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The Bride

by Unajet

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Storycodes: M/f; frathouse; halloween; display; costume; latex; catsuit; electrodes; wrap; resin; encase; gag; tease; electroplay; nipples; labia; shock; public; climax; cons; X

Anne glanced around the redecorated man cave that was the frat house’s attic hangout room. For the Halloween Haunted House, the guys had actually cleaned up and decorated it and she could see the effort they had put into tonight. There were a few hours before the doors opened for tonight’s festivities. Henry was still talking with Brad about what they planned on doing to her tonight for the scene she had agreed to participate in.

Looking at the items that had been specially built, Anne let her fingers slide over the mad scientist control panel that would become her tormentor once the doors opened. There were two rows of ten round knobs on each row. They had only two settings, on and off. Then there was a large pull lever off to the right that was on a spring load. Once pulled and then released, it would start to lift into a reset position.

Feeling a set of arms going around her waist, Henry asked her, “How do you like it?”

“It looks great. Whoever did this paint detailing made it look old,” she told with a smile knowing what its job was soon to be. “But isn’t it going to be a bit too easy for everyone? The knobs say on and off.”

“They may read that, but when I wired the lines underneath, I swapped ten of them randomly so they were reversed. No matter what, even if someone wanted to get a bit mean spirited and turn all of them to say on, ten will be off,” he explained to her.

“Tricky,” she grinned at the thought that no matter what someone tried to make them read out, she would be getting a shock with each pull of the lever.

“Wait until later, then your naughty little body will really appreciate the work that went into it,” his voice sounded like a smirk, making her laugh. “We are finally ready to start working on you. Are you ready?”

Turning around to face him, Anne took a deep breath before getting a kiss from Henry, hoping that tonight went well. When he had first come to her and asked her to portray the Bride of Frankenstein, she was a bit underwhelmed. But then, Henry explained exactly what he wanted to do.

The attic room was decorated to look like the laboratory that a mad scientist would use. His frat brothers had built a metal table frame for her to lay on top of over the pool table they couldn’t move for tonight, which was now draped with white cloth to hide it. When the guests entered the space, the Mad Scientist would explain that they would be allowed to select the settings on the electrical box and pull the lever, bringing the Bride to life. What they didn’t know would be that they were actually activating the TENS electrode pads that were about to be placed on different areas of her body.

They would be covered by the linen wrapping that were going to surround her entire body except for her eyes, matching the scene from the movie… a bit. They were not set at a very high shock, but she would be getting a jolt from each group that partook of the offer to pull the lever… and who wouldn’t? They would probably just assume her jumping reactions were part of the show, not what they really were. Different, numerous parts of her body being stimulated by electrical charges. She could feel herself already excited by the dirty thoughts of what it would feel like.

Following Henry over to where Brad was waiting, she glanced at the large cable wire resting on the floor running from the control panel to underneath of the pool table. The end of it was resting on top of the pool table, under the metal slab she would be lying on. She could see the twenty connection ends that the individual pads would hook into.

“Go ahead a strip for us, baby,” Henry teased, knowing that she was wearing the latex items underneath of her clothing already. Brad had a smile on his face at hearing that, but he didn’t say anything. Seconds later, she was standing in the white latex bra and panties that would be the base of her costume. Anne knew that Brad could see the darker areas that were her nipples but she didn’t care. Looking over, she saw the bandages that would be wrapped around her resting in a thick hazy substance.

Brad must have seen her as he then explained, “Don’t worry. We are going to put you into a full body latex suit so that the bandages don’t actually touch your skin. It’s going to fit your frame a bit tight but it needs to hold the electrodes in place.”

“So what is that they are in?” she asked looking at the soaking bandages.

“It’s a light resin that will slightly solidify as it dries. It won’t be as hard as a normal cast but it will help to dramatically restrict your movements,” Brad told her.

