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Buried Alive

by Closetslave

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© Copyright 2008 - Closetslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; buried; casket; cement; permanent; cons/nc; X

It was the strangest thing, ever since he could remember, Alex had always been utterly fascinated by the concept of being buried alive. He didn`t know why, but he found the thought unbelievably exciting. The finality of it, the act of supreme dominance & control over someone, the act of putting them into the ground & into a position where there would truly be no coming back. It fired him up as nothing ever had done but still he could not fathom why the concept appealed to him so much.

When he had been a kid, he had often orchestrated play scenarios in which he ended up trapped  underground in dens of sorts, or under floorboards or behind walls in half finished houses on building sites, & the thought that someone might actually come along & unknowingly, or perhaps even knowingly trap him permanently within such structures drove him insane with a perverse but completely uncontrolable excitement.

At times like these, his chosen playmates/tormenters would invariably be female, the young girls that played in the park near his home seemed to be always up for games such as these. Alex guessed it must have appealed to the cruel, wicked sides he suspected all females had lurking somewhere within. The routine however, would always be the same, he would always be the prisoner & the girl, or girls would be his giggling captors who would march him away & then bury him someplace.

Of course he could almost always get out of the places they put him, but he always liked to pretend that he couldn`t & invariably had a raging erection in his pants when he begged & pleaded with them to release him whenever they did it. It was just kids games, nothing more of course, but still he could not understand why he had such strange thoughts as the ones he had.

At thirty eight years of age however, the thought of being buried alive & left for dead was now becoming completely out of control, which was exactly the point when armed with a rather substantial amount of money, he began his search on the internet for a woman that would be prepared to accept that money to finally carry out his fantasy for him. FOR REAL!!

Enter Margaret Cecilia Richards!….

Alex met Margaret online in a BDSM chat room in August of 2002. She was a forty nine year old rather upper class divorcee who apparently lived alone but who had a very active circle of equally well to do friends. She was the kind of woman that cooked cakes & buns for the local WI & drank tea with the vicar & his wife, hardly the type to frequent a BDSM chatroom, or so he thought.

She & Alex spoke for a good two hours or so on that first chat session about many different aspects of female domination, the concepts of a female dominated society & Margaret`s favourite fetish, bondage.

Alex found her a curious mix of contradictions to say the very least. All twin set`s & pearls so to speak but with a wicked layer lying just beneath that positively tantalized him to the extreme. She even sent him some nice photographs of herself looking every inch the conventional conservatively dressed mature lady in her expensively tailored, mid calve to ankle length skirts & prim silk blouses, something that appealed to Alex imensely, for he always did love that mature, motherly/aunty look.

Margaret by this time of course had already admitted to having a rather cruel, but until now hidden streak that no man had ever been able to satisfy & when Alex had said that he wanted to find a woman that would bury him alive, she found herself somewhat intigued by the concept & jumped at the chance of helping him out.

At first of course, she never realised that he meant this as a permanent thing with no come back, but after her initial misgivings & a great deal of digging to see that he wasn`t joking about this & that he truly was serious, she finally agreed that she would at least talk about doing what he wished, providing of course that if she chose to accommodate his wish, he would take steps to cover his own disappearance & demise so to speak. She didn`t want to get into any trouble after all.

Alex of course was overjoyed & immediately said that he would sort everything out & that nobody would ever know where he was unless she herself told them. “Well I shan`t be doing that, that`s for certain”, Margaret had said, a sentence which had Alex as hard as the proverbial rock in his underwear.

They continued to speak after that first time for about two months virtually every evening on just how they would go about doing this. Margaret of course was continually asking him if he really was serious about this & each time Alex said that he was & that he truly wanted her to bury him alive & just leave him there permanently. If the truth were in fact known at that point in the proceedings though, Margaret actually found it rather exciting herself to be planning such a bizarre thing, for it appealed to her sadistic mentality imensely. The fact that she considered him beneath her in class also made it all the more exciting for her too & she was very soon looking upon burying him alive as a very real possibility.

