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The Crate

by Edward Quadrio

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© Copyright 2009 - Edward Quadrio - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; hogtie; leather; boots; corset; armbinder; hood; blindfold; gag; collar; crate; delivery; surprise; steel; spheres; encase; denial; toys; sex; climax; cons; X

Part One

Chapter 1: The Box

Ed got home to find a box, well hell more like a crate on his doorstep. It was about 2' x 3' by 3 foot. He looked around and found the shipping slip. Surprisingly it was shipped from his house to his house. Thinking might as well bring it inside. He got a dolly and dragged it into the living room.

Sitting on the sofa he opened the envelope in the shipping pouch.

You are so gentle and loving to me. I feel myself feeling good just being in the same room as you. Your touch makes be so excited when you tie me even more so. I'll want to give myself to you. I want to be yours. Your bondage is always loving. I spend most of my time not tied thinking of being tied by you.

I had myself shipped to you in this crate. You can tie me anyway you want. I went and got great help from the leather bondage shop. They help me set this up and shipped me this morning.

I am so excited to be yours. I have no fear for I know my master will take care of me
your slave Maryann.

'Well' he thought.

He got to work and got the top off of the box. The strong smell of leather almost filled the room. She was in the bottom in a tight hogtie. Getting the side off he lifted her up and placed her on the coffee table. She moaned softly as he touched her. Cleaning the room of all the extra debris. He put the box in the corner, thinking that may come in handy some day.

He sat slowly drinking a Scotch while smoking a pipe. He blew smoke towards her, he knew she could smell it and that he was there. She tried to squirm and appeared to let her hips move, she seemed to be having an orgasm. It was hard to tell as her head was encased in a full leather hood.

Looking over the box he saw another note in the bottom of it.

Ed, she came in and set this up last week. We put her in the box this morning.
But she doesn't know the dildos we used are remote controled.
Also taking give a small shock to her nipples or from one dildo to the other.
These are new to the store, try them and please come see us with the results.
The leather bondage store.

Looking into the sleeve he found a small disk and the remote. He found the vibrate setting and put it on low. Telling her, "that should hold you for a while".

She tried to jump as a low soft humming came from her ass. She started to moan and a breaths got shorter and shorter.

He sat and watched her orgasm.

Getting up he went to his computer desk and inserted the disk. His cell for one-off.

"Hello," answered Ed.

" Ed it's Don from leather bondage I wanted to talk to you about Mary Ann."

" I think I know what you going to say," Ed replied.

"God we've never seen a sub so willing. In the wrong hands she could be a danger to herself and get herself hurt. While pre-packaging her she wanted everything tighter and tighter, " exclaimed Don.

"I know and you know I will take care of her," Ed assured Don.

"As you are one of my older customers I thought so but I had to check."

"It's probably time I give her a proper lesson. I'm going to push her to her limits and a little more. But she should be all right. Also she will be coming in from time to time let her use my card and add 20% for tip."

"Maybe your can join me and my sub for dinner?" Ed asked Don.

" I'll be sure to give you a call."

Chapter 2: Steel Bondage

With Maryann on the coffee table in front of him he sat back and began to worry. She really doesn't know what she's getting herrself into but she needs to learn her trust in him is not unfounded.

He had to admit she looked gorgeous and it must've put a strain on her body. The leather bondage store had done a great job starting with her boots. Patent leather lace ups but with a French heel and half inch platform. The laces were pulled tight and later they would help her stand on the tall heels.

Under the boots she wore a pair of sheer seemed pantyhose. Of course thay had been put under her black gleaning leather, heavily boned corset and it was pulled extremely tight. Around her waist a chastity belt made of soft leather. He could see from the bumps underneath her belt it held in the two vibrators. Her arms and hands were encased in a single sleeve arm binder. Unlike most arm binder's this one was extra long all the way to her armpits. Pulling her arms together even though an extra strap was pulled around her wrists and elbows. Her head was encased in a severe discipline hood. The only openings on the hood were two grommets at the nose for her to breathe. The hood was pulled so tight that you could see the outline of a blindfold and the gag even through the leather. Her hair was pulled in a ponytail and stuck through a hole in the hood. Last but not least was the collar again it was tall, at least 3 inches in the back and four inches for the front. Everything was locked on, there was no way she could get out without a set keys even if her hands were free.

He sat thinking, Maryann should know better. One of his joys is the binding of her, trying to excite her as he makes her movements more restricted. Sitting and looking at her he did know whether to punish her or reward her. She had taken a lot of time and effort. But whatever he was going to do he needed to seriously talk to her first.

He decided to make a point. He started to release her from her bondage, the straps were really drawn tight and she almost fought him as she wanted to stay bound. It took some time but he had her sitting on the coffee table, he had untied her except for the arm binder and the hood. She was making noises under it. He undid the collar and unleased the hood. Her hair was wet and mated from sweat. He finally removed the gag. She stretched her jaws and said, "Master may I speak?"


