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Cupboard Play

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; tape; lycra; bagging; breathplay; cupboard; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.  

Master leads Diane his slave girl to the bedroom, he can see the excitement in her eyes as he crushes her soft hand in his. He has all the equipment ready laid out on the bed and she looks at this with trepidation at first but then a quiver runs through her whole body as she realises how good this will feel.

Firstly he undresses her slowly teasing her body and planting soft kisses on the exposed flesh as he does. He leads her to the end of the bed and sits her down so he can prepare her for what will be the best play ever. In her mind Diane knows that she has played out this fantasy so many times already but with master helping she will be even more turned on. This way too she can be more securely bound up than she could ever do to herself. That thought alone makes her pussy leak uncontrollably.

Master kisses her gently on the lips and reassures her of his plans and how good it is going to feel; not to panic and just relax and enjoy it. With this he picks up the prepared plastic panties from the bed and rubs them provocatively against Diane’s naked flesh; she knows that very soon her pussy is going to be encased in that soft plastic and it feels so damn good. Master has a twist however as always and shows Diane the narrow roll of tape; she wonders at what he is going to do with it; maybe seal her mouth. Master opens her legs and lays her back on the bed so her legs are in the air, then he gets strips of tape and proceeds to put them; oh god thinks Diane ‘down there’ . Three smaller pieces across wise effectively sealing her pussy lips together; the last one over her clitty hood which will restrict its ability to become erect and protrude. One final piece he puts lengthwise along her crack.

Wow her pussy feels strange now completely sealed up; she wonders where all her juices are going to go. He then eases the plastic panties over each leg and down her thighs carefully positioning them until they are in place. Already they cling to her warm body like a second skin; now her pussy is really sealed in tight. Master runs his fingers along her crack through the plastic making her judder inside; she knows she is leaking fast now but it has nowhere to leak out to. Oh god how horny is that she thinks as her eyes shut and she lets him get on with it.

For the next layer master puts on the first pair of lycra tights easing them up until they fit snugly against the plastic panties. Then he ties her ankles, knees and upper thighs together with the ties. With her legs bound tightly shut and the tape, panties and tights as well, Diane can hardly move her pussy at all. It is taking her all her control to stop her cumming on the spot. Next he puts the second pair of tights over, both legs in one, making it even hotter and tighter down below. Finally he puts on the big bag and secures it at her waist with another cord. Bottom half complete and already Diane is about to burst, if she only could.

Master sits her up now on the bed so he can do her top half. One final kiss of reassurance and a tweak of her hard nipples. Breathing through your mouth is too easy he tells her and with this he gets a wider piece of tape and puts it over her mouth. Now Diane knows that she will only be able to breathe through her nose once inside the bags; this wont be easy but she is even more excited by it. Next goes on the top tights over her shoulders down to her waist and finally the lycra stocking cap which he pulls over her head down around her ears and nostrils and under her chin. Again even more restriction on her breathing.

By now she has lost all sensation down below, but she knows that her pussy and clitty are red hot and slowly filling up internally with her own juices. Master will have to work quickly now after the next stage if she is to have any hope of getting out of that cupboard conscious. He pats her head and then picks up the other large bag; putting it over her head and shoulders until it is in place around her middle meeting the other one. He then ties two final cords, one around her upper arms and her neck. This is it girl she thinks to herself as she concentrates very hard on her breathing. Very slow breaths now as the bag begins to mist up.

Master helps her hobble to the cupboard now before helping her into positon; bum in the corner, head tucked down between her legs and back against the wall. Is very tight squeeze in there, but is about to get even more tightly packed. Another of masters twists devious as ever. Diane knows there is some space at the front of the cupboard nearest to the door, but master has made a false piece of box section to squeeze into place. No way thinks Diane, as she feels her whole body being squished up against the cold wall. Master pushing the piece in inch by inch until Diane’s thighs and shoulders are totally squashed against the cupboard space. He then shuts the door securely and it is all dark and warm inside. Slave girl is already panting violently and down to her last minute of air as she wriggles her pussy muscles together hard squeezing her thighs together and finding a small amount of friction against the hard edge of the pussy tape.

If she doesn’t cum soon the air will run out and she will most likely pass out; a short wave of panic hits her, but it soon passes with the onslaught of her massive impending orgasm. She knows not where the juices will go or indeed if the force will rip a hole in the plastic panties. Regardless here she cums wowsers; her whole body shudders inside and out, her lungs on fire desperately sucking on nothing. Ears and nose filled with plastic. Down below her contracting pussy threatens to suck in the whole bag. Stars in her head explode as she does cum. Air running out now. If only she could breath through her pussy she thought. Damn you master even that is sealed shut. Wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure rips through her lower body, until she cares not anymore whether she can breath or not. She is in another world now, feeling her body go limp, her head lulling to one side. Oh the pain, the pleasure, the sheer joy.

Diane comes to as the fresh air hits her face for the first time and she looks up to see master holding her in his arms. Her lower body still encased in its layers, soaked in sweat and juices which have seeped out somehow between the tiny cracks of her pussy lips. She is exhausted and spent, but shivers with utter delight at such a great play. It was so close to the edge but worth it, as master kisses her brow tenderly she drifts off into a light slumber of contentment and devoted trust to her master who has taken her to that special place once again.




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