More plans were duly discussed throughout their chat sessions concerning the coffin Alex had already purchased in which he would be buried & the modifications he had carried out upon it. He explained to Margaret how he had fitted a glass viewing panel above where his face would be so that he could watch her burying him, he also told her of the breathing tube he`d fitted onto it`s lid & how he wished this to remain above ground in order that he could stay alive for the maximum amount of time & so enjoy his burial to the full.

Margaret agreed that it would be wise & that she could also pass liquified foodstuff to him through such a tube as well to ensure his long term survival within his underground tomb, & also to afford her with the prolonged pleasure of knowing he was there, still suffering beneath her feet as she carried on with her life almost obliviously above him!

The aprehension for Alex was becoming quite unbearable to say the least, he couldn`t wait for this to happen & then one day, almost two & a half months since they had first chatted, Margaret informed him in no uncertain terms that she would bury him alive in her back garden if that was ok with him as she was planning on using the £20,000 he intended to give her on having a kitchen extension, a new stone paved patio & a conservatory professionally built anyway.

“You had better realise that once I pay the builders & have that patio laid, that`ll be it”, she said, her words causing Alex to shivver inside & almost come right there on the spot.

“The extension to my kitchen & the conservatory are going to be built partly on top of my patio so once it`s finished, you`ll be stuck under there for good”, she added. “There really will be no way to get you out again & there`ll be no way at all that I`ll dig up the floor or demolish my expensive new extension to do so either”, she said. “If we do this, you`ll be there permanently, & I do mean permanently”, she added. “You`ll be a permanent fixture & a part of my home”, she said. “And make no mistake on this, you will not see the light of day again, you will die under there”, she added.

What could he say, her words positively thrilled him to the bone….

“That`s exactly what I want”, said Alex excitedly. “Then you had better come over next Friday then”, said Margaret, “The builders will be starting on the Wednesday & they need to dig a hole before they lay the foundations”, she added.

“You can bring the coffin & everything you need, we`ll put it down into the hole they make & get you sealed into it before they go on to fill it in with a layer of concrete on the Saturday”, said Margaret, “we`ll have to cover it with a little earth beforehand of course because I don`t want the builders seeing a coffin in a pit waiting to be buried, it`ll raise too many questions”, she added.

“Of course”, said Alex excitedly & the deal was struck…..

When he actually arrived at her home, he immediately proceeded to carry out her wishes to the letter. He parked his small van in her large drive with it`s back doors towards the garage door so that he could remove his coffin & transfer it to the back garden with ease when the time finally arrived for him to do so. Also as per her request, he had already gone to great lengths to relinquish himself of all tracable links to humanity. He had vacated his flat & sold every last one of his possessions, the proceeds of which were to be added to the £20,000 & sealed into an envelope to give to Margaret later.

He had also handed in his notice at his place of work & cancelled all subscriptions & accounts in his name, leaving no forwarding addresses or contact details in the process as he did so. In fact by the time he had finished, he had for all intents of purposes, vanished completely from the face of the earth. The very thought of all this of course filled him with a mixture of dread & unbelievable excitement. After all, this was no game now, this was real, this was very real. He was about to hand his life & existence over completely to this woman whom he had known for only two & a half months. The concept of it all though was so unbelievably arousing to him nonetheless.

Standing at her door he couldn`t deny that there was a part of him that was shaking with what could only be termed as fear, “this is madness”, he thought to himself, but nonetheless he felt compelled to press the doorbell button & he did so.

When she opened the door, she just stood there for a few seconds & then she smiled before speaking. “Alex?”, she said as though kind of pleased to see him, “do come in, I`ll put the kettle on for us & we can have a nice cup of tea”, she added in a pleasant tone of voice. It was a bizarre state of affairs, Alex wasn`t quite sure wether she was just trying to be as normal as possible or wether she was feigning pleasantries until she got him, fly like into her spiders parlour.

As he entered through the door & walked into her hallway she smiled again & then closed the door after him before hastily brushing past him to lead him on & into her kitchen. He followed nervously behind her, his gaze transfixed upon her rather ample derriere & wide hips as they shimmied about beneath the black mid calf length silk knife pleat skirt she wore as she walked. His gaze then fell downwards to the fine Italian seamed nylons & then on to her elegantly shod feet in patent black leather stiletto`s.

