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The Box

by rachaelcdsub

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© Copyright 2006 - rachaelcdsub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; crate; packed; fem; electroplay; toys; cons; XX

Linda and I had been together for almost a year now and it was going to be our first Thanksgiving together. We were initially drawn to each other for love, but since then our kinky sides have drawn us even closer, not taking the step to marriage yet, but it could happen at any time. 

Two weekends ago, Linda gave me a rough drawing of a box she wanted me to construct. It actually looked sort of like a coffin. It was 24” wide, 18” high and 78” long. It had a lid that was on 4 hinges that locked closed with 3 separate hasps. It sat up on a 2x4 base and had several air holes drilled into the bottom of it. On the inside it had been reinforced with 2x2 lumber at all the seams, allowing me to easily and securely attach eye bolts all around the edges, top and bottom. I even built in a little pillow but being of wood, it wasn’t necessarily comfortable; it simply supported my neck a little better. Notches were made in the upper reinforcements allowing for several crossbars at different strategic locations to be put across the width of the box. This would allow Linda to dangle things from them or tie things up to them. I could only imagine what she had planned, but one crossed over my face, one over where my chest would be and another spanned across my crotch.

When I had it finished I called her to the garage and proudly showed her all the details. She was very happy, and insisted we give it a try out. She ordered me to go in strip and put on my wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a thin leather collar I wore. Also to bring my head harness and nipples clamps. I hurried inside and changed. When I got back outside, she had 3 combination locks and gave me the combination. They were all the same. She told me to memorize it in case I ever got locked inside, I could instruct someone on the outside to open it for me. That was her little safety measure.

My cock was rock hard standing there in the dimly lit garage with nothing on but leather restraints. She helped me strap my head and face into my custom made harness. It didn’t have a gag, but had 4 different buckles that held my face and head very tightly, and had several D-rings at different locations. She ordered me to lie in the box face up. I complied, and she took some carabineer style clips and quickly locked my ankles up to one of the top row eye bolts. Each ankle was set at a different position, stretching one leg while bending the other back so my knee was almost chest high. My wrists were similarly clipped out of the way, making it impossible to get free. 

The last thing she did was clip a d-ring in my head harness to the end of the box so I couldn’t remove it from the pillow. Next she put in the middle crossbar and looped the chain of the nipple clamps over it. I knew what was next but didn’t bother protesting as she clamped first one and then the other nipple. The bar wasn’t high enough to really stretch my nipples, so she crimped the chain a little, making them stretch upward.

Although I trust her thoroughly, I started to panic as I watched the lid lowering and covering me with a blanket of darkness. I was so quiet; I could hear each lock click closed on the outside. Everything was quiet, and then I jumped when Linda knocked on the top of the box and told me she had some shopping to do. I was alone, and it was quiet. After who knows how long, I heard the garage door going up and the truck start. As it backed out, and the door closed, I knew I was trapped. I struggled for what seemed like hours that afternoon. 

Linda came back home, but never even came close to the box. I called to her, but she ignored me. It was well after dark, when she came back to the garage and lifted the lid. Even the light from the single bulb blinded me as I was brought back into the realm of the living. My nipples, needless to say were bruised when she took off the clamps, but that night the sex was spectacular. We hadn’t touched the box again until today, Thanksgiving Day.

Linda woke me earlier than I expected at 6 am, and told me to go shower and shave. When I get that direction, I know I must shave my entire body. I keep it all shaved for the most part anyway, so it wasn’t too big of a deal, but I also knew what that meant. 

When I got out of the shower, my fear was confirmed. Brand new lingerie with the tags still on it was waiting for me. She told me to dress and then put on my strappy white 5” heels. Then I was to put on makeup, not just a little mascara, but foundation and all. I spent the next hour dressing and working on makeup. 36a white sheer bra and panty set looked wonderful against my tanned hairless skin. A white garter belt held up dark black stockings to contrast against the white of my lingerie and heels. I felt really good dressed like this, and my cock was rock hard. 

When I was finished my face was flawless, except that I was a guy. Linda took me to the bathroom and gave me an enema. When she was sure I was clean and wouldn’t need to move my bowels for several hours, she told me it was time to get ready for my Thanksgiving surprise. 

I walked tentatively in my heels to the dining room where I found she had brought in our box. Resting on top of the box was something else that was new. She explained that it was an anal plug, with a twist. It had electrodes in it that would shock me with a low voltage shock when it was turned on. As long as it was on, the shock was continuous. There were two adhesive pads also and she told me they worked the same way. She had me grab the pads without taking the adhesive off and hold them between thumb and finger. When she switched on the wireless remote, I almost dropped them as I was shocked. It was like a static electricity shock, but it didn’t stop. It wasn’t painful or dangerous, just uncomfortable. 

Leaning over the dining room table, Linda inserted the plug into my recently cleaned ass. I was used to plugs, so it wasn’t a big deal. She helped me back into my leather restraints the same as the first day. She told me to lay back into the box and I did. This time was a little different since she stretched both my legs out as far as possible and even though they were raised, my heels almost touched the opposite end of the box. She also used rope this time instead of the metal clips to secure me to the eyebolts. I must have looked ridiculous laying face up in that box, with full feminine makeup and lingerie, fully spread and tied to the corners of the box. 

