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Construction Season

by Spandex Knave

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© Copyright 2012 - Spandex Knave - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; rope; buried, outdoors; encased; hogtie, toys, denial; sex; oral; cons/reluct, X

I stared at the black lid inches over my face---sealing me into the container. I didn't have a choice. Being securely tied and gagged made it difficult to move. But the sand packed around me made it impossible. I was buried so deeply that only my forehead, eyes, and nose were free. I was forced to stare upwards so that I could breathe through my nostrils---a few millimeters above the level of the sand. As promised, the hours of struggling have been fruitless: escape was precisely as distant a goal as it was when I started. Perhaps it's even further than before given how tired I was. Securely bound, gagged, and not knowing when my girlfriend would come to free me, I was reminded that dating a woman stronger than you can be rather dangerous.


We met where everyone meets nowadays: on-line. I'm just a humble technician in a small electronics company looking for someone to care about me and help me sink as often and as deeply as possible into as much restraint as I can stand for as long as I can stand it. When I met Becky, she seemed the perfect candidate---if she were interested. Becky was a beautiful, curvy brunette with a ten-thousand lumen smile. And she was a road construction worker. Sometimes I had to carry a five pound transformer across the room. She hefted 60 pound sand bags to weigh down construction horses every day. And she loved being on top. But after too many heart-wrenching break-ups, I remained ready to part company should she not be OK with the caring and feeding of a submissive boy.

However, the day I nervously asked her if she would have fun tying me up, I must have woken a dormant predator. Her bondage skills started with simple, fairly loose, hands-behind-the-back ties. But she was hooked and, over the next few months of researching techniques, attending munches together, and---of course---practice, her bondage skills grew to become just as formidable as her strength. There was a predatory look in her eye as she watched me struggle in her bondage. Ropes I was able to loosen, she'd re-tighten. After that, they wouldn't come loose again. I knew I was in serious trouble when she tied a tight chest harness around me and captured my arms behind me in a very secure box tie. Becky then tightly tied my legs together in four places. I struggled with all my strength for two hours, but I was stuck fast. Becky was beside herself with lust. After watching me struggle with her bondage for so long, she couldn't help herself: She attacked me and fucked me raw while I was tightly tied and helpless. And it was wonderful.

Becky then learned how to ensnare me in inescapable, immobilizing hogties and loved having me endure them for a couple of hours before we had sex---just to get us "in the mood." She became very aroused watching me struggle in bondage she knew I couldn't escape from. Often, she'd loosen the one rope necessary so that she could use me as her fuck toy. Once she climaxed, she'd re-tie me so that I was still aroused and hard as a rock, but completely helpless and unable to bring myself to orgasm. Becky could use me again and again. I couldn't help but struggle in her bondage for all I was worth with nothing but hot, thick arousal---and not a little trepidation---coursing through my veins.


One Saturday, she came home from her shift while I was in the shower. As I walked out of the bathroom, she grabbed my genitals, pressed up against me and said, "Kneel, boy." I started to become erect and felt her slowly tighten her grip on me and pull me down.

"Yes, my Queen," I breathed as I sank to my knees.

When I had gotten to my knees with her bending down with me to retain her grip, she wrapped her collar around my neck with her other hand and fastened it shut. Too late I noticed that I was kneeling right near the toy box. She then said those five words that still make me quiver: "Hands behind your back, boy-pet."

The rope was already in her hands. She coiled it tightly around my torso and upper arms and cinched it down so that my upper arms were pressed tightly against my sides. A second rope was coiled and cinched around my wrists, which were roughly thrust up into the small of my back. A connecting rope held my bound wrists from sliding down my back. She turned away for a moment and then, turning back, said, "No backtalk. You do what I say."

I was about to answer "Yes, Ma'am," when she forced the ball of her harness ball-gag into my mouth. Carefully, she arranged the straps of the device around my head and under my chin and cinched it down tightly.

Another rope coiled and tightened around my ankles. After it was secured, she helped me back to my feet and pushed me roughly onto the bed. "I have plans for you," she said as another rope was coiled and cinched tightly around my knees. She took a moment to stand next to me and caress my erection. "Oooo. I see you're excited to see me, pet." I bucked at her touch moaning and nodding.

"Let's not ignore one of my favorite boy parts," she said as she brought over another rope and began tying it snugly around my penis and scrotum. She fondled one of my nipples and told me, "I'm going to take a shower while you concentrate on that raging hard-on that you can't do anything about. Then we'll see just how big and hard we can make it."