Alex liked that a lot, the way that high heels accentuated the mechanics of a woman`s body always had amazed him, they always seemed to enhance the way the hips pivoted & swung as the woman walked. It truly was a wonderful thing to behold.

When they had reached the kitchen, Margaret pulled out a chair & bade him sit at the table as she busied herself with two cups & the paraphernalia associated with the making of the aforementioned beverage.

This of course was the first time he had seen her in the flesh. She was indeed the epitomy of high class, her manner of dress emphasising that fact to the letter. The femininely fashioned blouse she wore was made of a high sheen, lustrous grade of beige satin, open to the cleavage to show just a hint of a lace edged white bra cup which in turn scaffolded a set of rather large mammaries beneath the tautly stretched expensive shiny material that laid across them. She also wore a string of pearls & a black, brown & yellow patterned pure silk hermes scarve about her neck that complimented her immaculately kept hair beautifully. This was swept up into a loose gather upon her head to frame her face just so.

She looked slightly older in the flesh too, more around the fifty three or fifty four age group. It didn`t matter though, after all, Alex was there to be buried by her, not gaze upon her. “There you are”, she said in her stiff upper lip english accent as she handed him a cup & saucer.He smiled appreciatedly & offered his thanks as she passed him the tea before joining him at the table.

He took a quick sip & then reached into the inside of his jacket to withdraw an envelope along with the keys & documents to his van, which he passed over the table to Margaret. She smiled again & then opened up the envelope to look inside, it was of course crammed with £50 notes.

“There`s £23,548 there, you can count it if you like”, said Alex.

“No need”, said Margaret, “If I have to hunt you down I`ll not have to go much further than my garden after all”, she added laughing at her own joke as she placed the envelope along with the key`s & the registration documents of his van into a drawer beside her, locking it with a small key as she did so & then removing the key to rather sensually deposit it down her blouse & into her bra. She then turned to face him once again picking up her tea cup in a delicatley posed gesture & noticing also the look upon his face as he gulped in response to what she had just done.

“So”, she said, “Are you ready to do this then”, she added.

“Of course I am”, answered Alex.

“No seconds thoughts?”, said Margaret, “I mean, forever is a very long time to be imprisoned underground in a lady`s back garden you know, you can back out now, I`ll return your money to you & you can walk out my door, I`ll think no less of you for doing so”, she said. “I`ll be a little sad of course after all our chats & planning, but I`ll get over it, I`ll get on with my life just as I will if I go ahead & bury you, it really makes no difference to me either way”, she added. Alex shivered inside as she said that word, bury, it caused his penis to twinge in his pants as she said it.

“No”, he said, “I`m ready, I do want this, I want you to bury me Margaret”, said Alex, “I want you to bury me alive in your garden”, he added becoming more & more aroused at the very thought of what he was saying. “I want you to bury me alive & leave me there”, said Alex as he swallowed hard before continuing on. “Forever”, he added, his voice almost croaking as he spoke the last word.

Margaret took another sip of her tea as she looked over the rim of the cup at Alex smiling. “Very well then young man”, she said, “I`ll show you your final resting place then shall I”, she added as she stood up to place her cup upon the side. Alex then stood also, his knees almost quaking, to follow her outside & into her back garden.

Everything she had said during their chats was true, the ground work had indeed been completed to the point of  being raked & marked out. A drainage channel had been dug from the wall to the main sewerage outlet now visible in a pit to the left of the door itself. Alex looked into it ominously, apprehension building within him as he peered down to the bottom of it, lying about six feet below the surface. It was easily big enough for his coffin which would apparently lie beneath Margaret`s conservatory floor once the building work had finally been completed.

“The builders have finished with the drainage now”, said Margaret, “they filled the hole half way in this morning with loose earth but I easilly dug out enough of it again to put your coffin right down in there before I fill it back in again”, she added. “When they return tomorrow after we`ve done this, they will be confronted with what they left”, said Margaret, “A half filled in hole awaiting the final fill”, said Margaret, “they won`t see your coffin at all of course”, she added with an almost excited chirp to her voice. “And the breathing tube will lay here & come out in the corner near to the wall which will be inside the finished conservatory for my convenience”, she said indicating the route to him as she spoke.

