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Buried Alive

by Ratbert

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© Copyright 2007 - Ratbert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; entomb; sand; encase; concrete; cons; X

The counter person had thought he had seen all manner of customers while working at the industrial equipment rental store; everything from lawyers types in three piece suits to grubby hicks in bib overalls but this one really took the cake.  The young man in front of him was sweating perfusly, and had a large bloody bandage made from a tee-shirt covering half his head.   He had a his left arm in a homemade sling and was extremely agitated.

“Are you sure you can handle this conctere hammer drill?  It’s the biggest one we have, ¾ inch, and weighs a ton.”

“Look! Just give me the damn thing; I’m a kind of hurry!”

“Are you sure you don’t need to see a doctor first? I mean you bleeding all over the place…”

“I’m fine!  Just finish the damn paperwork and let me get out of here!”

“Ok, ok. You don’t have to shout.  It will just take a minute to print your receipt.”

He didn’t know how long he had been knocked out, or even how long his wife had been entombed.  He had heard her plead for help before he left her, but that was ages ago.  Everything was still all such a blur, but he had to get her out, he had to!


 "Do you really think it will work?"

Her soft but excited whisper echoed in the dark basement.

"It should work perfectly, and then we can use it anytime we like."

“Or, anytime I'm 'bad'."

“You’re always bad!"

“That’s not what you said last night..." she purred.

After a long passionate kiss, they got down to business. The young couple was hopelessly in love and had discovered, quite by accident, that they both enjoyed restrictive bondage, her in restraints and him doing the tying. Nearly all of the various types had been explored through out their 2 year marriage but all of then seemed to be missing something. Rope, chains, handcuffs, and even leather restraints were fun to play with, but the bondage still didn't feel complete no matter how tightly she was held.

During their vacation to Hawaii the previous summer, they stumbled upon a technique which left them both breathless in anticipation. As a joke he buried her lovely delicate toes in the sand while mindlessly watching the surf pound onto the warm golden beach. As the toasty sand enveloped her toes and then her feet, she found herself becoming more and more distracted. Unable to concentrate, she put down her Cosmopolitan magazine and watched in wondered fascination as the sand covered her.

" Don't stop."

" What, Honey?"

“Don’t stop. Could you cover my legs too?"

He looked down at what he had been doing and started to grin at her. There was no hand tool available on the deserted beach, but once he got started, his enthusium got the best of him. Within minutes, his petite wife was covered from her neck to her toes with a shallow mound of hot, sugar like sand. She was in no way trapped, and could have stood up in a second to free herself, but the wild imagination of both of them made light bulbs the size of a blimp goes off in their heads. She soon found out the nice thing about being buried while lying flat is that strategic areas can be discretely uncovered and played with. After a evening of mind-blowing sex, the desk clerk and the resort was hard pressed to fill the quiet couples request the next morning: a picnic lunch and beach towels, a large shovel and the tide tables for the usually deserted beach north of the hotel.

To anyone walking down the beach, the single man sitting in the sand, reading would not have seemed unusual. Even the beach towel draped over in lap with a slightly larger that normal bulge in it would not have seemed strange. The look of utter bliss on his face might have aroused suspicion that something was up, but this sun bather would seem to be alone on the beach, enjoying a warm summer afternoon. If one was quiet enough, one might have been able to hear some frantic sucking sounds and the distant but distinct buzzing of a vibrator buried and in fact, buried twice.

For under the shade on that beach towel stood a gorgeous 5'2" naked blonde. Of course, only her head was barely visible, while the rest of her lovely form was pinned quite effectively by the very sand she enjoyed the previous day. Despite being helplessly buried up to her cute neck in the sand she was as happy as a clam for two reasons. One, she was giving her hubby pleasure, and in fact had him by the preverbal 'short hairs', and two, her favorite vibrator was merrily buzzing away in her already moist cunt. She was working on her third orgasm and felt certain this one would put the last two to shame. The feeling of confinement and entombment was exciting, arousing and terrifying, all at the same time. Add into that, giving her husband pleasure and that silly vibrator, she was as close to heaven while still breathing. Which in fact was a bit difficult with a mouth full of cock and 2 tons of sand pushing in and around her chest.

The entire day slipped by like that, oral sex between short breaks for snacks and drinks. Thankfully, they had thought to check the high tide watermark prior to their antics as they had lost all track of time. As the waved lapped up a scant 12 feet from her helpless head, they both realized they would have never been able to extract her in time.

The rest of the vacation passed as a blur, but now it was winter in this dusty basement and the warm beaches of the south pacific were far, far away.