Becky left me with a wicked grin. I squirmed in her ropes, but she took pride in her bondage and had learned well. I was her toy for as long as she wanted. I heard her relax in the shower; letting all the tension drain away with the hot, soapy water---knowing that there would be a very aroused boy to play with when she was ready. When she finally emerged from her shower, naked and warm from the hot water, she slid up against me and fondled me again. Her warm body against mine was arousing enough, but her touch sent shivers through me. I could do nothing to stop her and she knew it. The touching and fondling became rougher and more intimate. She flipped me on my back, mounted me, and began riding my rope-enhanced cock, watching her prey carefully.

After a while, she lay atop me as she engulfed me as deeply as she could and whispered "No cumming yet, boy."

But the pleasure was mounting as she undulated up and down my penis. Abruptly, she stopped, removed my gag, and crawled up my chest until she was straddling my face.

"Please, Becky, you have me so turned on... please let me cum."

"Oh, you'll cum, boy, but you'll have to wait for it. Maybe all night." And then she stopped me from saying anything more by sliding onto my face and pressing her labia down on my nose and mouth firmly enough that I couldn't breathe. "Lick, boy. I want my scent all over you so that you will remember who owns you."

I did the best I could, gasping for breath as she rode my nose and tongue for quite some time until she climaxed. More than once. "Good boy," she breathed as she bent down and kissed me deeply.

"Thank you, Ma`am."

"Shh... no talking..." She re-secured the gag and removed the rope around my genitals. "Look what I have for you," she said as she reached back and opened a box in front of me. She pulled out a black device in the shape of a '9.' "This is going to keep you aroused for as long as I wish."

She fit it like a collar around my penis with the hook around the base of my testicles. Then she held up a black disk. She pushed on it, and the device came to life---vibrating with a slowly undulating intensity. I looked down at the vibrator wrapped tightly around my genitals and wriggled in my bondage, unable to get away from it.

"We can even do Morse code," she said as she pushed another button. The device played a Morse code "U" (dit-dit-daaaah) on me at full intensity over and over and I closed my eyes as I bucked and lifted my hips trying to find the solid pressure that the vibrator promised.

"Ooo. I see you like your new toy," she said with a wide smile. "Good, you're going to get a chance to play with it. Or, maybe it will play with you." She shut the vibrator off, but left it secured to me. "Of course, being my toy, I get to play with you first. Time to go."

Go? Go where? I'm naked and tied up! 

I couldn't imagine where she could possibly take me like this. I looked into her eyes and tried to beg her not to do this, but I was reduced to quiet mewling by the well-secured gag. She carried me to the garage and gently lay me down in the padded bed of her truck. Once in the bed of her truck, she threw a blanket over me and attached the bed cover so nobody could see the naked boy securely bound and gagged, helplessly transported to his fate. The garage door opened. The truck started. We started moving. Even though experience has taught me that Becky's bondage is too tight and overwhelming for me to escape, I tried anyway. I wriggled my securely tied arms, tried to separate my bound legs, and grunted at every bump on the trip.

Many times during the trip, Becky turned on the vibrator secured around my genitals and I bucked in pleasure until she shut it down. After what must have been an hour-long ride, I was as much Becky's plaything as I was when we started. The engine stopped. I heard muffled voices.

"Yo, Beck! What're you doing here? I thought you got off shift hours ago?"

"I did, but I figured I'd check up on you children. Aren't you supposed to be closed up for the evening?"

"Yah, but moron wanted us to collect all the horses before we left. All four miles of them."

"Are those them in the truck?" The voices faded as they moved away.

After a while, two trucks started up and I heard their engines fade into the distance. Becky started up her truck and moved us around a little before stopping and opening the cover. She smiled down on me. "Hi, boy-slut. I have your bed all ready for tonight."

I looked up at her questioningly. She lifted me out of the bed and carried me over to a barrel. A big barrel. We were inside some sort of privacy curtain. "You've seen these barrels before, boy. You just never notice them. I have to place them and fill them with sand so you morons won't kill yourselves if you should run off the road headed for my concrete pillars. Instead, you'll hit the barrels and get slowed, softly. Tonight, my boy, you're going to be fully stopped, but more than ready for me by morning. And some people say you can't stew boys in their own juices...." She said this while she was untying my legs.