“Your convenience?”, said Alex not quite understanding what she meant by that.

“Yes”, said Margaret, “I don`t want to have to go out into the rain to pass food & things down your tube now do I”, she added.

Then with a smile feigning surprise at his question, she continued on a little more. “Oh I see”, she exclaimed, “When I said convenience you thought I meant…..”, she added & then paused. Alex reddened up embarrassed by her words.

“You thought I`d attach a toilet to it didn`t you”, said Margaret laughing.

“No I….”, stammered Alex, “I just meant……”, he added growing more & more embarrassed by the second.

Margaret smiled as though contemplating. “Mind you….”, she said, “what could you do about it if I did?”, she added sneeringly.

“Of course I`m joking”, she said at which point Alex breathed a sigh of relief before following Margaret back into the house to finish their tea. Alex then asked Margaret if she would like him to bring the coffin in now or later & she said that now was as good a time as any which resulted in him then going out the front again to his van, followed of course by Margaret who opened up the electric door to the garage & it`s rear pass through door in readiness. Alex then took his coffin through to the back garden unseen by anyone.

By the time he had returned to her house, Margaret was already on the telephone to the scrap merchants arranging the removal of Alex`s van. He wouldn`t need it now after all. She then returned to the living room where Alex was now standing.

“There`s just one more thing I need to make clear to you before we begin Margaret”, said Alex, “It`s a very important point that you must understand before you begin burying me”, he added. Margaret sat in a chair looking towards him. “I`m listening”, she said & he imediately began.

“When your sealing me into my coffin”, he said, “I`ll probably begin begging you not too, I may even start trying to prevent you from putting on the lid,  you must understand though that it`s all just a part of my fantasy”, he added. “It may really sound like I don`t want you to do this to me but it`s important that you don`t listen”, he said, his penis already responding as he set about sealing his own fate & effectively removing any & all safety words that might end this once it actually began.

“I may even bang about & cry & plead with you for mercy once the lid is screwed down”, said Alex, “I may also tell you that I`ve changed my mind & that I really do want you to stop for real, but you must`nt stop what your doing”, he added. “I want you to bury me alive & bury me permanently Margaret & it would be nice if you were to talk cruelly to me as you do it, like you really enjoy my suffering”, said Alex.

“Well I can assure you that I will do”, said Margaret, interupting his little speech. “Don`t forget that I am getting some pleasure out of doing this to you as well you know”, she added. “I have thought long & hard on what we are doing & the thought of having you buried alive in my garden beneath my patio & conservatory is one which has given me considerable pleasure already upon it`s very contemplation”, said Margaret. “I`m going to enjoy knowing that your beneath my feet in your little tomb”, she added, “It will give me a great deal of satisfaction I can assure you”, she said.

“And as for my stopping what I`m doing if you cry out & beg me to do so”, she added with a wry smile, “You can forget about that completely because it just isn`t going to happen”, she said, “once the lid of your coffin is on you WILL be buried”, said Margaret, “And mark my words well young man, you will remain permanently buried”, she added, much to Alex`s obvious delight as he squirmed to her words, his penis hardening in his jeans as she spoke.

“Anyway, after a few days or so, I will have no choice whatsoever but to leave you there regardless of what either of us wanted”, said Margaret, “I won`t be able to reach you even if I wanted to once the patio is laid & the conservatory & extension work begins”, she added. “I wouldn`t want to anyway of course, but even if I did want to I couldn`t”, she said, her words again causing Alex to swell down below at the thoughts of such finality.

For the time being however, he did still have a few hours left of life as a human being in the real world above ground & Margaret thought that it would be a nice touch for him to have a hearty meal before she finaly buried him.

When it had been made ready, he certainly ate the meal with the relish of a condemned man enjoying his last meal, which in effect it probably was, his last proper meal anyway for once Margaret had buried him in her garden, it had been decided that he would receive only the scraps of what she passed to him through his piped link to the outside world above him. An hour later he was finally standing before his opened coffin which lay just to the right of the pit in which it would soon be buried.

