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Buried Time and Again

by NightWalker

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© Copyright 2012 - NightWalker - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; gown; satin; casket; encase; buried; entomb; cons; X

Beep Beep Beep

As my eyes adjusted I realized that it was my alarm clock going off. 'Ugh 7:30am again', I thought? But this day seemed strangely familiar, I just couldn't place my finger on it?

Brad was already up and out of bed, again strange I thought, Brad never gets up early on his day off? I heard hammering down stairs, most likely in his work shop. I'll go down and make him a nice breakfast.

It was already warm this morning so I put on my pink teddy and a lite housecoat to go downstairs. Now I heard Brad running his saw cutting wood, as I walked past his work shop door. He really must have a major project for work that he must get done, I thought?

I made him a 4 egg omelet and crispy bacon that I knew he liked, then I went over to his work shop door to open it and tell him that breakfast was ready. As I grabbed the door knob Brad yelled, "Stop don't come in here yet". He quickly opened the door and stepped out. Kissing me on my lips and telling me how much he loves me.

"I made you breakfast", I said.

"That's why I love you so much Janet", Brad said.

"What are you making in there?" I asked, as he sat down at the table to eat his breakfast.

"It's a surprise!" he said, "I'll show it to you tonight when I'm done".

As we ate our breakfast I told Brad that I have a few errands to run this morning.

"Don't forget about your hairdressers appointment this morning", he said.

I had almost forgot, no wonder I set my alarm to wake up early. I guess that is why I felt so strangely this morning. Brad asked if I could get my hair done like on our wedding day? I told him I haven't done that since we were married more then 2 years ago, but he said, well tonight was going to be a very special night and that he'd like to see that hairstyle one more time.

"O.K." I said, "that's silly, but if that's what you want I will".

"Oh and pick up a nice plush satin pillow and pillow case will you?"

"OK" I said,not knowing why he want a new pillow, when the one's we had were still fine?

After taking my shower and getting dressed, I left for my hairdressers appointment. I didn't bother Brad as I heard him working in his work shop again. I arrived at my appointment at 9:30.

"Hey Cindy remember my wedding hairstyle I got?" Cindy said Yes? "Well Brad really liked that and he asked me to get it done again, you think you can do the tight curls and shoulder length again?"

"Sure we can Janet", Cindy said. "It'll take a little bit longer then planned, but I had a cancellation". After about 2 hours she was done.

"Wow!" I said, "it looks great, Brad will be very happy".

I then went to the local linen store to find a big satin pillow and pillow case to go over it. Next store was a lingerie shop and I stopped in there to get a white satin bra and panties with ruffles on them too. I was getting wet between the legs wondering what Brad may have planned for tonight, he was always up to surprises. As I was walking out of the store I saw an old friend of mine. We chatted for a bit and I asked if she wanted to do lunch? She agreed and we sat and chatted for the next few hours over a Cesar salad that I had.

It was close to 3pm and now and I still had a few groceries to buy before going home.

When I got home at about 4pm the house smelled like spray paint. I yelled to Brad, "Didn't I ask you to open some windows when you had to paint something", I said. He came out of his work shop and apologized. Almost right away he grabbed the new satin pillow I bought and took it in to his work shop. Not even a mention about my hairstyle. As I went over to the door, a little upset I found it was locked. "Brad what are you doing in there?"

"Janet go upstairs I laid something out on our bed", he said. As I walked up stairs and in to our bedroom, my wedding gown was laid out on the bed with rose petals all around it, with a note.

The note read: Janet I want this to be a special night for you. Please put on your wedding gown and veil and come downstairs to my work shop. At this point I couldn't imagine why he want me to do this, but I played along. I still had my new bra and panties in the bags and I put them on. Then I laid my wedding gown on the floor and stepped in to it, pulling it on, reaching behind me to pull up the zipper. I walked over to the mirror to put the veil on my new hairstyle, as I stood there I looked at myself and thought how I still made a beautiful bride. I gathered up my cathedral train so I wouldn't trip over it going down stairs.

