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Cut Down to Size

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; majick; shrink; giantess; encased; panties; nylons; facesit; tease; boxed; safe; enclosed; entomb; torment; stuck; boots; cocoon; trap; cons/reluct; X

Part I

Kate and Emma were kneeling on the floor looking at the glass jar on the coffee table in front of them, both with a look of amazement on their faces. In the jar was Kate's boyfriend, now standing at only one inch tall. Of course they hadn't believed the woman who claimed to be able to shrink people and Kate had certainly been joking when she'd asked for her boyfriend to be shrunk down to size for the weekend. But the woman hadn't been joking and now here they were.

"Are we supposed to put grass and water in the jar?" Kate asked as she swept her long dark hair out of her eyes with her hands.

"He's not a bug!" Emma smiled without taken her eyes off the tiny guy.

"Maybe some crumbs for him to eat?"

"You could fill the jar with beer, he'd like that."

The friends giggled.

"Do you think we can play with him?" Kate asked.

Emma giggled, "I'm sure we can play many things with a guy that size."

"The woman said that he'd be as tough as usual, so no chance of hurting him."

"We'll have to put that to the test." Emma smiled.

Kate gingerly unscrewed the lid of the jar, reached in and picked her ex- 6 foot 2 inch boyfriend up with her thumb and forefinger.

"He looks good enough to eat." Emma smiled as lowered her head to where Kate was holding him, opened her mouth and pretended to eat him.

"Stop it, you'll scare him." Kate said as she took him and gently slipped him into the front pocket of her jeans.

"No more scary that in your crotch." Emma giggled as she saw where Brad had come to rest at the bottom of Kate's pocket.

"He's never minded that before." The brunette purred.

Brad didn't remember much at all about the incident, it was as if he'd woken up and the world had grown. He felt normal, but everything was huge; it had to be a dream although it seemed amazingly real. Being in Kate's pocket felt so life-like. The scent was unmistakably Kate's. The pocket lining felt soft and warm and kept throwing him off his feet as Kate walked. How could his mind be imagining such things so vividly?

Her pocket was just how he imagined a crevasse in a glazier would be, very narrow and very tall and impossible to climb out of. He looked up and saw a very thin line of light at the pocket opening. The denim was too thick to see anything outside, however the pocket lining was thinner and he could just make out Kate's thighs and crotch. She was wearing the new black lace underwear that he'd bought her. He tried to climb up, but his pathetic attempts just landed him on his back at the bottom of the pocket. There was no way one, this was one very secure cell.

"I can't believe you're keeping him in your pocket." Emma said again.

"It feels nice." Kate replied.

"Maybe for you."

"Can you hear him complaining?"

"He's too small to hear anything he says."

"As I said, no complaints."

"Well I think its cruel." Emma continued.

Even though she was enjoying it, Kate reached into her pocket and gently pulled Brad out and placed him back into his jar. They ate some lunch and then Kate had to leave for work.

"You promise you'll look after him?" Kate asked Emma for the second time.

"I won't lose him or eat him, I promise."

Kate had never seen Emma so keen for her to leave.

Brad couldn't hear much through the glass jar but saw Kate put on her black jacket. She was still going to work – surely he wasn't going to be left in the jar with Emma, that crazy blonde. Emma was attractive and her figure and cute butt often filled his daydreams, but she had a sadistic streak. She'd once locked Kate in a trunk, not letting her out until way after the joke was over. She certainly wouldn't be his first pick to baby sit him in this state.

Emma saw Kate out of the front door and then ran back to the lounge and the glass jar.

"Just you and me Brad," she smiled ominously as she unscrewed the jar and lifted him out.

She lay down on her back on the sofa and dropped Brad on to the front of her t-shirt. He slowly started to walk around which made Emma laugh, which in turn made her stomach muscles tighten, which in turn made him fall over.

"Careful," she giggled as she helped him to his feet.

The mischievous look in Emma's beautiful big brown eyes worried him. He started to think of a plan of how to get away from her, hide somewhere and only reappear when Kate returned. It sounded easy, but every time he tried to move away she picked him up and put him back in the middle of her stomach. But things were about to get a lot worst. The blonde picked him up in her hand, squeezing him tightly and with her other hand unbuttoned the front of her jeans.

"What do you think?" Emma giggled as she held him with just her thumb and forefinger over the opening into her jeans.

"Do you think you can escape from there?"

He tried to wrap his arms around her finger. "What's wrong, it'll be lovely and warm inside," she giggled.

Brad took one last look at her big brown eyes before she dropped him in. He landed on the front of her white panties which was like landing on a large inflatable, before sliding off and down into the bottom of her jeans, coming to rest by her butt. He looked up and saw her re-buttoning her jeans plunging his world into near darkness.

In front of him he saw her thighs leading off into the distance; he had to make a move. He crawled forward down the inside of the right leg of her jeans, the denim material making a wall on his left and her tanned thigh rising up like a cliff on his right. Her legs were stretched out on the sofa and so the route was reasonably flat.

She let him get almost as far as her knee before quickly drawing her feet up towards her butt, lifting her knee up and making Brad slide back down her trouser leg. As he tumbled and slid down he saw that she'd lifted her butt slightly off the sofa. He knew he was in trouble.

He continued to slide back down toward her crotch and his momentum carried him onwards until he was under Emma's butt. As soon as he came to rest he jumped to his feet and tried to run out from beneath her butt but of course she gave him no time. She immediately rested back down on the sofa, pinning Brad beneath her white cotton panties.

Brad's legs were lying between her butt cheeks, but his body was pinned under her left cheek. He tried to pull himself up to stop the whole of his body sliding into her crack. But that's exactly where she wanted him and after a little wriggling, that's where he came to rest.

He was helplessly pinned down. Encased on three sides by Emma's white cotton knickers and on the forth side by her jeans. The pressure was by no means unbearable, but it was constant and unyielding. It was pitch black; he was facing up into her butt and silent. Her scent was all pervading. This place put maximum security jails to shame.