“You remember from the film how difficult and hard it was for the Bride to move. Well, that’s what we wanted to accomplish. Besides, with your jerking we didn’t want the costume to start separating during the scene,” Henry told her pulling out the body suit for her to see. “We need to hook up the pads as you are slipping this on since they wiring will be against your skin.”

For the next few minutes, both Henry and Brad began to stick the twenty TENS pads everywhere. Not only did the center of her upper and lower arms and legs get them, but she also received to on her abdomen as well as each buttock. The unusual areas she had agreed on were the bottoms of her feet and her armpits. When they were down to the last four, Brad left the room for a few minutes to let them finish up in private. The last four had one on each of her nipples and on the outside each side of her labia lips. She knew that those last four locations would be the most sensitive.

Henry called out for Brad after getting a deep kiss and thanking her again for doing the scene, but she knew that he was looking forward to this as much as she was. With both of the guys help, they managed to hook-up and hold the wires in place as she slip the white latex suit slowly up and over her entire body, from her encased feet to the tips of her hands. Anne noticed the arms ended with a single glove on each hand, not individual fingers.

“That’s just how it came,” Henry shrugged his shoulders as he helped contain the numerous thin wires that were now being fed from the neck off to her left side. They had managed to run all of the wires on her sides, out of the way so that she would be more comfortable, when not being shocked.

“We are going to start wrapping you now,” Brad told her as they moved her to stand on a plastic drop cloth next to the metal table. “I’ll apply the bandages and Henry is going to use the hairdryer to set them into place. But first, there is one last thing to do.”

Hearing that, Brad pulled out two white zip-ties from his back pocket.

“What are those for?” she asked not knowing why they needed them.

“The Bride’s legs were wrapped as one section. To make sure that you don’t mess up the bandages once we get started, we need to make sure that your legs stay closed,” Brad told her as he bent down. In seconds, she watched as he zipped the small tie just above her ankles. He then did a larger tie above her knees. With a small pair of scissors Brad handed him, Henry cut away the access material. Nobody would even know they were there once wrapped in the bandages.

Anne was not sure how long it actually took for them to wrap her in the white linen bandages but as she watched and felt them getting higher up her body, she began to feel extremely turned on. Both of the guys must have noticed her flushed face with the smirks they gave her. Even though her legs were joined, both of her arms were individually wrapped away from her body. They only stopped their work when they reached her neck.

Testing the resin with his fingertips, Brad checked over different parts of her body before putting the hairdryer on certain sections to help the process along.

“We are going to drop the temperature up here by a few degrees,” Henry told her. “We know that you’ll get a bit warm under all of that.”

“She’s ready to be moved onto the table,” Brad told her after a few more minutes.

Both of them lifted her from the ground and slid her body into the center of the metal table. That was when she noticed the small hole in the table near her neck. Moving the wires to attach the cords to, she turned her head enough to watch the guys feed them all through the hole. Brad crouched down to begin joining the connections together. Moving to the backside of the panel, Henry glanced underneath of it checking his electrical work.

“All the circuits are lit up, they are active,” he said after a few minutes with a smile as he came back over to her. Henry moved to stand at her feet before calling Brad over.

“We need to do her feet now that she’s off of them,” Henry said as they both began to apply more bandages around her joined feet. In no time at all she was no longer able to wiggle her toes.

“Now we need to let the bandages set up a bit more so we are going to finish getting the room ready while you just lie here. But don’t try to move or you’ll mess up the work we’ve already done. Alright?”

“That’s fine,” she told them as they went to work cleaning up most of the mess from the resin-soaked bandages. Wrapping the tarp up into a ball, they had the area ready in not time.

“Think you can finish with her head?” Brad asked and only getting a sly smile from Henry as his answer. Heading over to where the staircase was, he told them, “Have fun tonight.”

“Ready for your head?” he asked her coming to stand so that he was able to reach her with no problem. “First we will need to get rid of your hair.”

Anne saw him pull out what reminded her of a swimmers cap. With little effort, Henry was able to slide it over her scalp before shoving any visible strands inside of the tight plastic. Examining his work, he seemed please as she saw him reaching down for something else, but from this angle she couldn’t see what it was.

