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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; display; objectify; naked; gag; susp; force-feed; vacuum; wrap; hood; transported; toys; oral; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Twelve: Pre-packed meat for sale

After spending the entire day looking after her baby, now growing more each day, Emma finally had the chance to relax and spend some time with her husband Nick, she had looked forward to some alone time with him, and with the baby now settled it was the perfect time to indulge in some adult things. Even just talking about how his day had been seemed to be much more exciting than her day, filled with baby talk and other things, so when the baby finally drifted off to sleep, she told Nick that she was heading off to the shower, and teasing him that maybe she could have a little surprise waiting for him in the bedroom. But when she left the bathroom, she saw waiting for her were some ropes on the bed, and Nick standing there waiting for her, it seemed that he had his own plans for the evening, maybe something that she would enjoy.

Emma loved being bound by Nick, the tighter the better in her mind, she loved the feel of the ropes as they took away her freedom and banished any other thoughts to the back of her mind. Once tied by him she knew that there was no going back until he relinquished his power over her, and she felt delightful shivers run through her body at that thought. She wondered what he would be doing with her after he had her bound and available to do whatever he wished to her, she knew that she wanted nothing more than to be tied up and used by him, this was what she missed the most in their relationship. She had asked after her previous experience at the hands of Susan and Andy, for Nick to spend more time tying her, making use of her body and allowing her to indulge in her own desires to be nothing more than his sexual plaything, she loved the way that he lusted after her body when she was bound and available to him.

But he seemed to have some other plans for her tonight, judging by the way that he was now binding the ropes around her naked flesh, the towel now on the floor to reveal her body in all its female goodness, her curves catching his eyes, his attention drawn to just how good her body looked, even after being married for a while now, it gave her much-needed confidence in how she viewed herself and her body. Emma stood there, her eyes cast down in her submissiveness to him, as she watched the rope as it ran around her wrists, the feeling of the course rope welcomed after being apart for so long it seemed. Her wrists were now secured, the binding of them expertly done by her Master Nick, sealing her hands together, trapped by the short length of rope, the slight gap between her bound wrists bringing back wonderful memories of previous times. Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Nick bend down and start to tie some more rope around her ankles, this looked very familiar to Emma and she started to wonder where this was going.

With the rope now bound around her ankles, Emma watched as Nick brought out a very familiar ballgag, one that she had worn many times in the past. She stood there and waited for him to command her to open her mouth for him to insert the gag, she was lost in her own submissive world to care or worry about what he was going to be doing with her, she knew that she could trust Nick with her entire being and wanted nothing more than to submit to him, she was his to do with as he wished. Nick then spoke those magical words, and Emma quickly opened her lips, welcoming the ballgag intruding into her mouth, and then felt Nick feed to straps around her face, closing the clasp behind her head and tightening the straps until they cut into her soft flesh, making marks that she knew would eventually fade, but while there would remind her of this wonderful night.

Now bound and gagged, standing there in all her naked glory, she wondered what Nick would do to her next, she had hoped that he would throw her down on the bed and make use of her body and its many wonderful features, but her thoughts were dashed when she felt Nick place her over his shoulder and he began to carry her from the bedroom. This to her brought back memories of her meatgirl days, being carried over the shoulders of the guys that worked in the shops, before either ending up on display in the window or stored away in the back with the other meatgirls, who were naked and bound like she was. It was when they turned and headed down to the basement, where they had built a playroom, that Emma knew that she was in for a very special night, she had visions of her body bound and strapped to one of the old display stands that they kept down here for them both to use, with her slowly rotating around just like she had in the windows of the stores.

But once down the stairs Nick seemed to be walking purposely in one direction, this was straight to a storeroom that he had built from parts taken from old stores, some had been renovated while others moved to new locations, leaving some leftover things that had made there way down to the basement playroom, much to Emma’s delight. Emma could only see from her position over Nick’s shoulder, but he was definitely taking her over to the storeroom. She had loved her many times being left in the storeroom, bound, naked and gagged, left there with the meatgirls, each one rubbing against the other in the dark confines, bringing warmth and comfort in their last days from each other. Emma had been inside of their own personal storeroom before, left hanging there either by her wrists or on some occasions by her ankles, suspended from the ceiling just like a piece of meat that she felt like at the time.

