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The Case

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; hood; cuffs; corset; chastity; femdom; gag; casting; steel; sarcophagus; encase; cbt; cockring; intubate; tease; tickle; objectify; enslave; denial; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X

Mario stares at the steel lying on the table across from him and thinks “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad” then another thought flashes through his mind, “Are you crazy! She might never let you out of it!”

Mario’s only choice’s are to stare at the thing that torments him merely by existing or close his eyes and then all he could see was it with him inside. Mario moaned behind the leather hood the sound seeping around the huge ball she had stuffed into his mouth before lacing the hood as tight as she could. The thick leather arm sleeve was crushing his arms together, it too had been laced until she grunted with the effort, the d-ring at his hands tied to the cleat near the ceiling keeping his arms pulled up high behind his back forcing him to remain bent over. The angle she had left him in left the nipple clamps weighted chain dangling from his screaming nipples, each breath made him wince from the pain of his chest heaving over the corset she had laced mercilessly tight.

The corset had been laced on months ago, each week she had adjusted it tighter until the back was fully closed then Tessa slid custom pad locks through the eyelets while he was tied in place unable to stop her and could only listen to the clicks of each as she closed them. Tessa clipped the laces removing them from the rubberized leather leaving it held tight around his waist and chest until she decided to let him out of it. He had been told by his mistress that the corset never had to be removed, he remembered the sneer she had on her face as she told him he would never be without the corset again. The corset had been very uncomfortable at first but after a few weeks he had grown used to it and now felt like it was supposed to be there. 

Mario had been lost in his thoughts suddenly feeling himself swinging backwards by his bound arms, instinctively he tried to step backwards wincing again as the thin ropes she had tied around his toes pulled tightly. Tessa had tied his big toes together tying his ankles then tied wide bands of ropes above and below his knees finishing the tie with a wide band around his thighs. The tight ropes around his legs forced him to hop to regain his balance twisting and swinging from his bound arms. Once Mario regained his balance he stood gasping whining while his nipples screaming in pain.

Mario had always been unable to tell a woman no, he didn’t know what was wrong with him until he found Tessa, not only had she explained what submissive meant she had told him everything that was wrong with him making him feel useless and unimportant. After making him feel that way Tessa carefully told him if he obeyed her he could be trained to be useful and worthy of her attention. Within weeks Mario was serving his relentless new mistress only being away from her when he was at work. When Mario left each morning for his job he would be forced to kneel at her feet holding his hands upwards with the keys to all his torments on them until she returned from her shower. The keys in his hands teasing him with the nearness of his freedom and the frustration of him being unable to use them. He would then dress her, lacing her corset perfectly then strapping on her high heels after styling her hair all while naked except for the corset and chastity tube which she had demanded he wear from the first night he had spent with her.  

Mario had found his mistress loved placing him in precarious positions and watching his reactions as she tormented him. Tessa’s favorite had also been to securely bind him then tickle his exposed areas for hours often making him pass out from laughing so hard in whatever gag she had forced him to wear. The worst was when she ordered him to bind himself in preparation for a tickle session leaving him time to think about what was going to happen to him and for how long she would torture him before allowing him some release of his built up sexual tension. Mario could not help himself always binding himself as savagely as he knew she would until he only had one hand free until she returned to secure it. The only blessing was after these intense sessions Tessa would release the cock cage and satisfy herself milking him dry before replacing the chastity tube and leaving him bound and gagged for hours to think about what had just happened.

Now Mario stood on his bound toes gasping and wondering how long he would be forced to endure her most recent torture leaving him to think about his refusal to climb into the steel lying in front of him. The steel had been another brain child of hers so she could tickle him relentlessly with him being unable to move any part of his body making him totally unable to get her to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to his encased body. Mario didn’t know the additions she had made during construction if he had he wouldn’t have had any thoughts about ever letting her incase him.

Mario had endured his mistress making a complete body mold, she had encased him in the hot molding material then casted his entire body over the material. She had left him encased for almost two days before cutting the cast and separating the mold. With the mold made it was used to shape the inside of the steel form now in front of him. Tessa had told Mario he would remain in the uncomfortable position until he chose to enter the sarcophagus she had created. Mario resisted her torture for two more days before finally giving in due to the pin in his shoulders, feet and nipples nodding yes when she asked if he was ready to submit totally to her desires. Tessa spent three days returning Mario to full strength treating him like her favorite pet only binding him when she would leave the house.

