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Buried at the Beach

by Hyram

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© Copyright 2006 - Hyram - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; beach; buried; toys; cons; X

Kate sat on her beach towel, watching as Eric disappeared into the hole he was digging to extract another pile of sand with his hands.  Granted, he was on his knees but even so the hole must be pretty deep.  The piles of sand surrounding the oblong pit were quite high as well.

"So you're going to bury me in that hole?" she asked him, as if the words had been, "So we're having turkey sandwiches for lunch?"

He popped his head over the rim of the pit, dumped another armful of sand onto a nearby pile.  "Only if you'll let me," he told her before diving back down.

She'd thought about her last, brief encounter under the sand.  It was a little hole that she could lie down in and the sides were only just higher than her body was deep.  She remembered how heavy the sand felt, even on her feet, as he shoved the piles on top of her toes.  She'd expected it to be light, but by the time he was finished, it felt as if someone was lying on top of her.  In fact, it felt so much like the weight of a person that she involuntarily started wiggling and, she admitted, even gently gyrating her pelvis.  Certainly enjoyable and she was looking forward to trying it again, though it looked a bit like Eric was getting out of hand.

"You could kill me in there!" she exclaimed, rising from her place on the towel and staring down at her eventual resting place.  It was as long as she was tall, and almost two feet down at its deepest.

"I won't", he quipped and hopped out, brushing his hands on his swimsuit.  He flashed a smile.  "Ready?"

A half grin and a toss of her long hair, coupled with a look that clearly stated this was all very dubious but yes I'll do it, Kate stepped gingerly into the pit.  She turned around in it, trying to find a way to sit down without collapsing the whole thing on top of her.  Eventually she just squatted on her haunches, then dropped quite unceremoniously onto her buttocks.  She put her feet out in front of her, scooted down until she could touch the far wall with the balls of her feet, and slowly laid back.

And sat right back up.  "This is way too deep."  Even sitting up, the piles of sand were well over her head.  Heck, the top edge of the walls were even with her chin.  The sounds of the ocean waves were dull thuds and she could truly see only the piles of sand and blue sky as her eyes moved around the hole.  It was darker down there too...peaceful in an odd way with everything muted and no other people visible.  Breaking her train of thought, a smallish object landed in her lap.

"Huh," she muttered, touching it with an interest seemingly more profound than her expletive.  "Where'd you find one of these?"  It was, of course, a vibrator.  Small compared to hers at home, but it had inviting curves and her mind wandered away from the depth of the pit in which she was currently sitting.

"Thought it might be useful," Eric told her, kneeling next to one of the large piles of sand.  "So I'll ask again.  Are you ready?"

Her answer was to slowly lean back.  Happily, she noticed, there was a definite upward slant from her lower back to the rim of the hole so she wasn't just laying completely horizontal.  The sides of the hole, however, were still above her head and the piles seemed impossibly high.  She was certain that there would be nothing to see at all of her, if Eric used all the sand.  She placed, as casually as possible, her hands over her bikini bottoms.  When Eric gave her a knowing grin, she merely replied, "Hey, you gave it to me," and looked forward.  Kate inhaled deeply and let out a shuddering breath.  "Ok.  Ready and willing."

Eric disappeared behind one of the larger piles by her legs.  All of a sudden, the pile shifted from its seat above her feet, and fell with a WHUMP! onto her shins.  Another quick shove and there was a slope from her knees up to the top of the pit by her toes.  "Heavy," she mumbled, wiggling her toes buried under 2 feet of sand.  She couldn't flex her feet much, as the sand would pack down as she did.  She thought that, right now, she'd be able to bend her knees and extricate herself without a problem.

And then the next pile of sand collapsed on top of her thighs, and all thoughts of escape exited her mind.  As the rivulets flowed over her legs, her fingers flashed under the oncoming flow of beach, making sure her toy didn't get trapped too far from where it would be of use.  Now there was a slope of heavy, damp sand covering her left leg and most of her right.  She saw Eric's head appear briefly over the top of one of the piles, and again a WHUMP!  as her lower body completely disappeared under two feet of sand.  She groaned with the weight of it on her legs, realizing quickly that she couldn't bend her knees or even spread her legs.  She felt around between them, and was thankful there was enough space to use the vibrator when the time came.