"Hi Katey, how you doing?" Emma spoke into her phone in her usual playful voice.

"Fine, how's Brad."

"Quite safe."

"Thanks for looking after him."

"He won't be getting into any trouble."

"Great, it good for you guys to get to know each other better."

"Oh he's learning some new things about me," Emma giggled.



Emma lay there enjoying the experience more than even she'd imagined. Twenty minutes had passed before she unbuttoned her jeans and retrieved her flatmate's boyfriend. She put Brad back into the jar and screwed the lid on tightly while she went off to get changed.

Emma smiled as she walked back into the lounge now wearing a tight black mini-skirt and top. She unscrewed the jar and lifted Brad out while squeezing him tightly in her hand. She sat down on the floor with her knees drawn up in front of her. She then gently placed him down on the inside of her skirt and watched as he slid down between her legs and crashed into her butt.

Her skirt rose up around him on all sides, it was like being at the bottom of a well.

"You're a good climber, let's see if you can climb out of this one," Emma purred as she looked down at him, her long hair falling down around her.

Brad tried, but both the skirt and her smooth skin were impossible to gain any grip. Within minutes he lay down in defeat and looked up at Emma's smiling face; her big brown eyes and perfectly white smile. How could he be so helpless.

He kicked the inside of her thigh in frustration.

"Temper temper," Emma laughed, "I might have to crush you for that."

Brad climbed to his feet with concern as Emma slowly started to close her thighs together with him in between. In a futile attempt to stop her closing her legs he held his arms out to each side.

"Is that going to work?" she giggled as she continued to close her thighs.

"Oh dear," she laughed as his arms quickly gave way and her thighs started to touch each other with Brad in the middle. She kept going until her thighs were squeezed together with all of her strength.

Brad felt as though he was set in concrete, he was held completely rigid.

"Can you escape from that?" Emma asked, not that her prisoner could hear a word she said.

"At least try a little harder."

The game kept Emma amused for a while and it was only boredom, not sympathy that finally led her to release her grip.

"I'm going to meet your girlfriend for lunch," she announced as her thighs parted and Brad collapsed with exhaustion on to her underwear.

Some rest bite Brad thought, but his relief was short-lived.

"And guess what, you're coming too," Emma purred as she picked him up out of her skirt and stood up.

Brad looked around, Emma had no pockets in her skirt and wasn't carrying a handbag; surely she wasn't going to take him outside held in her hand? Was she going to put him in her cleavage between her breasts or, no surely not.

"I'm sorry if this is get a little personal, but its probably the safest and most discrete place to put you," Emma giggled.

Emma unzipped her tight skirt and eased it down over her hips to reveal her tight black silk knickers hugging her pert butt. "These panties are nice and tight around my hips and around my butt and thighs" Emma explained, "there should be no way that you'll be slipping out of these."

She reached her hand down the front of the underwear and positioned Brad inside her knickers, right in her crotch.

He lay there lying on the soft black material looking downward directly between her legs, the silk pinning him up against her crotch. Her knickers held him tightly in place, but not uncomfortably so. The silk was partially see through and he could make out Emma's long tanned legs and the floor below. He could hear, there was some fresh air, it could have been a lot worst.

But that said, it was still completely inescapable. He reach over and tried to slip for hand between the edge of the panties and her thigh but the elasticated material felt as though it was made out of steel, he couldn't even get one finger through. There was no doubt about it, anywhere that Emma went, he would be going too.

Emma's phone rang and she ran across the room to answer it wearing just her knickers and top. Brad was shaken around as she ran but there was no way he was going to fall out. She perched on the edge of the table and started talking. Brad could see her reflection in the mirror, he's never seen her before in just underwear and she had a fantastic body, not that he could enjoy it from his panty cell.

Emma stood up and pulled her skirt back on, it fitted her perfectly. He was now hidden from sight, her little secret. Emma then pulled on some knee length black leather boots and zipped them up.

Emma took the bus to the city and then walked to the café to meet Kate. Brad watched the pavement pass as Emma walked quickly to her destination, her black boot clip clopping on the pavement as she walked. Brad could see other people's shoes as they passed close by. He knew from personal experience that most of the guys passing by would be taking at least a discrete look at the attractive blonde. He also knew that none of them would guess her little secret, tucked well out of sight in her panties.

The friends met at the café and sat down either side of a small table. Emma sat down with her legs slightly apart allowing to Brad to see out between her thighs and over to where Kate was sitting at the other side of the table. He could see Kate's jeans; he'd never realized how many times Kate crossed and re-crossed her legs. He could also hear their conversation.

"Are you sure he's OK on his own?" Kate asked, Brad was touched by her obvious concern.

"I promise you he's very safe," Emma replied.

"I'm so sorry I asked for this to happen to him."

"Oh, I'm sure he's enjoying the experience."

"I'm really going to have to make it up to him."

Brad was starting to get interested. But just at that point Emma chose to cross her legs, a simple enough act and one that women do millions of times of day. However when Emma did it, it had a real impact on Brad.

Emma's left thigh moved across and pinned him, very tightly, to her right thigh. He was almost completely immobilized. It became pitch black and totally silent. Whatever it was that Kate was going to do to make it up to him he would have to wait to find out. 'Uncross your legs you stupid bitch' Brad thought to himself as he waited in his cocoon.

Emma smiled to herself, crossing her legs was quite deliberate.

"Why are you smiling?" Kate asked.

"Oh nothing."

"You're in a funny mood today."

"No, I'm fine."

The truth was that Brad's struggling body was starting to stimulate her. Whilst she loved the feeling, Kate was already starting to get suspicious. She reluctantly uncrossed her legs to reduce the pressure of his body on her clit.