There really wasn't any time to flee because the instant my ankles were freed, she pushed me down onto the ground and crossed my legs in front of me. She tied each ankle to the opposing thigh, forcing me Indian-style. She looked into my eyes and I bashfully looked down. She grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her eyes, "I love this, boy. I love the power you give me. I love having complete control over a very sexy boy. And I know how to make you more aroused than you can handle. I've seen you writhe in my bondage and ache for my touch while I toy with you. I want you horny for me. So tonight you will be completely immobilized with my scent on you as a constant reminder that I own you and you will be toyed with by this wonderful vibrator. I doubt you'll sleep."

She tipped over the barrel so that its gaping maw pointed at me. There were already a few inches of sand in it. She lay me on my back and put me into the barrel before re-righting it. A few shovel-fulls of sand landed in my lap. Becky reached down and lifted my legs out of the sand until I was more or less centered and level. "Settle in, boy."

Bound as I was, I could only watch the sand as it buried me, one shovelful at a time. The pile on my lap grew until it covered my legs and groin. Once the pile covered my navel, she peeked over the lip and used some other tool to start compressing the sand around me. "You know, we're supposed to use this anti-caking agent to keep the sand loose and fluffy. I think we both know there'll be none of that. Sit up straight, now, my boy."

The sand began filling the barrel again. It began climbing up my chest and surrounded my bound arms. When she started in with a second round of packing, I was buried to my shoulders. Eventually, I couldn't even close my hands to form a fist through the solidified sand. I looked up at her with pleading eyes as she slowly poured more sand into my container. When the sand reached my chin, she packed it down again before just gazing into my eyes with a very satisfied grin. Then she turned on the vibrator. I was already erect beneath the sand, but this made me contract my pelvic muscles, close my eyes and try to buck the sand. I couldn't move an inch, but I had to try, leaning my head back and moaning into the gag.

When she turned down the vibrator and I slowly opened my eyes, Becky laughed and smiled brightly at me. "So it does work through all that sand. Oh, this is going to be awesome!"

I whimpered at her through the gag. She caressed my cheek and I leaned into it, knowing that my Queen cares for me but also needs complete control of me. I looked into her gleaming eyes. "Oh yes, boy, you will be ready for me."

More sand began funneling into the barrel. It began climbing up my chin, covered the ball gag, and threatened to cover my nose. "Tilt your head back, you silly slut!" when I did, the sand just kept coming in until it covered my gagged mouth and surrounded my head on all sides. Sounds became muffled. As she compressed the sand one last time, I looked at her with fear in my eyes. She could so easily engulf me in sand. I struggled with all my strength, but I was very securely held by rope and sand.

Becky gently stroked my face where the straps from the gag met my cheeks and turned on the vibrator. I closed my eyes and began breathing heavily through my nose. I looked at her grinning madly at me and wished I could hold her down and fuck her brains out. But that was never going to become reality. I was the boy. She was my captor. I am the one who gets fucked. "Struggle all you want, my pet. You are mine to play with, and I'm going to play with you all night while you're held tightly by my ropes and almost a ton of sand."

She placed the remote control to the vibrator just forward of my chin. "It's set on random, boy. That means you might get five minutes of maddening stimulation and five seconds of peace, or vice versa. Or something in between. But, see, all you have to do is push this button right here and you can turn it off."

For a long while, she watched me battle the enforced stimulation and the impossibly solid bondage. When the vibrator had me breathing raggedly and moaning with frustration and pleasure, she brushed the sand off my forehead and lifted the black lid of the barrel into view. "Nighty night, my pet. I'd say `sweet dreams,' but I don't think you'll be dreaming much. At least, not in the way most people will be dreaming tonight." And then she lowered the lid and snapped it shut, shutting out the light of the late evening sunset and sealing me into darkness.


I can't move, I can't see anything, I barely know my name, and I'm aroused as hell and desperately need someone to help me orgasm. I feel fresh, cool air hit my face as the lid is ripped off the barrel I'm trapped in. It's dark, but I sense her shape moving around me. I smell her perfume in the still night air. A kiss is planted on my forehead. The barrel is pushed over and I am pulled out of the sand by her strong hands. I squint but all I see is her form against the darkness of night. I am lifted and placed on a padded truck bed, my legs re-tied so that I am hogtied, and a blanket is wrapped around me. "Let's get you home, boy. I need to know if you've stewed long enough." The driver's door slams and I am driven home.



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