As I reached Brads work shop door I hoped he had cleaned up the saw dust, so I wouldn't get it on my gown. I then knocked on the door. Brad slowly opened it and saw me standing there and said, "You were a beautiful bride on our wedding day and still are".

Behind Brad I couldn't believe what I saw and I stood there speechless. It was a pine coffin painted white. As I stepped in to his work shop I walked over to look closer at it. Still holding my train to my gown. Inside was a soft white satin lining with the big satin pillow I had just bought, the lid was leaning up against the wall beside the coffin.

Brad asked, "Do you like It?"

"Yes I do honey, but..."

"You remember how you told me you someday like to lay in a casket like you were dead in your wedding gown and be buried alive?"

"Yes", I said, "but I only mentioned it a few times. I didn't think you remembered?"

"Well I did and here is your casket and here you stand in your wedding gown, would you like to lay down in it?"

I had butterfly's in my tummy, but I couldn't resist. "Is the paint dry?" I asked.

"For the last 3 hours. Here let me put it on the floor". He lowered the casket down to the floor after removing each horse that was holding it up. He took my hand as I stepped in to it and I sat down. As I adjusted my veil so I wouldn't pull it off as I laid down I lowered my head on the satin pillow at one end. I asked Brad if he could fix my skirt and train at the bottom. Between the cathedral train and the crinoline under the skirt, it filled the entire portion of the casket.

Brad stood there as I laid there. "Wow!" he said, "here is a bouquet of flowers I got. Close your eyes and hold them on your chest why I take a few pictures". I laid there as still as I could as I heard the camera clicking away, taking pictures. After a few minutes I opened my eyes.

Brad asked, "Do you want me to put the lid on and screw it down?"

I was really excited now and breathing pretty quickly, but he went to all this trouble for me and I wanted to experience being in a casket with the lid being nailed down. He walked over and got his caulk gun first and put a bead of caulk around all the edges of my casket.

"Whats that for?" I asked.

"Well if I'm going to put the lid on we want a tight seal for when I bury you?"

"You're going to bury me too?"

"Yes your grave is right beside you. Didn't you notice the board? You walked right on it to get in your casket. Look up, see the pulleys I attached to the ceiling? That's how I'll lower you in to your grave and bury you".

I hadn't noticed any of it. I was lost in thought as he carried the lid over and placed it over the casket. "No wait, you'rr going to unbury me aren't you?"

He didn't answer, he was already putting the second screw in and it was too late to push the lid off. With each screw he added any light that was showing through slowly disappeared.

"Brad please stop I'm scared now!" There was little room for me to pound on the lid to make any noise. It was so dark now, I couldn't see and I could only smell the pungent odor of the caulk that sealed the lid.

After about 30 minutes I felt a lifting sensation and my casket moving back and forth like a pendulum. Slowly that stopped and I felt being lowered, the sides of my casket scraping on the walls of the dug grave as it was lowered, ending in a muffled thud as I hit the bottom. Of all things to wonder about at the moment, I wondered how deep Brad had dug my grave?

As I laid there, there was a sudden thud as something being thrown on my lid, quickly I realized that Brad was actually burying me! I screamed and yelled, "Please Brad I don't want this anymore!"

As the dirt hitting the lid it grew more silent. I don't know how much time had passed, but I could smell the freshly dug earth and it smelled sweet to me. The air was getting humid and hot now and with my wedding gown filling out most of any room in my casket, I could barely move. I wondered would if I would ever be found, would Brad dig me up again before my air ran out or what my friends be told of my disappearance?

My breathing was becoming short and shallow. My head felt like it was spinning. 'Oh Brad why,why did you do this to me? This must be what it feels like right before you die?'

Beep Beep Beep

As my eyes adjusted I realized that it was my alarm clock going off. 'Ugh 7:30am again', I thought? But this day seemed strangely familiar, I just couldn't place my finger on it?



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