Brad tried desperately to call out from his cell and attract Kate's attention. He pushed and kicked at the soft silk that incarcerated him and screamed out but there was no way he could be heard above the café noise. Although maybe Emma heard something as she re-crossed her legs, tightly encasing him once more between her thighs.

The friends finished their meal, walked to the door and kissed on the cheeks.

"Look after Brad until I get home," Kate asked.

"Oh I will," Emma giggled to herself.

Emma walked back to bus stop. A bus soon arrived which was almost empty and she slid into a seat. She sat there for a moment looking down at her skirt and then smiled. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "but I doubt I'm going to get the chance to do this to a guy again." And with that she stood up, used her fingers to move Brad between her bum crack and then sat down again right on top of him. She wriggled around and felt him underneath her, it felt nice, for her anyway.

She opened the bus window and the air blew her long blonde hair back across her shoulders. It was a hot day and she could smell the vegetation and the salty air blowing in from the beach. The bus stopped at some traffic lights; it didn't matter, she was in no hurry.

Part II

Brad's bus ride home something that no one should have to experience and one that would remain with him for the rest of his life. Emma had sat there for over half an hour, feeling him underneath her and as the temperature rose, the moisture had made his body slide a little as the bus moved from side to side.

When they arrived back at Emma's flat she took him out of her underwear and washed him thoroughly in the basin. She dried him and put and him back into the glass jar. Even Emma felt a little guilty as she watched him sitting dejectedly against the glass. How much of this would be remember when he returned to normal size she didn't know. Would he try to get revenge? Obviously he couldn't complain to anyone, who would believe him.

Brad was grateful that Emma left him incarcerated in the jar for the rest of the afternoon without inflicting any more pain. Kate returned from work, ran to the jar and gently lifted out her boyfriend.

"I'll look after you from now," she purred as she hugged him to her chest.

Emma looked on jealously.

That evening the girls arranged to join some friends at the pub. Kate carried Brad up to her room to get dressed.

"I need to shower," she smiled as she looked for somewhere safe to leave him.

"I know!" she giggled as she gently lowered him into one of her favorites black leather ankle length boots.

"You'll be safe in there."

Brad heard Kate turn on the shower and then he walked down towards the toe of the boot to explore his latest prison. The smell of leather was overpowering and so he walked back up to the heal for some relatively fresh air. The boots rose vertically above him, there was absolutely no way to climb out.

As Kate showered she thought about how she could take Brad to the pub. She wanted to wear her new black dress, but that had no pockets. She thought about keeping him in her boots, but she wasn't sure whether she'd have a living boyfriend by the end of the night.

She dried herself with the towel and started to get dressed. She pulled on some black panties and bra; these were Brad's favourite although his mind would probably be on other things tonight. She pulled on some thin tights (pantyhose), which gave her an idea. She would tuck him inside her tights; maybe on her inner thigh - he'd be safe in there. Her black dress was short, Brad helped her chose it, but if she placed him high enough up her thigh then he'd be completely hidden from sight.

She slipped on her little black cocktail dress, it looked fantastic, and best of all if any guys flirted with her tonight, Brad would be in no place to object. With her mind still on her dress she slid her foot into her left boot.

Brad saw it coming, a pantyhose covered foot coming down on top of him. It pushed him over and he ended up pinned underneath the middle of her foot.

Kate didn't realized what she'd done until her foot was inside the boot, with Brad already pinned beneath her. She guessed he was probably OK where he was, but he'd certainly be in real trouble if she started to walk with him there. 'This could be fun', she smiled to herself as she continued to zip up her boots. I wonder what's going through his mind right now?

The answer was panic. How could she not feel him in her boot? The boot fitted her foot snuggly and the zip sealed her foot tightly in place, there was nothing he could do. Kate placed her foot gently on the floor and started to brush her long dark hair. 'No rush' she thought to herself, 'let's let him suffer for a little longer'.

That ten minutes felt like a lifetime to Brad. And his relief was immense as she unzipped the boot and slowly and gently pulled out her foot.

"Sorry," she smiled in an unconvincing voice.

Kate then pulled up her dress, picked him up and slid him down inside her tights until he was resting against her inner left thigh, just below her crotch. She jumped up and down just to check that he wouldn't slip down. She then pulled her dress down and smoothed it out with her hands.

Kate and Emma left the house and caught a taxi to town.

"Where is he?" Emma asked.

Kate pulled up her dress to show her friend.

"It's a little personal down there, isn't it?"

"He's my boyfriend, that's where he should be," Kate smiled as she pulled her skirt back down.

Brad couldn't believe Emma's cheek, she had already inflicted upon him things ten times more personal than this. In fact Brad was quite enjoying the experience. It was warm, smelt of his girlfriend's perfume and was comfortable – Kate's soft thigh behind him and her soft pantyhose in front of him. He could see through the pantyhose and watched as her other thigh passed back and forth in front of him almost touching him each time it passed.

The girls arrived at the pub and sat down with a group of friends. Kate crossed her legs but was careful not to crush him between her thighs, instead he lay in a small warm space surrounded on all sides by thighs, underwear and her black dress. This time he was being held by a woman who loved him and one who wasn't a born sadist.

The girls had a great night, they left the pub at 11pm and went on to a club and finally arrived home just before 3am. Kate was drunk and had almost forgotten about her little charge. She had a quick look under her dress to make sure that he was OK and lay down on the sofa next to Emma.

"I think we both need some water," Emma smiled as she walked to the kitchen. However Emma dropped a sleeping tablet into Kate's glass before returning to the lounge.

Within ten minutes, Kate was fast asleep lying on her back on the sofa. Emma took the empty glass from her hand before returning to the sleeping brunette. Emma pulled up Kate's dressed and smiled as she saw Brad still exactly where Kate had positioned him.

"I think your girl's asleep," she giggled as she slowly eased her hand down the front of Kate's tights. She pulled him out, releasing him from his captivity. But somehow he guessed that this wasn't going to be an act of kindness.