On the fourth day Tessa quietly asked if he was ready and with his agreement she led him to the steel that she had already opened allowing him to see the inside for the first time. While he had been bound next to the steel he had been impressed by the details the builder had put into the outside of the case. Now he could see for the first time how perfectly the inside had been made to fit his body exactly being smooth and inviting for someone like him. Tessa helped him climb onto the table then lay back in the cold steel guiding his arms into the lower half of the tight metal sleeves that from the outside had looked to have been added as an afterthought because of the thick steel straps riveted to the body but inside he could tell they had been formed in the initial construction and that the metal straps were just for added strength and showing just how solid it had been built.

Mario was now lying in the lower half of the steel looking up at the upper half towering over him studying the inside of the hood noticing the large protrusion that would be forced in to his mouth. He could see the hole that ran through it and was relieved he would be able to breathe through his mouth something he normally did not have. Mario glanced down seeing the opening for his cock and balls remembering that the only parts of his body that would be exposed would be his feet, cock and balls, his nose and eyes. The steel would encase every part of his remaining body and he would be completely incapable of moving. Tessa was removing the steel that had been locked tightly around his cock and balls for so long he couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t locked in some sort of steel. Tessa left the three inch tube around the base of his cock and balls, she had been stretching it for months until finally forcing his package through the collar and using a compression tool to close it permanently in place.

Mario had felt sick for days after the final tube was crimped onto him but felt much worse when she repeated the procedure with a second tube between his cock and balls. The tubes she had placed there growing in length and tightness until the final three inch tube was crimped on just like the one above his cock and balls. The final tubes took months to stop making him feel nauseated and walk bowl legged forcing him to beg for them to be removed only to have his mistress bind him in an uncomfortable position making him forget about the pain in his groin. Once he had become comfortable Tessa locked the custom chastity tube on his cock keeping it encased inside the small spike filled tube making it impossible to get an erection.

Now she was removing the cock tube and retaining rings freeing his restrained cock for the first time in months ordering him not to get too excited yet. Mario felt her sliding the thin leather straps over his legs moving to his ankles and wondered why she needed the straps feeling her pull several others around his waist and chest before carefully feeding his hands into the sleeves telling him to curl his fingers half way and tucking his thumbs under his folded fingers. As she secured his arms she gently explained that she knew the straps were unnecessary to keep him in the steel but she liked over doing things and plus it would keep him from hurting himself once the casket was closed.

While he thought about the how he would hurt himself and shuddered as he thought about the word “casket” he tried to raise his head just as she pulled the strap tightly across his forehead. Mario was starting to panic when Tessa stepped back and closed the shell onto him. Mario had let the large bung enter his mouth and felt it touch the back of his throat when he suddenly felt extreme pressure all over his body as Tessa leaned onto the steel bouncing her body weight on it listening for the latches to click closed. Mario was now choking on the large phallus desperately trying to move finding he was compressed all over by the crushing steel. Mario opened his eyes to see his mistress standing over his helpless form smiling then asked “How does it feel?” Mario couldn’t answer being only able to moan slightly as he watched her move out of his eye line.

Mario could feel Tessa doing something to his cock and balls, his attention was distracted for only a second before he started concentrating on his gag reflex when he had regained control again he whined as his balls felt like they were being crushed and his mistress was laughing. Mario felt her stroking his cock and began moaning as he felt his cock hardening Tessa waited until her captives cock was almost fully erect before sliding the steel ring down his shaft making sure the twin rods from the ring stayed in line with the box encompassing the bottom of the three inch tube around the base of his cock and balls.

Tessa was grinning as the thick ring reached the bottom of his shaft and she guided the rods sticking out from each side into the grooves of the “box” she had installed around Mario’s stretched balls. The box and ring system had been the reason for her stretching him and now made it possible to insert him into the box. Smiling Tessa began stroking him again making his cock swell to its full girth effectively locking it into the steel ring and forcing him to keep an erection. She had no idea how long he could be kept fully roused but she was going to find out and since it had been weeks since his last ejaculation she knew he would be very eager to orgasm. Once the rods snapped into place Tessa picked up the rivet gun and rivets inserting the rivets around the flared base of the box then slipping the gun over each pumping each until they snapped pressing the steel box tightly to the steel shell encompassing him.

Mario felt the rivets being pushed in then the snap of each being broken as they were set in place not knowing his cock and balls were now encased in a steel box that would have to be cut off to be removed. The box had been designed to hold the collars tightly and the top plate of the box had an adjustment screw that allowed her to slowly crush his soft testicles inside the steel box. Now that his cock was held rigidly and he was helpless to stop her from continuing with her plans she began speaking to him, almost purring as she stroked the steel slowly moving to his feet. “I have, as you know, a particular desire to tickle my pet whenever and for however long I want”. Tessa was at his vulnerable feet as she continued speaking “So this little device was designed to force you to give into my will of having a tickle toy available to me twenty four seven”. Mario was listening as his cock continued to harden at his mind slowly realizing what he had allowed to happen to himself.

