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The Box

by yourbdtop

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© Copyright 2010 - yourbdtop - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; Sbf; M/f; naked; van; cuffs; nipple; helmet; gag; box; entrap; slave; stuck; cons; X

Authors note: Well it has been a while since my last piece. So I figured I would write another one that is partially based in reality. It follows along the same theme as my first story “You Wait”. Enjoy.


Like any self respecting Dom I am always on the look out for potential subs/slaves. I had just recently joined flickr and was browsing the various groups looking for ideas. And there in one of the groups message pools was a message that caught my attention. Nothing ventured nothing gained. After several weeks of email and chat it was agreed it would become my slave. So begins the tale of its arrival here as my slave.

I am watching you as you wait for your bags after your flight. You know I am there but you do not know what I look like. I can see your anxiety as you look around trying to figure out who I am. But it was agreed that you would not know what I look like to make your entry into your new life more intense. And to make your disappearance easier and to leave as little trail as possible.

As instructed you retrieve your bags and head for the hotel courtesy shuttle to take you to the hotel were you have a room reserved. At that moment a stranger comes up to you and hands you an envelope. You look at the stranger searching to see if this is your new Master. No the stranger is not me but a messenger. The envelope contains a change in your plans. You now head for the taxies and take one to a completely different hotel.

Arriving at the hotel you check in paying with cash and go to your room where you wait for further instructions. An envelope slides under the door. You want to grab it immediately but wait 15 minutes before you go to the door and pick up your instructions. Grabbing your bags and leaving your room key on the bed you leave and walk almost two blocks to a deserted alley and a waiting van.

Yes it is the correct van the black electrical tape X in the back window. Opening the back door you put your bags in, climb in and close the door. Now you follow the last of your instructions. Stripping naked you place your clothes in an open box and lock it shut. You also lock your bags closed with padlocks that are there waiting for the purpose.

No going back now unless you want to run around naked in broad daylight.

So you proceed. You put the cuffs on your ankles and wrists then position yourself in front of the box. Oh yes the box. It is large enough for you to crawl into and once you close the door you know it won’t open as it locks automatically from the outside. But first things first.

Ear plugs next to deaden your hearing. Next you wrap the ace bandage around your eyes after making sure that everything else is where you can find it easily. Now comes the full harness muzzle ball gag. You struggle to get the ball in place, it is huge! Finally getting the ball into place you pull all the straps as tight as you can get them.

Now comes the helmet. Again you draw it on and lace it as tightly as possible and pull all the straps tight. The neck of the helmet has a collar that you pull snug buckle and lock.

Finally the last piece before you get in the box. The nipple clamps dangling from the ring on the front of the collar wait for their home. Attaching each one brings a squeal of agony as these clamps have teeth, teeth that bit hard and hurt!

Now ready you back yourself into the box. Searching with your hands you find the last three padlocks. Padlocks in hand you back into the box. When you feel the back of the box with your feet you spread them so they touch the sides. Feeling around you find the ring on the your left ankle cuff and slide the hasp of the lock through then find the ring on the side of the box and lock it there. You follow with the other side. Ankles secured you pull the door closed, you don’t hear the clicking of the double latches locking shut. You are now trapped. Continuing you reach behind your back with the last padlock and lock your wrists together to the ring at the top of the box.

It is done you have placed yourself in bondage that you can not escape from. You are now dependent upon me for your freedom. There will be none. I get in the van and place padlocks on the latches as an extra precaution. You do not know this but I don’t have any of the keys with me. They are at home. The other thing that you don’t know is I did not chose the airport that is closest to me. I had you fly into an airport in the next state. It will take about seven hours to drive home.

I hope you enjoy the ride.



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