A construction worker by trade, he had a great deal of experience with building foundations and concrete work. While pouring a slab for a large office building downtown, he came up with an idea to help bring back those wonderful memories of burying his wife in the sand. Using 2 X 8's he made two matching frame and hinged them together to form what looked like a giant sized book lying on its side on the basement floor. Welded within each frame was a network of iron bars typically used for reinforcing concrete foundations, which is where he had ‘borrowed’ these. The bottom frame also had a plywood floor to keep anything from spilling out of the bottom. When the two halves were closed, the formed a pocket on the interior just large enough for a small person to fit into. In fact, it fit his wife perfectly.  Their passionate embrace was cut short but the loud honk of the cement truck, as it started backing up the driveway.

"I think your buddy's here," she gasped breathlessly.

"Cool, let me get rid of him and then we can get started."

With $500 dollars cash, a case of beer, and a fabricated story about pouring a new basement floor, the driver was sent on his was, to return in an hour to take the truck back on his own.  Having had years of experience working with concrete, the husband soon had the truck and delivery ramp expertly positioned. While he was making final adjustments to the position of the chute, the lovely victim undressed and covered herself in baby-oil.

“I’m ready, are you sure this is safe?" she asked timidly.

The vision of seeing his Meg Ryan look-alike wife standing on tiptoes, bending over his contraption, nude and covered with oil was nearly too much for him.

"This should work great. First I will lay a layer of concrete in the base 'till it’s' nearly full and we will cover it with this thin plastic sheet. Then you can lie down in the center of the frame and I'll cover you with another sheet of plastic."

"How am I supposed to breathe like that?"

"Easy, I'll put this short length of PVC pipe between your lips and you can use it as a snorkel. I'm sure you have had some experience holding something similarly shaped in your mouth."

"Sure, but never this big before!"

"Very funny! After the plastic in place over you and I know you are breathing alright, I'm lower the top frame over you and then pour in the rest of the concrete on top of you."

"With the breathing pipe sticking out of the top, Right?"

"Of course dear, This stuff hardens quickly, well within 2 hours anyway, and when it's dry I can lift the top frame up and back off of you. It is a special industrial  grade used to overhead constructions like ceilings and overpasses and skins over incredibly fast. Then you will have a perfectly molded prison which can hold you completely immobile for as long as I like!"

"And we can re-use it anytime we like?"

"Oh, sure. It should last for years."

"Won't this be kind of heavy for you to lift off of me when it dries?"

"Oh, I'm not that strong. I'm going to set a couple of eye bolts into the cement which I can then attach to my chain hoist and pull it up. It's rated for 2 tons and I'll only need a quarter of its capacity."

"Well it sound like you know what you are doing, but why do we have to use two plastic sheets?"

"That’s so the cement won't touch your fragile skin. It can be very caustic when it's on you for very long. Also, with you sandwiched between the two layers, the two concrete slabs won't touch and become permanently joined. You wouldn't want to stay in there forever, would you?"

"Oh no, then I wouldn't be able to do this."

"Well, do you want me finish this or would you rather forget it and jump each others bones?”

"Not even a 'quickie'?"

"Honey, there is only a short window before the cement is unusable."

"I know but just thinking about this has gotten me so hot! You are going the let me use my 'little friend' aren't?"

"No, dear, I don't want you wiggling around while the concrete sets. Don't you want it to fit you perfectly?"

The pouty face she gave him nearly stopped him cold, but she finally relented and agreed to his request. The truck was loudly idling outside but when he started pouring the first half, the noise became nearly deafening. The thick gray mass poured down the chute, in a swift but controlled torrent. With expert skill the bottom frame was completely filled within 2 minutes, with nary a drop spilled. They carefully covered the gooey mass with the clear plastic tarp, while being careful to have enough overlap on all four sides.

"Are you sure you are ready to go through with this?  It's going to be a bit over 2 hours before I can free you."

"Don't worry about me. I went pee already and I was buried in the sand for 3 hours straight! This should be a piece of cake."

"OK, I'm going to lift you up and set you down on the plastic now."

The placement was perfect and with some slight downward pressure from him, she had sunk halfway into the cement. The thick mud oozed all around her, molding to her sexy figure perfectly. She looked exactly like a gingerbread man waiting to be baked in the oven. He placed the clean pipe into her mouth and then laid the second plastic sheet over her. By making a tiny cut in the plastic, he was able to slip the PVC pipe up through it and point it directly at the ceiling.  He sealed the plastic around her lips with a few small pieces of duct tape to complete the preparation.


"Uh huh," she mumbled.

"I want you to count to one hundred as I pour the second layer on cement on you. If you stop for any reason, I'll stop pouring and get you out. I'll tap on the pipe 3 times when I'm done pouring."