He started to think about all the ways he might become further acquainted with Emma's body. However, to his surprise Emma tucked him back inside Kate's tights, but this time she also put him inside Kate's panties. Emma positioned him carefully against Kate's clit, before removing her empty hand and allowing the elasticated underwear to snap shut enclosing Brad inside. Emma giggled as Kate started to smile in her sleep.

"Good night, honey," she smiled as she pulled Kate's dress back down.

It was after 9am when Kate finally awoke. She smiled to herself as she stretched out on the sofa. She then giggled as she remembered the night before and where she had tucked her boyfriend. She rolled on to her side and pulled up her skirt. When she realized that he wasn't there she sat up and started to run her hands up and down her legs and butt. She then unzipped and removed her dress and was shocked when she realized where he was.

She quickly put her hands in her panties and pulled Brad out from where he had been trapped against her somewhat stimulated clit.

"I'm so sorry," she said as she used her dress to wipe him clean.

Just then Emma walked in showered, awake and wearing her short yellow gym shorts and t-shirt.

"What happened last night?" Kate asked.

"We had fun."

"Yes, but do you remember me passing out on the sofa?"

"Yes, you were tired."

"Yes, but did I do anything before I fell asleep?"

"Like what?"

"To Brad."

"Not that I know of," Emma lied, "Why?"

Kate was almost too embarrassed to tell her friend.

"He spent the night tucked into the front of my panties."

"No way."

"I must have been some pissed horny tart last night, what must he think of me?"

"You'll find out when he returns to normal tonight," Emma reminded her.

Kate was embarrassed. "Can you look after him this morning, I'm not sure I trust myself."

"If you want, "Emma smiled, "If you like I can lock him in my safe."

"OK" Kate replied as she handed her boyfriend to the blonde.

They walked into Emma room where she had a small but secure looking safe that had been drilled into the concrete floor. Emma typed in a 10-digit combination and then used a key from her key ring to open the safe's door. She then took out her small jewelry box, opened it and dropped Brad inside.

"Are you sure?" Emma asked as she put the jewelry box back inside the safe.

"Yes, lock him up," Kate replied, "I need time to think about how I'm going to explain this to him".

Emma closed the safe and turned the handle to lock it.

"He's locked up tight now," Emma smiled as she picked up her keys and sat down on her desk, her short yellow shorts resting on top of a pile of papers.

Kate remained kneeling on the floor, looking at the safe.

"I'm sorry," she said to no one in particular.

Emma said nothing.

"Maybe I should let him out and explain."

"Its not your choice, he's locked inside my safe."

"Yes, but he's my boyfriend."

"You asked me to lock him up."

"But, I've changed my mind."

"Too late," the blonde giggled, "there's no way I'm letting him out."

Kate pressed a few numbers on the number pad and pulled the handle. Emma gave her a small sympathetic smile and rattled her keys.

"OK, it's probably for the best," Kate said as she stood up and walked away.

Emma walked over and sat down on top of the safe. She ran her keys up and down her bare thighs as she thought about her plans for the rest of the day.

Part III

Emma picked up her keys and her bag and left for the gym. As she walked out of her room she turned and blew a kiss to Brad who was still locked inside her safe. She locked her door and ran down the stairs, her little yellow gym shorts bouncing as she went.

Inside the jewelry box (which was inside the safe) it was pitch black. Brad started to feel around to see if he could open the box. However the small metal catch that Emma had pushed into place, almost without thinking, was enough to stop his escape plans in their tracks. Brad knew that from the moment Emma had closed the safe door and turned her key in the lock that he had no hope of ever escaping. However if he could just get out of her jewelry box it would be some sort of small victory, he could even try to slip out unseen when she finally unlocked the safe.

Two hours later Emma returned from the gym and took a shower. She then toweled dry and put on old track pants and fleece. It was 2pm on Sunday and the weather was cold. The heating in the flat was hopeless and so Emma grabbed some magazines and jumped into her bed. She looked over to the safe and smiled. She had spent the whole gym session daydreaming about how she controlled him and she still couldn't get the situation out of her mind.

"Are you having fun in your solitary confinement?" she giggled as she pulled the duvet up around her. She tried to read, but her attention kept returning to the safe. Kate was out, nobody would know if she were to have a little more fun.

Emma typed in her code and then took her keys and unlocked the cage. She smiled as she realized that he hadn't even been able to escape from her jewelry box. With one quick flick of her thumb she undid the catch and opened up the small flowery box that had acted as his prison.

She found him inside, among her necklaces, shivering and shaking in the corner of box. When she picked him up she found that he was almost stone cold.

"Oh I'm sorry, was it cold in there?" she sounded almost concerned.

"I know somewhere nice and warm," she purred as she took him in her hand and climbed back into bed.

Emma pulled the duvet up and reached her hand down and dropped him inside her track pants, where he landed on top of her thighs. The material snapped shut above him, but for once he was happy to be there. He lay down flat, touching as much of her soft warm skin as he could.

Although a few moments later Emma opened her legs a little and he fell down between her thighs on to the inside of her track pants. He lay in her crotch looking up between her thighs and watched as she squeezed them together again, leaving him buried deep inside her crotch.

Brad lay there for a few minutes enjoying the warmth. He could just move and managed to squeeze himself out from under her thighs and started to clamber down along the inside of her trouser leg. He could hear Emma giggling as his movements tickled her. He kept going down the track pants to potential freedom.

"Hey, that's far enough Houdini!" Emma smiled as she brought her knees up in front of her with the aim of sending him tumbling back into the captivity of her crotch. But Brad had got further than she'd realized and was past the apex of her knee and so instead he fell down her calf muscle and out of the end of her track pants.

Brad quickly pushed his way through the remainder of the duvet, reached the edge of the bed and jumped. But before he hit the floor Emma reached her hand out and caught him in mid air.

