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The Crate

by Rader

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© Copyright 2010 - Rader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; build; crate; transport; store; toys; cons; X

I was attending a meeting of the Chicago Land Discussion Group, a Bondage and Fetish Club. One of the members came up and asked if I was up to a special request; “Sure, I will try most anything”. He knew I was a Carpenter, and had made special items for others in the group.  His request was to build a Crate for his wife. Well I found some paper, and sewing tape from a leather maker and took some measurements.

On the way home, my mind was downloading the way I would construct this crate. The next day (Saturday) I went into my shop with my notes and got started. Since I only had measurements’ and not the actual person, I had to do some improvising on locating and sizing of certain parts. First the leg stocks were easy enough, made from a 2 x 12 pine board. Next the head and wrist stocks; I had her neck size, and her wrist size; Using a handcuff to get the correct shape. I made the head/wrist stock out of the same material as before. I made the stock in a slight V shape, so the wrist were about 3” forward from neck. This would put less strain on the shoulders, to make long term use easer.

I next made a waist stock and a knee stock. All openings were lined with some foam padding and covered with faux leather. I next made a special crotch support by shaping a comma shape piece of wood, to fit a ladies private area. I added a saw tooth design to the body side to give a little feeling to the user. I put all this in a plywood made box about 28” wide and 15” dept. The lady was about 5’-5” tall, so I made this unit about 6’ tall.

In the bottom, I made two floors; One with ¼” X ¼” strips about 1” apart. To give some feeling to the user in bare feet. The floor could be slid out, making the crate about 6” taller. This would allow the Lady to be in 6” heels. The head part was a separate box attached to the crate with the inside filled with sound foam. Inside were plates on each side connected to wooden screws, to squeeze the head into a straight line. Next I took a mouth piece from a snorkel, with the tube coming out the rear of the box. This made an effective breathing gag; one that kept her quiet, with plenty of air and could pour some fluids in if necessary. I painted a THIS END UP on the side and front.

I called up Joe, and told him I was ready for delivery. Upon arrival to his house, Joe and Sue was very much anticipating trying the crate out. Sue striped down to bra and panties, and climbed in. I showed Joe how to fasten all the retaining blocks, and then the head piece went on. Sue was crated for as long as Joe allowed. Joe was surprised with the crotch piece, as it hinged in the rear and was adjustable to its tightness. He came up with the idea of drilling a hole for a Dildo in the right spot. After locating the correct location, I would put in a hole after we let her out. But after a beer of two, Joe said, let her get comfy.

Now Joe and Sue had a cabin in the north woods. They often would spend the weekends relaxing and fishing. Joe would put Sue nude into the box, on Friday night, with dildo in place, put the crate into back of a trailer, and hitch it up to the Pick-Up, and drive 7 hours to the cabin. All the while Sue was standing on 6” heels, not able to move a muscle, and bouncing up and down in the back of that box trailer. Now he would get there about 2 AM. He would take her out of the trailer; bring her into the house, using a two wheel hand truck. Joe left her in the crate until the morning, when he let her out. On Sunday morning, Joe would repackage Sue for the trip back home. It usually was about 2 hours longer because of traffic.

Months later I met them again at a meeting; Sue came up to me and gave me the biggest Kiss ever. She said that being in the crate gave her the biggest orgasms’ she ever had. A year later, I heard they moved to Denver. Do you think Sue was in the crate for that trip? I wonder……………   Rader 



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