From her position she watched as Nick opened the door, the light coming on inside the room just like the other storerooms that she had been kept inside of, the light only working with the door open, as there was no need to keep the lights on just for the meatgirls, they were just stock to be sold after all, so why waste power on them, it always made her feel less human and more just a product when that happened. While Emma had been hoping that Nick would make use of her body, she didn’t mind that he seemed to be more content with binding her and placing her away in the storeroom, she knew that eventually he would fetch her bound and gagged body and make use of her girly features, hopefully, sooner than later. 

But her plans and ideas were suddenly shattered when she saw just what was inside the storeroom, the light coming on to reveal the contents inside. Standing there on one side were four real meatgirls, their wrists bound and attached to the hooks in the ceiling, their ankles sporting the same rope that currently bound Emma’s own, the slight gap allowing them to shuffle if needed, not that they needed to, bound as they were.

Nick then lowered Emma from his shoulder, her bare feet touching the cold surface of the storeroom, there was no heat inside the room, there was no need as there were just meatgirls stored away inside, again why waste power on the produce you sold, it made sense to Emma but it also meant that they huddled up close to each other to keep warm, something that Emma enjoyed. 

Now that she was standing inside the storeroom she could get a better look around, there were just four meatgirls hanging on the hooks, their bound feet touching the floor, otherwise, they were just naked like her, the gag in their mouths stopped them from calling out, but also allowed them to be fed by the feeding system, something that Emma had plenty of experience of. Emma watched as Nick moved over to the rack of meatgirls and moved them apart. Making a space it seemed for the latest meatgirl to join them, and that meatgirl was Emma it seemed. Nick returned and grabbed hold of her wrists and made her shuffle over to the waiting free hook that would soon be holding her wrists above her head.

Emma then suddenly thought, how did he get these down here without her knowledge? And then wondered why they were here. Normally when they played inside the storeroom in their basement Emma was left alone, with only the thoughts and memories of her times being kept inside one of the many storerooms that she had been kept in over the years. Now here she was being placed in between the row of meatgirls, with two on either side of her, she would be sandwiched between them all. 

Once her bound wrists had been placed on the hook over her head, Nick went about moving the other meatgirls so that their naked bodies connected with each other, each one’s breasts pressed up against the back of the other in front of them, just like in the store, this was how they were kept prior to sale. Satisfied with the arrangement of their bodies, he took one last look and turned and headed out of the door, closing it behind him and leaving the meatgirls in the darkness. He hoped that Emma would be enjoying her special gift from him. But he knew deep down that she would.

Inside the now darkened room, Emma could only wonder what plans Nick had for her, this was unusual, to say the least, but she knew that once bound and gagged and in the presence of other meatgirls that she couldn’t speak or act other than as another one of them, it was one of her own rules, her questions and other things would have to wait until after Nick would be releasing her, whenever that would be, she had no idea, only that it had been evening when she was made ready and that usually she spent the entire night when stored away like this, and she recalled sometimes it was days. 

The memories caused her to rub her naked flesh against the meatgirl in front of her, who responded back to her, pressing herself against her. The other meatgirl behind Emma sensing her movements also began rubbing her own body against Emma’s, until all five meatgirls in the storeroom began their little erotic dance bringing some wonderful feelings throughout their bodies, eventually collapsing in orgasm and exhaustion before sleep overtook them. Nick watched on the hidden low-light camera as Emma and the other meatgirls went about their erotic dance. He had wanted to take Emma and use her, but she seemed content where she currently was, so left her there to indulge her desires and fantasies.

In the morning Emma awoke to the feeding system quenching her thirst, the liquid feed also filling slightly the hole that she felt in her tummy, her last meal was quite a while ago she thought to herself. Hanging there she wondered when Nick would be grabbing her and setting her free again, though she hoped that he would make use of her body before he did that. She liked it when he just took her for his own pleasure, and then left her wanting. And then she had thoughts that she needed to attend to the baby’s needs, so she really needed to be free to do that. But the longer that she hung there by her wrists, the more that she wondered what Nick had planned for her, surely he would be freeing her soon. But then the movement of the other meatgirls started, as they stirred from their own sleep, the liquid feed waking them, and then their desires seemed to take charge, and soon they were all rubbing against each other. Now recovered from the previous night's play, Emma could only join in, she would have to wait until Nick retrieved her from the storeroom, until then it seemed to her that she would be remaining as just another meatgirl, and joined in.