Tessa kept purring as she set up another of his torments “I think you will particularly like what I have in store for you and since you have always adapted so well to all my wishes I’m sure you’ll learn to love all of what is store for you”. Mario felt something being placed around his toes separating them then suddenly he felt pressure around each. Moaning again as his tormentor squeezed the clamps trapping his toes in the clamp and slid the thick metal rod attached to the clamp into its holes next to his trapped ankles. The clamp pulled his feet back leaving them completely accessible holding them rigidly in a permanent backwards arch. Mario tried moving his feet finding the steel shell clamped tightly around his lower ankles and with the clamps in place he could not move them at all and whined louder. Tessa laughed at his attempts to move his feet seeing her design had worked better than she had hoped running a long nail along the bottom of one foot making Mario howl and chuckle.

Tessa was getting very aroused as her captive displayed how helpless he was and began stoking his exposed feet listening to his chuckles and whines as he desperately tried to move away from her attentions. Tessa pulled herself away from her amusement pulling another attachment up to the table snapping it in place. The attachment was a simple powered roller with multiple feathers and firm rubber spines she knew from her many sessions with him what made him wiggle and squirm using this knowledge to build a perfect tickle wheel. As soon as he had the wheel latched she moved slowly up his body stroking his steel encasement until she reached his head. Looking down on his wide eyes she smiled and leaned in close kissing his exposed nose and said. “You will learn to miss my attentions, each time you are left alone you will long to have me here tormenting you controlling you and the hope I can make you cum” Mario thrashed in the steel cocoon moving almost nothing as he realized she had no intensions of ever releasing him.

Tessa watched him struggle listening to his breathing increase and stood listening to him until he calmed and continued with her explanation “I will insert a feeding tube in you along with an automated enema flushing system, you will be the object of all my attentions for the rest of your life just as you so desperately wanted, you have proven to be worth my time and effort and now will repay me for all the time I have put into your training”. Mario felt  swell of pride hearing she thought him worthy of being her toy and silently understood she was correct he was right where he felt the most comfortable under her complete control doing exactly as she demanded. For the next few hours Tessa continued preparing her toy inserting all the needed tubes into him using her medical training to make sure all his physical needs were met.

Mario was glad she had stopped inserting things and turning his rigid form over each time he was rolled onto his front he had the sensation of being strangled and the sudden rush of total helplessness. The tube down his throat was the most uncomfortable but he was beginning to find he liked having the probe inserted in his ass. Tessa had moved his rigid form onto a support leaving him appearing to almost hover over the floor with only two supports one near his ankles and another at his neck making it easy for Tessa to roll him over whenever she wanted. Tessa had attached all the tiny probes into the skin of steel surrounding her toy especially the sharp probes directly over his nipples, these probes could be used to shock him or pleasantly stimulate his skin depending on what mood she was in.

Tessa moved the small step stool next to her captive and carefully tested her design as she climbed on top of her new toy straddling him slowly letting his engorged cock fill her dampened pussy. Tessa let her feet slip off the steps so her entire body weight was on the rigid form and the support she had set up. Tessa reached over turning on the spool at his feet getting a reaction from the contents of the steel cocoon immediately. Tessa sat wiggling kicking her flailing feet while she rocked forwards and backwards on his bulging cock. Mario was gasping as he involuntarily laughed and giggled at his feet being tickled by the roller slowly turning at his feet. He could feel her on his cock and desperately tried to thrust into her finding he had no movement available to him but continued to try anyway.

After an hour of being tickled and fucked he heard Tessa scream as her orgasm slammed through her body making her shudder and moan for several minutes before finding her footing and raising herself off his still erect cock. Mario had felt like he could cum for half of the time she had been riding him but couldn’t get any relief as he struggled to stop laughing and giggling. Feeling her slide off his aching cock he moaned loudly barely catching her walk past his head leaving the slowly turning roller turned on while she struggled exhausted to her bed. Tessa collapsed on her soft bed not caring she had left her toy turned on unable to do anything but struggle to breathe and laugh uncontrollably.

Mario lay struggling until Tessa awoke the next afternoon and rushed to get ready to go to the office stopping only to turn off the roller kissing him again on the nose before snapping the face plate onto his head sealing him completely in steel except for his exposed and aching feet. Tessa spent her days being an acredidited doctor and her remaining time playing with her helpless toy, the next few weeks were exciting for her learning how to stimulate her captive and how to punish him when he didn’t cooperate to her every demand. Tessa had found that with his cock in the tight ring she could keep his cock erect for days frustrating her toy immensely never giving him the satisfaction of allowing him to actually ejaculate. Mario was tortured daily the roller changed often to simulate other tickling devices and the strange sensations of being shocked, tickled and probed sometimes all at once confused and distracted him.