"It's going to start getting heavy.  Let me know if it's too much."  Eric's voice was muted by the remaining sand he was kneeling behind.

"It's already hea...." she began, but was abruptly knocked out of breath as a tidal wave of sand crashed onto her belly and chest.  It was like he'd taken the whole pile above her right side and pushed it all down at once.  The sand flowed over her, almost shoving her against the far wall before coming to rest, covering all but her left arm.  "Oof....that's a lot of sand," was a whisper as she strove to get her breath back.  Just as she was taking a deep breath, WHUMP! the piles on her other side swamped her, meeting the slope of the other until a small valley whose base was likely some foot above her breasts resided in front of her.  Despite the dip in the middle, she found herself looking *up* at the sand in front of her.  It sprinkled down into the hollow at the base of her throat; the only parts of her exposed were her shoulders, neck and head and they were at the bottom of a pit themselves.

Eric's face appeared in front of her, and even though he was kneeling and looking down, he was still well above her.  She knew that the sand directly in front of her wasn't even with the sides.  Her breathing was labored, the weight of the sand never became any less, never shifted.  More than that, the weight on the space between her legs was making her wet and her breath come even harder.  She brushed her mound with her fingers and it sent a shock through her body and she involuntarily writhed in place.  To Eric, it looked like a brief shake of her shoulders.

"Everything ok?" he asked, but she could tell that her answer wasn't going to stop him from pushing more sand atop her.  She stroked herself again at the thought of being trapped, which she definitely was, and another shudder struck her.  She resisted the urge to switch the vibrator on immediately.  She wanted more sand.

"Yes," she moaned, and with her inflection she sounded her need.  She wanted this, she wanted to be under the sand's weight, a large unrelenting lover pressed against her as she writhed for escape, desiring freedom, but desiring to be trapped more.

Eric shoved sand onto her chest, apparently not close to using all the piles on her sides, and little rivers flowed down around her shoulders and neck.  More sand on her breasts, and the slope in front of her came closer to her neck.  Soon, she felt her shoulders were covered, though not deeply, and  all that could be seen of her was her neck, face, and hair.

"Here comes the side by your head, so you might want to close your mouth and eyes, just in case it splashes."  And Kate did so without really considering what that meant, just knowing she wanted to be buried as deeply as possible.  It was hopelessly erotic, and underneath the sand her hips were swaying as much as she could force them to.  And when that pile of sand came around the right side of her head, it was so much that she could feel it on top of her head as well, covering her ear and shoulder deeply.  It piled up against the slope in front of her and she reflexively tried to tilt her head back as the sand swept over her neck and covered her chin.  She couldn't turn her head in that direction, or she'd get a face full of sand.  She heard movement to her left and again squinted her lips and eyelids shut as the same thing occurred over there.

The pile of sand fell over the edge of the pit and slid around her head, framing her face and coming to rest just under her bottom lip.  She could feel little clumps of sand lying against her cheeks and could see the blur of sand close to her eyes in her peripheral vision.  She could still hear, even with the mounds covering her ears, but it was like a cross between having your hands over your ears and being underwater.  She couldn't feel his weight as deeply as she was buried, but she could hear the pounding of Eric's knees as he shifted around on the sand, doing his best to bury everything but her face as deeply as possible.

Kate couldn't move at all.  She could wiggle her toes and she could move her hands and fingers slightly.  She was afraid to turn her head, lest she collapse the sand around her face and truly be buried alive.  Breathing was difficult, as if literally Eric was lying across all parts of her body.  Her legs throbbed from the bloodflow being compressed.  From the surface, there was no motion on the sand whatsoever...she was too deep for her body's minor movements to have any effect.