Nick eventually came into the storeroom, the light coming on stopping the meatgirls playtime, they stopped rubbing against each other and turned their attention to the guy that entered the room. They all wondered what he was planning to do with them next, the meatgirls had been brought here from the wholesale yards, and they expected to find themselves in the storeroom in some meatgirl store, only to find themselves being carted over the shoulder and placed down here in the basement of a house, one with its own storeroom, they had all wondered if they would end their days down here. Then the later addition of another meatgirl in the storeroom made them all wonder, not that they could ask, they were all bound and gagged, and meatgirls generally don’t talk, well they do communicate with each other in subtle non-verbal ways, but not to the people who take them and sell them, to them they are just another product to be sold, why bother talking with them.

Grabbing one of the meatgirls from the hook Nick carried her from the room, closing the door behind and leaving the remaining meatgirls in the dark, including Emma, who was just as baffled by what was happening as the rest of them. She had no idea what Nick was doing with the meatgirls, and the one that he had just taken away, hopefully, he was saving himself for her, Emma wondered. Nick soon returned and grabbed the next available meatgirl on the rack, hauling her over his shoulder and carrying her from the storeroom. Emma at this moment felt just like another meatgirl, she was loving the way that Nick was treating her, she had missed this part of her life, even though she had been in many situations that went beyond what she desired when remaining a meatgirl, overall, it had been very enjoyable to be treated as nothing more. The light coming on again broke her thoughts, and then she felt Nick’s warm hands on her cool skin and then felt herself hoisted over his shoulder and carried from the room. 

Outside Emma could only see the other items in the playroom, she wondered if Nick had placed the two other meatgirls that he had removed from the storeroom on one of the displays, and she thought that maybe she would either be freed from the ropes or have herself placed on or in one of the displays. She also wondered when Nick would speak with her and ask her how she felt and if she had enjoyed the night? But he remained silent as he carried her over his shoulder, moving upstairs he placed Emma face down on the kitchen table, she hoped that Nick would take her there and then, but then she saw out of the corner of her eye, the other two meatgirls on the floor that Nick had previously taken, they had been tightly trussed up and made ready for delivery it seemed. Emma recalled the many times she had been bound that way herself, and while she was looking forward to repeating it, she knew that she had things that she needed to attend to. One of those was the erect member that Nick seemed to have pressed up against her naked rear.

But again, things didn’t go the way that Emma wanted, and Nick started to bind Emma just like the other meatgirls were, she had plenty of experience with this, and lay there as she allowed Nick to remove the bindings that were around her ankles. Next, she felt the ropes start to bind her thighs to her calves, her legs now folded up under her body, secured by the ropes, the final rope going around her waist to firmly bind her legs against her torso, her knees pressed against her breasts. Her wrists were then untied, and her arms brought behind her, the ropes again binding her arms together behind her back, her elbows now tightly tied and brought against each other causing some pain, but in her mind, a delightful pain that she knew that she could, and would have to endure. With the gag still inside her mouth she couldn’t ask Nick what was going on, but she knew with the other meatgirls there that Nick would just treat her like one of them, and at no point would he talk with her about what he was doing with her, she knew that she would have to wait a while longer.

Picking up the latest bound meatgirl, Nick placed this special one down on the floor with the other two, then he headed back down to grab another one. Leaving Emma tightly trussed on the floor, she listened as he walked off, Emma couldn’t hear the usual baby sounds, so either it was still asleep, maybe it was too early, she didn’t currently know what time of the day it was. Inside the storeroom was darkness, there was no light other than when the door opened, so those inside had no idea just how long they had been there. Emma having spent several days inside knew this for a fact, she had lost all sense of time and place when kept inside the storeroom, she only knew that the morning had arrived by the feeding system giving her sustenance and the eventual entry and exit of the people who worked in the shop taking meatgirls out for display or sale. She hoped that Nick was taking care of the baby, but she couldn’t ask, she would just have to trust him and enjoy whatever he had arranged for her. 

