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Buried Alive

by LoRee666

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© Copyright 2015 - LoRee666 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; naked; box; dirt; packed; buried; stuck; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

I always had a morbid curiosity for certain things. One of them is knowing what it felt like to be buried alive. So a couple of frame carpenter pals helped me build a "burial box" in which I could experience burial without the risk of being snuffed. Since I'm a rather tall gal the box had to extend at least 6 (six) to 8 (eight) inches above my head & below my feet, there had to be a foot and a half to each side of my body.

There was 4 (four) inches of packed earth in the bottom of the box when I climbed in, and at least a foot of earth, or more, would cover the top of my entire body. A couple of half inch copper tubes ran in from each side of the box and securely affixed to a hard plastic breathing cup like mask, like anesthesiologist use in surgery, which was tightly sealed around my nose & mouth. Ear plugs were use to keep the dirt out, and a pair of swim goggle protected my eyes. Otherwise I was completely nude when we started.

Slightly moistened dirt was carefully filled in around me as I laid quietly in the box. The box was made of 1/2 inch plywood re-enforce with two by fours on the out side. The bottom had a pair of counter swing opening trap doors with quick release pull latches. Just in case something went askew and I needed to get out quick.

Once I was nice & tightly packed in all around me, and the boys double checked my breathing apparatus. I took a deep breath and gave the signal for them to start shoveling dirt on top of me. I started feeling a bit panicky as the moist dirt started rolling off my abdomen & chest onto my face. But my partners never hesitated for one second as the steadily pitched shovel after shovel of soft slightly moist earth on to my slightly trembling naked body.

I could still feel the dirt being shoveled in on top of me, when I went into full blown panic as my present situation suddenly struck me. I made an earnest attempt to extricate myself from the elevated shallow grave I was in. But it was way too late, as enough earth had been heaped upon me to make escape impossible. I cried & struggled futilely for a good five or six minutes before I had completely exhausted myself.

Although breathing was hard as hell because of the weight of the dirt on my chest, I found it a whole lot easier to do once I calmed down and accepted my chosen fate. And though my breathing was labored, I came to find being trapped inescapably beneath the soft moist dirt somewhat relaxing. It did reach a point where I wished I'd have thought of putting a vibrating dildo or butt plug inside of me. At the very least put a strap on butterfly on my clit, cause I was fast becoming horny as hell. As with most of the time when I find myself sensory deprived, it is impossible to determine even approximately how long you have been down. But I was now impatient for release because I had become just so horny I could hardly stand it.

Finally I felt a couple pounding jostles. Then the lower trap door fell open, and my legs & butt started bowing toward the ground as the earth encasing them fell away. I immediately started screaming as loud as I could, "Fuck me! Fuck me Goddamn it! Fuck me!"

Well they must have heard me through the air grill on the sides, cause the next thing I know my legs were hoisted up and spread, heels resting on the edge of the box. And with my body still half buried in the dirt, they were real pals and fucked my dirty ass for all they were worth. Those two ended up excavating me as they took turns fucking me. And I had the best orgasms I'd experience all that year. Yeah, it was fucking awesome.

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