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The Cabinet

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; boxed; encased; bond; locked; foam; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

Authors Note: Just as a background whenever I was away on business Diane used to send me horny emails, often I would read these during meetings etc. As you can imagine it was quite distracting to say the least. I have made them into this series of stories called 'Away on Business'. I bet you wished your girlfriend sent you horny emails like this when you were away on business!

Down in the masters dungeon awaited a pussy wetting surprise for his little slave girl; he had been busy working on his latest contraption for restraint for some time now and as he led her into the room, she quivered with anticipation. When her eyes saw the wooden cabinet she almost squealed with delight; her pussy lips began to glisten at the thought of being locked up in there.

It was simple in construction, but very well built, finished off with smooth edges and lined with exquisite black velvet. Basically the cabinet was separated into different compartments and was designed to perfection to Diane’s exact measurements. Each section had a slide in piece which corresponded to various points on her body like neck and waist; in the leg compartment there were two thick leather straps for holding her thighs apart and to the sides.

Diane could hardly wait to try it out as Ian led her over to the box and took out the guide pieces so she could step in. The soft velvet sent shivers down her spine as she lowered herself down onto it; her bum cheeks nestling into the padded bottom perfectly.

The cut outs in each piece were carefully lined too so as not to dig into her skin but to the exact measurements of her contours so she could not move an inch. Each slotted fitting also had catches too so once in place there was no way she could move them up again.

As she made herself comfortable, Master slid the first part across her soft delicate neck, so it braced her head securely in place; there was just barely enough space between the top of her head and the neck collar and once fitted she could not move her head from side to side.

Master locked it down in place and picked up the waist piece next.

Diane’s pussy was already beginning to leak badly, her clitty button throbbed with ecstacy as she felt the waist bar press down across her middle; again a perfect fit, in fact she had to breathe in slightly as he pressed it into place and secured the next two catches. Each compartment also had its own door so master could view any part of her body at will. This meant he could also tease her body too before shutting each one and locking with a small padlock.

Her hands were secured in the two slots of the neck brace too so there was no way she could move at all.

With the first door shut it was kind of claustrophobic but she didn’t mind at all. She also knew that there wasn’t much air in that small compartment either. The final restraint was the straps on each side of her legs. Ian strapped each thigh into them and tightened them so she was spread eagled. He stroked her already wet pussy lips before closing the middle section. Her feet were also locked off in the last partition and now she was totally helpless.

Master then opened each door in turn to tease her even more. But that wasn’t the end of it. As always Master had a cunning plan. There was still far too much space inside the box. So he had made some foam pieces exactly to shape and inserted them into each compartment starting with her legs. The foam rubbed against her pussy lips slightly as she tried to squirm about. She could just get enough movement of her bum against it to stimulate her clitty, but she held back from cumming just yet.

Next the middle waist foam section was put in place and each door shut firmly down onto them making a nice seal. Master tweaked her nipples one last time before placing the piece of foam and closing the middle lid.

Finally it was the head section; his slave girl had little or no room in there already for what air she needed, but this piece of foam was covered in shiny smooth plastic for extra seal. It was perfectly shaped into the contours of her face as he pressed it down the air made a whooshing noise and the lid shut firmly.

Now she was totally encased, restricted and dark. It was heaven, she wriggled her bum cheeks up and down against the foam against her clitty, until she was lost forever in that place and murmered not one but several orgasmic moans.



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