When the last meatgirl was ready, Nick started placing each one inside a large bag, he had to make sure that the neighbours didn’t see him carrying the naked, bound meatgirls from his house to the waiting delivery vehicle, it was only a short distance, but he knew the rules regarding public nudity and didn’t want someone reporting him, especially with one of those naked trussed-up packages being Emma, his wife who enjoyed being treated like this. With the help of the delivery driver all five meatgirls were soon loaded. The guy had thought it strange to be picking up a delivery from his boss’s home, but Nick had told him that it was a special event and that the storerooms had been full, which he accepted. Driving away with Nick in the passenger seat, the meatgirls now stowed away and out of sight, he was directed to one of the newer stores on the other side of town. Once they arrived Nick left him to carry in the load while he spoke with the guy running the store. Inside each was placed on the rack in the storeroom, all now ready for delivery once the bags were sealed. 

Emma meanwhile was still confused as to what was happening to her, here she was being carried from the van and placed inside the storeroom of a store that she had never seen before. She wondered what Nick had planned for her, was she going to be sold now as just another meatgirl, it sure felt that way to her. The delivery driver had been the one to carry her through and place her in the storeroom, along with the other meatgirls that she had shared the night with. This was odd, she thought, but then thought that maybe Nick was giving her another one of those wonderful experiences where she gets to be treated as nothing more than another meatgirl waiting to be sold, she had enjoyed those times and had missed them. But for now, she was quite content to remain as she was, though in reality she was stuck here until Nick decided otherwise, bound, gagged and bagged there was little she could do to alter that fact, she would have to remain as just another product on the shelf, which caused a slight shiver of delight to run through her tightly bound body at the thought of that.

Nick told the driver to wait for him, and he gave some final instructions to the new guy running the store, though he had some previous experience in sales of meatgirls, this store was fairly new as was the company that he now recently started working for. Nick had taken over running all the meatgirls stores from Steve, while he continued to grow and expand the wholesale and auction side of the business. Plus now also having restaurants that served not only meatgirls but other fine meats to the patrons who frequented his and his now wife, Louise’s establishments, one that Emma had fond memories of, being prepared and stuffed by her, and then placed in the oven, eventually to be served up on a platter to expectant eyes of Nick, Steve and others who had joined them for dinner, with Emma as the main course. Emma was left on the rack inside the storeroom unaware of what Nick had planned for her. 

The storeroom door opened and in walked both the driver and the guy running the store, each grabbed one of the packaged meatgirls on the rack and carried them out to the store, leaving Emma to wonder what her fate would be, and where was Nick? Soon they returned with the two meatgirls now sealed inside their bags and hoods placed over their heads, just like Emma had experienced with Andy in his store. 

Next, it was her turn, she felt the rough hands grabbing her and carrying her from the storeroom back out to the main area of the store. Without any acknowledgement she was placed on the machine, the button pressed, and she felt herself being pulled into the machine; with a hiss as the machine sucked the air out of her bag and closed in against her body. The neck part closed and sealed her meatgirl goodness inside until sold to the customer, she found that the new bagging system not only restrained her body even more than the ropes did, but she found the tight enclosure very enjoyable, sealed inside she could only wait. When the cloth bag was placed over her head she lost all sight, now she was really like the other meatgirls, there was no way to distinguish between her and the other, bagged, bound and hooded, she looked just like a packaged meatgirl. 

Once the other two were done as well, each was placed inside the storeroom again on the rack, waiting their turn to be delivered or taken away by the customer. Emma heard Nick’s voice as he spoke with the delivery driver, apparently, a couple of these meatgirls had already been sold, and that he would be taking them with him when he left. The delivery labels added, along with a sold sticker, they were ready to go. But not before Emma felt hands on her own rear, it appears that she had been sold as well, someone was adding a label to her own rear, the hands lingering longer than necessary letting her know that these were Nick’s hands, or so she hoped. Then Emma felt movement as the two were lifted from the shelf and carried from the storeroom and out to the vehicle to be delivered, Emma wondered where they would be going, but knew that she shouldn’t dwell on their fate, and hoped that she didn’t end her days like they did, though she had come close several times.

With those two now gone, the storeroom was back in darkness, though Emma couldn’t see through the bag, but she knew that it was now dark inside the room. She listened for the familiar sounds that she found inside the storerooms, the gentle rubbing of bodies against each other, the contented sighs every so often as one meatgirl finds delight and comfort from her fellow meatgirls. The gentle breathing of the other meatgirls now bagged and stored next to her on the rack, though it was nearly impossible to move once bagged up like this, the closeness of each other’s bodies gave some slight relief, which Emma found contentment in. She was interrupted by the opening of the door and one of the unlabelled pre-packaged meatgirls was taken out to a waiting customer, eventually the other sold as well, leaving Emma as the last packaged one on the rack. If it wasn’t for the fact that Nick had placed a ‘sold’ sticker and delivery address on her rear she knew that she would have been sold herself.