Margaret stood next to him, her confident manner made him feel slightly uneased, she was completely in control whilst he on the other hand was now positively shaking & fearful of what was to follow. He looked towards her again & smiled a nervous smile, she looked positively alluring in her elegant skirt & blouse. The strange contrast between himself & her was an exciting one for sure & it made him feel kind of like a schoolboy that was about to be punished by the sexy headmistress for some transgression or other. His revelry was broken however when she `Commanded`, him to get into his coffin.

Her quick change of manner surprised him, this prim & proper upper classed housewife type before him ordering him now to lie in the coffin at his feet. It kind of scared him a little but thrilled him to the core. It was after all exactly what he had asked of her, to talk cruelly. The coffin had already been prepared of course, there was an outlet at the bottom of it to allow his inevitable soilings to pass out & not fill up inside with him & the tube in it`s lid was in place as arranged. All that was left for him to do now was to undress & lie down into it which he did with a growing sense of fear & trepidation at finally being able to act out his fantasy for real.

Margaret simply stood there, unmoving, a look of strange satisfaction beginning to spread slowly across her beautifully made up face.

He had laid within it many times already of course but now it was quite different, this time he would not be coming out again, this time it was for keeps & the feelings he got from that were quite awesome. Lying there silently in his casket however, he chanced to look up at Margaret as she moved to stand almost haughtily beside him. Being so low to the ground now he could of course see up under skirt, it surprised him that she made no effort whatsoever to conceal her modesty as some women might have done. Perhaps she was just thinking that it wouldn`t matter wether he could look up it now anyway, for in a few more moments, he would simply cease to exist in her world anyway, what did it matter that he could see up her skirt now.

He however had become quite transfixed by the slow undulating & hypnotic sway of her skirt hem barely a foot away from his face as she stood there. He could actually see her slip now, or was it an underskirt? Of course it was an expensive one whatever it was, being made of a luxurious white satin which now laid smoothly against the clearly visible inside of her skirt itself. He took a deep breath as he gazed up into Margaret`s face, quite possibly now for the last time ever as she reached for the lid of his coffin smiling as she did so.

“Please, I..I”, stammered Alex as he reached upwards with one hand. Margaret however had now fallen quickly into the cruel role he`d asked of her.

“Forget it”, she snapped. “I`ve made up my mind now”, she added as though weaving her own fantasy into his. “I`m going to bury you alive in my garden & there`s nothing you can do now that`ll make me change my mind”, she added as she brought the lid down towards him to begin positioning it. Alex immediately panicked, his cock was now rock hard of course as the white satin lining within the lid came closer to his face.

“N…Nooo please”, he cried as the lid contacted the sides of the coffin. “Please don`t bury me, please I beg of you”, he cried as he suddenly became aware of Margaret placing the long screws into their respective holes in the lid. All of a sudden it was so dark. He could hear the creaking of the wood as she began screwing the lid down, he cried out again in a desperate sounding voice as he pushed up at the lid from inside. A sliver of light began pouring in through the resulting opening, then just as quickly as it had appeared, darkness was upon him once again as Margaret swung her mature, ample weight onto the heavy pine lid to sit upon it whilst she continued on with the screws.

Alex was falling right into his fantasy now & was pleading with her not to do this to him. Margaret smiled above him as she remembered his words. “No matter how much I cry & beg, don`t listen to me”, he had said & Margaret was quite happy to stick to his rule completely.

“Your not coming out do you hear me”, she snapped in as stern a voice as she could manage. “When I`m done with this I`ll put you down into that pit & start shoveling the earth back in until it`s out of sight”, she added. “I`m going to bury you alive & simply forget about you do you hear me”, said Margaret. Alex shivvered inside his coffin as her words sank in.

“No please, please let me out, oh god please don`t bury me”, he cried. Margaret smiled again as yet another of the screws hit heavy resistance & settled into place to secure the coffin lid.