"Good, but not good enough," she purred as she dropped him into an empty glass by the side of her bed and thought for a moment.

"Any attempted prison break means transfer to a maximum security jail," she purred as she looked down into the glass, her long brown hair falling around her face. Emma then took off her track pants to reveal a pair of tight black panties. She opened her underwear drawer and pulled out another pair of black knickers which she put on on top of the first pair.

"Maybe not totally escape proof yet," she smiled as she pulled out a pair of blue silk knickers and two pairs of white cotton knickers and proceeded to put them all on. She then finished the unusual ensemble with one more pair of tight black panties.

"Its well known that escaping from six pairs of panties is harder than escaping from Alcatraz," Emma giggled as she put her track pants back on.

Emma tipped the glass upside down, emptying him into her hand and then climbed back into bed. She pulled the covers up around her and once again reached down into her underwear. It took some effort to squeeze the hand that was holding Brad into the crotch of her knickers. She finally pulled it out empty handed as the six pairs of panties closed in again around her butt.

Inside Brad felt as though he was buried in concrete; he couldn't move an inch. It was pitch black, hot and airless.

Emma read and dozed a little all afternoon until she was woken by a call from Kate; they talked for a while and agreed to meet at the pub. Emma climbed out of bed and took off her track pants and started to run her hands around her six pairs of underwear in an attempt to locate her inmate. "I know you're in here somewhere," she purred as her hands started to rub the front of her knickers.

She reached her hand inside, partly to make sure that he was still alive, and partly to position him further up her butt where he quickly disappeared between her cheeks. "I love you in there," she whispered as she gently tensed and released her butt muscles.

Emma finally pulled on her favourite jeans, which were tighter than usual with the extra layers beneath them. After some effort she managed to pull the denim up over her hips and buttoned them in place. The blonde turned and looked at her butt in the mirror, "Perfect, no-one will see a thing."

"Yeah," Emma then cried as she fetched her bike lock that comprised a chain wrapped with a plastic cover. She quickly threaded the chain through her jeans belt loops and padlocked it in place at the front.

"Locked in my own jeans," she giggled a little nervously as she unbuttoned her jeans and tried in vain to slide them back down over her hips. Without unlocking the padlock, Emma and her jeans were one.

"I don't think I'll take this key with me," she purred as she dropped the padlock key into her now almost empty panty drawer and again ran her hands around her own butt. She admired herself in the mirror one last time before putting on her coat.

As she walked up the road she pulled at the padlock and chain around her waist and felt turned on. The only key to unlock it was becoming further and further away. "I couldn't let you out of my panties now even if I wanted to," she whispered to no-one in particular.

A guy walked past her and then turned around to check her out. "You have no idea," she giggled to herself as she made her way to the pub and to Kate.

Part IV

Deep inside Emma's jeans, Brad felt her left and then right butt muscles tense as she walked. He knew that she was going to the pub and he knew that once she arrived she would sit down. He also knew that Emma sitting down would make life even worst for him unless he could slide himself either up towards her waist or down towards her crotch.

However, the six pairs of underwear were compressing her tight little butt even more tightly than usual. His body had slid between her butt cheeks and the panties were now compressing her cheeks together; one squeezing him from the front and one from behind. Also the heat caused by being inside her jeans and six pairs of underwear was starting to make her skin slightly tacky, which was making his body stick to her naked butt.

Brad reached out and pushed upwards against the inside of her panties, but the silk was so smooth that he could get no grip at all. He pushed against her skin and could get some grip, but it was nowhere near even to counteract the friction between her butt and his body. Try as he might, he couldn't move out of the danger zone, all he could do was hope that there were seats available at the pub.

Emma and Kate met outside, gave each other a little kiss and walked together into the bar. They ordered drinks and sat down at a small table towards the back. Emma crossed her legs, swept her long blonde hair out of her eyes and smiled.

"Is he alright?" Kate asked.

"I don't know he's still locked in my safe," her blonde friend lied.

"Oh he's still in there is he?"

"Unless he's managed to escape, which I think is unlikely," the blonde replied as she picked up her bunch of keys and jangled them for effect.

"I want to check he's alright" Kate said.

"He's fine Katie. May not be very happy given he spent the night in your panties and is now locked inside my safe."

Emma knew that that would make Kate feel ashamed and embarrassed, and she watched as Kate finished her remaining drink in one mouthful.

Emma put her arm around her friend. "Remember what the woman said about the spell's safety feature. If Brad is somewhere that would mean that returning to full size would hurt him, then he will stay small for another day. So if you're worried about what he'll say when he returns to normal size tonight, I can always leave him in the safe tonight and you can deal with it tomorrow."

Kate thought for a minute. "No, I want him back now."

"Katie, he's not your possession."

"Well, he's not your either."

"Yes, but we agreed that it would be best if we left him in my safe."

Kate was starting to get frustrated and folded one leg beneath her to get a little more height.

"How can spending the day locked inside your safe be the best for him!"

"We know what you did to him before."

"Stop saying that, I know he would prefer to be in my care rather than locked in some other girl's safe."

Emma sat on the black leather bench and felt Brad body squashed underneath her. She could also feel his pathetic attempts to escape from captivity inside her knickers. She thought back to how three weeks earlier, at the same pub, Brad had made fun of her in front of a group of friends. She remembered the anger she had felt against him that night, which made her revenge seem all the more sweet.

Emma ran her hand along the padlock and chain around her waist. Locked up at her own hand. Did this mean that she was into self bondage? She doubted it, her restraint was nothing compared to his. She had a guy locked in her panties. Not even she could let him out!

"Em, Em, are you listening to me?" Kate said trying to get her friend's attention.

Emma knew that there was no reason not to return Brad to his rightful owner. Emma slowly and reluctantly finished her drink and the women started to walk back to their flat. Emma knew that she had a small logistical problem, given that Brad was in her jeans and not in her safe as billed.