But what she didn’t know was that the guy running the store had his own way of doing things, and when a customer walked in and told him that she was in a hurry and wanted a full meatgirl straight away, even offering him cash and a nice bonus thrown in, he knew that he had to do something to please the customer, after all the customer is always right, and he could replace the pre-packaged meatgirl with another after the sale. This woman was adamant that she didn’t want to wait around for him to prepare another meatgirl, she wanted one right away. 

So, turning he walked into the storeroom and grabbed the delivery label from Emma’s rear, pulling it off and then placing it on the shelf for the replacement meatgirl, once he had it packaged and ready for delivery. He picked up the tightly packaged bundle of meatgirl from the shelf and carried her out to the waiting customer. Handing the meatgirl over and grabbing the cash that he’d been offered, ‘Nice!’ he thought, and stuck all of the cash in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Emma was wondering what was going on, she had been enjoying her time tightly packed and stored away, and she knew that she would be delivered somewhere later that day, the label Nick’s way of letting her know that she was safe. But now she felt hands grab and pull the sticker from her rear, then the hands grabbed her and carried her out to the store. Much to the delight of the customer, it seemed, content that she didn’t have to wait the extra time it would have taken to prepare one of the other meatgirls. Emma heard something about cash, then felt her body being picked up from the counter and carried out from the store. It was just a short distance to the customer's car, she was then placed inside the trunk of the car, and the customer thanked him for carrying the heavy bundle for her. 

The sound of the trunk closing let Emma know that her fate had changed once again, she was off to some unknown destination, and maybe her final journey, she wondered if she would see Nick or the baby ever again. Maybe, and she hoped, that Nick had planned this all along, but maybe he had found someone else, someone who didn’t have strange desires and fantasies, maybe someone more normal, her doubts coming to the fore. But she thought that she now would never know, her final destination would be an oven somewhere, with her last thoughts drifting from her as the heat overtook her.

The car moved off with its load stashed away in the trunk, Emma could only lay there trussed up as she was, she truly was nothing more than a meatgirl now, this had been her fate all along she reasoned to herself. Eventually, the car stopped and the trunk opened. She could see that it was still daylight outside, but she didn’t know where she was. She felt a pair of hands grabbing her packaged body and moving her from the trunk and then into a door, which soon closed behind them. 

Emma felt the hands struggling to carry her, and she thought that this must still be the female customer who had bought her, which strangely gave her some comfort. Then she was laid down on a hard surface and then left alone for a while. Emma wondered how long it would be before she was placed in the oven, though she knew that she would have to be removed from the bag first and then prepared, before ending up closed inside and waiting for the heat. 

Emma’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt hands again on her bound form, they seemed to be exploring the tightly packaged meatgirl inside the bag, and at one point they drifted to places that she reserved these days for her husband, the fingers finding the soft outer petals of her sex, lingering there and rubbing against the fleshy mound that was presented to them. This at first shocked Emma, but she soon warmed to the tender touches that this hand was now giving her, the other seemed to be occupied elsewhere at this moment, though from the sighs that this woman was making she could guess where that hand currently was. 

The hand removed itself from where it had been playing with the plastic-wrapped sexual parts of this meatgirl, much to Emma’s dislike, she had found it rather nice to be used like this. Cold air then hit her now exposed centre of sexual pleasure, the slight dampness from the previous ministrations of the hand letting Emma know of her own arousal. The fingers returned, this time exploring deeper into her, finding areas that sent wonderful feelings through Emma’s entire being. Her defences were broken by the continued pushing of the fingers to go deeper, and soon Emma felt them touching her internal walls, finding areas that shocked her, she gasped behind the gag in reaction to what this woman was doing to her, to Emma she seemed to know exactly which buttons to push.

The sound of something buzzing gave Emma a moment to wonder and reflect on what was happening to her, the fingers and hand had stopped what they were doing, and then Emma felt the coldness of something pressed up against her delicate flower, seeking out the nub at the apex of her sexual being, her little button seemed to be delighted with the addition of this new thing, which Emma now realised was some sort of sex toy. The feelings that she got from it made her gasp again, the gag stopping her from drawing a deep breath, the bag hiding the delight that she found with this thing doing whatever it was doing to her, bringing her ever closer to orgasm. 