"I don't understand why did you want to untie me? I want to be the ultimate present for you, how have I displeased you?"

"Maryann do you think I care for you? Do you think I want to take care of you? Then I think you're mistaken, my joy is not just seeing you in bondage but putting you there. I am a Master and I will tie, where and when and how I like. What you've done is dangerous to yourself and I will not tolerate the possibility of you getting hurt. So I think I have a twisted solution. I'm going to untie you. Keep the clothes you have on. A chastity belt will stay on also."

"Master there is a riding crop on the lid of the crate I came in. Please use it on me for whatever punishment you think I need."

He went and got the riding crop. Holding it between his hands in front of her he broke it.

"I will never have a device around that will cause you pain. That was not a good idea and you need to talk to me more. I do have a set of devices that I think can be more effective. First strip and meet me in the bedroom".

She came into his room head hanging low, naked except for 5 inch heels with ankle straps.

"I said naked the shoes come off too!"

She did and stood before him. She noticed a large set of boxes on the bed.

"I got this set to use as punishment. Sit on the bed".

From the first box he got what look like a stainless steel bowling ball. Kneeling in front of her she found it had an opening and split for her to put it over her right foot. Closing it the opening was like an ankle cuff and he locked it on her. He did the same to her left foot. Looking down she could see only two stainless steel spheres that were her feet.

"Master I can't walk in these".

"That's just the point".

From the next box he got another set, these were for her hands. First the right and the left. Now she sat with her hands and feet encased in stainless steel spheres locked onto her.

The last box was bigger than the first four. She was almost afraid. When he pulled out she realized what it was. Another sphere this one big enough for her head. He pulled the hair back and slowly slipped it over her head.

Locked around her neck she realized how truly helpless she was now.

"I know you can hear me, lie on your back".

He connected her feet to each foot post. And her hands to the headboard. Next a chain from the top of her head went to the headboard also. She was tied spreadeagled with very little slack.

"Master may I speak".


"I hope there is more to this, you can tie me anyway you know you want to".

"Yes, I'm not going to. You will stay like that nothing on your breasts, nothing on your feet, nothing between your legs. No gag, nothing touching you".

She lay in bewilderment not knowing what to think. Only knowing that she actually made him angry. And that anger had to do with his concern over her safety. Also she knew now that his ultimate joy was tieing and gagging her. Now she knew why it excited her so much she truly wanted to be a slave to him only.

As she lay there she realized there was absolutely no sexual input to any of her senses. She had no way to touch yourself, to feel any kind of sexual clothing on her. One would think this would drive down her sexual desires. All it did was start her mind to thinking of all of the positions and sex he given to her. She knew she could feel her crotch starting to get wetter and wetter but in this position she had no way to satisfy. Then it finally came to her. In this position she would be sexually starved. 'God I'll go crazy! he knows exactly what he's doing to me'.

As she lay she tried to explore her restraints. As the balls on her feet were very comfortable she could wiggle her toes and just about rotate her ankles. The holes in the two balls were lined and just high enough for her ankles, but tight enough so she could not slip her feet out. It was the same way with her hands, she could move in wiggle her fingers and just about touch the spheres but the openings were too small for her to remove her hand's. Then there was the headpiece the neck opening felt like a two inch steel band, again lined. If she could strain to wiggle her head she felt like she could almost feel the inside of the sphere. After this small exercise she knew she was going nowhere.

'My master really knows what he's doing'. She thought, 'as I lie here he knows I can't move but I can't stop wiggling my hips to sense the sexual desire he knows it's growing in me'. She was quite comfortable with pillows in all the right places. So she tried to at least take a nap to escape the hunger in her hips.

Ed had gone to the kitchen picked up a glass of ice and went into the den to start a fire, drink Scotch and smoke a pipe. He would give her about an hour and knew that doing nothing, nor touching her would probably be more exciting than anything that he did.

Maryann lay not asleep but almost in a drunken stupor. Her sexual desire had peaked and was now manageable she thought.

He slowly walked into the room, she was lying quietly and breathing normally he knew she did not know he was there. Taking a feather from the dresser he ever so lightly caressed her right nipple with it. She shook violently with surprise.



"Do you really know what this is doing to me?"




"Your slave needs to use the bathroom".

"That's easy enough".

He unlocked all about the spheres and set her up on the edge of the bed.

"But how master?"

He put a leash on the clasp of the headpiece and started to lead it to the floor, "You can use your hands and knees. I'll lead you my pet".

She managed to get onto the floor and slowly was led to the bathroom, he picked her up and sat her on the seat.

"Finish your business in a clean you".

She did visualise an image of her lying on the floor on her back, with her Master using a soft towel between her legs and thinking if he touches me just long enough I'll have an orgasm right here right now. He was good he quickly cleaned her but didn't let her come.

Pulling on the chain she rolled over and crawled back to the bedroom. He picked her up and placed her on the bed securing her back into the spreadeagled position. When she was finally tied down he said, "See you later".