This problem was made worse when Kate unlocked the door to their flat, ran up the stairs, into Emma room and sat down on top of Emma's chest of drawers. Kate sat there in her jeans, impatiently swinging her feet against the drawers.

The key to the chain around Emma's waist was inside the top drawer and without that key Emma couldn't undo her jeans and release Brad. This was going to be tricky, but given how much Kate loved Brad, it wasn't impossible.

Emma smiled, "Kate, I think you should dress in something a little more sexy before Brad sees you. You know how he loves your new mini skirt."

Kate was reluctant, but in her current state of paranoia she agreed.

Emma closed her bedroom door behind her, retrieved the key and unlocked her jeans. She eased her jeans down over her hips and pulled Brad out from inside her many pairs of knickers.

"Two hours of solitary confinement in my panties, how did it feel?" Emma purred as she held him up to her face. She brushed her long blonde hair forward with her hands so that it completed surrounded him.

"You look good enough to eat," she said with slight menace in her voice as she brought him closer to her mouth and opened her perfect white teeth a little. She saw the fear on his face and giggled.

She then slowly put his head into her mouth and gently closed her teeth so that they were resting against his neck. "One tiny bite is all it would take," she purred as she put the whole of his body inside her mouth and closed first her teeth and then her lips. Emma kept him inside her mouth as she typed in her code and unlocked her safe.

Brad panicked and reached over to her teeth and tried in vain to pull them apart. He remembered reading about how much force a human jaw could exert and knew that he wasn't going to succeed. Not that he had much time to try as she then pushed him over and pinned him down with her tongue.

"You're lucky I've had lunch," she giggled as she opened her mouth, picked him out and placed him inside her safe.

Brad looked at Emma's cute smiling face with its big brown eyes only inches away from him in the doorway to the safe. He'd always thought she was attractive, but she'd always had a mean streak. She looked so innocent, almost vulnerable, in front of him. Yet only minutes earlier this innocent face had imprisoned him inside her panties. Any now, this innocent face was going to imprison him inside her safe.

"Time to lock you up," she smiled as she closed the safe door and turned the handle.

Just then Kate walked in looking amazing in her short skirt and boots.

"He'll love that," Emma smiled.

She picked up the keys and reopened the safe, picked Brad up between her fingers and handed him to Kate.

Kate cradled him in her hands and carried him gently back to her room. She closed the door behind them, lay down on her bed and placed Brad gently on the bed next to her.

"Only six hours until midnight and until you return to your normal size," the brunette purred. "I have to work later, but for the next hour we can do whatever you'd like."

Because Brad couldn't make himself heard Kate had to guess, but she was his girlfriend as so she had some ideas. She picked him up and rubbed him softly against her breasts and then squeezed her breasts together a little so that he was engulfed between them. She could see that he was enjoying that.

Kate then lay on her side, lifted one leg and placed Brad on the inside of her lower leg, high up on her thigh.

"I could squash you right there," she giggled as she lowered her top thigh and very gently rubbed her bare skin across his body.

Kate couldn't resist lowering her thigh a little more so that he was completely engulfed between her legs.

"Try and escape from there honey," she purred as she slowly rubbed herself. After all, Brad couldn't see, she could do whatever she wanted.

Kate played with him for the next hour. Her thighs were so enormous and powerful to him, but she used them so tenderly that she was starting to turn both of them on, although they couldn't do much more to consummate their feelings until midnight.

An hour later when it was time to go to work, Kate pulled out her metal cash box and laid it on her lap. The metal was cold and so she pulled her skirt down further so that it wasn't resting on her skin. She then lined the inside with her silk scarf and then gently laid Brad inside.

"You'll be safe in here," she purred as she blew him a kiss, "I'll just close the lid to make sure nothing happens to you.

Kate lowered the lid of the small metal box and as she did she noticed that the key was still in the keyhole. 'And just to make sure that you don't get into any mischief I might just lock you in,' she smiled to herself as she gently turned the small silver key. Kate took the key out of the keyhole and laid it on top of the box. 'My man under lock and key," she smiled to herself as she placed the box on her bedside table, stood up and straightened her skirt and her white blouse. She then brushed her hair and left for her evening job serving at the bar.

As soon as Kate had left the flat, Emma walked to Kate's room and started to search for Brad. She soon saw Kate's cash box with the key on top. Emma picked up the key and unlocked the box.

Emma smiled as she saw Brad inside, "What a cruel girlfriend you have, leaving you locked in a steel box. I'll have to do something about that."

The fear in Brad's eyes was obvious. Should he run? Would he be able to get out of the box and evade the sadistic blonde? He was still thinking when a few seconds later Emma preempted his plans by closing and relocking the box, plunging him once again into darkness. Being locked in by his loving girlfriend had made him feel safe and had even turned him on, being locked up by Emma terrified him.

Emma placed the box on the bed and sat down on top of it and bounced gently up and down, wondering what she should do. There were only five hours left before he returned to size... but not necessarily.

Emma stood up and returned the box to Kate's bedside table. She then went to fetch one of her own keys that looked almost identical to the cash box key. She tried the new key in the lock and sure enough it slid into the lock but wouldn't turn.

'Perfect,' Emma smiled. She left her key on top of the cash box and then pocketed the real cash box key. "Now let's see what happens at midnight," she purred.

Emma lay in her bed waiting for her flatmate to return and sure enough at 15 minutes to midnight she heard the door open and boots clip straight to Kate bedroom. Emma lay still, listening, waiting for the inevitable cry for help.

Kate lay the small metal box on her lap and stroked it gently. "I'm sorry to leave you locked up for so long, but I'm going to unlock you now and in ten minutes you'll be back to size. I can't wait!" Kate picked up the key and inserted it into the keyhole. She gently tried to turn it, but it wouldn't turn. She tried again with more force, still nothing. She began to panic.

