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Conversion of Jasmine

by James Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - James Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; naked; bond; straps; hood; gag; toys; insert; object; electro; cond; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Jasmine and Mike had been together for a year now, they had a good strong relationship and a healthy sex life. Mike had no complaints with Jasmines body as it got him hard whenever she stripped and showed off her assets. She kept it in shape by visiting the gym regularly; she loved showing it off as much as she did giving it exercise.

Jasmine was 21 and had the most amazing breasts, and she knew it - her wardrobe focussed on making sure everyone noticed the 36” assets. They were large, firm and her nipples very sensitive and were often showed off with the low tops she would choose. Her tanned skin, and dark hair really emphasised her sexuality, she was a great catch and Mike knew he was lucky.

Even with all this Mike wanted more. He wanted Jasmine to be more open minded - she was repulsed at the thought of anal sex and wasn’t into anything kinky. He had tried talking to her about it but she seemed very closed-minded about the whole idea of it. Not that she didn’t enjoy sex - she loved it, she was often grabbing at Mikes pants, teasing him and telling him she wanted it in her, fucking her, cumming in her - she knew how to get Mike hard. Mike knew that there was no way of talking Jasmine around to his way of thinking, she needed to make this decision on her own. He needed to change the way she thought.

That evening Mike came home to find Jasmine waiting in the kitchen for him, she was wearing her favourite low black top, her breasts practically bursting out, he knew she had sex on her mind. That suited him just fine. He poured her a drink of her favourite wine and quickly slipped in a liquid sedative to put her in a more cooperative mood.

It didn’t take long to entice Jasmine to bed. As she quickly stripped for him he looked on at her luscious full body and what he had in mind for it. Her tits round and firm in front of him as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. She really put effort into this, loving the feeling of Mike's cock all the way up inside her, forcing her groin against his to get every inch up inside her. She knew she felt tired after sex, but was surprised to feel tired now, as she continued to move her body and show off her ‘Class A’ tits to Mike. Slowly, she began bouncing with a little less passion and moved her hands onto Mike's chest to support herself, then slowly moving her head down to rest on Mike's chest as she raised and dropped her hips not wanting the pleasure to stop. After a minute of this she lay motionless with Mike still inside her. He wrapped his arms around her and savoured the moment. Drugged and helpless Jasmines torment would soon start.

Now Jasmine lay naked on the floor, stripped and vulnerable. Her tanned and toned body on view, Mike fought the perverted desire to use her there and then. He knew he had bigger plans for her.

Being an accomplished handyman Mike had thought long and hard about how to get Jasmine into a position where she would be helpless to do anything but listen and obey. He wanted her to be nothing more than a toy to play with, instilling automated responses from her, taking her far away from the world of freedom and choice she was in now. He wanted to make her learn that she was there to be useful to him and nothing more, to derive her own pleasure by pleasing him.

Rolling his sedated girlfriend over he spread her legs wide, and pushed her knees up a little to spread her tight ass cheeks that little bit wider. Then he reached for the lubricant. This wasn’t for her pussy, she was still plenty wet there, but he thought it was about time that she had something up her ass - he loved the thought of filling her there and her unable to do a thing about it. He slowly pushed his finger up her tight ass, making sure there was plenty of lubricant to let him continue with his plan. His finger moving around inside her ass, then two fingers, he imagined fucking her there, as she let her inhibitions go and beg him to fill her. Soon, her ass was as slippery as her pussy and he pulled his fingers out.

As she lay on the floor, her firm tits were keeping her chest propped up a little, her arms lying at her sides. Her slowly pulled her arms behind her and reached for a latex arm-binder he had recently bought from an online shop, Mike had hidden this along with some other items he knew would have freaked her out. Pulling her arms behind her he began to slide her arms into the arm-binder, he had to work hard to pack her hands and arms fully inside the black latex material. But soon her arms were completely inside and he zipped them up, making sure there was no give as the zip locked shut just below her elbows, making sure Jasmine would realise there was no way her arms were going to help her.

He reached under the bed and brought out a long metal pole. It was a pole with a difference - one end was designed to lock into a small hole he had created under the nearby lampshade, it had a metal bracket covering it to allow the pole to lock into position. In the centre of the pole ran some electrical cable. This was what would help him change his girlfriends attitude.

Wanting to make sure she felt as alone and helpless as possible he picked up a small black latex mask and began pulling this over her head. Threading her long blonde hair through a hole in the top, the mask fitted tightly against her skin, with only two small holes by her nostrils and a hole for her mouth she was blinded from the outside world. Once this was securely on around her head, Mike strapped her body to the top of the pole, once just above her tits, once below and once around her waist. Tightly pulling these straps she was tightly pressed against the pole.

