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A Church Do

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; church; cellar; strip; naked; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; pavers; hole; enclosed; entombed; stuck; revenge; cons/nc; X

Sally had found the place some months ago, she had visited it with the real estate agent, a disused church in the middle of a nearby town, this was Wales, there were probably 1000's of these places up for sale, this one was only £40,000. The Church had no land or parking so conversion to anything of value was always going to be difficult, it had been on the market for 2 years already – therefore it would take a long time to sell – this suited Sally perfectly.

Her husband, Richard was heavily into bondage he liked to be tied up whilst she did all the work, they had tried it outside a few times even, now she only had to get him there.

After her first visit, Sally had returned to the church and found a way back in through a broken rear window that was not very well boarded over,  once inside she could unbolt the back door. She checked the room again using some tools, and as she thought the cellar was perfect for her plans, the other problem that made the place even harder to sell was a bonus to her.

So Sally promised Richard a treat, packing all the many items of bondage gear into a large cricket bag she and Richard drove out to the Church early one evening. Richard was stunned when they got there. “We're going to do it in a Church?”

“Yes, love, I've got the key, its been de-consecrated and is up for sale, but what a location for a bit of bondage!” she responded excitedly.

“Well yes, if you sure it's OK“ Richard was a little bit apprehensive.

A few minutes later they were inside, Sally had brought a battery powered lamp which lit the interior of the entrance. “I thought down here would be best” she said, pushing open the door with steps leading down into the darkness.

Without waiting for a reply she went down the stone steps without a light of his own Richard had no choice but to follow her. At the bottom was a large open space with stone walls, the ceiling was over 6ft high, plenty of room to stand up in. “We have our own dungeon!” she exclaimed.

The excitement of the place removed any of Richard's fears – 'What a place to be tied up in', he thought.

“Right open the bag you will find a blanket to put on the floor, then get your kit off!” Sally demanded.

All Richard's fantasies were running through his mind – 'Wow, this would be great!' Richard spread out the blanket and removed his clothes, standing naked before his wife.

“Ok turn around and put you hands behind your back,” she commanded.

Richard shivered not from the cold or damp, but from the pure excitement of the moment. Sally quickly tied his hands palm to palm, clinching the cotton rope with silent efficiency, then using a separate piece of rope tightly bound his elbows, they would not meet but the rope was clinched at each arm riveting his arms together. “Now lie down on your front,” she suggested.

With some difficulty he first knelt then lay face down on the blanket. He could feel the hard stone floor underneath the blanket. Sally quickly tied his ankles together, then with some difficulty his legs just above the knees, the ropes were clinched tight. Then he felt her attaching another rope to his ankles, his legs were lifted and the rope tied off to his wrists, then it was pulled tighter pulling his legs down against his straining muscles and his hands down towards his ankles, causing him to bend backwards. The rope was expertly tied off, he was in a strict hogtie and felt like he was in heaven!

Sally stood over him. “Just one more thing my love,“ she said with some satisfaction, producing a large red ball gag out of the bag she rolled her bound husband onto his side and pushed the ball into his waiting mouth. She tightened the straps, now he was done. Richard pulled on the ropes, but ever many years of practising bondage Sally had done a good job, the knots were out of reach, he had almost no movement.

Richard watched his wife gather up his clothes and a coils of unused rope and put them in the cricket bag and zip it closed. She stood there, only 5ft a little plumper than when they had first got married 20 years ago, but still with a good figure he thought, dressed in the leather knee length skirt and white blouse, and wearing the stockings with low heels she looked good,  he waited for her to start to undress.

Sally picked up the bag and the light and left the cellar without a word, he could hear her heels clicking on the stone steps as the light faded and then he was left in total darkness. Richard's imagination was going overtime, here he was tied hand and foot, gagged with no hope of escape left waiting for rescue. He listened intently but there was no sound, he grunted into the gag the word help but this was just a mumble. The total darkness was all enveloping he strained in the bondage but there was no give. Then a short while later he heard movement above, then the light returned and Sally walked down the stairs, she had changed her clothes and was wearing jeans and an old sweat shirt of his and a pair of trainers – why had she changed out of her sexy clothes he thought?

Sally ignored him and walked past him to the centre of the cellar, she had brought a small bag with her which she set down with a thump, and Richard hear the clink of what sounded like tools. With her back to him Richard couldn't see what she was doing, she set down the lantern on the floor next to her. Richard saw her open the bag and remove a heavy looking crow bar, she appeared to be using this on the floor, but what was going on? he thought. Richard grunted heavily into the gag trying to get her attention, she turned to look at him for a second, then returned to the floor in front of her.

Sally was straining now, she had managed to get the crowbar underneath the slab and lift the corner, she got her finger under the edge, and cursing as she broke a nail managed to lift the corner clear and drag the slab a little, then using the crowbar she prised the paving flag away a little more, then with using both hands and a lot of effort she managed to drag the slab off to one side, revealing a gap in the floor below, it was easier then to lift the second slab and drag this out of the way. Sally stood up and picked up the light inspecting the opening which was not bigger than 2ft wide by 4ft long. Satisfied it was still underneath as she had previously found it she turned to her husband behind her. Richard could only lie there, what was all this about? he thought, this game seemed to have gone too far. Sally walked over to him holding the lamp, he could clearly see the hole behind her, a fear chilled him to the bone.

“Time to put you to rest, dear,” she said sarcastically  Richard grunted into the gag, using all his strength to try and break free from the ropes that held him but nothing was giving, after only a few seconds of his struggles he lay back, breathing heavily through his nose.

Sally grabbed a corner of the blanket and started to drag it across the floor, with the dead weight of her husband on it, this was a supreme effort on her part, but she felt this was well worth the strain, inch by inch she dragged the blanket and her husband across the floor, finally he was lying along side the hole. Richard again attempted to struggle against the bondage, but even if he had all day it knew it was hopeless. Sally picked up the far edge of the blanket and pulled, this had the effect of rolling him over, then he felt his body teetering on the edge before falling he presumed to his death, but his fall was very short only 3 feet or so, this winded him a little.

He looked up to see his wife standing over him in her hand she had an envelope which she proceeded to open, she pulled out some photos, turning them over so he could see them - “These are of you and some slut from your work! I had a private detective follow you for a week, instead of going on a course you were shacked up with some tart for 4 days. The photos are of your car parked outside her house I trust you enjoyed yourself! You might as well keep these,” she said as she dropped the photos on top of him.

Richard was stunned the confines of the hole were further hampering his limited movements, surely this was some kind of joke she was playing on him, he'd never been with anyone else. Then he heard the grating sound as Sally started to drag one of the heavy slabs across, he felt bits of rubble dropping onto his body as the slab was dragged over the hole. Richard was in full panic mode, struggling against the ropes, but nothing was moving, he could remember the course he had gone on a few months ago, he had lent his car to a work colleague because he was taking the train, that what the private detective had seen!

How could he make her understand the mistake. He heard the next slab being dragged across – the light above him growing fainter as the last slab was slid in place – then total darkness. Panic, screaming into the gag, alone in the dark.

Sally straighten up, and put the blanket and tools in the bag, picking up the light she looked around, apart from a few marks made by the crowbar, nothing was showing. She felt relieved that it was over. The estate agent had told her there was a well underneath the cellar floor that had been boarded over 3 feet under the paving stones, it made the property impossible to sell as it would cost tens of thousands to fill in properly, the suggestion was that the building be demolished and all the rubble used to fill the cellar and turn the site into a park. Sally thought that would be nice, on sunny days perhaps she could come and visit him.

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