“Remember how the Bride couldn’t really talk?” he asked her the strange question.

“I guess so…” Anne managed to get out before something was quickly shoved inside of her mouth. Whatever it was made of was rubbery and bulbous. Her first instinct was to reach up and try to remove it, but that was when she found out that she could no longer move her arms at all. The resin had dried on the bandages and it was keeping her immobile.

“Looks like you’re going to be trapped like that all night,” Henry told her as he lifted the other end of the hose to reveal the small hand pump. “Let’s see how many pumps you can handle.”

Telling Anne that, her eyes began to widen as she helplessly watched and felt him give each slow pump with his hand. The bulbous item in her mouth began to expand in every direction, startling her a bit. The only time she had ever been gagged before was when Henry had put a knotted bandana in to her mouth when she had been a bit too loud during sex and he worried she would wake his frat brothers. So as he continued to slowly pump, Anne began to struggle as much as she could. She may have signed on for this scene but Henry hadn’t thought it would be this extreme. But Anne knew that he would not actually hurt her.

As her jaw finally reached the point where she cried out, Henry stood at the head of the table to lean upside-down over her with a smile.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he told her as he then began to fiddle with something near her lips. “I installed a shut-off right at your lips so that I could remove the tube. Nobody would want to see that.”

Anne watched as he put the items under the table. But when he stood back up, there was a small box in his hands that he placed next to her head.

“Time to finish up,” he told her pulling out a box of dry, white bandages. “Since your skin is exposed, I’m using a type of bandages that adheres to itself. None of the rows should come apart from each other. It was your body that I wanted to really restrain the movements of.”

Anne tried to fight him at first mostly for fun but no matter what she did there was no dislodging the tight wrappings that he was applying from her neck to the top of her head. The only area safe were her eyes as he was copying the movie. A layer rested over her nose but her nostrils were exposed so she could breathe. She could only lay there helpless as he finished with his work. Henry placed a hand on her forehead to make sure that she was looking straight upwards at him.

“Now, let’s get you locked down,” he told her making Anne wonder what he was talking about. From above so that she could see, Henry held two metal half-circles. “There are a couple of pairs of these. They will go around your arms, legs, body, and head to make sure that you can’t move. We don’t want you to accidently roll off the table now do we?”

Anne knew that was a lie. He was just trying to hold her down in more bondage, something Henry loved to do as much as he could. She had always been a bit prudish and refused to let him do most of what he whispered into her ear during sex. He often talked about securing her so that she was totally helpless and at his mercy. It looked like he was getting that wish tonight.

For the next few minutes, she could feel the weight of the items laying over the different body parts. She didn’t get what the point of them were until Henry leaned back over her head. She could see a remote in his hand as he pressed the button. Suddenly, there was a hum as the areas covered with the metal pieces pressed down much harder on her body. They didn’t hurt but she could now feel the pressure of them.

“This is the remote to the electro magnet that is laying between you and the pool table. It’s pulling and holding the clamps over your body to stop you from leaving. But I think that the resin is probably doing a good job of that already. Now, I want to see you really struggle, Bride of Frankenstein.”

Needing to know if she could get out of this on her own more than obeying Henry’s command, Anne began to earnest struggle with the different things holding her into place. The clamps were not budging at all, if she was actually moving. It was hard to tell with the resin wraps encasing her.

“You don’t know how much this is turning me on, baby,” Henry said putting the remote somewhere out of her limited vision. He then bent over to kiss her forehead, saying, “I’m going to go see if there is anything else needing to be done before the doors open. I’ll give you a bit of alone time to ponder your predicament.”

Calling out to him in muffled screams, Anne tried again and failed to even budge from the spot she was trapped in. There was something arousing her at the thought of being trapped helpless like this. She could feel something between her legs needing to be taken care of, but even if Henry came back, there would be no way to tell him. The adhesive bandages were tightly encasing her gagged mouth.