Leaving the room she could hear his footsteps as he walked down the hall.

She lay there in sheer sexual agony. She realized in their bondage games she always had something touching her. What ever it was she always felt like it was him. It could've been anything, a gag, a nipple clamp, the high heeled shoes she loves so much and of course the inserts.


After what seemed like hours to her she fell into a deep sleep. She had no idea of how long he had put her in this or what time of day it was. All she knew was her sexual frustration.

It had only been an hour since she had made her bathroom walk. But it was a total of three hours of her in the helmet. He knew he had to be careful breathing was not a problem but dehydration was.

He went back into the bedroom and saw no movement of her on the bed. 'She must really be asleep'.

He stripped himself naked and looked over his manhood probably as hard as he could ever be. When he got on the bed between her legs she seemed to wake.

A soft "master is that you?" came from beneath the helmet.

He didn't say a word he just got between her legs and rubbed his manhood over her clit.

"Master please I could come so easily do you want me to wait for you".

"No my slave you will cum as many times as you can".

He was stroking his manhood on her pussy she came instantly. In the middle of her orgasm he plunged himself deeply into her she struggled for movement from her position. Even though the steel hood was heavy she shook her head moaned screen and wiggled her hips.

He realized she was having one orgasm on top of another. He just kept pumping and stroking hoping to get as many orgasms as he could out of her. After what seemed like quite a while she slowed down only to restart again. After about the third time she slowed down considerably. He knew she was waning.

"My slave".

She said nothing.

"Shake your head if you can hear me".

She did.

"One more time".

Weakly she said through the helmet, "I don't know if I can master!"

"I didn't ask if you could I said do".

The response was she began wiggling her hips again and came one more time.

Maryann finally awoke in his bed. He was lying next to her with his arms around her she was free of the steel balls. She still felt almost intoxicated. Her movement must've woken him. She turned towards him will with a love in her eyes.


He softly said, "Yes".

"You know I would do anything for you".

"Yes but that doesn't mean that you should. I found the e-mails from your friends. The other submissives you're online with. I hear that they're sent out for training. They let others tie and them use them and I see some of them let their masters use a crop or a whip on them. If that's the type of master you need then leave now. I will never inflict pain on you. If you need to be punished is up to me to find a better way. I'll accept self bondage from you or bondage from someone I deem worthy to tie you".

"Master from the chat rooms on the net it seems to be you're too kind to me".

He cut her off midsentence, "You are not living in the chat room. You're not living under a different master you're living under me. Do not compare what I do to you with what other masters do to their subs. Concern yourself with our relationship and judge it on your happiness. Also the term master, well intended is overused. I would prefer you call me Sir".

"Yes sir . I got the idea of being shipped to you by one of my friends on the Internet. She's a sub and said every master would love a present like that. I told her all about our relationship as master and so. I guess I didn't even realize what the depths of the relationship was. But Sir I still want to give myself to you and let you know how much you mean to me".

Pulling her to himself he wrapped his arms around her. "Now listen I'm not even sure how much and how deep this relationship is but I know we both need to find out. I also know and have seen on the web how some masters use their slaves it makes me uneasy. For I believe the only tears a master should ever give a slave is that of joy. Call it silly call it old-fashioned but that's me. If you find that you need someone with a sterner hand and I will understand, again this is about happiness for you. I'm going to get up and I want you to stay and I want you to think. I know all your experiences in this type of relationship more with your ex one of the biggest things you have to get over is I'm not him. I need to go to see a dear friend of mine in Connecticut, I'll be gone two to three days when I get back we'll talk some more. I want you to think long and hard, this is all new to me. Maybe a master can't be a nice guy. Not only do I think he can, I think he should. With your submission to me I intend to try to let it be freeing".

To Mary Ann's surprise and astonishment he just got up, turned around and kissed her so tenderly she could feel herself melting. Thinking to herself there must be something wrong. Sue! She had left him, could she be so stupid as to let a man like this go. There has to be something wrong this is just too good to be true. She was amazed how quickly he got everything ready and was out the door.

There she was sitting in his bed her mind swirling with thoughts of him she decided for now just to take a nap and think.

She slept deeply. But her body had other ideas. All she could dream of was him tying her, taking her, teasing her. The dreams were so tender yet so soft so meaningful she woke up in a pool of sweat realizing that her whole body ached for him. His touch. It no longer seem to matter how he tied her. For she knew every rope, every restraint, every day, every high heel that touched her skin came from him. She knew more than ever he would never hurt her. For all the years, for all the disappointments she knew he was the one.

She got up and quickly ran to the window only to realize he had left. He had left three hours ago. Looking around the room she realized she was in his house. Glancing over at the table. He'd left his cell phone! God! How will I keep in touch with him. When will he be back? Will he be back? I don't know who he's visiting in Connecticut. Will he call? As much as she was so happy she found a master who truly care for her. Not as just a sub, but for her. All she could do is wait for him to get back from his trip.

Story continued in part two


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