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by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2006 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; latex; catsuit; gag; toys; insert; M/f; bodybag; encased; buried; cons; X

The basement was cool and well lit. There were no dark corners sucking in the available illumination. She stood on a rug by a wall, the only softness in the expanse of white concrete. On the opposite wall was a low table with a dark ovoid shape resting on top of it. She undid the dressing gown, took it off and placed it on the floor. There was a black garment drooping limply from a hangar on a mobile rail next to the table. On the floor beside her was a container of talcum powder. She picked it up and showered her body in the white cascading substance which fell gently onto her body and obscured the pattern of the rug beneath her bare feet.

She gently and gingerly slipped her legs into the darkness of the limp garment. It rustled as she stretched and pulled it, the light reflecting on the surface of the shiny black skin she held tightly in her hands. The cold of the black tide slowly engulfed her feet, her ankles, her calves and her thighs as she eased herself into the bottom half of the suit. She squirmed and squealed as she pulled the thin, tight suit up over her bottom and stomach, the vaginal dildo and anal butt plug eased their way into her moist and willing lower orifices. The raised studs on the inside of the suit pressed into the mound of her crotch.

She pushed her fingers into the arms of the suit, feeling her way down into the depths of the suits's arms. She flexed her fingers when the tips reached the end of their journey. Her belly and chest were now surrounded by boning built into the suit, constricting her waist and forcing her breasts upwards. Each nipple was surrounded and forced into a rubber teat on the suits's breasts. 

A mask hung forlornly in front of her breasts, tubes and a bulb dangling in space bumping her stomach as she moved. She pulled the mask up and over her head. She moved a gag on the inside of the mask into her mouth, then inserted the tubes into her nostrils and finally slipped the built in ear plugs snugly into her ears, blocking off the sounds of the world, shutting her inside the suit from which sight was also denied to her.

She pulled the short zip down to the small of her back. She stood still and waited, expectantly. Her smooth black hand was squeezed gently and she was led over to the low table. She was helped into the ovoid shape and lay down inside it. The bulb was picked up from her chest and squeezed, infalting the gag inside her mouth, pressing against her teeth, forcing her cheeks to inflate. 

She could just feel a loose covering over her new skin, surrounding her, squashing her arms against her sides, pushing her legs together. She tried to wriggle but could only move her legs up and down and raise herself up from the waist, slowly. She settled back, level. She felt the tubes from her nostrils pulled upwards. Suddenly she felt pressure all around her body, pressing her suit tighter against her skin.

She breathed slowly. She tried to sigh but couldn't, her mouth gaping, filled with the taste of rubber. She relaxed, her body loosening, her breathing slowing down. She felt herself being lifted up into the air, her body jostled in a rhythmical fashion. She smelt the air through the tubes and it became fresh. She was laid down again. Something was being thrown on top of her as she lay on her back, thudding and then sliding down, the vibrations getting smaller. 

She wasn't sure where she was but the aroma of fresh turned earth filled her nostrils as she breathed deeply.



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