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Can I Bury You?

by Walter

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© Copyright 2012 - Walter - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; cuffs; tickle; naked; outdoors; buried; rope; gag; tease; torment; toys; cons/reluct; X

"Can I bury you?" Asked Jim.

"Bury me? Why? Shouldn't I be dead first?" Mary shot back, looking a little confused.

He laughed. "No, not all the way, just up to your neck, it could be a lot of fun." She looked at him like he was crazy.

She then replied. "Do you mean like in that movie the other night, like in 'CreepShow'? Because it didn't look like they were having a whole lot of fun in the movie"

He laughed again. "No, we live in Wisconsin, there are no oceans or a tide to worry about here."

She gave him the 'well duh' look and just shook her head. "So why would you want to do something like that to me?" She asked.

"It could be fun, like a bondage game, you like when I tie you up." He replied. "It would be like being tied up except you would be less exposed, just a head sticking out waiting for me whenever I wanted to use it."

She then had imagined herself buried, not being able to move at all, and at his mercy, it could be fun but did she trust him that well? Maybe, maybe not. It sounded a little scary, but interesting. "Just my head?" She asked. She was ticklish and didn't want to be in that position with her feet sticking out. Mary then asked Jim where he would plan on having such an adventure. The details were still fuzzy, it was just a half baked idea. But he was surprised that she didn't just answer with a flat out "no". So they decided that they would re-discuss the topic after he had some time to think about it.

After a couple of days he did do some thinking about places to go, and it wasn't easy. As fun as the whole idea sounded, finding a practical way to bury someone at a beach in private would not be easy. So after some hiking and looking around lakes and wooded areas he found something. More of a pond than a lake, but there was a sandbar reaching around part of it. It was a tiny beach, only about 30 feet long, but it looked perfect for what he wanted to do. There were no roads nearby or trails, no people, it was secluded. The nearest civilization was a liquor store and gas station nearly half a mile away.

So he started digging. 'Might as well get this part over with so that we can just get to the fun later.' He thought to himself.

The sand started out dry and was easy to dig, then it became more moist and then wet the deeper he dug. After digging the hole three feet deep or so, he stopped to take a break and hopped down into the hole. The hole was about shoulder deep to him so it would probably be neck deep if she was sitting down. Just to be sure, he dug another half a foot and actually hit dirt, more like mud, under the sand. He sat down again, getting a little wet and muddy in the process, and the hole was actually about level with his nose. '...maybe a little too deep, I'll have to put some more sand back in.' He thought, but it was getting dark and he decided to add the extra sand when he brought her back there the next day.

The next morning Jim awoke before Mary. She liked to sleep in the nude. So he started playing with her to wake her. Spooning with her, he started kissing her neck and rubbing her nipples from behind. Mary leaned back into him with her ass and moaned a little. She curled her legs back between his and fell back to sleep. So he kissed he more and nibbled on her earlobe, rubbed her nipples, and pinched them a little, she let out a little squeal and pushed back into him some more. At that point her feet were almost touching his erection, so he grabbed one and tickled her a little. That woke her up, quickly! She had sensitive, ticklish feet, and she didn't like to be tickled. He knew that would work.

"I don't get it." He said, "If you're so sensitive about being tickled, then why do you get the pedicures, and spend all the money on the fancy nail jobs and toe rings and accessories? It just attracts more attention to them."

She replied. "Well, for starters, it's YOUR money that I'm spending, I like to spend your money. And I do like the attention, I just don't like to be tickled."

He then grabbed her and started tickling her, "Oh, so it's ok, because it's my money huh?"

She squealed and laughed and kicked at him until he let her go. "Stop doing that!" She yelped.

He reached for her again so she jumped on top and straddled his chest. He grabbed her by her hips and slid her forward until her pussy was just inches from his face. He grabbed her again to slide her forward more and when he did, he accidentally brushed one of her soles, she jumped and yelped again.

"That's it!" She said. Then she took his arms and placed his hands into the cuffs that he used on her the night before. "No more touching my feet."

She slid back down his body, slowly of course since she was now in charge. She then slowly lowered herself on his cock. Then very slowly she pulled off, then very slowly back in. She repeated it a couple more times to get him worked up. Then abruptly stopped. She smiled at him, leaned down and kissed him and then got off the bed, leaving him cuffed there.

"What are you doing?" He asked, frustrated.

"I'm going to take a shower" she replied.

"Then untie me."

"No, that's what you get for trying to tickle me" She answered. "I'll let you loose when I'm finished. Kiss me goodbye."

"Very funny, how am I supposed to do that" He replied.

She then crawled back up onto the bed extended her leg just far enough for him to kiss her toes.

"Oh, you're going to pay for that" He said. "Wait until I bury you..."