After a long time, Anne heard footsteps on the stairs and someone moving around the room. She could only move her eyes, but he stayed just out of her vision. Suddenly, Henry’s face was directly above her.

“Hello, my Bride,” he said bending over to give her wrapped forehead another kiss. She could make out the while lab coat he was now wearing and Henry had also messed and styled his hair to look like a mad scientist. Leaning back up, Henry began to touch over the bandages in different areas, testing them. “This is even firmer than I thought they would be. Are they too tight? One hum for yes, two hums for no.”

Anne knew that she had to at least be honest about this. She may be trapped but there was nothing actually hurting her about lying here. She gave the two hums and could see a smile on Henry’s face.

“Good, because we have quite a few hours before I’m even going to consider freeing you from them,” he said moving away from her head. “Now, let’s give the panel a final test. The doors are about to open.”

Anne’s eyes grew wide hearing that as she realized that with all of the other things occupying her mind, she had forgotten about the TENS electrodes placed around her body. Hearing a recording of thunder from the room’s surround sound, Anne felt a couple of the different spots on her body get shocked as Henry pulled the lever. Both on her left arm, her right armpit, both buttocks, and her right foot jerked as much as they could under the coat of hard bandages.

“How was that?” Henry asked her coming to stand at her side with a smile. All she could do was moan a bit but she made sure to make it sound pleasurable so he understood she had liked it. Anne saw his smile widening with each positive answer knowing that his invention was working perfectly. “I’ve set the system for a three second shock count once the pulled lever makes contact. By the way, doors are about to open in five minutes.”

Anne began to breathe a bit harder at hearing that, knowing that her night of pleasurable torture was about to begin. A voice called from the attic door, and Henry responded that his scene was ready to go.

When the first group appeared, the Mad Scientist explained that he needed an assistant to make adjustments to the electrical panel box and then when they were satisfied with their selections to pull the lever and see the result of their choices. She could hear male and female voices joking as well as the sound of the knobs clicking into place.

Suddenly with the accompanying sound of thunder, they pulled the lever as parts of her body were stimulated with the electrical charges. This time, both breasts, one side of her labia, her left foot and her upper right arm jolted, forcing Anne into a mournful cry somewhere between pain and pleasure. She could hear the girls giggling at what they had achieved.

After they had left, Henry’s face appeared again, asking, “How was that, my Bride?” Anne moaned in pleasure as her answer. Her body was already responding to the shocks, wishing that he would touch her in some way of sexual satisfaction, but she couldn’t convey that urge and any chance of that actually happening would have to wait until past midnight.

“Good, because here comes the next group,” he told her as she heard the footsteps.

About half way through the night, a group joked around for a bit too long while adjusting the knobs, taking their time as if they had all night. Anne wanted to scream at them to hurry up, eager to feel the erotic jolts coursing through her again. She was close to a tipping point thanks to the large number of groups quickly passing through recently.

When the thunder and shocks finally happened, they had somehow managed to select both labia locations as well as her nipples, left foot and armpit, and both buttocks and abdomen. Feeling the wonderful jolts, her body jerked as an orgasm finally overcame her. The group laughed out at the pleasurable moan she couldn’t help but release as she finally got what she had been looking forward to.

After they had left, she saw Henry come into her view with a knowing smile on his face. He knew exactly what had happened, and he seemed to have enjoyed causing it about as much as she had at experiencing it.

During the entire three hours, with each group passing through, the panel box did its job. Changing out the on and off switches, the groups managed to constantly stimulate her body into a bunch of frazzled nerves while needing more of a physical gratification with the amount of built-up sexual energy that the device extracted from her every so often.

Each pull of the lever also made her wish for the night to never end.

When it was time for Henry to finally help her to get out of these wrappings, Anne knew that she would eagerly ask him to bind her to his bed and have his way with her as he had been wanting to do. If this was only a percentage of how that would feel, why had she been denying him all this time?


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