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Ding Dong

by James Smith

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© Copyright 2007 - James Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; model; costume; maid; photo; drug; strip; bond; gag; encase; insert; toys; electro; cupboard; forniphilia; object; cons/nc; X

Ding Dong by James Smith M/f; model; costume; maid; photo; drug; strip; bond; gag; encase; insert; toys; electro; cupboard; forniphilia; object; cons/nc; X  

The girl stood on the front porch. She was tall and lithe, unusually pretty, her lightly tanned face framed exquisitely by her long, dark hair. Her wavy locks, raven black and shining in the morning sun, cascaded halfway down her back. The girl was indeed pretty – but her hair was startling beautiful, the kind of hair that drew admiring stares from men and envious glances from women.

She was covered nearly head to toe in a full-length trench coat, looking like a cliché version of a movie spy. The coat covered her well, but not even the thick and padded material could hide the ripe curves of the girl underneath: even with the coat on, there was no mistaking the ample curve of her hips, the full promise of her heavy breasts, the lush perfection of her youthful flesh.

She raised her hand towards the doorbell – and then froze, her finger poised in inch away from the circle of faintly glowing plastic. Dropping her hand back to her side, she sighed heavily. The girl toyed with the belt around her middle, fidgeting nervously, looking down at her hands.
Finally, with a new look of determination on her softly sculpted features, she reached up and jabbed the button. Repeatedly.

No sound came from within the house. Of course, she thought. The doorbell just had to be broken. The perfect start to my first paid modeling gig.

With another quavering sigh, she reached up and rapped the door with her knuckles. The door was massive, thick mahogany; it went well with the equally massive Tudor mansion, the vast house she was standing in front of. The wood was cold; it hurt her fingers to knock. In frustration, she started pounding with the heel of her palm.

When the door opened suddenly, she stepped back, surprised. The man in the door was tall, at least 6’ 2”; from the well-worn look of his tanned face, she guessed he was in his 40’s, maybe older – but the mischievous sparkle in his deep blue eyes made him seem younger. When he spoke, his voice was low and rich.

“Ah, you must be Kim!” he said.

The girl nodded, almost shyly.

“I’m James Black. Just call me James … or Jim.”

She extended her dainty hand in greeting. As their hands met, she smiled, a warm, bright smile that turned the pretty girl into something approaching beautiful.

“Hi, James … I’m Kim.”

“Sorry about the doorbell! I’ve been meaning to get that fixed … as a matter of fact, I’m going to get it fixed today.”

James inexplicably winked at her and smiled, then guided her into his home, closing the door firmly behind her.

“Lovely to make your acquaintance, Kim! Welcome to my home! Shall we get started right away?”

Kim nodded reluctantly, still a bit nervous. James led her into a large, almost empty room to the right. Kim looked about, eyes wide, confused. The room was almost devoid of furniture – which seemed awfully strange in such an elegant mansion. She opened her mouth to question him … and then closed it again quickly. No point in angering the man. She needed his money.

“Now, Kim … Am I right that you’re new to the world of modeling?” James asked.

“Yes. This is my first time, really. At least getting paid for it.”

James smiled broadly. “Speaking of getting paid – let’s take care of that part right away, shall we?”

He reached inside his jacket and pulled out an envelope, handing it to Kim. She glanced inside quickly, and her eyes widened. It was more money than she’d been promised; in fact, it was more money than she’d ever seen in her life.

“Are we all set as far as payment, then?” James asked.

“Oh – yes – definitely!” Kim replied.

“Now you do know this will involve some nude modeling, right?”

Kim nodded.

“Did you wear the French maid outfit I sent?”

“Yes. It’s under my coat right now.”

“Well, let’s get you out of that coat then, shall we? We’ll take a few pictures with the outfit on until you feel comfortable enough to disrobe, okay?”

Kim shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant – when in reality she was terrified. She opened the coat slowly and let it slide to the floor. There was no furniture in the room to hang it on; in fact, the only piece of furniture in the room at all was a small cupboard in the corner.

James left the room for a moment. As she listened to his footsteps receding, she tried to relax – tried to calm herself. James was handsome; his confident manner soothed her. She still couldn’t imagine being naked in front of a stranger, but it was becoming more imaginable by the second. Perhaps even a little bit exciting. Kim felt her knees tremble ever so slightly, sense a warm glow in her chest, a faint dampness between her legs. After a few moments, James returned – with a very expensive looking 35 millimeter camera hanging from a strap around his neck. With an inviting smile on his face, he raised the camera.

