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The Crate Part 6: Tight & Tidy

by Edward Quadrio

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© Copyright 2009 - Edward Quadrio - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; cuffs; collar; public; cons; X

The Crate Part 6: Tight & Tidy by Edward Quadrio M/f; D/s; cuffs; collar; public; cons; X

continued from part 5

Part 6: Tight & Tidy.

Maryann got home that night really concerned. Not only about Robin but she felt a real jealousy about Ed in Robin's relationship. She thought she knew exactly what Robin was feeling.

Just about then the phone rang.


"Maryann it's me."

"Yes Sir."

"I feel like having a nice dinner and I want my sub on my arm."

"Yes Sir!"

"Not high-end but a nice restaurant. And I think it would be fun for me to come over and select your attire."

"Thank you Sir". She thought to herself he could take her from feeling concerned to being excited in a single short phone call.

She quickly threw herself into a shower. She wanted to be dazzling for him. He arrived before she was done and he let himself in. And sat waiting for her in the den. This time he was smiling like the Cheshire cat.

When he heard her get out of the shower he said aloud, "I'm in the living room come see me when you're dry and still naked".

Just that simple thought made her excited. Walking into the room he was sitting on the love seat. He said to her, "there is a reason why I didn't want you to dress yet. Sit next to me".

Maryann replied, "On the sofa or the floor Sir? "

Thinking to himself he was not too sure of this floor thing. It had to do with the value he placed on her. When Masters forced there slaves so low does that not demean the value of what the sub is giving to them?

She could see his mind was wandering. She sat down next to him and waited. He snapped back and realizes he had lost his thought.

Taking her hands he said, "Close your eyes". Telling her that he could see a bit of jealousy when Robin was over the house. So I came up with a solution. Unbeknownst to her he pulled the stainless steel Shackle set from under the table in front of him. He held the box in front of her and said, Open your eyes."

Her heart leapt. She had wanted to wear the set since the day she got it. She did not know why he did not bring it up for so long. She looked joyfully to him with tears in her eyes and said, "Sir why did you wait so long?"

He just put a finger to her lips and said, "The time just wasn't right. But I know you need to have more confidence in knowing I'm your master".

He gathered he didn't need to ask her if she wanted to wear them from the way she was wiggling in her seat. So he took one of the wrist cuffs and opened it. Placing it on her right wrist. He could see a tear welling up in her eyes. The lock can only be opened when the key was in it. As he did the same with the left. He said, "Wear these locks at work with or without the loop. Of course without it is a little more concealing. And we need to decide when and where you're going to wear these".

"Sir, it's that simple I don't want them to come off."

"I knew you would say that. But stop and think there are times we need to have a little bit of our own privacy. Remember there's still a difference between classy and not. I could agree if you wanted to wear them 24/7, but at work you should not have the rings in them. There are times to wear the complete set including the ankle cuffs in public. And times not to. Remember your master may not want to share what he has with anyone else. Even visually. But for now I want you to dress for dinner. This may sound odd but comeback with a nice blouse and the tightest jeans you own".

She got up and almost ran to her closet and stood in front of the mirror. She could not take her eyes off of the cuffs she thought they are absolutely stunning. And she did not know if she would ever want them off. She knew the jeans she wanted. She also knew they were going to be so tight he would have to help get them closed. But she remembered he said he wanted to help dress her. She stuck her head into the hallway and said, "Sir these jeans are so tight I need help closing them".

He got up and went to the bedroom. Looking at her he said, "Stockings under the jeans". She giggled.

When she finished she lay down on the bed, he came over and quickly pulled the zipper up and realized how tight the jeans were on her. Smiling he said, "As tight as they are will you be able to walk?"

She smiled back at him got up walking across the room wiggling her hips. Looking over her shoulder winking at him and saying, "For you, you bet."

He smiled and said, "Can you finish?"

She replied "Yes Sir! "

He went back to the den to enjoy a pipe and a Scotch. Very shortly she joined him. He looked at her and said, "I always knew you were smart".