Emma smiled as she heard the knock on her door. She climbed out of bed wearing a black nighty that barely covered her butt. Her long blonde hair was disheveled and covering half her face.

"Kate, what's wrong."

"Its Brad! Its five minutes to midnight and I can't unlock his box."

"But if he's in a confined space he'll stay small for another 24 hours," Emma said as she suppressed a smile.

"I can't open the box."

"Have you lost the key?"

"No, it just isn't working."

Emma felt the real key which she had tucked into her underwear, 'its working fine', she smiled to herself, 'its just that its in my panties'.

Kate was starting to panic, "Can you try?" she begged.

Emma tried as best she could, even though she knew that there was no way it was going to open. Just then the women saw a small flash of light come from inside the box.

"Oh no, that means its midnight, and Brad's stuck at that size for another day!" Kate cried as she grabbed the box and hugged it into her chest, which sent Brad clattering backwards inside the box. Kate sat on her bed with her knees drawn up towards her holding the box. She looked so disappointed.

Emma removed the key from her underwear and concealed it in her hand. "Let me try again," she offered as she substituted the real key and immediately unlocked the box. Kate grabbed her boyfriend and hugged him against her low cut top.

Emma sat down on Kate's chair with her hands crossed in her lap practicing her innocent look while she gave them a moment to hug.

After a few moments Emma smiled, "Katie, would you like me to look after him while you're at work tomorrow?"

Kate looked at her friend, "Thanks Em, that would be great."

A look of terror came over Brad's face, which Kate missed as she was still holding him tightly against her breasts.

Emma left the room a little disappointed that she'd have to wait until morning to take custody of Brad. Kate closed the door and looked for somewhere to keep Brad while she slept; she wasn't going to use the cash box again.

"Mmm, I know you love these boots."

She unzipped one of her ankle length black leather boots and slipped it off her foot. She re-zipped it, placed it by the side of her bed and gently dropped Brad inside. She giggled as she reached up under her skirt and pulled down her black silk knickers which she slowly pushed into her boot so that Brad was forced down in the toe. Emma then unzipped her short black skirt, rolled it up and forced it tightly into the boot.

"That should keep you cosy.... and secure," she smiled as she changed into her nighty. She lay down and soon feel asleep.

Inside the boot, it was pitch black, but warm and smelt strongly of both leather and his girlfriend. Brad thought about the girl sleeping just above him. She always looked sexy when she slept, particularly when her short nighty rode up her backside. He liked the fact that she had him completely trapped. He was safe until morning. He too lay down and within minutes was asleep.

Part V

In the excitement of the previous night, Kate had forgotten to set her alarm. By the time she woke up she should already have been at work. She quickly showered and dressed and was about to run out of the door when she remembered Brad still trapped in her boot.

With her skirt still plugging the entrance to the boot, she picked it up and left it outside Emma's room. "Em, you OK to look after Brad?" she called as she ran to the front door and out of the house.

Still half asleep and with hair pointing in all directions, Emma opened her bedroom door and looked down at the single boot. She pulled Kate's skirt out and then reached her hand inside. She pulled out Kate's knickers which she quickly dropped to the floor and reached her hand inside again. This time when she pulled her hand out she was holding Brad between her thumb and forefinger.

Without saying a word, Emma dropped Brad into the front of her panties and climbed back into bed. She lay on her side and used her fingers to position him right in her crotch and then squeezed her legs together and within minutes had fallen asleep.

Brad lay there in the warm darkness underneath the weight of one of her thighs. He knew the smell all too well and also knew what this girl could do. He started to squeeze his body forward in a hopeless attempt to pull free. Then Emma moved slightly in her sleep which took some of the weight off him. He continued to ease himself forward and out from between her thighs and finally fell down into the back of knickers.

He was free from the grip of her thighs, but was still inside her panties. 'Out of the cell, but still in the cell house'. He worked his way around the edge of her white cotton underwear to find any gap where he could slide out between the material and her body, but the cotton and elastic hugged her relentlessly all the way around.

With the duvet only partially covering her body, Brad could see through her thin white cotton underwear to freedom. If he could just get through the material he could return to Kate's room, hide and wait for his girlfriend to return. He tried to bite through the cotton strands, but at his size the cotton was far too strong. He felt like a prisoner with a chance to escape ruined by one last locked door.

There really was no way through and the frustration was starting to get to him. And a few minutes later any hope was lost as Emma rolled over on to her back, pinning his body directly beneath her butt.

It was over an hour later that Emma woke up. She pulled on her pink dressing gown and white slippers and still with disheveled hair walked to the kitchen to make some coffee.

She left Brad where he was, confident that he wouldn't be able to escape. Brad was starting to adapt to his new environment and even managed to position himself in the front of her underwear (and therefore avoided being crushed) as she sat down at the table to drink her coffee.

Brad stood there resting breathlessly against one of her thighs congratulating himself on his new found skill when she lifted herself up a little, used her fingers to push Brad into the center of her butt and lowered herself down again. She wriggled a little until Brad's body disappeared between her butt cheeks before turning on her ipad.

For Brad it was just like being rolled up in a thick soft rug, he could barely move a muscle inside his warm dark cell. He started to get angry and tried to thrash around. Emma could only just feel his efforts, but it did bring a slightly smile to her face. "There's no way out of there, honey," she purred as she lifted her feet off the foot to make sure that he was taking all of her weight.

After breakfast Emma returned to her room and locked Brad in her safe while she showered. She took her time washing and drying her hair and also studied her naked butt in the bathroom mirror as she wondered what it would be like to be sat on by her. She returned to her room wearing only white t-shirt and pink knickers and unlocked her safe.

"I thought that you could spend the day helping me with my artwork," Emma smiled as she held Brad in one hand and started to pull drawings out of her portfolio with the other.

Emma then picked up an old cushion and a tube of glue and sat down on her bed. With a big smile on her face she squeezed half of the glue out on to the cushion and placed Brad, laying face up, into the glue.