Emma could feel it building in her body, the tension of her tummy, the engorgement of her breasts, the sensitivity of the folds of her sex as they made ready for her eventual climax, her whole body was like an orchestra building up to the ultimate crescendo. Emma reached the tipping point and let herself go, trussed up like she was the intensity of her orgasm overwhelmed her, even blacking out at one point as the climax ran through her body, reaching every last part of her. 

The woman removed the toy, after witnessing the results of her handiwork, she had enjoyed teasing and tormenting the bound meatgirl, she got great enjoyment from using them for her own pleasure. She left the meatgirl still bound and packaged on the table to recover, then when she returned she picked up the meatgirl from the table and carried it to another room. Emma wondered what was happening to her, she had expected to be in the oven after the woman had finished with her, but here she was still packaged and now being taken somewhere else. Then Emma felt herself being placed down on something soft, like a mattress she thought, but could only stay as she was placed to wait for whatever this woman wanted from her. Emma eventually felt movement on the bed, she rocked this way and that, as the woman moved herself about the mattress, then she felt her presence near to her own face and Emma felt that she would soon be doing something that she hadn’t done in a while.

The cloth hood was finally removed and laying there on the bed was a now naked woman, hands reaching around to the clasp at the rear of Emma’s head, releasing the gag from her mouth. Emma could see the shaven mound of the woman in front of her, the slightly glistening folds of her outer sex letting her know that this woman was definitely aroused and wanting Emma to finish her off.

“Right, it’s my turn now, get to work meatgirl, and I may spare you the oven!” Emma heard from the woman.

Feeling movement again as the woman adjusted her body on the bed, her legs now on either side of Emma’s head, her face now much closer to this woman’s crotch, Emma knew that she needed to please her, otherwise she didn’t know what her fate would be. Overcoming her own thoughts on the matter, Emma moved closer as best she could, the woman adjusted herself to allow Emma easy access to her womanly parts. Emma began by kissing the soft outer petals that presented themselves to Emma, her tongue then began to explore and taste the soft folds of flesh, each parting with the firmer pressing of Emma’s tongue. She was surprised that she didn’t find it at all unpleasant, in fact, the longer that she ran her tongue over the parts offered to her, the better the taste became. 

Emma now began to enjoy what she was doing, having overcome her initial shock and revulsion, she plunged literally head first into bringing out this unknown woman’s first orgasm. Emma knew that she had hit the right spot when the woman shuddered and closed her firm, meaty thighs around her head, trapping her there as her juices flooded over Emma’s face. With Emma trying to sate her own thirst, her mouth had been dry after being gagged for so long, she surprised herself in licking up this woman’s orgasmic fluids.

Emma finally felt the woman relax her thighs around her own head, Emma knew that her orgasm had now passed and that she probably needed time to recover, but she was shocked when she felt hands on the back of her head pushing her back down against the shaved pussy of this woman, who it seemed wanted more from Emma. Her mouth was slightly numb from pressing against the flesh before her, Emma’s tongue was tired from the workout that she had been through, but now here she was getting ready for round two. 

By the third round, the woman was content to move herself away from Emma’s face, to her it seemed that the little meatgirl would never stop, it was like a machine, one that gave her great pleasure and had now worn her out. She drifted off to a pleasant sleep, leaving Emma still bound and packaged, though now without the gag in place, happy and content to stay where she was. 

Emma had started to feel very submissive to this woman, she didn’t know just what to think or feel about the situation that she currently was in, though she did feel that she had enjoyed serving her, just like her submissive self thought that she should. Emma wondered if this woman would be keeping her as her slave, she had been in this situation once before, and she hoped that this Mistress was nicer than the last one.

Eventually waking when she felt movement on the bed, Emma looked up and saw the naked female leave the bed, though from her place on the bed, it was hard to get a good look at her. Emma lay there, her thoughts drifting to what was happening with Nick and the baby, she doubted that she would be seeing them again, there was still a chance that she would end up being shoved into an oven, after all, she was still bound and bagged like she was in the store, and this woman didn’t seem to be in any hurry to release her. Emma relaxed into the soft mattress, laying her head down, her neck felt sore from being held tightly at an angle into the woman’s crotch, she could only wait for whatever fate had in store for her. 

