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Dipped Strawberry Blonde

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; machine; process; catsuit; corset; gag; nipple; chocolate; dipped; encoat; encase; statue; display; stuck; cons/reluct; X

Lois had always loved chocolate so when she got the IT job at the local chocolate factory she was very excited, and jumped at the opportunity to work around all the candy. Lois also had an affinity for anything bondage related and always wore restricting clothes and high heels, even when doing installs she would wear a latex cat suit and her favorite corset under her overalls with high heeled boots. After being at the chocolate factory a few months she had learned how all the systems worked and made some changes in the programs and even some of the assembly machines and the lines were running much smoother, she regularly walked the assembly line studying the machines and how they operated to try and get a better idea of how they all worked but her favorite part was the dipping stations, she would sometimes watch for hours as almost anything you could imagine was dipped in the deep well of warm chocolate multiple times before being moved to the next station for cooling and color coating.

These machines were designed for custom orders and could make all most any shape or size of chocolate and coat anything up to 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide, Lois watched as the craftsmen carved huge blocks of white chocolate into ½ size motorcycles, once the carvings were completed they would wipe a lard based coating on certain areas before setting the shapes on the trolley and sending them into the vat of dark chocolate, when they emerged from their up and down ride through the chocolate the motorcycles were perfectly coated with the dark chocolate, the areas that had been covered by the mixture had stayed white and once they went through the blast chillers the chocolate coating would be set and even in high heat would take hours to begin to melt.

Lois watched the machine dipping each item multiple times and dreamed of being dipped in it herself and had already begun making a program that she could run to make it happen, she just had to figure a way to get herself completely into the chocolate, not even worrying or thinking that the chocolate could ever hold her firm enough to keep her from breaking out of the shell when she was done living the dream. Now James had worked at the factory for over thirty years and during that time he had seen a lot of people want to and some succeed in dipping themselves or their lovers and had even on a few occasions, when the money was right, would dip a rich guys girlfriend or wife for the guys birthday or an anniversary turning them into a chocolate statue, none of the women he dipped expected the chocolate to actually hold them immobile until it had melted or someone broke them out of it and though some were upset afterwards some returned a couple times a year to have the treatment done and had now become so used to it they would have themselves boxed and shipped to their lovers once encased in the thick candy shell.

Even though James didn’t understand the drive to be encased he did like seeing a beautiful woman turned into a chocolate statue and shaping their bodies and cleaning off the runs and irregularities after they had cooled. James had also noticed Lois staring at the machine for hours and recognized the glassy eyed stare of someone who wanted to be dipped, James began to get to know the young lady who always wore such tight clothes and tall shoes and had such a tiny waist, finding out that she was a computer expert he started watching the programs in the computer bank, when he found several new ones and quickly realized she was planning on using the machine to dip herself. He studied the program and saw that at least she was smart enough to lower the temperature and block the blast chiller step, but he knew that once she had been dipped she would still be able to break free of the chocolate and appreciated her attention to detail, but decided to make his own additions to her program to make sure her need to be turned into a candy statue was satisfied and besides the company hadn’t had a life sized statue for display in quite awhile.

Lois had figured out her dipping program but was still trying to figure out how to get her entire body into and out of the chocolate when one day as she walked through the warehouse she found a dipping cradle that looked like it had a pair of high heeled shoes in the middle of it, she had never seen this before and quickly slipped out of her shoes and stepped into the mesh shoes on the cradle, the way the shoes were made would allow her feet to be coated completely as the chocolate would seep through the mesh and as she pulled her feet out of them they actually lifted from the cradle meaning she would be able to walk around encased in chocolate until it hardened completely and broke away from her body, “Perfect” she said knowing a four day weekend was coming up and she would be able to finally live her dream. Watching her from the second floor James smiled knowing he had given her the solution to her last challenge when he moved the cradle into view that morning, the cradle had actually been designed to hold mannequins when they had an order for life sized candy figurines and once the cradle was lifted it locked the shoes in place only releasing them once it was set of the floor and the extra chocolate removed.