"Uh kay", she managed to say, and started counting as the concrete started to flow. "Une, uwo, uhree, uh.. or, uh..ive,,,,"

The concrete flowed around her like a cocoon, pressing down snuggly on every square inch of her. Within seconds, movement was impossible and even breathing was becoming difficult. With careful measured breaths she was able to keep counting. When her breathing started to really become labored she started to worry, as she was only up to 45 in her count.  When the horrible mass started to cover her face and head, a flash of panic seized her but she was able to just barely fight off the urge to sit up and escape. The dark gray color above her instantly change to pitch black and all sound vanished. If it wasn't for the oppressive weight, she might be floating in space. The cool liquid mass enclosed her completely.   Every little crevice of her face neck, chest, crotch and legs was filled  with the lovely stuff. 

Just as the weight seem to become unbearable, a sharp tap to the  pipe startled her. Two more quick taps told her that at least the weight on her body would not become any worse.  She continued counting to one  hundred causing her chest muscle ached from the exertion.

“Un..Undred,” she finally finished.

After the work of counting, just breathing was much easier and she able to say "Um mall-right" into the pipe.  

She couldn’t resist any longer and tried to wiggle her fingers and toes.   To her surprise, she could not perceive any free play at all.  This frightened her a bit and she tried to sit up.  This brought home her predicament even quicker.   There was no give anywhere!  She panicked for a few minutes, struggling  with all her might, but nothing moved a millimeter.  Swallowing her terror she was able to partially calm her racing  heart and get her breathing under control.   Well, this is what she wanted, complete immobilization.  After she resigned  herself to her situation, a calming feeling came over her.  The darkness and  quiet was intoxicating, and no mater how hard she struggled, she could not move a finger, or a toe, or anything really. 

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes" came a quiet whisper from the simple tube sticking a mere 3 inches above the sea of concrete.



Quickly before the concrete began to set, he embedded four eye-bolts deep into the wet cement. Within 15 minutes, the fast drying cement had skinned over to form a smooth hard surface. Every few minutes a weak, whispered "OK" was the answer to his loud inquires. This is going to work perfectly he thought to himself. He checked on the oversized hinges he had place along the edge of the two frames, nodded his head approvingly. His lovely wife was literally entombed in concrete, with an easy access to release her nearly instantly. As this went through his mind he decided to start attaching the heavy chains from the concrete slab to the chain hoist he had positioned above the device earlier in the day.



He felt like a little kid waiting on Christmas eve for Santa to hurry up and deliver the presents already. The two hour seemed to crawl by.



Finally he could wait no longer, it was almost two hours but the stuff was as hard as a rock. The fast drying concrete firmed up much quicker than even he had thought possible.  He had heard this stuff was a bit tricky in regards to structural durability , but it would work perfect for his purposes.  It wasn’t like he was building an overhead freeway ramp with this stuff. 

With a final adjustment to the lifting chains he started to gradually lift the top slab. At first he could see no movement in the lid at which frightened him badly, but with a quiet pop, the seal broke between the two plastic sheets. The strain on the chain hoist was incredible and even with its added leverage, it took nearly all his strength the slowly raise the massive lid.

“I guess that concrete weighs more than I thought.”

Half an inch then one, two and finally after six inches he could just see her fingers and wrist embedded in the now hardened stone. After a foot and a half, her entire beautiful body was visible, including the cute smile she had on her face.

"Having fun?"

"Oh! It was incredible! I've never been so helpless in all my life! I want you so badly, I can taste it!"

With both of them distracted so, neither of them was aware of the deep cracks forming in the upper concrete slab. With a terrifying series of loud cracks and a shower on gray dust, all four of the anchoring bolts embedded within the upper concrete slab pulled loose. The last thing either of them saw was the comic look of surprise on each other’s faces. The now free chains whipped about the room in a deadly arc, striking the young husband square across his left temple and shoulder. With and resounding BOOM, the lid slammed home causing the entire house to shudder on its foundation. The concussion stunned the now helpless victim into speechlessness. Remarkably, she was in the only safe place in the basement when the slab let loose. The upper lid sealed around her, instantly turning day to night. It took her a full minute to realize she was not dead. Tentatively at first, then with as must force as she could muster, she started calling for help.

"elp, ...elp! ...elp...."

But of course the only person near enough to hear her pitiful peas for mercy was in no condition to help her. In fact, he was in no condition to do much of anything. It would take hours for him to regain consciousness.

As night crept onto the neighborhood, a very faint "...elp" could almost be heard above the late evening breeze rustling though the trees.


the end



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