Tessa had learned to use her fuck toy in different ways eventually straddling his rigid body with her nipples pinched by tight clamps and her mouth sealed behind a large gag locking her hands behind her back having to wait impaled on her toy until the ice cube allowed the key to drop near her hands and she could release herself. Many times while she was bound on top of him she would orgasm from his throbbing cock and the frustration she was feeling being unable to move on him very much without her hands then leaning forward and thrusting on his bound cock until screaming into her gag. During the second month Tessa introduced a new torment snapping another set of arms attached to a ring slid half way down his cock. The sleeve was smooth on the inside and the tiny motors would move the ring from top to bottom and the attached synthetic feathers would stroke his cock teasingly.

Mario was left alone every day with his torment increasing every day until he could remember nothing of his previous life. He could only remember how each day he was left alone to suffer being tickled with his dick stroked never being able to satisfy his need to come but pleased that each day when she returned home she would use him for her own pleasure. Mario was left trapped inside the cocoon of steel for a year when Tessa had found he was no longer ticklish and even the electrical devices no longer stimulated him. There had never been a key so Tessa had to have the builder come to her cocooned toy to chisel away the latches and rivets effectively destroying the cocoons ability to hold him inside.

Mario had felt the impacts of the powered chisel, and even though Tessa had explained what she was doing he couldn’t understand why she was doing it and tried to express he didn’t want her to free him. When the rivets were removed Tessa unscrewed the clamp that had been pressing his testicles into the small cavity for so long. Releasing the pressure caused Mario to moan loudly as the feeling of being kicked hard in the balls overwhelmed him and the pain caused him to black out. When Mario awoke he was lying on the soft bed he tried to move but found his body would not respond and lay and moaned until she appeared to him purring as she stroked his bare body comforting him as she explained he was no longer encased noticing the small tear drop from his eye. Mario lay immobile for weeks with Tessa seeing to his every need while she nursed him back to health hoping his time in the device hadn’t ruined him completely but knowing that with him insensitive to tickling she would have no further use for him.

Mario couldn’t understand what had happened or why she had removed his encasement only wanting to find a way back into the steel so she would use him as her instrument of satisfaction and not turn him away. During the second month he had been able to regain his strength having called the shop that built the sarcophagus arranging for it to be repaired and returned to the house.  Tessa had begun to use Mario’s complacent body to satisfy herself again binding and torturing him more regularly noticing he always returned to the same position he had been held in for so long. Tessa was to be gone for several days leaving Mario still encased in the leather corset and cock and ball chastity tube but unfettered while she was gone.

Mario had been waiting for this opportunity and quickly set up the return of the steel cocoon making sure it was placed on the rack and asking the two men who delivered it to close it on him before they left. The men laughed and agreed even agreeing to attach the roller on the end and clamp his feet before they left. Within minutes Mario was sealed inside the steel shell, once again feeling the tight steel compressing his body wishing he had asked for the face plate to be removed but now could do nothing when the men squeezed the shell closed. The men quickly clamping his toes in the clamp slipping the bracket into the holes and flipping the small switch watching the roller turn laughing again as they watched the small movements from the trapped feet sticking out of the steel shell.

Mario had not wanted the roller turned on and was soon gasping as his body thrashed and flailed inside the cocoon realizing he would be trapped with the torturous roller for the next three days before she would return. During the time he waited he longed for the cock support and ball crushing box and hoped she would use it on him again. He had noticed that many changes had been made on the outside of the cocoon and wondered why the wide straps of steel had been added. Mario spent the time alone relishing the encasement and torture never really getting control of his laughter. When Tessa arrived home she was furious to find him encased in the cocoon ripping the face mask off asking him what he had done.

Tessa quickly contacted the shop and asked what had happened being told of his deception and when she asked about coming over to open it again. She gasped when they told her there would be no way to open it again without seriously damaging the person inside and that he had been told this before lying down in it. Tessa accepted what she had done to Mario returning to him asking if he wanted it to be like it was before getting two blinks meaning “YES”. Tessa sighed as she began attaching all the torments and pipes until he was once again held rigidly trapped this time for real until he died inside the shell of steel. Mario would live being used as her sex toy, teased and tormented daily until his death. Tessa increased his torments adding breath control and eliminating his ability to make sounds at all. Mario had never felt as content as he did once sealed in the steel even enjoying the tortures she came up as the months dragged along.

Tessa dedicated herself to him arranging for his burial for when he passed in case something happens to her. Tessa also realized in her attempt to have a sexual slave she had inadvertently enslaved herself to him. The two spent many years with her using him to satisfy her sexual needs and even occasionally him exploding into orgasmic bliss. Mario never understanding that he had been in charge of the situation all along and she was the one serving him.  


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