"That's if I let you." She replied and went into the bathroom to shower, leaving him there.

Jim then started thinking about changing how he was going to bury her, he decided to make the hole more shallow by adding sand, so that he can bury her with her feet sticking out. He wanted revenge. She took her time and came back into the room a half hour later, she spent the extra time painting her toenails purple, just to tease him. She was wearing cut-off shorts with a long t-shirt with her bikini under it. and a pair of flip-flops.

"I see you really dressed yourself up for this" He said.

"Well, if I'm going to get dirty today, I don't want to ruin anything good, it's just sand, right?" She replied. "So what happens if I break free? Wouldn't that ruin your little game?"

Jim replied. "I'm sure I can find a way to keep you there, I did some reading up on the subject on-line. I could pack the sand down, I could add water every so often so make it more heavy. I could really cheat by tying your hands behind your back. Or if I wanted to be really mean I could do all three."

"Interesting." Was her only reply.

After some playful fun, she finally let him go.

Several hours later after stopping by the liquor store they were on their way to the "lake", he didn't tell her that it was just a pond.

After a few shots of tequila and the short walk from the road they started to near the pond and the hole. They had to walk around a muddy area after she nearly lost a flip flop and she wasn't happy about getting muddy. Mary was starting to get a little nervous. "Why do I feel like I'm being led to my grave?" She asked.

"Because you are." He replied and laughed.

"That's not funny Jim."

"Ok, I'm sorry, don't you trust me?" He asked.

"Well yes, it's just a little weird I guess, and it sounds fun for you, but how do I know that I'm going to like it?"

He responded by pulling out a vibrator that he bought the day before, it had a wired remote control. "Because of this, I can bury you with it in you, and control it from above the sand."

"Wow" Said Mary, "you really had this all planned out, didn't you?"

Jim did have it all planned out, or so he thought. Thanks to the booze he already forgot to add more sand after over digging. When they got to the hole, he told her to strip and she did. She seemed nervous so he took off his clothes also. They had a couple more shots. Then he told her to "hop in". She hesitated a little, then he kissed her and helped her in.

"Ewww, this is gross. Do I have to sit in this? This hole is way too deep, should I stand up? It's all wet and muddy down here."

"It's not that muddy, is it?" He replied.

"Yes it is, and it's grossing me out, let's try the vibrator before I change my mind."

"Ok" Said Jim, "Where's your bikini bottoms? We need something to keep it in place and to keep the sand out."

"I didn't wear any...." She replied as she stood up, the mud creeping up her ankles. "I don't want to get sand in there, it will hurt. I think I'm sinking in this mud down here. I'm getting out." So he helped her out, she was muddy from her ass to her toes, and not very happy.

She took another swig from the booze and decided to go in the water to wash off. Jim laid out the blanket they brought and sat at the edge of the hole with his legs hanging over and had another shot himself. After a few minutes she came back to him, still naked and now wet. She seemed a little less irritated after getting clean, and was staggering a little from the booze. She sat down next to him and kissed him. "I'm sorry it didn't work out." She said.

"It's ok." He replied. "All the time I wasted digging this and I think made the hole a little too deep anyway."

She took another shot with him and asked. "Too deep for who?"

"Oh no" He replied. "Last time I let you do something like that, you left me cuffed to the bed."

"Yes, but it was fun, well, fun for me anyway. Besides I'm still pissed at you for getting me all muddy and ruining my shoes." So she gave him a little shove towards the hole and laughed. He resisted, so she did it again. "Come on, you're a big, strong man. Do you think that a little sand is going to keep you down?"

He smiled and slid into the hole. It was a little too deep, but he was taller than she was. But with the sand piles around most of the pit he couldn't see much of what was going on outside of it. She walked away for a few seconds.

"Hey, where are you going" He asked.

"I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." She replied, and then came back smiling with a small coil of rope, she cut it in two. "So you said that you would pack the sand down, or wet the sand or tie me up in there, did you?" She said.

"Well" He said. "The sand is already wet here and even a little muddy at the bottom, I don't know if you need the rope."

"I don't know if I need it either." She replied. "but I'm going to use it." So then she hopped back into the hole, into the mud again and started tying his hands behind his back. After that he figured she was done but then was instructed to get on his knees. So he did and she started tying his ankles together, and then looped the wrist and ankle restraints together to put him in a kneeling hogtie.

"This isn't fair." He said.

She just laughed at him and climbed back out, he had to look almost straight up to see her smiling back down at him. "Well my feet are muddy again, see?" She stepped down and tapped the bottom of her foot on his nose. "Don't go anywhere!" And she ran back to the water again.

After taking her time coming back she finally got to the hole, still naked, and wet again and with the tequila in her hand. "Still here I see." She said. "I'm starting to like this, maybe I should take charge more often, you get to do it all the time. So, are you ready?"