The woman returned and picked up the bound meatgirl from the mattress, carrying her back to the kitchen table. Emma thought that soon she would be on the menu. Then Emma felt hands on her, and the cool air as the bag was cut from her body, it was sweet relief after being contained for so long, but Emma knew that once the bag was gone, she would be prepared for the oven. The woman then started to untie the ropes that held Emma’s limbs so tightly, commenting that she looked great trussed-up like this and that whoever had tied the ropes was really good at what they were doing. Which pleased Emma in some small way, as it was her Nick that had bound her.

“There, that’s the last of the ropes,” the woman said, “here let me help you sit down.” Then hands helped her from the table to a nearby chair.

“Thank you,” Emma tried to speak, but her throat was still dry from her servicing the woman.

“Sorry, let me get you some water, I bet you’re thirsty after all that,” the woman said, then handing Emma a glass.

“Thank you, I needed that,” Emma told her, after downing the whole glass.

“How about a cup of tea or coffee, if you prefer?” The woman asked Emma.

“Tea would be nice,” she replied, still wondering what was happening.

As the woman stood up, it revealed part of her body under the silk dressing gown that she now wore. Emma thought that she knew those markings, but kept quiet.

“I see that you noticed my body markings,” she said to Emma when she returned with two cups of tea.

“Yes, but…” Emma started to say.

“We share the same markings, I too was a meatgirl just like you,” remarked the woman, and then pulled aside her gown to show them to Emma. “See.”

Emma looked, slightly stunned at the markings on this woman’s skin, the now familiar barcode was in the same places that Emma had hers, the grading stamp, meatgirl registration and stock number. She had had those too, but during her pregnancy had some removed, to save her embarrassing questions as to why a meatgirl was pregnant and having Nick, the store owner's baby. She missed those, they always reminded her of her many times as nothing more than a meatgirl.

“Yes, but I had some of mine removed when I fell pregnant, I regret losing them,” Emma told her, “They were a part of me and who I am. Especially the ‘Nick’s Meatgirl’ one.”

“You can take the meatgirl out of the store, but you can’t take the meatgirl out of the girl, no matter how hard you try. Once a meatgirl, always a meatgirl. With or without the markings.” 

“It seems that way, doesn’t it,” Emma replied, still unsure what was happening here.

“Sorry, I should have told you my name, I’m Kirsty by the way.” She told Emma.

“Pleased to ‘meat’ you Kirsty, I’m Emma.” She replied, using her fingers as quotation marks. 

“I’m pleased to ‘meat’ you as well, glad that I could have you over for lunch,” Kirsty told her, repeating Emma’s actions.

“Thanks, but I’ve already eaten,” Emma joked, and they both laughed.

While they drank their hot tea, they both talked for a while about their experiences as meatgirl, how they both enjoyed being treated as nothing more than one, being bound and gagged and stored away, and it seemed that they both enjoyed the special relationship of the other meatgirls when stored away and hanging from the hooks, each rubbing their bodies against the others until they reached orgasm. The conversation continued, Kirsty found out more about what Emma had been involved with and she in turn told her of her own times as a meatgirl.

“That’s how I met my husband you know, I was sold off to him one day by mistake, the guy that I trusted to keep me safe had left me overnight in the storeroom, but had an accident on the way home that night, luckily for me I wasn’t in the trunk like I was supposed to be, but left hanging back in the storeroom. The next day another guy ran the store, but didn’t know about me and sold me off. When I was taken home by the customer, I thought that I had finally met my end, but he was sweet, he even untied me when he saw my tears, not that he intended to eat me anyway, he had some other uses for me, much more pleasurable ones.” Kirsty told Emma, “Eventually, after a lot of sex, bondage and other fun, we married, and here I am.”

“So how come I am here?” Emma asked.

“Ah, I see that you don’t know the story,” Kirsty said, “well then let me explain.”

She told me that her husband was a private detective, one that Nick had hired to find out why money had gone missing from a couple of stores that he owned. “So, after installing hidden cameras in the stores, there had to be some sort of bait from the guy to fall for, hence you being bound and delivered to the store, you were safe all the way through and Nick had said that you’d enjoy the experience anyway. All that was needed once the other meatgirls were out of the way, was a pushy customer, like me, to enter the store and offer wads of cash for a pre-packed meatgirl, insisting that I couldn’t wait. She liked to be pushy sometimes to get what she wanted, that was what got her into trouble with her meatgirl experiences in the first place.