“Okay, Kim … how about a few shots in the maid’s costume?”

She stood up and began to pose for him. But she was anxious and awkward. Her attempts to be sexy seemed juvenile, amateurish. This modeling thing was harder than she’d thought. Nevertheless, James encouraged her, teasing her gently, pushing her to adopt more daring poses.

“That’s it, Kim,” he said. “You’re beautiful. Stunning. Now face me and bend forward, show me some of that cleavage. Yes. Perfect. Like that!”

She did everything he asked, trying not to blush, feeling herself falling out of the too-small outfit, feeling his eyes on her barely covered flesh. After what seemed an eternity, James paused to put a new roll of film into the camera. He looked at her, eyebrows raised questioningly.


She giggled. “Well, what?”

“Are you ready to take that next step … to lose the outfit?”

Kim giggled again, feeling herself get giddy, a little bit hysterical. Her strange new friend was sensitive to her nervousness, gentle and kind. He took her by the arm and led her into another room – a room that actually had some furniture in it, and a fully serviced bar stretching along one wall. James gestured towards a dark leather couch by the window. “Sit down, Kim. I’ll pour us a couple of drinks, see if we can get you to relax a bit!”

Relieved, Kim nodded.

After some rattling around behind the bar, James handed her a small glass full of amber liquid. She sniffed it – definitely Scotch, and not the cheap stuff. A double shot, too. She knew she could use it; it might stop her knees from shaking, her heart from racing.

James smiled at her again and lifted his glass. “Cheers!” he said.

“Cheers!” she replied, mustering as much enthusiasm as she could.

The alcohol was still burning a slow trail of warmth down her throat when she suddenly felt weak. Kim leaned back against the couch and reached out with one hand, reaching for James. She dropped the glass to the floor, as the world began to spin slowly. Everything faded to a dim shadow … and then to black.

* * *

Kim awoke later. Minutes, hours, days, she didn’t know how long it had been. She opened her eyes, puzzled at that strange, constrained feeling in her arms and legs. And then her eyes flew open in horror. She was lying on the thickly carpeted floor of the main room – that strangely empty room where she’d posed for pictures. She was entirely naked, not a stitch of clothing on her body. Worse yet, she was tied up with seemingly endless coils of rope, her arms and legs completely immobilized; a thick rag was jammed in her mouth, tied off behind her head. She could feel the knot, large and uncomfortable.

Her head was still spinning, she was trying to figure out where she was, what had happened … when she heard a click and whir, over and over. The unmistakable sound of a camera. She squirmed on the floor, moving like some sensuous, brazenly naked caterpillar, wiggling around until she could see the other side of the room. James was standing there, the camera held to his face, taking picture after picture. When he stopped to slap in another roll of film, their eyes met. He grinned at her, a look that was darkly cold … and clearly delighted.

“Hi there!” he said cheerily. “Nice to have you back!”

Kim drew in a breath, inhaling as deeply as she could with the ropes tied around her bare chest … and let out the loudest scream she could muster, yelling as long as she could, trying to shatter the windows and rupture his ear drums. To her dismay, all that came out of her throat was a muffled moan and a pitiful squeak. James laughed out loud, and tears began to stream down her face.

“Oh, come now!” James said, chuckling again. “I was going to see you naked anyways. So just relax and have fun!”

He started to move around her, taking pictures from every angle. Kim’s breasts were extraordinarily large, full and ripe, yet almost perfectly shaped, round teardrops of flesh. Even sitting up, hunched in the corner, they didn’t droop an inch. Her nipples were dark red, almost cherry in color, and almost impossibly wide … the size of silver dollars, so large a man could barely hide one with his palm. Her skin was tan and smooth; her body was hairless. As James gazed through the viewfinder, he saw that Kim’s pussy was smoothly shaven, slick and pink, as soft and innocent as young girl’s hidden flower.

When James approached her, Kim tried to scream again. She lashed out, trying to kick him with both feet, but James nimbly stepped out of the way. “Now, now!” he admonished. “Play nice!”

James roughly flipped her over so her belly was on the carpet, her ass poking up into the air. He leaned close to take pictures of her from behind, the smooth lips of her pussy neatly on display. As Kim squirmed, he reached down and spanked her playfully, then began to fondle her taut, firm ass, squeezing each cheek roughly. He reached underneath her, grabbing her left breast in his hand, feeling her nipple grow hard and erect under the rough, calloused skin of his palm.

