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Diver Buried Alive

by user2389

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© Copyright 2007 - user2389 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; kidnap; buried; sand; divesuit; nc; XX

Just been certified as a diver, I can't wait to take my first dive in the waters. I went to the local dive shop to outfit myself completely, viking thick rubber drysuit in colour black, a re-breather system, so therefore I can stay underwater longer and quieter, not to disturb the marine life. And the rest of the other dive gear, such as fins, weights, etc. When I got to the beach, it seems pretty dead, not bad for a solo dive, still late in the morning, so I still have the whole afternoon of daylight left.

Before getting into all my gear to head into the water, I decided to take a stroll along the beach. During my walk, I didn't see a single person in sight. I guess this beach isn't that popular at all. On my way back my car, I did notice two people walking in the opposite direction as I am, heading towards me. The two of them are big, 6 feet, about 180 pounds. They walk pass me, although not too long after, they must have sneak up on behind me, I felt a grab, and a damp cloth was forced over my nose and mouth, in a few seconds, I passed out.

I started to come to, hearing some noises. There were several people around as I can hear from the foot steps. And from a distance I can hear the movement of dirt and sand, as something was being shoved out. I couldn't see anything as I had a black hood over my head. My gear was taken out of the truck and was set beside me from what I can hear.

When the shoveling was gone, many footsteps came closer as I can hear. Off comes the hood, and I see six guys. All of them in their tank tops and shorts, with large muscles that you can see in their arms and from what I can see of their uncovered chest. One of the six guys was filming, they seemed that they wanted to captured all of what was going on. Around me, see that on on the side of my car with the gear just beside me as well.

When I screamed for help, one of the men, stuffed a rag in my mouth, and duct tapped it in place. One of the gang, took a knife and came towards me, initially I was terrified that they were going to kill me by stabbing me, but that thought had quickly faded as they stood me up and were cutting all my clothes off, my shirt, shorts and socks. Now I was completely naked standing there. Again aside from the gang, there is no other person in sight.

One of the guys, took the black rubber drysuit and unzipped the shoulder entry completely and forced me in. Three other came toward me, grabbed me and held me in the air with their strength, while the two other guy was forcing me into the black rubber drysuit. They forced my left leg down the suit right until my feet reach the bottom of the left foot of my suit, they did the same with my other leg. Once both feet had reached the bottom. They pulled the suit up so therefore the crotch of the suit was in place.

Then they set me down, and forced my right arm, through the right arm of the suit, and pulled my hand though the rubber. Same was done for my left arm as well, going through the left arm of the suit right through till my hands showed. They pulled the suit over my head and adjusted the hood so my face and head fits perfectly.

One of the men don's a latex gloves, and brought out a tube, I caught a glimpse of the label, and it was a typical hardware superglue. I saw him squeeze the tube, at least a quarter was squeezed, from the goo that I can see, there was a strong chemical odor. He came behind me, and smear it on the shoulder entry zipper. It covered about half way, before he squeezed another quarter out of the tube, and continued to smear it for the rest of the zipper. After finishing the other half, he squeezed out another, it seems like he wasn't happy until it was completely empty, there was a thick coat on the zipper. As the glue dried out I knew that I was not coming out of my black thick rubber suit.

After that when the superglue was dried, it took 2 guys to put the re-breather unit on my (as how you would wear a knapsack), the fins came next on my foot, next was the weight belt and lastly but not least, the gloves as my hands was forced into the glove. After all that, the person with the camera came in front of me, filming me with all the gear on. He pan up and down seeing all the gear on me, and back up to my face, probably capturing the fear expressed on my face. All of the sudden, from behind, a hand ripped the duct tape from my mouth and then remove the rag. At that instant, I tried to scream for help again, but they quickly put the mask with the re-breather integrated, on me. Still, no one spoke a single word. Just when they stop holding me for a second, I tried to make a run, but I was able to make two steps before they took hold of me, I guess with all the gear and fins on, it's hard to run with.

The five guys are now dragging me around to the other side of the car and I now see a hole and a pile of sand. In addition, I see two wheelbarrow filled with sand and four buckets filled with water. Then the five men dragged me to the grave, it was about 4 feet deep, about 3 feet wide and just over 6 feet long. At the bottom of the pit, I see there are 4 concrete block flush with the bottom of the dirt, attached is shackles, each for each wrist and ankle. They proceeded to force me into the grave and one by one, they secure me, starting with the left wrist, then right ankle, left ankle and right wrist. Now I'm secure to the blocks, I struggle against the shackles, but I wasn't getting out, I assume the concrete block is pretty deep in the dirt as I tried to lift the block.