James watched her play with programs even doing tests on how hot did the inside of chocolate get when dipped in the hard candy coating and figuring out that if you put on enough coats of chocolate and lowered the candy coating temperature slightly before dipping the chocolate in the candy coating, the temperature inside barely got above 100 degrees and the chocolate didn’t melt hardly at all. James added that to his new info and began writing another program that would over ride hers and not only dip her many more times but with the temperature of the chocolate adjusted and the amount of time she would spend being dipped would increase the thickness of her shell by three fold and added double the time in the candy coating making it triple the thickness knowing that no matter how hard she struggled or how much the chocolate softened she would not be able to break free on her own, James also added a hardening agent into the chocolate to give it a faster set time and a much higher melting temperature once it had set up so it would take much longer to melt from her body temperature.   

James figured out that she had planned to try out her program during the upcoming holiday weekend using the excuse of needing to test a new program as why she would be at the factory and even urged her to pick a time by telling her that they were going to clean the vats starting at nine pm Friday and it would be Monday before they would be refilled forcing her to move up her plans to early Friday morning. He could tell it worked by the temperature changes set to take place on Thursday evening so the chocolate would be ready Friday morning then change back by Friday afternoon.

James waited patiently for the day to arrive while Lois was so excited that she might finally be able to fulfill a lifetime dream of being cast in chocolate that she spent every chance she got masturbating and had prepared a special corset and new nipple clamp/nipple covers to wear along with a breathe through gag to allow her to blow any chocolate out of the tube once her head emerged from the chocolate. The strap on butterfly vibrator would keep her entertained while she held her position for as long as possible before the chocolate broke apart and fell from her body.

On Thursday Lois wore her vibrator and new corset to work leaving the vibrator on low and not tightening the corset all the way yet but just made it tight enough to hamper her breathing, the new clamps had also been installed under her bra and helped keep her mind in the gutter all day, but it was the large plug in her firm ass that really kept her attention, she used the excuse to herself that with her butt plugged it would be less contaminates in the chocolate even though she had the system set to boil the chocolate for two hours after her dipping to remove any germs and really just wanted to try a plug, but now wished she had gone for a smaller one to start with.

By the time the plant closed she was so aroused she decided she couldn’t wait for Friday and stayed at the plant watching the chocolate temperature drop, while she waited she stripped down to just her vibrator, corset and clamps and strapped the gag into her mouth, the gag had a large hollow phallus attached to the panel that covered her mouth completely and would not allow any of the melted chocolate to enter her mouth. The clamps were adjustable and she had them set just tight enough to keep them on and covered her nipples and areolas, during her testing she had found that one more turn of the small screw would make them very uncomfortable, she had not tried them any tighter than that because of the pain the teeth of the clamps caused her. Backing up to a railing Lois tied the corset laces to it and began pulling until the corset was closed and she was left panting against the tightness of it.

Lois had never pulled her waist this far in before, the size on the corset had read 15 to 19 inches, she felt like it was pulling her to 10 inches but hoped she could stand it for the duration of her chocolate dream. Once the corset was closed and she was panting through the small tube she pulled her beautiful strawberry blonde hair into a tight bun, checking the temperature and seeing it was almost ready she smeared the fat mixture over her breasts hoping they would stay exposed once she was done being dipped to add to her different feelings and carefully attached the trolley to the machines control arm and stepped into it slipping her feet into the steel mesh shoes and waiting for her program to start, her heart racing as she tried to comfort herself by saying if anything goes wrong all I need to do is step off the trolley and paddle to the side. When the trolley lurched up she almost fell over but once it steadied itself she stood in a seductive pose her left hand on her hip and her right hand touching her face with one finger, the two video cameras she had set up had turned on and were now taping the process, as Lois turned her body bending one leg slightly she froze as she was slowly lowered into the hot chocolate.

The heat made her gasp as it rose up her legs, the vibrator was still humming away on low as her hips disappeared beneath the surface, slowly she felt the chocolate rise over her breasts and as it neared her chin she took as deep a breath as she could and held it as her head disappeared below the surface. The trolley stopped leaving her under for the preset time of 30 seconds before it started rising.