After I was totally secure, she put in one of the crossbars, which she had modified in such a way so that it had a long but not overly fat dildo hanging down from it. When she locked it in place, the dildo fit deeply inside my mouth, tickling the back of my throat just short of engaging my gag reflex. Again, it didn’t in any way gag or silence me, it was just an annoyance. Then she attached a rubber bladder to it, and explained that the bladder contained a liter of strong margaritas that I could enjoy while I was in the box. All I had to do was suck on the dildo in my mouth. 

This would be very humiliating, but she knew I loved margaritas and I would be doing it soon enough. Then she attached the adhesive pads of electrodes to each side of the base of my cock under my sheer white panties. My cock was totally visible, not really hidden at all which in an odd way was even more humiliating. The last thing she did which totally confused me was she wrapped my head in what looked like mosquito netting. It wasn’t tight, or uncomfortable. It just was there. She tucked it underneath my collar to keep it in place and then she closed the lid.

As I listened to her locking me inside, I took my first drink. It was so good even though I did have to suck on a cock to get it. I just hoped she let me out in time to get cleaned up and dressed before our guests arrived. We had invited both of our families to celebrate with us, a total of over 20 people all together. From time to time I could hear noises from the kitchen, and after quite a while, it appeared that Linda had changed because now I could hear the click of high heels on our tile floor. I must have been in the box for a couple of hours when I yelled out in surprise as shocks hit the inside of my anus and the base of my cock at the same time. I found I was biting into the dildo to control myself. Again, it wasn’t painful, it just wouldn’t stop. 

After what seemed like an hour, it all of a sudden stopped. What a relief. Then before I could relax it started again. This time, I was able to control my shock and didn’t cry out, just tensed and fought against the shocks until unexpectedly, my cock exploded in an orgasm, filling my panties with warm cum. I was so ashamed I began to moan and whimper. Linda must have heard me because the shocks stopped and then she was gone.

I must have fallen asleep because a was awakened by scratching sounds on the bottom of my box. I couldn’t figure out what was happening, soon enough I started hearing a buzzing sound inside the box. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear a buzzing like flies or something. Then I felt something on my skin, and then again. More buzzing and then the itch. My whole body started itching. (I would later found out that Linda has visited the local university and purchased 1500 mosquitoes that they had been using for some type of experiment and she had funneled them all up through one of the air holes in the bottom of the box). I tried to shake the mosquitoes away but it was useless. They were having their way with me and there was nothing I could do about it. 

After a while, the darkness must have calmed the mosquitoes because the buzzing died down. Then all of a sudden, Linda turned on the remote control and my ass and cock began buzzing with electricity. I don’t know if it was my movements or the buzz of the electricity that excited them, but they attacked me again. I could just imagine what my body must look like. I could feel them on my cock, my chest, everywhere but my face and head. The lingerie she had made me wear was on purpose sheer so that it wouldn’t block access to any part of my body. Then I must have passed out.

The sound of a doorbell woke me up this time. I wanted to call out, but before I could, I heard voices. O my god, people was arriving. Without thinking I tried to get up, to move, and I forced the dildo down my throat almost chocking myself. I had to be quiet to not call attention to myself. What if someone wanted to open the box? God I would die! 

I could hear Linda talking. I couldn’t make out the words but I knew her voice. I heard several pairs of heels in the kitchen with her as well as a male voice and some kids getting loud and running around. I had to remain quiet. I sucked on the cock, filling my stomach quickly with a dose of alcohol to calm my nerves. Then I felt someone sit on the box. O my god, they were right there, I couldn’t move. I had to be quiet. Then the doorbell rang again, and again. I could hear excited voices everywhere. 

Once again someone sat on my box, and this time I could hear that it was Linda. She was explaining that I had been called out of town unexpectedly and wouldn’t be able to be there for thanksgiving but that everyone should have a great time. Then the cruel bitch turned on the remote again. I groaned trying to hold back the cry of shock as my ass and cock started buzzing. I could hear and feel the mosquitoes once again attacking my already swollen body biting again and again, covering every inch of my body with their poison. 

I was surprised when I orgasmed once again, filling my panties for the second time with a load of sperm. It was all I could do to control my cries of pleasure and anguish. Suddenly and finally, the shocks stopped once again and I was resigned to listening to the buzz of the mosquitoes and the muffled chatter of our visitors. At one point, I heard my mother; she must have been standing right next to the box. I would later find out that Linda had purposefully brought her to the kitchen to see the box. From time to time, I heard people playing with the combination locks on the box, and each time I was afraid Linda was going to expose me to our friends and family.

The night ended for me just shy of midnight, meaning that I had been restrained and enclosed for just less than 18 hours. It felt like a lifetime. I was walking around barefoot now waiting for the calamine lotion to dry on my entire body. I was one big welt, especially on and around my genitals. Maybe the constant flow of semen there enticed the mosquitoes more than other areas. Linda is enjoying herself, laughing at me and telling me that she has lots of more ideas. She likes coming up and lightly scratching my skin sending me into fits of itchiness. Of course sex with her is out of the question until I get over my bites, but she is fine with that as she is now on the bed with one of her favorite toys ordering me to do things to myself while she orgasms time after time teasing and humiliating me.

I just wonder what she has in mind for Christmas!



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