Jim replied with. "I think I have to pee." She laughed.

"Well that's not my problem, is it?"

She then began to start pushing the piles of sand back into the hole. She stopped when it covered his penis. "Uh-oh, where'd you go?" She asked. Then stepped back into the hole and started packing the sand down around his body with her feet. Until she got to his crotch where his penis was now above the packed sand. She then asked him. "So, how come you like playing with my feet?" And started rubbing his dick with her toes making him hard.

"Because you don't want me to" was his reply. "It makes me want to more because I can't have them."

She played with him a little more and reached out to grab a bucket on the side of the pit. She had filled with a mixture of water, sand, and mud from when she went to the pond. She then poured it onto his crotch burying him up over his pubic hair. "looks like no more fun for you." She laughed, and climbed out of the hole.

She took the bucket back over to the water and filled it and poured it into the hole, then made another trip and did it again. Most of the water soaked into the sand and dirt below, but there was still an inch of it above the surface of the sand. She smiled again and asked him. "Think you can get out yet?"

"Really funny Mary, you know I can't."

She laughed again. "I know." So she started pushing more sand back into to hole until it was up to his shoulders. She then stepped back into the hole and packed it down again. This time it settled at his nipples, so she teased him some more and pinched his nipples. "Still can't get out? It's only going to get worse." She then finished the tequila and walked back to the water and filled the bucket again, and again. The water was now up to his chin and for the first time he was starting to get nervous. She sat at the side of the hole with her feet in it, inches from his face.

"Kiss me"

"I can't" He replied.

She shot back. "yes you can" and stretched her foot closer to his lips , he leaned forward to kiss her and she pulled back.

He rolled his eyes. "Are you drunk?"

"I think so" she giggled. "now kiss me" she extended he foot again, but not close enough, and laughed again. "this is fun".

"Fun for who?" He asked.

"Me, I thought you like my feet, do you like the purple polish? I did that when I had you cuffed to the bed." She replied.

"Ok, now I'm getting a little scared, I think I created a monster." He also noticed that the hole was still a half a foot too deep, and now she was drunk and she wasn't going to stop. She then splashed the water in his face a little and rubbed her big toe on his lips. He sucked it a little, he didn't have much of a choice. "So.... You don't want me touching your feet, but you can touch me with them?" He asked after she stood back up.

She laughed and smiled back down at him, "Yes, I'm ticklish. I can touch things with my feet, I just don't like to be tickled." She then brushed some of the sand off of her naked body and laughed at him some more when it fell on his face. "I'll be right back, almost done, don't go anywhere".

She didn't go far, she had to pee, and rinse off again in the water, but she kept her eye on him from a distance. Up to his shoulders in sand, and water up to his chin. She could see him trying to break free, but he didn't have a chance, not with the wet sand and rope. He would have to wait until she was ready to let him go. When she came back the sand had soaked up all of the water and he was up to his shoulders still.

"So, can you move at all?" She asked.

"Nope" He replied.

"Are you even trying?"

"No, I give up, you win, can you dig me out now?"

"Oooh no, we're not even finished yet." She replied. "do you think I did all this burying and filling buckets just so that I could just dig you out when you wanted? We're doing what I want now. Do you really think that I would really let you bury me out here in this swamp?" She laughed, she was drunk. "I just went along with it to get you trapped. Now close your mouth." She then started to fill in the rest of the hole.

It crept up his neck and over his chin, up to just below his nose when she finally stopped. Again she started to pack the sand down with her feet. He couldn't move an inch or even talk with his mouth covered. She just walked around his head packing the sand down tighter and tighter. When she got to his face she packed it down until it was just under his bottom lip. She brushed his lips a few times with her toes "accidentally" while laughing at him. She left and came back with another bucket, poured it in and the water was over his nose! She looked down and did her best to scoop some of the water out, but he had to hold his breath until the rest soaked into the sand. Now up to his bottom lip in wet sand, he couldn't move anything.

She asked him. "So, how does it feel? Can you move at all? Are you getting out anytime soon? Because it's starting to get late and I have to work tomorrow."

"You know I can't" He answered, frustrated.

She laughed at him again. "So, what are you going to do to get yourself out of this predicament? I have your clothes, your wallet and car keys. You are naked and almost completely buried in wet sand, helpless."

"Well I'm gald at least one of us is having fun" He replied.

She laughed again, "aww poor baby mad because his dick is buried in the mud? Maybe I should have stuck the vibrator in you before I buried you... Speaking of burying, we're almost done"

'Almost done?!' He thought, 'there isn't enough of me left to bury'.

He looked to his sides and realized that she could bury him all the way and no one would notice.