For the first time now, Alex began to realise just what he was letting himself in for. He had thought of nothing but this for so long now & the lust for it had consumed him completely & taken over his life. Now that it was happening however, he wondered wether he would truly be able to handle such a fate as the one he`d planned for himself. Margaret was really & truly going to bury him in her garden & leave him buried for all eternity. She was then going to have a very permanent patio & conservatory built right on top of him to well & trully seal his fate. The thought of that both frightened him & it excited him. His cock betrayed him of course because it was now rock hard as Margaret continued remorselessly screwing the lid of the coffin firmly into place.

In a moment of sudden uncontrolled panic, Alex then began clawing at the silky material lining the lid as he stared up through the small glass panel above his face to see nothing but the material of Margaret`s skirt where she was sitting upon it to hold the lid down while she screwed in the screws. Unfortunately of course, there were now more than enough screws holding the lid to make it impossible for him to escape anyway.

He wondered whether she would actually let him go now if he truly wished this to end & soon found himself thinking that she would probably be so wrapped up now in her own sadistic fantasy that she more than likely would not. Again, the finality of what was happening to him turned him on, his penis betraying him again as it pulsed with a life of it`s own. Then all of a sudden, there was light again as Margaret lifted from her seated position on the coffin lid to allow him to see daylight once again. She never even looked down as she rose, she simply stood & then moved about the coffin without concern as she inserted & screwed down more screws to tighten the lid down as Alex stared out & began begging her to release him.

“Margaret please!”, he cried, “Please Margaret, I`ve changed my mind, please don`t bury me I beg of you”, he cried. Margaret smiled again as she tightened down yet another screw, ignoring his cries just as he`d requested. Looking through the glass panel, Alex suddenly became aware of an aircraft flying high in the sky, he wondered about the people onboard, where they were going, the fact that they all had lives whilst his now consisted only of this box into which he was now being sealed, permanently.

Every now & then the seamed nylon covered calve, the  shapely stiletto`d ankle or just the material of Margaret`s skirt came into view to block the vista through Alex`s only window upon the world now as she worked casually around him. At times she was almost straddling the coffin & he was being given a worms eye view right up into the confines of  her skirts.

Margaret knew this of course, it kind of turned her on too, the thought that he was now looking up directly at her thinly veiled sex as she prepared his curious fate. If he had been able to actually see up close, he would have seen that the gusset of her panties had actually become quite wet now as a result of what she was now doing. In one quick moment however, she squatted down to straddle the coffin again so as to leave him in absolutely no doubt whatsoever of her own arroused state.

In this position, her pantied crotch was now splurged directly onto the viewing glass through which Alex now peered. He could now actually make out the engorged, puffy lips of her vagina through the thin silk of her panties as she did this & as she moved slightly, the viewing glass betrayed the smear of moisture & wetness upon it`s surface. It was no use, in a second his cock erupted as he came more violently than he had ever cum in his entire life, his penis spewing forth a veritable deluge of hot semen all over his belly & the lid of the coffin. Alex was in ecstacy, but he knew now of course that after the ecstacy, there was always the period of non arrousal that would leave him truly wanting out of the situation he had concocted for himself.

With his drive for sexual arrousal now satiated, his cries suddenly became very real. Now he wanted out. Now he wasn`t play acting or pretending. He truly wanted out.

“Margaret, don`t bury me please I…I`ve just cum Margaret, it isn`t supposed to be this way, please let me out”, he cried. Margaret just smiled again at his words, she was now turned on more than she ever had been in her entire life, this was fueling her sadistic drive more completely than it had ever been fuelled before.

“Well that`s just too bad isn`t it”, she said, “I am going to bury you you know”, she added. “I`m going to put you down in that hole & bury you, & then tomorrow when the builders start work & lay the concrete foundations to my new patio, I`ll be upstairs in my bedroom looking out of the window & masturbating myself to the thought of you lying helpless underneath all that earth, rubble & wet cement”, she said as she then moved to look down through the glass window into Alex`s paniced face.

“No, Please”, said Alex, “Margaret no, you can`t, you`ve got to let me out, I don`t want to be buried anymore, I`m telling the truth now, please Margaret please let me out”, cried Alex becoming all the more afraid now as she just stood there smiling down at him with her hands placed sternly upon her ample hips.