If someone were to peer down, they'd see the top of Kate's head, her forehead, eyes, tops of her cheeks.  Then the sand angled down under her cheekbones, coming to rest evenly at the bottom where she'd nestled in to make a small divet under her chin.  Then the sand sloped steeply in front of her face to the height of her head.  In effect, leaving her pretty features at the bottom of a pit.

"How does it feel?" Eric asked her, looking down the slope.

Kate raised her eyes, but if she could she didn't dare move her head upwards.  She could tell he knew it was hard for her to get a breath.  "Good," she muttered.  "Is that all?"  The question, even to her, seemed more like a plea for more, to not let the process end.

"Of course not," he surprised her by saying.  "But if you haven't already, you should try your toy."

She'd almost forgotten about the vibrator.  With sand being everywhere, pressing down and against her, the small device was almost unfelt in her fingers.  Subconsciously, she must have realized losing it underneath the weight might be an issue, because it was situated within easy reach of where it wanted to be.  She shifted it over, and was even able to find enough give in the sand, likely from thrusting against it for the past few minutes, to slip it under the edge of her bikini.  Even before she turned it on, the direct pressure on her clitoris made her gasp.

"Working, then?" asked Eric.

"Not yet..." she replied quietly, lost in sensation.  Eric just raised an eyebrow and stepped from view.  She found the switch with her middle finger and with a gentle push, the vibrations began.  With an involuntary shock, her entire body tried to bounce, unsuccessfully of course.  "Oh my god," she moaned and her lips parted and eyes closed in a visage of growing passion.  She pressed more firmly with her toy and her hips were able to undulate just the slightest bit.  A whimper came from her and her eyes squinted shut briefly.

They flashed open as she felt grains of sand bounce against her chin.  She couldn't see over the slope, but a river of fine, dry, white sand was slowly pouring down into the hole where her face was exposed.  It wasn't completely constant, so she knew it was Eric causing her to slowly be buried.  "Yes," she said, forcing herself to be audible despite her ever more ragged breathing.  As her fingers caressed her moist lower lips and the vibrator continued to drive her upwards, the sand came down, sweeping around her chin, slowly rising towards her still parted lips.

Her fingertips slid over her mound, grainy pieces of sand making it like fingernails against her vagina.  She began to pulse and her hips became more demanding...they needed to move, to rock, to twist...but they could barely move a hair.  Her body frozen beneath the weight of the sand, she forced the vibrator to a new position and her mouth opened wider in a silent moan. 

The sand was at her lips... she reflexively closed her mouth, but her fingers wouldn't stop and breathing was so labored that she had to open her lips a little.  Sand, again dry and light, slid in from the sides, the flows meeting in the middle at her lower lip.  As moist as her lips were, the sand clung to the bottom and when she gave a gentle spit of air, it was only to make a brief pocket in front of her mouth.  More sand came to fill that space, and then she did close her mouth as more sand from the front flowed down.  She felt the granules hit her lower lip directly and start to surround her face.  She was breathing deeply through her nose, trying ineffectively to bring her head back just a bit to free her mouth.  

But the sand continued to flow steadily now, and as it again came from the sides she felt her cheekbones disappear and could *see* the sand edging around her eyes.  Her upper lip twitched as the grains caressed it, and she saw the sand move slightly with the breath from her nose.  She still felt the grains slide past her cheeks and could see the slow rivulets of white continue down in front of her.  And when her top lip disappeared and she tried for the last time to force her head back, she gave a little squeal through her nose.  There was no response from the surrounding hills of sand, and the stream of white grains continued for a few moments more, until she could literally feel it pressed against the sides of her nostrils.  Each intake of air had the aroma of dry sand, each egress of air shifted the grains that weren't a quarter inch from her nose.  She was frozen...not only by the weight, but by the knowledge that any shift might cause more sand to flow down and bury her to her eyes.