Turning her over, he reached down with both hands to tweak her nipples, pinching them hard enough to bring tears to her eyes again. She gasped, then moaned … but he noticed that her nipples stayed erect, and she was glistening between her legs. Kim lost count of how many rolls of film he took, capturing every inch of her flesh, memorializing her humiliation for all time.

“So …” James began, “do you think your friends and family will like these pictures?”

Kim’s eyes grew wide. She shook her head side to side, violently.

“Oh! You don’t want me to publish these?”

She shook her head even more insistently.

“Would you do whatever I ask to make sure that never happens?”

She nodded slowly.

“Anything at all?”

Kim thought about it … and finally nodded again. She would do whatever he asked to make sure this horrible day never became public.

James smiled and patted her on the head. “Good girl! Well, here’s all you have to do! I’m going to release one of your hands … and you have to behave. Then just sign the form I put in front of you, and these pictures will never see the light of day.”

He pulled a piece of paper from his jacket pocket and laid it on the ground beside her, then untied her right hand and put a pen between her shaking fingers. “Now sign, please,” he said.

She looked at the document. It looked like a resignation letter … a letter informing her modeling agency that she was quitting. Kim looked up at James, confused and scared.

He nodded and pointed. “Just sign the letter, okay?”

Kim had no choice. She scribbled her signature across the bottom of the page, and James quickly tied her arm back to her side.

“You’re being such a good little girl!” James said, beaming at her. “Now would you like me to let you go?”

Kim nodded eagerly, pleading with her eyes.

“And would you do anything I ask?”

She looked at him carefully. The massive bulge in the front of his pants was clearly visible; Kim knew what he had in mind. But she’d do anything to be free. Reluctantly, she nodded again.

“Anything at all?”

Another helpless nod.

James’ smile grew wider and friendlier. “Wonderful! Well, as you may have noticed, this room is somewhat lacking in furniture and accoutrements.”

She didn’t understand where this was going. The man was rambling, making no sense.

“Well, I need you to help me fix up this grand old manor. I’m starting with this room, and I’d like you to help me furnish it. But as you may have noticed, I’m missing a doorbell … so I thought we’d start with that. Now would you be willing to help?”

Kim still had no idea what exactly he was talking about. But she had no other choice but to go along with whatever his game was. She shrugged and nodded.

“Great!” he said. “I’ll be right back. Hold on.”

James left the room again, returning with a large duffel bag. From inside the bag, she could hear metallic clanking.

She looked at him questioningly. He smiled. “Oh, this is just a bunch of stuff to help me make my doorbell! Now let’s get started. I’ll be gentle, okay?”

Without another word, James reached down and grabbed Kim around the middle, half-dragging her to her feet. He pulled her over to that single piece of furniture, the small cabinet, then pushed down on her shoulders.

Kim looked at him, confused again.

“Oh, sorry, sweetie,” he explained, “I need you to get into the cupboard. Just climb in on your knees. The bottom is carpeted, it should be nice and comfy.”

She did as she was told – she had no choice.

“Okay … now I need to close the two sides of the top. They’ll fit right around your neck, it won’t hurt at all. But you’ll have to hold still while I do this.”

Kim looked at the top of the cupboard – and began to panic. She realized that there was a half-moon hole in the side of each flap, attached to the cupboard with a hinge. When they were closed, there would be a circular hole in the top … apparently with her head sticking out. Once he closed the top, she’d be completely helpless, trapped around the neck, her nude lower body completely exposed. Suddenly, she began to fight, struggling to escape, desperate to get away. But it was no use – he was far too strong.

In seconds he’d forced her to her knees and slammed the top down, the wood encircling her neck. A metal attachment around the circle was tightened like a brace, holding her head and neck completely immobile.

She was at his mercy.

And James took full advantage of her helplessness. Everything he did terrified her, and she understood none of it. Worst of all, he whistled and smiled the whole time, clearly enjoying his work. He slipped a tight, dark leather mask over her head, then unzipped small slits that covered her eyes and ears; the damp rag in her mouth was replaced by a tight pump gag that silenced her cries for help. Inside the cupboard, her body was contorted into an awkward position; while her head was straight up, her body was stuck on all fours, ass high in the air, her pendulous breasts hanging down and swinging gently side to side.