“So after all we`ve discussed, all our planning, you expect me to believe that you really want out now”, said Margaret smiling. “Oh I don`t think so, I`m having far too much fun now to let you go”, she added.

Then, all of a sudden Alex felt the coffin being dragged along the ground! Imediately he began to panic, the distance between him & the now nailed down coffin lid however prevented him from gaining any leverage to be able to push up at it. He cried out again.

“Please Margaret, please don`t bury me!”, he yelled although to no avail of course. Outside in the real world, Margaret had pulled the coffin along the ground until it was end on over the side of the pit, then she moved round to the other end of it & began shoving it forwards until it was teetering like a seesaw. One push now & the coffin would slide down into the hole in the ground. At this point however, Margaret chose to savor the moment as she stood next to the viewing window over Alex's panicking face looking down into his eyes.

“Do you really want out?”, she said with a strange smile upon her face.

“Yes!, yes Margaret, please, I don`t want to be buried, this is a mistake, a big mistake”, he cried.

Margaret moved around the coffin again never taking her eyes off of the window through which Alex peered. “You remember what you said to me though don`t you”, she added, “Whatever you say, no matter how much you beg”, said Margaret.

“I-I know Margaret”, said Alex in desperation. “I thought this would be fun, I thought I would like it”, he added as Margaret moved again around the coffin at her feet.

“Umm, now let me think”, she said putting her finger to her cheek as she did. “I`ve had a think, I`m still going to bury you”, she added, “I don`t believe you want out at all, you payed me a lot of money & I intend on having my new patio & extension”, she added as she moved to the end of the coffin & gave it the one last shove it needed to send it falling into the pit.

All at once, Alex then found himself coming to a violent jolt as the coffin hit the bottom of the pit, then suddenly he was looking up at the walls of earth on either side of him as Margaret stood at the side of what was to effectively now become his grave & peered over the edge & down onto him with the long breathing tube held firmly in her hand.

“Noooo!”, cried Alex, “Please Margaret, nooooo”, he pleaded, but Margaret simply ignored his cries & walked off to fetch her shovel. Then she began shoveling the earth in on top of the coffin until there was about half a foot of earth lying on top of it & hiding it now from the view of anyone who now chose to look into the pit.

Alex had now given up crying out for it was clear to him now that Margaret was ignoring him. The bizarre thing however was that Alex now had another erection, the fantasy was all of a sudden arrousing to him again & he found himself immersed within it. Above him however, Margaret was busy routing the breathing tube from Alex`s coffin through the channel leading to her backdoor, then she covered that over with earth also to hide it from view. After that, she went back indoors & made herself another cup of tea whilst waiting for the scrap dealer to call for Alex`s van.

The following morning Margaret was up as the builders arrived to finish filling in the pit. Alex had just spent his first night underground & he had quickly found out that the reality of the situation he had for so many years dreamed of, was not at all as he expected. To begin with, he was now in total darkness & the air in the coffin had become stale regardless of the fact there was a breathing tube attached to it. In contrast to this, Margaret had had a most enjoyable sleep after having exhausted herself out masturbating to the thought of what had just transpired. For the first time in her life she felt truly wicked, she felt like one of those cruel sadistic queens in fantasy movies that held life or certain death over her minions & the thought excited her like nothing else ever had done.

From the moment she had risen from her comfortable bed that morning, her mind was imediately upon the poor suffering wretch buried alive in her back garden. She wasted no time at all in slipping into her comfortable full length satin nightdress & negligee & then peering out of her window at her garden & the pit within it. It had of course been undisturbed, she had been slightly worried that Alex might manage to break the lid of the coffin & escape, the smooth layer of earth lying over it`s lid at the bottom of the pit however told her that this had not been the case. Satisfied now that this was so, she then dressed at her leisure for the day ahead.