"This glue sets very quickly," the blonde warned as she pinned him down with her fingers. He started to struggle but soon realized that the only effect of his efforts was to make her giggle. She held him down for five more minutes while the glue hardened and he became stuck tightly to the cushion.

"Now try and get out of that sticky situation," she giggled.

Emma placed the cushion on her chair.

"What a perfect place to sit," she purred as she picked up a half finished drawing and laid it down on her desk. She then sat down on the cushion to start work.

Brad lay there unable to move. His legs were pinned beneath Emma butt, but his head and torso were spared and lay between her slightly open thighs. Her naked skin still smelt of soap. He watched as her thighs started to close a little, coming closer and closer to him. She then closed them completely shutting him inside.

Half an hour later the thighs parted, the pink knickers released his legs, and Emma walked to the kitchen to make more coffee. But when the pink knickers returned they sat down directly on top of him. It all went dark and quiet as Emma continued her work seemingly oblivious to his fate.

Emma spent the next couple of hours drawing and painting, the radio was on, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing through the open windows. She was humming and singing along to the music and almost dancing as she moved from her desk to the sofa, to her easel and back to her desk.

She sat down on the sofa and started sketching on a pad. 'Something's missing' she smiled to herself as she walked back to her desk and picked up Brad's cushion. She threw the cushion on to the sofa and sat down on top. 'Mmm, much better,' she purred as she sat down and settled in to draw.

It was almost 1pm when Emma finally stood up and gave Brad his long-awaiting breath of fresh air and daylight.

"That glue has really set hard on you," Emma smiled as she held a tube of glue dissolver above him.

"This is the only stuff that will get you out of that."

"Maybe next time I could glue you to my butt, that would be fun. Oh the possibilities are endless!"

"OK, I suppose its time to release you from the glue," Emma smiled as she squeezed glue dissolver all around Brad's body and started to massage it in with her fingers. Brad could feel the glue that had become rigid start to soften and soon release its grip. Emma washed and dried him and put him down in on her carpet.

This was Brad's chance. He waited until Emma turned her back and then made a run for a gap that he had spotted between the skirting board and the wall. He was a fast runner, but at his size the three meter dash was likely running a 200 meter race.

He was almost there when Emma's foot landed in front of him; he couldn't stop and crashed into it. And before he could get up, Emma had picked him up and was holding him tightly in her hand.

Emma's big brown eyes looked down at him as she shook her head.

"Oh dear. Big mistake, huge," she smiled as she dropped him helplessly into an empty glass on her bedside table. Brad sat on the bottom of the glass dejectedly, knowing that she would not give him another chance.

Emma then took a pair of white silk knickers from her dirty washing basket, folded them over on themselves and started to stitch them together around the edge. Once she had almost finished, she picked Brad up and dropped him inside the silk material and started to sew him in.

"Any second now and you'll be completely sealed inside my panties, your very own silk prison." She finished the last few stitches, "Perfect, you're all sewn up," she giggled as she put the underwear on to the floor.

"Now that might slow you down just a little," she smiled as she sat on the floor with one leg stretched out either side of him.

Brad stood up and explored his latest predicament. The silk was light and he found that he could lift it and move along almost like a hamster in a wheel. But progress was slow and hard work. After he had moved himself only two inches he collapsed on hands and knees to catch his breath.

Emma was giggling. "Oh dear, that looks like hard work, but that's your punishment for trying to run away." She returned to her artwork and started to sing along to the radio. Brad was on his knees, looking at her through the white silk. His old self would have thought her very cute, especially sitting there in only t-shirt and panties. But now he looked at her with fear as he planned his next escape attempt.

There was no way for him to cut through the silk and no way to break through her stitching. While he could move slowly inside her knickers, the material made him far too bulky to squeeze into the small gap as he'd planned. The material was also too bulky for him to hide. He had to admire Emma for her simple, yet effective restraint.

Emma let him struggle forward in her underwear until he had almost reached the wall before picking him up and putting him back exactly where he had started. She saw how exhausted and frustrated he was after the pointless effort and giggled.

"I just need to secure you while I go to the gym," she purred as she pushed him to one side of his silk cell and wrapped the spare material tightly around him, so that he was cocooned inside.

She then picked up her yellow shorts, unzipped the small back pocket and stuffed Brad and her silk panties inside. She zipped up the pocket and pushed the zip back on itself to lock it.

Emma then tightly rolled up the yellow shorts, with the panties inside, and stuffed the shorts into the back pocket of one of her pairs of jeans. The jeans pocket also had a zip, which she zipped up, enclosing the shorts inside.

Next she rolled up her jeans with both the shorts and panties inside.

She then fetched Kate's metal cash box and put her rolled up jeans inside. She closed the lid and knelt on top of it to get it to close. Once closed she turned the key, to lock the box. Emma then placed the cash box into her safe and locked it inside.

Brad was now inside Emma's panties, inside her shorts, inside her jeans, locked inside Kate's cash box and locked inside Emma's safe. His silk prison was crushing him from all directions. He spent the first few minutes trying to lift his hand from his side up to his face. He then fought to bend his legs. It was pitch dark and silent and Emma's scent pervaded everything. Escape was obviously impossible.

What made it worse was that it would be so easy for Emma to just leave him there forever. The magic woman had said that he would have no need to eat or drink while shrunk down. Emma could leave the safe locked for a week, for a year, for ten years. She was 25 now, she could leave his body locked up inside the safe until she was 35 and he wouldn't die.

What would that be like? He'd finally be released by a beautiful, worldly thirty something. She'd have traveled, played, explored and lived life. What would be have done? What would he answer if asked what he'd been doing?

Emma sat down on top of the safe and looked down at the steel beneath her. She had been getting increasingly turned on as she'd increased his confinement and now with no-one to watch, she finished the job.

"Try and get out of that one, honey," she purred.


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