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by Fiercelingua

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; harness; gag; toys; insert; display; objectified; lights; decorations; party; guest; tease; denial; cons; X

She knelt before him.

Her head was bowed, long auburn hair brushing against the peaks of breasts pushed forward by the position of her arms behind her back. She could not see him, but she felt him shift and heard him flick the rope coil open and begin to run the hemp through his hands with well-seasoned practice.

"Hands on your head." 

She complied, automatically gathering her hair up with her hands to keep it out of the way, yet keeping her eyes downcast. He moved behind her, close enough that she could just barely feel his chest against her back as he began the chest harness, the rough texture of the hemp teasing her skin as it slid across her chest. 

He did not speak to her while he built the first harness. It layered above her breasts and below them and then crossed over her shoulders between their fullness, pulling them into obscene prominence. Her nipples, already beginning to pucker, possessed dainty silver loops that contrasted with the rose color of the surrounding areola. 

He removed her hands from her head and pulled them behind her, pushing her forward into the carpet below in order to work on her arms without her hair being in the way. 

He took another length of rope and began to run it through his hands, absentmindedly admiring the view before him. Her body curved over her knees to him, exposing her ass and pussy nestled between a firm ass and toned thighs. Her face pressed into the carpet, though he could not see it through her hair. He would have to do something about that hair.

He positioned her forearms towards each other and used a basic tie to keep them together. He wasn't worried about her escape - he simply wanted her hands out of the way. When he was finished, he dragged her up into standing position by the back of her chest harness and reached for the next length of rope.

He began the hip harness slowly, making sure the hemp moved as much as possible over her thighs and hips. He liked to watch her facial expression change when he did so. He had known before he got to her hip harness that the rope was turning her on, but now as he tied a few simple knots, he could smell her arousal. Her pussy was smooth-shaven yet unexposed in her current position. Another thing he would have to do something about.

Her ankles were last, loops that went quickly with another two lengths of the rough rope. 

"Spread your legs."

She obeyed, shifting into a wide legged position before him, her legs being the only limbs she could move on her own.


She inched them out further, feeling the muscles in her inner thighs pull as she did so. He took a spreader bar and affixed one ankle to each end of the wood and leather bar.

"Lie down on your stomach."

He watched, amused, as she awkwardly fell to her knees and struggled to fall forward completely with some measure of grace. Once she was on her stomach, he looped another length of rope around the back of her chest harness and up to the suspension ring above him. He did the same with her hip harness; looping the rope through the suspension ring and tying it securely back onto itself. The rope from her two ankles got the same treatment and he positioned the rope such that her knees would bend, yet because of the spreader bar still be well apart.

He then pressed a little black button.

The hoist the suspension ring had been attached to lifted slowly, taking her off the ground with it. He stopped pressing when she reached his chest and quickly eyed his rope work that had shifted slightly in the ascent. Having met his approval, he smiled at her now exposed pussy - opened wide with her well spread legs, so that he could see the jewelry pierced through her hood and the sheen of wetness that had spread across her inner labia.

He pulled all her hair back, smoothing them together and looping a smaller length of rope over it, deftly wrapping and weaving the rough hemp with her silky hair. He pulled on the opposite end of the rope, watching her head raise and arch back in response like a marionette. He tied this end to her wrists, ensuring that her hair was out of the way and her head immovable.

The old family grandfather clock announced the time - slightly later than he had planned. He eyed the hall surrounding him. It was mostly ready. The elegant mahogany dining room table with its crisp linens and well-set table was out of position, and missing the food that his cook was preparing in the other room. The guests would arrive shortly.

He needed to finish his decorations.

He took the Christmas lights and began to carefully wrap his new chandelier with the strand of lights. It vaguely reminded him of putting lights on a Christmas tree when he was a child, having to weave between the branches and pine needles. Only now he was weaving between limbs and rope. 

The lights went across her chest and torso, though he was careful to leave her nipples free. They wrapped her waist and across her inner thigh, winding down her legs and across the spreader bar, then up the weight bearing rope to the suspension hoop where he had already wound an extension cord around the hoist's wire length. 

He plugged the lights into the cord and her body lit up, classic white lights dotting along her whole body.

He grinned to himself and began to decorate the tree.

He took a traditional glass ball, dainty and red yet with a significant weight to it and hooked it to one of the rings in her nipples. His tree-chandelier made a low noise of surprise in the back of her throat as the weight pulled on her piercing and nipple. He hung the other one, its twin except for the green color, on the opposite nipple, which provoked a slightly louder noise, this one a little more insistent. He raised an eyebrow in question, but his tree said nothing. 

He held a rubber ball up and angled it towards her mouth. To this rubber ball, a large gold star had been attached. She opened her mouth obediently and his tree had its traditional star.

His next ornament was a little glass angel with a gold trumpet and he affixed a long hook to this one and hung it delicately from the silver hoop at her hood.

Another noise. He almost wished he could hear his tree more clearly; it always did make such pleasant noises.

He then took a large butt plug, well lubed. He slipped a lube-covered finger into her ass hole, fingering her gently to spread some of the lubricant before slowly inserting the plug, watching the resistance give as her asshole widened to accommodate the plug. 

Atop the plug's flare was a jolly Santa Claus with a pipe and rosy red cheeks, caught in mid laugh.

He was just about done. The final touch was not decorative, however.

Her pussy was even wetter than before - he wondered briefly if he had to worry about his chandelier dripping over the Christmas Turkey. He fingered her lightly, spreading the wetness around her labia and watching the tree wiggle as much as she could in her bounds. Then he inserted a vibrating egg into her pussy, on its lowest setting.

He popped the remote to the egg in his pocket and called out to his cook in the other room that the table was ready. Or, almost ready. He moved around the table and pushed it a few feet over, so his chandelier was centered above it, about three feet above the table itself. He then lowered the lights in the room so the brightest thing in the room was his chandelier. 

Smiling to himself at the well-made scene before him, he increased the intensity with the little remote in his pocket. In this light, he could see the lights from his chandelier reflected on his good family silver and the ornaments swinging gently as the tree shifted and squirmed slightly with the vibration coming from her cunt.

The cook came in the room with the first course - just as the doorbell rang.

The first of his guests had arrived.



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