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Dream Come True

by Plastersam

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© Copyright 2009 - Plastersam - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; buried; mud; encase; outdors; toys; cons; X

She had been dreaming about it again. It always started the same, a summer evening, a gentle wind blowing through the trees of the forest that she walked through, and then she would come upon it. A large pile of earth, next to a deep pit that seemed to call to her, want her. She would go to the edge of the pit and look down; it was a deep narrow hole in the soft earth. It looked as though she would only have enough room to stand. She would place her feet on the bottom of the pit, and then stand there for a moment, taking a handful of the dirt, and rubbing it on her. Taking a moment, she would position herself in the bottom in a fetal position. As she would do this, it would seem as though the walls of the pit would begin to turn to mud and slowly begin to fill in around her form, flowing over every part of her. Soon it would stop, and the mountainous pile at the top of the hole would begin to slowly sink in on top of her crumpled form. Then all would go black.

Angie opened her eyes slowly as she began to wake up. She reached an arm over and wrapped it around Tiffanies shoulders, and began slowly kissing her neck. Tiffany moaned softly as she woke up to the gentle tender kisses that assaulted her neck. Slowly turning to face Angie, She moved her hair out of her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. “I want you to do something for me.” Said Angie looking at Tiffany after their kiss.

“What’s that?” Said Tiffany with curiosity in her voice.

“Bury me, I have been having fantasies about it for years, and I can’t take it anymore, I have been having dreams about it for weeks now, and it’s driving me crazy!”

“Bury you? You mean bury you alive? Why would you want me to do a crazy thing like that?” said shocked at Angie’s statement.

“I’ve always had a dream about being buried in a muddy spot, I don’t know why, but when ever I think about it I get so hot that I can’t stand it! I have to try it at least once in my life, please sweetie!”

Tiffany laid there for a few moments, taking in the request that her girlfriend has given her. “I guess I know a spot that would work, but how long do you want to be buried for?” she asked Angie.

“I don’t know, I never thought about how long I wanted to be buried for. I guess till you wanted to dig me out.”

The day was spent talking about how Angie would be buried in the woods behind the house they were renting for the summer while classes where out. Finally they decided on a date, but would need to get some supplies, and it would take Tiffany some time to dig out the hole just the way that Angie wanted it. After all, Tiffany thought that for all the things she had asked Angie to do for her, she could do this one for her. The next week while Angie was at work, Tiffany spent the days and evenings out in the woods, she found a soft spot near an old dry creek bed that ran through the woods. It took her some time to find a spot that was soft enough for Angie’s needs. She found it difficult to dig the hole in the soft ground, it seemed that for every shovel’s load that she would dig out of the earth, two would fall in. It took her the whole week to dig out the pit.

She remembered the part about Angie wanting it to be mud, and looking at the soft earth, it was just too crumbly. So with some of the supply money that Angie gave her, she went and bought a large inflatable pool. She shoveled dirt into the pool, and using buckets of water that she gathered from a small pond at the end of the dry creek, began making a rather large amount of mud in the pool. She let it set there the rest of the time as the days till Angie’s fantasy would come true. Tiffany looked into the hole, decided that since it was for a special occasion, it should be a little deeper.

The day finally arrived and Angie awoke to Tiffany gently rubbing her arm through the sheets. “Alright sleepy head, it’s time to put you in your new home!” She said with more enthusiasm then Angie had expected. Angie was up and ready for her preparations.

Tiffany had on the back porch everything that would be needed for the day already placed in large bags. The two of them walked for fifteen minutes into the woods, not too far from the house really, there was a lot of undergrowth that made it hard to walk to the spot with their arms full. As they approached, Angie took a moment to get undressed and then walked slowly towards the pit that was waiting for her. She stared down into the pit, she was instantly wet. “Oh god, it’s perfect!” She said almost in tears at what she saw. She walked over to one of the bags and pulled out a tube. It was five feet long, and would stick out of the ground only a few inches when the hole would be filled.

She placed the tube in her mouth and pulled out a bottle of super glue, to make sure her breathing tube wouldn’t come out of her mouth after she was buried. She lined the tube with the super glue five inches from the end and placed the tube in her mouth and down her throat, taking care not to touch her lips to the tube till she was sure it was in her throat. Then she pressed her lips down around the glue. She waited a few minutes to make sure it was set then gently tugged the tube, it wouldn’t budge. She walked over to the edge of the pit, and slowly slid down inside, she was filled with so much excitement that she could barely stand it. Slowly she made her way to her fetal position in the bottom; it was a tight fit in the bottom of the pit. She gave Tiffany the signal to start filling in the pit.

Tiffany walked over to her shovel and slowly started to place the now moist clay into the pit, onto her girlfriend. With each shovel load hitting her, breathing got harder; soon she was nearly covered in the soft clay that was beginning to settle all around her form. It was just as she had hoped. The clay felt soft, soothing, cool, and creamy. She held her hand up for a moment, and motioned for Tiffany to stop. Tiffany took this as the sign that Angie was ready for her toys. She walked over to the bag that she carried, and took out a medium butt plug and a vibrator. She handed the butt plug to Angie first, she took it in her hand and took a moment to find herself, then with some effort, and she inserted the plug into her rectum. It fit in with some minor discomfort, the soft clay around her acting as a lube. Then she reached for the vibrator. She took it from Tiffany, and inserted it. She then turned them both on at the same time and then returned her arms to where they would rest for the rest of her time in the pit, she knew that once the rest of the clay would be on them, she wouldn’t be able to move them again.

As she settled back into her muddy pit, the mud and soft clay started to fall on her one shovel full at a time. The mud was settling around her form quite quickly, her breathing didn’t become to hindered thanks to her position in the bottom, after about five minutes of continually shoveling, Angie was now gone, only a brown patch of thick mud rested where she once was. She took a moment to check the tube coming out of the mound of mud. Feeling the breath of her lover coming through at a steady rate, she then continued to fill in the hole the rest of the way. It was a long hour of shoveling to get the clay into the pit, when finally all that was left of soft mud that was left in the pool by the hole. She then took out a pair of kitchen sheers from the bag and cut a section out of the pool, letting the mud flow down in the pit the rest of the way. As this happened, she held the end of tube out of the way of the mud so none would run down into her lovers lungs.

Soon the ground settled on the surface, and Tiffany took that time to finish hiding her lovers resting place. She took out some plastic sheets and laid them on the ground, cutting a hole for the tube to fit through. She then took a large amount of leaves and sticks from around the forest floor and began covering the plastic. As she did she took the time to walk on top of the mound, making sure to pack it down even tighter as Angie had wanted her too. Soon she was done, packing up her things, she turned and looked one more time at the spot where her lover was buried, she would come back in two days for her.

It was cool, no sound, no light, not even taste and barely any sense of touch. All she could feel was the mud slowly forming more and more around her form. There Angie laid in ecstasy. Everything that she had ever wanted, and dreamed of had come true, she didn’t know when Tiffany would be back for her; Tiffany wanted her to have as much time in her pit as she could safely, so she knew she would be there for at least a day. The two vibrators in her where going at full speed as she had wanted, occasionally a slight moan would escape form her and travel up her tube. She was having orgasm after orgasm. She soon was spent, but the vibrators continued. She wanted desperately to turn them off for a time but she was held fast by the compacted mud and clay that was on her. She had no choice but to lay there and be forced to orgasm continuously until she would be able to turn them off.

Whenever that would be....



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