Mike placed a thick padded leather collar around Jasmines neck, he wanted this to serve two purposes, to remind her that she was owned and his property, and to keep her stable and comfortable as she remained pinned to the pole. The back of the collar had an attachment that locked tightly against the pole, she would not be able to move this one inch from its position. It would hold her tight as the padded leather kept her neck motionless and in position. Mike slowly began to lift the pole up, pivoting it on its end, kicking the lampshade away he guided the pole into its hole, leaving his helpless, soon to be slave, on display for him.

Now Jasmine was upright, held in place by the tight straps around her body and the strong leather collar around her neck. As Mike admired her naked body he gently ran his mouth over her beautiful tits, holding her ass in his hands as his tongue slowly traced its way over her nipples. He was already hard and needed some relief, but knew that what would happen to Jasmine next, would be worth the wait. Standing back he gently kicked her legs apart a little to expose her pussy, with her upper body supported she was like a lifeless doll.

Now he reached for a special device that would help him convert his clean living girlfriend into an obedient bondage slut who would crave to obey his every whim.

It was a small metal block. Attached into this block were two dildos, one was 12” and 2” in diameter, the other 6” long and a little thinner than the first. At the back of the block was a metal clamp that locked around the pole. Mike clipped this around the pole and slowly he slid this up the pole until the tip reached Jasmine's defenceless pussy. Relishing the view of these dildos slowly disappearing up inside Jasmine's pussy and ass he found the lubricant in her ass let the dildo enter easily. Smiling, he continued to fill her body with these large dildos he saw the last inch disappear up inside her, once full he tightened the clamp around the pole, there was no way that they could be removed without Mike loosening the bolts.

Now she was ready he pushed her legs tightly together, and placed four straps tightly around her legs, one around her thighs, one just above her knees, one below and the last just above her ankles - she wasn’t going anywhere. As her feet didn’t quite touch the ground there was no way she could even try and push off from them to try and upset her balance.

Now Mike picked up a penis gag made of strong black rubber, pulling Jasmine's mouth open he pushed it into her, knowing that she would be shocked to awake with all her holes full. With her mouth full, the only hole in her mask was to allow her to breathe through her nose, she was totally cut off, and wholly reliant on Mike. The gag strapped tightly around the back of her head and had a wire that ran down the pole into the block section that housed her pussy and ass dildo. They would soon be working together.

Mike knew that, if nothing else, Jasmine would at least serve him with a useful purpose, and as her head was already covered with the tight latex mask he thought he should cover it with a special fitting. So he had a light shade made which would cover the top half of her head, just leaving her jaw visible. The shade was placed on her head by tightening a plastic strap around her forehead, this having a metal bracket which also clamped tightly to the pole behind her, combined with her collar this left her head completely immobile. The shade housed a standard light bulb, this got its power from wires feeding back down into the pole and into the wall socket.

She now stood rigid as a lampshade for her boyfriend. Of course her tits were on show and her holes packed full with dildos as she began obedience training, but a lampshade nonetheless.

Unwilling to wait for her to come round, Mike open a bottle of smelling salts and wafted them under the holes by her nostrils. Suddenly her body shook and he heard a grunt escape from her gagged mouth. She was awake now, but would soon wish she wasn’t. Slowly coming round she tried to move her arms, only to find the arm-binder keeping them tightly in place. Surprised by the hood over her face she wondered if she had been kidnapped and bound by an intruder, but then hears Mike's voice.

"I know you would do anything for me, and now you will. Feeling full?"

Jasmine shocked with the realisation that she is on forced display for her boyfriend began to shout only to realise her mouth is packed full with the rubber cock. As she struggles she really begins to feel the large dildos inserted into her - her highly sexed personality loving the feel of the large intruders - her emotions betraying her revulsion of being penetrated in her virgin ass, and not by any small measure. Loving the view of his girlfriend in front of him, Mike begins stroking her tits and watching as her nipples became hard, enjoying the control of her body and knowing that would unfold may change her forever. He reached for his camera to capture this moment forever, making sure he took shots from all angles of her bound, impaled, helpless form.

"I want you to use your imagination Jasmine, that’s why you are here, I want you to think about your situation and know that to free yourself you must do as I say." As worried as she was, she knew she didn’t want to stay here impaled on these two oversized dildos - she needed to get free.