Lois had not figured in that she would be holding her eyes tightly shut and wouldn’t be able to see when her head cleared the surface but had no choice but to exhale hard blowing the chocolate from the tube she had blocked with her tongue and out of her nose. As the chocolate firmed around her she could hear the cooling fans kick on and stopped moving for a few seconds before being lowered again into the warm chocolate. Lois quickly got lost in the sensations and lost count of how many times she had been dipped and also hadn’t noticed how fast she was being lifted in and out of it but by the 6th dip she had noticed that she could relax her arm muscles as the thick coating would now hold it in place, she squealed slightly enjoying the feeling of restriction but still sure she could break out of it whenever she wanted.

By the time she had been dipped the 10th time her breasts that had remained uncovered were now being coated by the chocolate as it had essentially washed the fat coating off. Lois was dipped 5 more times before she felt the control arm slowly move her to what she thought was the hard candy coating but when she felt the temperature drop suddenly she knew she had been placed in the blast chiller and panicked, the chocolate had already hardened enough to hold her but the chilling effect made sure she could not break the shell she was now trapped in. Lois struggled and could move nothing and was starting to really feel the cold and thought she was going to freeze to death when she felt herself moving again and the temperature rising. Lois was still shivering inside the thick shell as she was moved again and held briefly over the candy coating.

Lois was struggling and trying her best to break free of the chocolate as she felt herself being lowered into the hard candy coating. She screamed into her gag able to take a deep breath just before her head went under the surface and was held under for almost a minute before she started rising and exhaled hard to clear her tube and nostrils. The fans were blowing again as she swung slowly in front of them until she felt herself going down again, she was dipped two more times before she was swung back into the blast chiller for a few minutes then back to another candy coating that James had set up that was left clear and dipped four more times in it before another much longer trip into the blast chiller. Lois was extremely panicked she could not move a muscle and was beginning to get extremely cold again before she felt herself moving and the temperature started to rise. She hung a few inches off the floor now a beautiful chocolate statue with an incredibly small waist and large tits and ass.

Lois’s figure had been augmented by the thick coats of candy and now looked much more voluptuous as she stood frozen in her high heels in a sexy pose, her hip thrust out with her hand resting on it and her other hand pointing to her face in mock surprise, her tiny waist now looking almost  normal with the figure she now had, the fine details of her body and face had been mostly lost under the chocolate but you could tell that she once had eyes and a nose but now they were mostly bulges in the mass surrounding her head. Lois stood all night fighting for air mostly from the extreme corset but also from the tube and her nostrils being partially blocked from the layers of chocolate and candy coating making each breath a challenge to take. In between panic attacks she would try to convince herself that the chocolate would soften once her body heat had got high enough, unable to hear or feel the fan that was currently blowing on her frozen form as she swayed gently, only slight squeaks and moans could be heard from the statue.

James came in Friday morning sneaking into the back door quietly trying not to alert Lois since he had seen her car in the parking lot and was surprised when he came upon her frozen form hanging a few feet off the floor and said, “She was anxious to get started”. He checked the program and saw it had been run last night and figured she had already been encased almost ten hours and smiled to himself as he heard a small squeal come from his new statue, he found her clothes and the remote for the vibrator which he studied before laying it down, not wanting to give away his arrival just yet and moved a small rolling cart near the trolley, touching her body he decided she needed a few more minutes in the chiller to set the candy coating a little better so he had the arm move her into it and left her for almost fifteen minutes. Lois felt the trolley move again then felt the cold and knew she was dead this time as she was shivering and having trouble breathing from the cold air being drawn in her lungs and was starting to black out when she felt herself being moved again.

James set her figure on the cart and rolled her to his work station and began to give her back her face and clean up the rough casting, he noticed the blobs on her breasts and carefully cut the chocolate from around her trapped nipples and when he pulled the chocolate off could see the nipple clamps and covers shining underneath. He studied them for a minute before twisting the screw quickly getting a small squeal from the lady trapped inside, James adjusted the other clamp not knowing how much pain he was causing or the confusion Lois was feeling trying to figure out what was happening.