She had put on a beautiful long-sleeved formfitting satin blouse. He said, "How did you know I wanted long sleeves?"

She answered, "You said blue jeans so I figured we would be discreet tonight". He smiled.

Smiling at her he said, "Sit down and let's see how the cuffs fit".

She did and he placed them on her. They were a perfect fit. Just on the ankle above the high yield ankle straps. He said to her, "How about a leg show?" She was more than willing. She got up and strutted around the room. Her ass looked great as the jeans was so tight. Of course the heels were not a problem but he wanted to make sure the cuffs did not chafe her ankles.

All of her fears about Robin and her master were gone. She could not believe the insight he must have on her.

- o -

Thinking to herself everything fit just perfectly. The ankle cuffs though heavy did not chafe her. The wrist cuffs were comfy. And she never felt more like his. This time he broke her thoughts saying over here and sit down. When she did he looked at her and said, "how do you feel?"

Her reply, "I don't think I could feel better".

He looked to her and said, "I'm going to try." as he pulled out the stainless steel choker. He held it in front of her and told her. "Dressed as you are everything is subtle and will only be seen if one were to stare. But now for this".

Of course she knew he was right. She also knew how badly she wanted it.

He said to her, "Decision time again with or without the ring?"

The other cuffs did not have the rings on the locks. She knew she could match them by saying no and not put them on.

He saw a bit of confusion on her face. He softly touched her chin and said, "Remember this. When we go out you will have the choice of how to wear these. Unless I say so. Also you will have the keys to the wrist and ankle cuffs. Giving you the freedom to use them when you want to. I will hold the key to the choker. Remember the fit has got to be right for I don't even know how long you'll be wearing it."

Thinking to herself. Who am I trying to kid. Myself. Looking back to him, "Sir I want you to know how much I want to be yours. I want you to know how good you are to me and have been for me. Put the ring on the collar. It is more important for you to know how I feel and the longing I have to please you".

He put the choker on her and saw that her emotions were running so high. She almost cried. Maryann ran to the mirror and take a look. She went back to her bedroom to see herself in a full-length mirror. She realized in the tight jeans and the long-sleeved blouse she could show as much or as little of the cuffs as she wanted to. They all fit perfectly. She was sure she never wanted to take the choker off. Feeling great she went back to the den. Sitting next to him in smiling. "Sir, more than ever I'm yours what is your pleasure?"

He looked at her and replied, "You look absolutely gorgeous".

Smiling she replied, "Only because I'm with you".

He said to her, "Now this is your first time in that choker set let's go across town where people don't know us. In case you get embarrassed."

She gave a puzzled look at him say, "Sir are you not proud of me?"

" Sure as hell I am! Why do you ask?"

"If so take me where you will as you will and when you will. All I need to know is you will."

Looking at her he said, "you know what you are saying?"

"Sir, sometimes your slave wants to show you off to her friends. I take pride in being your sub and more and more I want to show off my master."

Ed held out his hand and Maryann wrapped her arm around his. The entire evening she walked with a strut, and pride that was delicious to watch. At the restaurant and a waiter complemented her choker. Without hesitation she reached up to touch it exposing her wrist cuffs. His eyes were wide. She just simply smiled snuggled up to her master and put her arm into his.

Ed saying, "I'm not quite sure who is enjoying this more, ME! , or, YOU!"

She just smiled that Cheshire cat smile.

It was only a Monday night so they went home early. Sitting in the den Ed said to her, "You know you will be wearing that choker to work tomorrow? Before I go do you want the ring on or off?"

"Sir, I see the look in your eyes with the way it is now. If it pleases you want half as much as it does me I want to wear it as it is now."

"Well then. For some final instructions. The choker will stay on until we switch it off and on with something else. But the wrist and ankle cuffs come off for bedtime. You will wear leather at night. You need to sleep and not chafe your skin with steel."

Maryann thinking. I could not be any luckier than to have someone care that much for me. To think I'm willing to be bound like a turkey for him. And he worries about my comfort and safety.


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