By the time she had decended the stairs, the builders had arrived & were preparing things in the back garden. One of them had already begun unsuspectingly shovelling some more earth into the pit on top of Alex`s coffin, although of course as far as he was concerned, he was just filling in a sewer outlet ditch. As for Margaret, her gaze never left that pit as the worker shovelled more & more earth into it whilst she held her breath in fear of him seeing what was beneath the layer of earth. When he left the pit side to begin shovelling sand, cement & water into the mixer however, she breathed a sigh of relief. The pit however was all but filled in but for about two & a half foot or so below the level of the ground.

Margaret took a deep breath to control her mounting excitement & then she walked out into the garden to look into the pit with a satisfied smile upon her face. “Well, you certainly made short work of that didn`t you”, she said to the worker.

“Used to it Mrs Richards”, said the man, “be ready to lay the concrete in a few as well, gotta get a good concrete foundation, then all we gotta do is smooth it down & pave on top of that with yer patio, you wouldn`t even know it was there by the time we finishes it”, he added starting up the cement mixer motor as he spoke.

Margaret said nothing, she just smiled again as she felt the slowly spreading wettness in her crotch as it soaked into her pantie girdle at the thought of Alex in his coffin, buried under all that earth. She then walked back indoors, her mind awash now with the most wicked of thoughts.

“I`ll be in the living room watching some tv if you need me”, she said as she went indoors. “Ok Mrs Richards”, said the man as he continued mixing the cement oblivious to the fact that he was about to bury a young guy alive beneath three feet of concrete foundation work.

An hour or so later, Margaret had finished watching her morning favourite “Trisha” & had then stood to take a deep breath. She then walked to the mirror in her living room to survey her appearance once again. As always she was imaculately dressed of course but she was alarmed at the fact that her nipples had distended to such a degree that they could now be seen poking through the thin expensive silk of her blouse. “My god”, said Margaret under her breath as she began patting them down in an attempt to make them less visible. It was no use of course, the arousal that had been building within her at burying Alex in her back garden was just too much, she would have to attend to it upstairs in her bedroom.

Once there however, she wasted no time at all in going straight to the window to gaze out at the work taking place outside. The worker that had mixed & poured the cement was now nowhere to be seen & the pit that had once been visible was now completely covered over with a smooth layer of wet cement extending the full area of where Margaret`s patio would soon stand. Imediately, she collapsed at the knees at the realisation of where Alex now was as a wave of pleasure surged through her body, beginning in her sexual centre & then spreading outwards as she thought about what lay beneath the cement.

She was actually having the most intense orgasm of her life as she stood there basking in the thought of what she had been a party to. Her panty girdle had become soaked through the crotch to such an extent that she knew she would have to change it, but she couldn`t even think about that until the wave of pleasure subsided within her. It was showing no signs of doing so yet as she peaked & peaked over again.

Fifteen minutes later, she had calmed down & cleaned up enough to be able to finally change her underwear & venture back down the stairs again. At first, she tried her best to act as though there were nothing untoward going on, she put the kettle on & then she prepared herself some toast & marmalade which she ate whilst sat at the kitchen table reading the front page of her morning newspaper. To all intents of purposes, she was just an ordinary, housewife type lady enjoying a morning snack, elsewhere however things were definitely not ordinary & Margaret of course knew it full well.

She was becoming filled with the strangest of thoughts now, little tingles fluttering in her stomach & in her loins as she contemplated Alex`s predicament beneath the now laid foundations of her patio. It was the strangest thing, as far as the world was now concerned, Alex didn`t exist anymore, he was gone, out of sight & completely removed from the circle of life in his tiny six foot by two foot tomb under Margarets back garden. The most delicious part of it all though was that Margaret was now the only person on planet earth to know of his wherabout`s & she of course would be telling absolutely nobody!

This was a power she very much enjoyed, never before had she felt such power over another human being, it was intoxicating & frightening at the same time. She now owned the life beneath her in a manner beyond anything she could ever have imagined before. He would live if she continued to allow him to do so, he would breath if she allowed this also. The thought that she could simply stop up the air tube & suffocate him in unheard silence thrilled her to the very core of her existence but there would be far more fun to be had in keeping him alive in his confinement & everything that now happened in her back garden leading up to her inevitable patio & conservatory, would simply add to her cruel enjoyment as he became further & further beyond the help of anyone at all.




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