Kim couldn’t see what James was doing … but she felt every touch, every invasion of her flesh. He pulled two metallic objects from his bag … and then she felt cold steel clamped over one nipple, then he other. She tried to scream, but all she did was shake her body a bit … and heard the jingle and clatter of ringing bells.

“Ah!” James said. “I guess that part will work fine!”

Next she felt something stiff and cold pressing against her most private area, the hardness pushed up against the lips of her pussy. She tried to squirm away, but could barely move.

“Oh, stop!” James said, chuckling. “It won’t hurt!”

With that, he slowly slid the object into her. It was long, hard, bigger than any man she’d been with.

James looked at her and laughed. “Do you know what I’m doing yet?”

Kim could only stare.

“Well, let me show you, little girl!”

James reached into the bag again and came out with a lampshade trailing several wires. He placed the lampshade firmly on her head, then snaked the wires down into the cupboard through the next hole. She could feel him fiddling around with the object in her pussy; each movement sent unwelcome thrills of pleasure through her body.

James leaned back on his knees, studying his work. “Well … shall I test it?” he asked.

Kim looked at him, begging him with her eyes not to do whatever it was he had planned. James ignored her. He reached up and pulled the chain switch on the lampshade, just like he was turning on a light. Instead, she heard a mechanical clanking noise, and then the object jammed in her vagina began sliding in and out of her, fucking her quickly and deeply. Kim closed her eyes and moaned.

“Ah! It works perfect, doesn’t it? Well, ready for the final step, aren’t we?”

He pulled the chain and the machine stopped. Kim was terrified, but she almost wanted to beg him to pull the chain again. The sexual release had been intensely pleasurable, an escape from her terror.

James read her mind. “I see you liked that, little one. We’ll see if you like this part as much. Somehow, I don’t think so.”

He fumbled around in his bag again, pulling something else out, another long, metallic object, again trailing wires.

Wait! Where is he going to put that?!

Kim panicked and tried to escape, struggling violently. She only managed to bruise her neck and shoulder. The bells dangling from her swollen nipples rang out beautifully.

“I guess you’ve figured out where this is going!” James said, laughing again. “Well, get ready, because here it comes!”

He slathered some sort of sticky lubricant all over the cold steel, and then without warning jammed the hard object into her ass. He pulled her cheeks apart with one strong hand, and slid the object even deeper. Kim screamed. She’d never had a man inside her, not inside there, not like that. She was horrified, humiliated.

“There, there. All done now,” James said, patting her bottom. She felt him doing something with the object shoved into her rectum; she could feel it moving slightly. It was like the dildo jammed in her vagina – he was attaching the wires to something. But what? And why? After several long minutes, James stepped back and stood up, admiring his handy work. He gathered his tools and placed them in the bag, then carried the bag out of the room, living Kim alone.

Helpless. Violated. Unable to move, barely able to breathe.

When he returned, he reached down and closed both of the cabinet doors, hiding her body from view. Only her head was visible … and she knew that even if a hundred policeman were standing right in the room with them, they’d see nothing but a unique sort of lamp. New age art. They’d never suspect the furniture was alive, an innocent young girl held captive.

James nodded, obviously satisfied with his work. “Well, Kim – have you figured it out yet?”

She closed her eyes, trying to wish him away.

“Why, my dear … you’ve helped me fix my doorbell. In fact … you are my doorbell. Do you remember that metal rod I shoved up your cute little bum?”

Kim’s eyes flew open. No! She thought. It can’t be!

“Ah! You do understand now. That piece of metal shoved in your tight little hole is specially designed to conduct electricity … and its now attached to the doorbell by the front door. When I have a visitor, a rather strong – but perfectly safe – electric shock will run through your body, starting right there in that cute little ass of yours. You will shake and shiver, from both pleasure and pain … but you’ll shake, I promise you.”

Kim stared at him, stunned, hopeless and helpless. She understood all at once what the bells were for – those painful, heavy bells hanging from her nipples. She understood every facet of his cruel plan. James saw it in her eyes – saw her understanding.

He grinned. “Ah, Kim. Isn’t this fun? You’ve been just perfect! And I really thank you for helping me to decorate my new home!”

All of a sudden the most intense pain she’d ever experienced coursed through Kim’s body; she shook and quivered, her body tightening in an uncontrollable spasm as electricity shot through her; the dildo slid in and out of her, deep and hard, and her breasts trembled. The bells dangling from her nipples shook, ringing clear and bright.

“Ah … we have company, I see!” James said happily. “I think that must be my chair, arriving early for her appointment!”



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