She raised her gaze to see Eric's face studying her from the rim.  "Mmph", came the exhale, her eyes falling back to the sand in front of her.  That was all she could manage.  As she'd been transfixed by the sand slowly covering her, her passions had gently subsided.  With nothing to keep her attention aside from the efforts to breathe, her finger shifted the vibrator in a small circle, and she immediately felt her body respond.  Her eyes closed and she tried to control her breathing.  "Mmmmm" came a sound from her throat, inaudible to anyone but her.  She caressed herself and already her juices coated her fingers.  Firmly she held the vibrator against her clitoris, edging it up and down her lips.  "Mmph", she breathed, hearing her heart in her ears.  "Mmph....mmmmph."  Her pelvis tried to lift, to create a rythym.  Nowhere, but the pressure of the attempt was enough, so she kept on, circling with the vibrator, flexing her thighs and hips.  "Mmph.  Mmph.  Mmph."

She began to sense the inevitable buildup, and she worked her fingers harder, her hips pushing up and down, up and down...still not showing the slightest movement on the surface.  She could hear her breath come rushing in and out of her nose, opened her eyes once to see a small divet in the sand where her air came out.  Her chest tried to heave the sand away but it was impossible to budge.  Her loins began to tremble, her toes flexed forward and back in rythym with her thrusting.  Her head moved ever so slightly and a tiny cascade of sand slipped around her cheek.  Sand came between the sliding vibrator and her clitoris, and the sensation of friction started her orgasm in earnest. 

Her body thrust violently under the sand, her muscles clenching and unclenching in time with the pounding of her loins  Her whole body was alive with pleasure, striving to thrash, to roll... but from an onlooker there was nothing but the face of a young girl buried deeply in the sand squinting her eyes shut.  The orgasm continued to rock her petrified world, and she reflexively tried to shake her head, to throw it back in ecstasy.  More rivulets of sand swept around, still not blocking her sucking nostrils though, and the sensation of more sand on her put her over the edge.  The pulsing in her groin became an electric current, her entire form struggling desperately, her face coming forward into the dry sand, her head thrusting backward with her nose expelling sand and air.  Again, her head rocked about, the dry sand filling in around the dent in front of her.  "MMMMPPPH!" she screamed, her mouth still covered, forcing the sand from her nostrils once more.

Her fingers were madly working at her g-spot, her entire body tensing, bringing her towards the explosion.  Her head slammed back into the sand behind her, and just as she'd finally made enough room for her mouth to scream in final ecstasy, the piles above her slid down into the pit.

"OooOooOOO...." WHUMP!  and for a few moments her body was clenched so tight around the passionate energy coursing through her she couldn't notice that she'd truly buried herself.  It was overwhelming, her body still not letting her go, still peaking to that one final burst.... She even opened her mouth to scream again and sand dumped into it, silencing her completely.  Struggling against sensations beyond her dreams, Kate was unmoving, despite her body's desire to burst its bonds.  And then she was coming down, dizzy from holding her own breath through the heights of the orgasm, and she tried to gasp for air but found her nose plugged with sand. 

From Eric's view he only saw the crown of her head, motionless under the sand.  It was fascinating, knowing what her powerful orgasms were like in bed, and seeing her going through one unable to move, indeed without any motion at all, but he'd heard the beginning of the scream and watched in his own erotic shock as she'd accidentally caused the piles of sand to bury her almost completely.  He gave her 5 more seconds, then scooped two armfuls off her body, and two handfuls from her face, pinched her nose free of sand, and gave a look that said, "You're unbelievable", which was returned in kind from the sandy face below.  "MMph", came the sound, her mouth still under the sand.  He did his best to dig a slight hole and clear her mouth through her spitting and gagging.

Looking down, only able to see the front of her sand-covered face, Eric noticed her glance up at him.  "Get me out?"  she mewed.

He gazed down at her, then looked around the beach which she could clearly not see down in her enclosure.  "It's early yet.  How about a drink?"

It seemed that she tried to shrug, took in the sand wall that was mere inches from her face and could likely collapse at any time.  "Do you have a straw?"



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