"You know." She said. "I could just keep filling this hole up until I bury you all the way, and no one would even notice..."

Now he was really getting scared, it felt like she just kicked him in the stomach. Was she angry about something? Was she just fucking with him?

"It would be my little secret, I could just tell people that you left me. Bury you all the way, maybe with a straw in your mouth so that you could breathe for a while. Or even better, a funnel! That way I could feed you and give you things to drink. Or use you for my own personal toilet. Wouldn't that be fun? I could hide your car. I could even bury all of your clothes right next to you and you'd be all gone, in fact.... I'll be right back." She came back with the shovel and started digging a small hole a few feet from him, when she finished she put his clothes inside it and buried them.

"There you go" She smiled. "Nothing left but your head sticking out of the sand waiting for me whenever I wanted to use it. Isn't that what you wanted to do with me? But what if I didn't want to use it? Look up." He tilted his head back to look at her. "more" he stretched his neck and bent his head back more. "Ok, now stay like that if you know what's good for you." She said and started piling more sand into what was left of the hole until it reached his chin again.

She packed it down a little more. Then added some more until he was looking almost straight up with the sand touching his bottom lip and the back of his ears. Then she stood there with one foot on either side of his face. "Can you move yet?" She didn't wait for an answer, she just squeezed his nose with her toes and walked away. "I have an idea" She laughed. She came back with half a bucket of water she poured some over his head to wet the sand some more. "Don't want you getting away now, do we?" She then started to scoop up some more sand and was coming back toward him when he asked her what she was doing. She replied. "I'm going to bury you some more."

"But I'm already buried" He replied.

"Not all of you, now close your mouth or you'll get sand in it."

"But wait, I thought you wanted to use my head, use my mouth?"

She laughed again. "I don't need your mouth, I have a vibrator now. I don't need you at all anymore." Saying that she walked over to to it and slowly inserted it, then she added a strip of duct tape and secured it to her clean shaven pussy. "See, now I don't need you."

She walked closer and tore off another strip of tape, she then reached into her purse and pulled out her bikini bottoms. "You said that you didn't wear any!" He yelled.

"I know" She laughed. "I lied and you totally fell for it, now I have all of your belongings, your car keys, and your bank card. I have everything I need from you now. I knew that you would find a place where no one could find us and you did".

She knelt down with his face between her legs and let her taped crotch rub on his face and nose. "You'll never get to taste this again." She told him, he moaned, almost crying.

She then leaned back and told him to open his mouth, he did and she shoved the bikini in there and taped over his mouth. He tried to shake his head or spit it out but he could barely move. She just grabbed the bucket and started filling in the rest of the hole until the sand was up to his nose again. Then she stopped, the sun was starting to set. She just laid there quietly with his head between her legs, vibrator humming away. She put her foot in front of his face and slowly slid it towards his nose, then she pinched his nose between her toes and cut off his air. She repeated it a few times while playing with the vibrator controls. She then got up and sat down on his face with her legs criss crossed behind his head. She covered his nose a few more times just for fun, and then worked her way to an orgasm while smothering him.

By then it was almost dark. She just laid next to him, playing with his hair slowly pilling more and more sand around his head until he was just a pair of eyes, a nose, and a duct taped mouth, looking up from a shallow hole in the ground. One more bucket of sand or water would cover him up completely. She left his view one more time and came back with the duct tape and the funnel she mentioned. She had a big smile on her face again. She pulled the old tape off and left the bikini in his mouth, then she put the funnel in his mouth and retaped around it. He tried to talk but couldn't. She took her vibrator out and squatted above his helpless face, his eyes got huge and she just laughed again.

Then she heard a noise off in the woods, she froze and looked around. It sounded like voices, kids partying. As they got closer she got dressed and went back to Jim in the hole. "Sorry I couldn't stay longer but I do have to work in the morning, maybe your new friends will have some fun with you." After that she took some more tape and taped over his eyes and nose. She then filled the hole with a light layer of sand so that all that was left was a small funnel sticking out. "I'll come back tomorrow if you're still alive, but it's supposed to rain tonight. Good luck, and thank's for the car!" She walked away, quietly around the mud, back to the car and the liquor store.

Jim was still there an hour later, couldn't move, couldn't talk. His nose iched and his dick was hard and he could almost get a little friction in the mud under the sand if he moved enough. But he couldn't move enough, he could move his hips about a half and inch back in forth, just enough to make his torture worse. It's all that the could do until the rain came. Was this for real? Was she really tired of me? Was she just playing mind games? It felt real.

Then he felt it, first a tiny drop, then another and another, water was getting into the funnel. There was more and more of it until somehing clogged the tube. "This is it" He thought, then the tube cleared and he could breathe again. Then more liquid came down the tube, it was tequila!  That evil bitch....



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