry silently but my body was wracked with big sobs, as more tears flowed. I took some toilet paper and wiped the butt plug and threw it into the sink. I snatched some more toilet paper and wiped my ass to remove the excess KYJel. Finally I ripped the toilet paper off to blow my nose and wipe my tears. Jane would have said I was being anal retentive! For Christ sakes I even had to finish the job removing the butt plug before I could do personal things, like cry to myself. I sat on the toilet with my head in my hands and cried and cried.

"Christ sakes, what's wrong?" Jane burst through the door followed by Charlotte, both alarmed and looking extremely concerned. I looked up at them with tears rolling down my face and dripping onto the floor as snot bubbled out of my nose. I tried to wipe it with the now soggy toilet paper.

"It was like being dead and buried.” I sobbed. “I am so alone. No one loves me and I don't have any friends." I croaked out between giant sobs.

It was a profound day. I was locked in a metal cage like I was to be left alone forever. When I dozed off in the locker, I had dreamt of death. I dreamt I was interred buried alive in a coffin, with my finger nails scratching at the wooden coffin lid until my fingers bled and I suffocated. It disturbed me so much I quickly evaluated my life. It was all coming out now, as I ranted and rambled between loud sobs.

Charlotte hurried over to the box of tissues on the vanity counter and pulled out a big handful and gave them to me. I cried and buried my face in them. Charlotte knelt beside me and put her hand around my shoulder and pulled me into a hugging embrace.

"We love you Paulie, don't cry. We are your friends. Jesus, Jane what the fuck have we done to her." She hissed the last part at Jane who stood there in open mouthed amazement.

"I don't know. Paula never cries. I've never seen her like this before."

"Paula, get up." Jane's voice was soft and soothing. "Come on get up and come with me."

I blew my nose into the tissues and threw them all into the toilet bowl. I was sniffing and still crying but the sobbing wails had died down. I stood up, wiping at my teary eyes with the backs of my hands as I followed Jane who held out her hand to me. I clutched it desperately like it was a life line saving me from oblivion.

Jane gently steered me into the room and stopped me at the big bed. She yanked back the covers and ordered me into the bed. She waved Charlotte off to get some more tissues. I curled up into a fetal position, knees tucked up to my chest as she smoothed the big duvet around my body and lay besides me spooning my body with hers. She slipped her hand under the duvet to take my hand in hers and I squeezed at her fingers not wanting to let them go.

"Now what's brought all this on? A problem shared is a problem halved."

Charlotte brought over the whole box of tissues as she knelt beside my laying her head down on the pillow besides me and enveloping me with her arm.

I sat and told them how lonely I really was. How having "Locker Time" to myself, I could do nothing but think about how my life had turned out. What a disappointment I was to them. I told them I envied their relationships. I apologized to them for pushing them away. Then I cried some more before falling asleep in their arms.

When I awoke, Charlotte was watching the large flat screen TV with the sound down low, and Jane was hammering away at the keys of her ipad in a chair beside the bed, near to me.

"Hi there sleepy head. How are you feeling?"

"Embarrassed. You sat with me all this time?” I mumbled.

"Of course I did. You have had a bad ordeal, and it has affected you in ways we never would have dreamt. I wouldn’t have let you go through it if I knew it would have affected you this badly. We. . . I am truly sorry.”

“I am sorry for ruining the weekend for you both. I became so claustrophobic . . . "

“Paula, you haven't ruined anything. We are all fine. It's true what you said. You have been lonely and you keep your relationships at arms length. It’s a defensive mechanism you use, but deep down you are hurting inside. It can all happen again but you appear to be enlightened from your ordeal. Why not look on it as the first day to the rest of your life?"


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