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Cruise In

by Subdriver

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© Copyright 2005 - Subdriver - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; car trunk; cons; X

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything of consequence, in part because real life has been so unfairly taking up my time, and in part because my wife and I have been doing anything truly outstanding. Sure, we’ve been playing our routine bondage games, but honestly, how many times can I post “tied her up, stuffed her in a box/bag/cabinet/car trunk and left her there all day/afternoon/evening/night before the forum gets bored with it? 

Saturday we had plans to take one of our cars to a cruise-in. Preparation for any type of car show, meet, or cruise always begins with washing the car. I awakened at six that morning and pulled the car out of the garage, into the space I had left for it behind one of our daily drivers. With the car outdoors, it was now ready to be washed. I decided that this chore should be my wife’s. Since she would most likely get wet doing it, I decided that it would be best if she washed the car naked, hence the early morning chore... there are simply fewer passers-by at such an early hour to happen upon her and interrupt her work. 

Of course, she wasn’t completely nude. She did have some rope to help cover her. I hobbled her ankles with a length of rope, then tied her elbows snugly, but not quite together, behind her back. This done, I tethered her wrists in front of her with another length of rope, then added a nice ball gag to complete her ensemble. I wanted to add something new to her dilemma, as she had washed the car under such circumstances several times before. I decided that. if the chance of been seen bound and gagged nude washing a car made her anxious, that being seen with her breasts bound and purple would add to the effect. So, I bound her breasts tightly, encircling each one with several strands of tight rope. Still not content, I added a butt plug, tied in place with a nice, tight crotch rope. Dressed appropriately now, I sent her out into the cool morning air, bucket and sponge in hand. 

Realistically, there was little chance of her being seen. The other car in the driveway was parked at a slight angle, nearly blocking any view from the street. Our neighbors were away for the weekend, and the house and the shrubs blocked any view from either side of the driveway. Still, there was a slim chance that someone would see her, and my wife nervously scurried to finish her chore before the neighborhood began to stir. Not an easy task for a bound and hobbled woman. 

With the car washed, I released my wife from her bondage and sent her in to shower while I waxed the car. After her shower, I placed her back into bondage. I began by binding her breasts again, this time using plastic cable ties. I placed a cable tie around each breast and pulled it tight, again binding her breasts into round, swollen mounds. Using a pair of wire cutters, I snipped the excess cable tie off close to the locking tab. With leather in hand, I strapped her into her favorite position, with her knees held folded tight against her shoulders and her legs held spread wide by a strap across her back. I strapped her ankles down to her thighs, then cuffed her wrists to the sides of her ankles. For her gag, I again went with her favorite, a dental spreader gag, to complete her “wide open” look. 

With her now nicely bundled up, I carried her out to the car and plopped her into the trunk. Leaving the trunk open and her helpless, naked, and completely exposed, I went back into the house and rummaged around a bit, taking my time to select the right dildo and butt plug for her. After several minutes - which to her seemed much longer, I returned, packing each piece of plastic firmly in place there beneath the morning sun. 

Content that she was now firmly filled, I returned to the house to change, again leaving the trunk open. For my wife, her situation was quite tense. She was completely nude, gagged, bound, spread wide and exposed, left to be found with her most intimate parts packed full of plastic by anyone who happened up our driveway. Of course, there was no one to happen upon her. There are no sidewalks along the semi-rural street on which we live, and thus, no pedestrians. Still, she was quite relieved when I returned to lock her in. 

Before leaving for the cruise-in, I tossed in a small bag containing some brief clothing for my wife: an ass length silver mini skirt, a leather halter, and a pair of four inch black spiked heels. I knew that she would be upset if she were to spend the entire cruise-in locked in the trunk, and while I didn’t have a problem with it, I was sure that the other cruisers might object to her being naked. 

We arrived at the cruise-in at a local restaurant around one, in time for registration. I parked the car on the end of one aisle, where we were the last car for several hours, until a late arrival parked next to us. My wife was forced to remain in the trunk, listening to people walk by, admiring the car and discussing it with me. One couple asked where she was. I couldn’t resist using the age-old line, “She’s tied up right now”. Sorry. 

Whenever the coast was clear, I would open the trunk and give my wife’s dildo a few quick thrusts, then close the lid again. After a few hours, I opened the trunk, removed her dildo, disconnected her ankles from her wrists, unbuckled the strap holding her legs folded, and told her to free herself without removing her cuffs, collar, plug, or breast bondage. I tossed her clothes in the trunk and instructed her to get dressed, then again closed the lid, allowing her some privacy. 

After a while I released my now barely dressed wife from the trunk, allowing her to enjoy the rest of the cruise-in. While the tight leather halter concealed her breast bondage completely, it also compressed her ample breasts onto their bonds, adding a constant level of discomfort for her. Added to her dilemma was her short, loose fitting skirt, which required her to move cautiously, so as not to reveal her bare, plugged bottom. Her situation was complicated by the natural attention her wardrobe-and its contents, were drawing, all nicely accentuated by her thick black collar and cuffs. 

Despite the best attempts of the afternoon breeze to expose her, she made it through the event without flashing too many people.

Actually, I barely touched on some of the precautions that I take with her. One of the most important is testing the CO levels in the car's trunk with a CO detector. I always test the car both at idle for fifteen minutes and driving in normal traffic for thirty minutes before loading her in. 

As for her stroll around the parking lot, well, I have some other plans for her that we are about to try out. I'm sure that by the time I'm done with her, she will consider that afternoon to be a walk in the park.



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