"The gag you feel in your mouth is very important, it is cock shaped for a reason, you must learn that to feel good you must suck on it when it is filling your mouth, that is what you are for. Whilst you do this the dildos inside you will gently vibrate giving you some pleasure."

"Every 30 minutes I will come back and remove your gag and ask you how you should be treated. If you reply with something acceptable I will free you. If not you will continue to suck and learn to be obedient"

Mike flicked the switch at the back of the pole, this turned on the twin dildos and as expected Jasmine just continued to struggle, straining against her bonds. After 5 seconds a huge electrical surge was sent into the dildos inside her pussy and ass. Her whole body immediately tensed, her pussy and ass gripped the dildos, and then screamed insanely at the pain that was sent into her most sensitive areas. Her whole body shook, even her firm tits shook, showing how powerful the shocks were.

"Try sucking for once slut"

Shocked by Mike's harsh words, terrified she put her lips tightly around the cock and slowly sucked, just keeping composure enough to realise whilst she did this there was no longer any pain.

Having just experienced the extreme pain in her body, Jasmine knew she just had to suck her oral intruder, as much as she hated the feeling in her mouth she just couldn’t take that kind of pain. She hated Mike for putting her in this situation, not knowing he was now close to her watching her cheeks pull in against her gag enjoying the sight of her forced cock-sucking training.

Still feeling the painful effects from the electric shock, Jasmine began to wish she had been more adventurous when she had the chance, she couldn’t believe that she was now helpless impaled on dildos, 'voluntarily' sucking a rubber cock.

As she sucked her mind going round in circles thinking how she could get free, how she would get her revenge, but most of all wondering why her pussy was still so wet from her ordeal. How could she want this?

Mike reached behind the pole and flicked the switch for the light bulb, Jasmine lit the room, pouring light on her perfect body and emphasising her luscious tits and beautiful bronzed body, the only distortion to the wonderful sexual ornament was the noticeable bulge in her pussy, the dildo really was filling her. Mike stood back and admired his room decoration, and watched as she continued to suck on her penis gag, enjoying the change that would slowly build inside her.

After the first 30 minutes Mike came back, reached behind her head and removed her gag and asked her to speak, "Well, how should you be treated?"

Jasmine gasped for some air and panted, "Please just let me go, I can't concentrate on anything, I'll forget this happened, just please stop it".

Mike put the gag back, fastened it tightly and walked away without saying anything.

Feeling abandoned, Jasmine couldn’t believe that she had been left to continue sucking. She was frustrated now, she wouldn’t take this treatment any longer, using her last burst of energy she tried to loosen her bonds, but only resulted in showing Mike how helpless her delicate body was against her predicament. Wasting precious time her dildos soon reminded her what she was there to do, again in unbelievable pain her pussy automatically clamped tight around her dildo as the pain shot through her body.

With her last effort getting her nowhere she resigned herself to slowly, and repeatedly sucking her replica cock, instinctively keeping her lips tightly against her gag. Defeated, she knew there was no easy way out, and she could picture how obscene she must look. Unaware that she was being used as a lampshade, she thought her body must look almost like a trophy, naked and on show, her tits heaving a little with each strained breath she took through the small holes under her nostrils. She wondered if she looked as pathetic as she felt, held in position by the dildos, helpless because her most sensitive areas were being abused, helpless to do anything but submit.

After the second 30 mins her gag was removed again, this time Jasmine said, "I'll let you fuck me whenever you want Mike, I want you to use me, just get this thing out of my ass!"

This was a much better attitude from Jasmine, although Mike thought she was being far too brief and unimaginative.

"I could do that anyway Jasmine, it’s your ideas I want, not your consent".

The gag went back in place, this time not wanting to feel pain, Jasmine made sure she immediately sucked hard, in fact she began to enjoy her predicament. By obediently sucking, the worse that was happening was that she was getting a little pleasure from the vibrating dildos. Perhaps being a slave to cock wouldn’t be so bad, after all she loved a big cock filling her pussy, and her mind soon wandered and she concentrated on sucking and feeling the pleasure grow in her pussy.

She felt an orgasm slowly build, her pussy gripping its intruder, in sync with her mouth sucking she began gripping the dildo hard, building the orgasm, loving the sensation, forgetting about her situation she let a huge orgasm burst out and pulsed over her body. Letting a loud moan escape she let her body go limp, still held tightly in place by her bonds she relaxed and let the orgasm take her. That was a mistake. She felt for the second time the huge shock shoot through her body.

