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Christmas In July

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; spandex; bagged; gag; toys; insert; electro; tease; torment; climax; dream; cons/reluct; X

It had been a dream and, as dreams go, Loretta could see herself, actually see herself, trapped in the spandex sack. There were sleeves inside and her hands and arms were useless. There was no zipper and only one hole, the one over her mouth. But her mouth was full, filled with a penis gag. It wasn't big enough to choke her, but she'd never had anything that big in her mouth - ever. Holes ran down the length allowing her to breathe. But she didn't so much breathe as gasp.

Not only could she see herself, but she could feel - everything. The sack was a size too small and it stretched and held her in a full-body grip. She could feel it encasing her, compressing her flesh. There were electrodes taped to her nipples, two more on her pussy lips. Her ass was filled as her mouth, except that this penis was lined with metal strips. There was a third shaft in her pussy. And, on top of that, there was... something. Something that gripped her pussy like a hand, parted her lips, nestled a finger up under her clit hood. The thing vibrated. The electrodes zapped her.

She had been asleep, but now she was awake. Loretta knew that. She knew it because she came - a squealing, screeching, teeth-grinding orgasm that set every cell in her body on edge. No one could sleep through that.

The shocks and vibrations came and went, as if they were part of some small orchestra, bringing her to the edge, to the very precipice, to the screaming, pleading, trembling point of no return. But no. Electricity coursed through her nipples and pussy and ass leaving her crying in frustration. Sometimes the current was her friend, gently tingling, teasing. Sometimes the vibration was too overpowering, setting Loretta's teeth to chattering around the plug.

But she came. Some sadistic orchestra master allowed her the release in a crescendo of vibration and electricity. A back-arching, shrieking explosion that left her seeing stars.

The dwarf came out of the kitchen carrying a beer. The can looked enormous in his mall hand. He settled in the over-stuffed chair, his feet sticking straight out like a child's. He cracked the can open and took a long pull.

He was wearing plain, brown coveralls and a white t-shirt. A brown jacket hung over the back of the chair. Even without the red suit there was no mistaking him. The full white beard, the flowing white hair, the twinkle in his eyes.

He sipped the beer. It wasn't as good as his North Pole Stout, but, then again, Mrs. Claus was always on him about his drinking. Which is part of the reason he took these mid-year trips. He loved her, but sometimes he just needed some space. That and the reindeer needed a serious workout once in a while.

He'd spend an hour here, maybe a bit more. Of course, Santa time was not human time. An hour in Santa time would be about a week in human time - a week of torment for the bagged woman.

Loretta squirmed, trapped and helpless. Her muffled screams echoed off the walls. Santa took another sip of his beer and smiled.



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