The guys now got out of the pit, I am able to somewhat sit up for what it's worth. One of them came in with a rope, roped it under and over my shoulder, the rope cross over my chest. With the ends of the ropes, pulled hard, forcing me to lie down flat, and the ropes is tied down through the rings of the shackles. I struggle with all my might, as I know what's about to happen next, hoping I have one last chance to free myself before I am buried alive. But it was no use, I could not free myself from the shackles or rope that held me down.

I see the five guys through the lens of my mask disappear from the view of the grave and the person with the camera is still there filming me as I try to struggle, he pans up and down watching me as I try in my vane attempt to free myself. After a minute or two, the five other men return all with shovels in their hand. The five men took each of their shovel and started to shovel some sand and piled it on me throughout the body at least 3 times. There wasn't much of a pile forming, just a thin layer of sand, the 4 of them set the shovel down and withdrew for a moment and return with the buckets of water that I had seen earlier. One by one, they each empty the bucket of water over me.

Now the sand and water has mixed together and created a muddy scene, the five threw the bucket aside and continued to pickup the shovels and started to shovel more sand in starting at my feet. I wiggle my feet, which also moved my fins, the sand fell around my feet, but as the pile got higher I could not wiggle my feet much, and the sand did not move as I tried to move my feet.

The pile started to build, they noticed my cock started to grow hard and showed through the thick black rubber suit. All five at the same time dump their load of sand on my crotch and cock area. The sand hit my balls and the pain caused my cock to shrink a bit. As the the pile grew around the crotch area, the sand fell onto my upper leg and lower abs area.

They now went back to shoveling more sand around my feet area, they kept on shoveling, and as the pile grew higher, the sand would come sliding down to my lower legs, then to my knees then to my upper legs, as the pile went higher, the sand now slid down to my crotch area. As the area of my feet reached to the level as the rest of the beach, the sand as slid down to my upper stomach. The five men, continue to shovel where the area of the knee and crotch, as the sand got higher, the sand avalanched to my chest, as they kept shoveling, it filled with the level of the beach and the sand that is sliding down as reached to my neck.

Now a new level of fear has set in, as my eyes has given a hint and the others can see through the mask. All of the sudden, all the shoveling has stopped. I thought relieve has come as they were about to dig me back out and were only playing around. The five guys withdrew out of sight as the cameraman is still there zoomed in on my face, capturing all the close ups and the expressions that I had on my face. In a short while, I see the the men returned two on my left side and the other two on my right side and one at the top of my head.

They moved something at the edge of the grave at the top where my head is, to which I saw briefly. It was the wheelbarrow that was full of sand and the person at the top was carrying a bucket. First the bucket of water was emptied onto my head, creating a wet sand that's around my head. Then a couple seconds later at the same time, they dump the sand down on my head, about a ton of sand came onto my head. I now could not move any part of my body as the weight of the sand prevented me in doing so. I can still hear and feel the faint pelt of sand that is being shoveled into the grave. The five continued to shovel till the sand was level with the beach after that they cleaned up the place and packed the wheelbarrow away and shovels.

There is no trace that now indicates that I am buried in the beach below as the sand has blended with the typical beach pattern sand. When the shoveling had stopped, it was dead silence. I could not move as the sand held me in place. My world was dark, and I can scream to which I did, but from the surface, it was just the typical noise of the water crashing onto the beach, no one knows that I'm here.

Again I struggle with all my might, but my struggling was useless as the shackle and ropes held me in place and the sand prevented me from moving an inch. All I hear is my heart pounding and my breathing with the tank I have, how much air does the re-breather last for, I'm not sure, at least 12 hours according to the product description. I cannot believe that I am bound and buried alive, not being able to do anything about it, I tried to struggle again, but I know my efforts are useless. I still hold out hope that someone will find me. On the topside, as others people are starting walk along the beach, the 6 guys, was just finish cleaning up and started to bring out their coolers.

My world is dark is dark, and all I hear is my breathing. I'm just preying someone will find me....

To be continued?



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