Mike had enjoyed that little adventure Jasmine had taken herself on, the combination of orgasm and shock had made her body shake and pulse, her tits even shaking with the power. He loved to think the effect this experience must be having on her.

Knowing that if she let the pleasure take her again, she would be in serious trouble, Jasmine began thinking about what Mike had said. Clearly the only way she was getting off her special 'pedestal' was to tell Mike how she should be treated. So she concentrated on ignoring the vibrations in her pussy and ass and thought about what she really wanted, what really would make her happy. Seeing as there was no choice she knew she had to be honest with herself. Maybe that would lead to her being truly happy.

The third time, gasping, chest heaving, "I will give you sex whenever you demand it Mike, you can use me when you feel like, fuck any hole and I will accept that".

"That’s better Jasmine, I hope you can see how your life could be. Your attitude still isn’t good enough though. I want to hear commitment from you."

If Mike could have seen Jasmine's face it would have been one of shock as the gag was pushed back in her mouth. She thought that she would have been freed after admitting what she really craved but had been too shy to admit it. She felt disappointed Mike hadn’t wanted that - she really wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep her cock-sucking up for, she certainly hadn’t had any previous experience and her mouth was getting sore. Maybe all the obedience training was affecting her, she knew she would feel better if she could please Mike. She wanted to please Mike.

She obviously wasn’t concentrating when the gag was replaced as Mike saw a ripple of movement over Jasmine's body shortly afterwards, she must have been thinking hard about her next comments. Her tits still looking lovely as ever as she hung there tortured and trained at the same time. Mike began wishing she had a free hole to please him with.

The fourth time, he removed her gag, and asked his lampshade what she wanted.

"I want to quit work Mike, I want to be here for you, I will suck you and fuck you, I will be kept naked and leashed like an animal. It's what I crave, I need it. I want to be caged and impaled with dildos as I sleep, my body on display".

It surprised Jasmine when she heard herself say those words, they just came out - this time to think was beginning to worry Jasmine. It was though she was in some sort of fetish therapy session, her mind was running on pleasure, she began to felt happy when she thought she was being obedient. Her attitude was now giving her pleasure, and by telling Mike what she wanted she was getting attention and she knew it was better than the alternative.

"You're improving Jasmine, I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it". Running his hands across her tits he said, "Lets see what you can come up with given longer", and with that quickly gagged her again before she could make any protest.

As she hung there, sucking hard, she realised that having gone this far Mike wasn’t going to accept anything less than complete servitude. Worryingly this made Jasmine feel excited and thrilled not to have a choice. She wanted that dildo in her pussy to be Mike's cock, she wanted to be fucked when she didn’t have a choice. Her desires began to run through her mind, her ideas becoming clearer to her. She had long forgotten who she was, knowing only that to be fucked was to be in heaven, she didn’t need anything else.

Fifth time. Mike removed her gag, and Jasmine licked her lips, and began to tell him what she wanted.

"I want to exist for you. I want to be useful for you. I want you to convert me into something I cannot escape from. I will be stripped and shaved. You will strap me to a glass topped table. I will be face up, with two holes for my tits, they will be pushed through. The glass running from just below my neck down to my pussy. A set of metal straps under the table locking me into place - unable to move my body. Only my head would have any movement. My hair will be in a ponytail with a cord tied to it, running back and tied taught, to a large, thick hook in my ass forcing my head back. I want my ass to be full as I am on display for you. My arms would be bound tightly to the two front table legs, and my legs, bent at the knees, would be bound to the back two legs".

She continued, "I want you to be able to sit on a chair and move in between my spread knees so that you can slide your hard cock up inside my pussy. I want you to eat your dinner from the table as I squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles. I won't be able to move but I can still give you pleasure. Then you can move to the other end for your desert. With my head pulled back your cock can easily slide into my mouth and I would taste my own juices and maybe get to drink your cum if I do a good job. I may feel a few tugs on my ass as I suck but it would be worth it to be useful for you. As you get your blowjob you could play with my tits, flick my nipples and watch me flinch, I wouldn't be able to move an inch to stop you. If you wanted you could use my tits as pillows as you rest, I would happily keep sucking on your cock and remember that I am only there to please you. I need to please you".

"Do you want that as well?"

Mike Smiled

"That is much better Jasmine. I'm glad you are beginning to want to be a good girl. I think I'll put your gag back though. I'll free you tomorrow; I have work to do now and I need the light…."

Leaving his lampshade he started work on a very special table.



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