“Then once I had handed over the cash, which he put straight in his pocket by the way, I had him carry you out to the trunk of my car. The whole affair was captured on several hidden cameras, all that was needed was to get you out of the way so that Nick could get the guy arrested for taking money from the company, not the first time it turned out, he had been fired before for doing the same thing.” Kirsty informed Emma. “I was told to take you home and entertain you.”

“Well, you certainly did that!” Emma replied, “Thank you.”

“Nick will be over once everything is taken care of,” Kirsty said, “Oh, and Nick’s sister has the baby by the way.”

Over some much-needed lunch, Emma and Kirsty revealed more about themselves, they seemed to be getting along really well, and they shared the same interests, both liked being a meatgirl and being bound and gagged, used by others and then left afterwards, after sharing their experiences both women looked a little flushed. And it was Emma who made the first move, she walked around behind Kirsty while hiding a piece of rope in her hands, quickly binding her hands behind to the chair, and then picking up the gag, she soon had Kirsty tied to the chair and helpless. Seeking out the toys that had been used on her before, Emma returned and started to play with the semi-naked body of Kirsty, teasing and eventually bringing her off to a wonderful climax.

Once Kirsty had recovered enough, Emma released her from the chair, removing the ropes and gag and leaving them on the table. But as it was getting late in the day, and the fact that Nick would soon be here to take her home, as the recent phone call told them, they both knew that they didn’t have time to play again with each other, much though they wanted to. Then Emma whispered in Kirsty’s ear…

When Nick arrived at the address, he was welcomed into the home by Kirsty, who took off his coat and bade him follow her inside. Once seated, Nick looked around for Emma, and asked, “Where is she?” Thinking that maybe she was in the toilet or something.

“Oh, she over there.” Replied Kirsty, pointing towards the oven, the light seemed to be on indicating that something was cooking inside.

“What?” Nick looked shocked, had this woman been cooking his wife all this time?

Kirsty got up and walked over to the oven, opening the door, a delightful cooking smell wafted through the kitchen, “She makes a wonderful dish, don’t you think?”

Nick sat there stunned, he still couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, it certainly smelled like she had been cooking, he wondered what this mad woman had done!”

“Hmmm, delicious…” Kirsty smiled down at Emma.

Nick finally dashed over to see the tightly bound body of Emma, resting in a pan full of gravy, with several vegetables cut and placed around her, she looked just about ready to eat.

“Could you help me serve her up?” Kirsty asked, handing some kitchen gloves to him.

“What, no…” Nick replied, “I’m not eating her.”

“But that’s what she wanted!” Kirsty replied, and grabbed the metal tray and carried it herself over to the table.

All the while Emma tried to hide the fact that she was laughing inside, they had tricked him, and it seemed that her little plan had worked, along with help from Kirsty.

“Do you want the rump?” Kirsty asked, holding a carving knife over the bound, apparently cooked body of his wife. “Or maybe you want to enjoy the more delicate parts first?” She teased.

It was then that Kirsty burst out laughing, followed shortly by the bound and gagged, ‘roasted’ Emma in her tray sitting on the table.

“Don’t worry, it’s just gravy you can smell,” Kirsty told him, “But you have to admit that she does make a very tasty-looking meatgirl.”

Once Nick had recovered from the shock, he sat at the table, grabbed a fork, and said to Kirsty, “I think breast will do to start with!” And then laughed.

Emma was finally untied and allowed to shower, when she returned to the kitchen, she thanked Kirsty for taking ‘good care’ of her, and that maybe one day soon, they could share some more stories. She told Kirsty that they had their own storeroom set up in the basement playroom, along with several displays that once were used in the stores, and that if she ever felt like it, she could come over and become another meatgirl again. Emma had visions of herself and Kirsty bound, naked and hanging from the hooks by their wrists, gently rubbing against each other's bodies, just like all good meatgirls should. She wondered if Nick would allow it, maybe she needed to work on him a little first, and she thought to herself that she needed to get her own markings back, Emma pondered if Steve could arrange for her to be processed again at the wholesalers…


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