Lois had felt her body being moved and something tickling her face and breasts but had no idea that James was carving her features into the thick chocolate and shaping her into a seductive candy statue to be displayed for at least the next week. Once James had her facial features carved leaving no doubt that it was a statue of Lois he began smoothing and shaping her body until she looked like a voluptuous statue standing in a sexy pose, he had carved her body making it look like she was wearing a tight cat suit and high heeled boots. James worked on his sculpture all day Friday occasionally hearing her stir inside and whine but never once said anything she could hear, as he returned to her breasts wanting to shape them so they seemed to be held inside the cat suit he twisted the clamps again before covering them in chocolate, when he twisted the clamps he heard her scream again and turned up the vibrator to high and watched her nipples move in and out rapidly as she gasped through her breathing tube.

Lois knew for certain that she was no longer alone and began moaning and twisting in her chocolate prison before she felt the vibrator go off and heard James yelling, “You did this to yourself so accept it, you will remain as a chocolate statue for as long as I choose to have you this way, I am making you more presentable for display in the front cooler and there you will stay until I release you, your cameras show you did this to yourself so you have no one else to blame, if you are good I will cut you out next weekend and you can decide then what you want to tell people but until then you WILL remain as you are and if cause any trouble you may stay permanently, you understand?” Lois thought about it for a second, desperately wanting him to ease the tension on her nipples but had no way to communicate it to him so she just moaned as she accepted her fate.

James finished shaping her breasts leaving the vibrator on high allowing Lois to have multiple orgasms before blacking out. Lois awoke still in her chocolate prison but feeling much colder as she realized she must now be in the large display case in the front of the store, she had no idea how long she had been on display but wished the pain in her nipples would ease, knowing it wouldn’t since every breath caused them to ache again as they pushed hard on the lapels of her chocolate cat suit.

Tuesday morning came and she was a big hit as the owners praised James for creating a sexy Santa’s helper display piece and posted pictures of the sculpture with large tits and ass posing in a red cat suit and boots with cotton candy fluff around her wrists, ankles and neck that looked like fur, he had even given her a black bob hair style and a red Santa hat on their web site, even the evening news came by and showed it on the TV, the business picked up considerably over the next few weeks and James had become too busy to cut her loose, so Lois stood frozen in her chocolate dream waiting for James to free her, only getting a small amount of some kind of goo James forced into her gag every other day. James had protected her job by giving the owners a good excuse why she was not there and told them she had posed and let him make casts of her face and body for the statue so they weren’t concerned about her being gone for the holiday season.

Christmas eve, almost two months after her encasement James rolled her chilly form to his work area and carefully cut the candy coating from her body, Lois was unable to stand on her own as James pulled her weakened body from the cast of chocolate she had been imprisoned in for so long and carried her naked body to her office a laid her down, leaving a tray of Christmas dinner in front of her while he returned to reassemble the statue and put it back in the display case.

When he returned Lois was eating slowly still naked and still wearing her clamps, when she was full James played a tape showing her how it all happened and Lois sat back and watched in awe as she was shaped into a beautiful sexy sculpture, she gasped at the finished product and cried when the news show showed her face clearly inside the case.

James said, “ I know I said for only a week but I just couldn’t bring myself to take a chance on destroying that creation so if you hate me and want to tell everyone what I did to you I understand” 

Lois was still crying as she stood on wobbly legs and crossed the office and hugged James and said, “Thank you for making my chocolate dreams come true and if you help me with other things I will never tell anyone” 

James agreed and helped her get dressed leaving the corset, vibrator and clamps in place and took her home, she needed him to help her into her apartment and when he laid her down she asked him to get her large gag and strap it into her mouth, once it was in she motioned for him to remove the clamps, James slowly unscrewed the clamps as Lois screamed into the gag and thrashed about on the bed until the pain faded and she fell asleep. James left her alone covering her before he left looking at her gagged face knowing it wouldn’t be the last time he dipped this strawberry blonde.


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