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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; objectify; public; display; susp; naked; gag; cons; XX

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Part Thirteen


Day 4 – The first storeroom

The next morning Emma awoke from her nightmare with the familiar feeding cycle, the other meatgirls waking and starting to move their bodies against each other, the gentle moans of each meatgirl as she sought closeness, pleasure and comfort from the ones standing next to them. This is what she remembered, her many days spent hanging in the storerooms, getting and giving what pleasure that she could to the others strung up there with her. Eventually their pleasure was interrupted when one of the store workers entered the storeroom, she seemed to recall their names as Bill and Todd, but she couldn’t be quite sure. 

Emma watched as he walked directly over to where she was hanging, grabbing her over his shoulder he carried her out from the storeroom, Emma was very content to stay where she had been placed, hanging there over his shoulder just like a piece of meat. To the others they all guessed that she had just been sold and on her way out to the waiting customer, but Emma knew from previous experience that those taken out first in the morning usually ended up on display, and that was just the case here. 

Carrying the meatgirl over his shoulder, just like he had done many times before, and then walking out from the storeroom and closing the door behind him, this was just the start of another day in the meatgirl trade. Though he knew that the meatgirl that he currently had over his shoulder was something special, and he took a bit of extra care with this one. Walking back into the main part of the store, he placed the meatgirl down on the preparation table, and then went about removing the ropes binding its ankles. 

Emma felt the touch of his hand on the soft rounded globes of her rear, they seemed to linger in place and begin to gently rub against her skin, it felt nice to Emma, and she hoped that the guy handling her felt the same. She wasn’t sure which one of the guys that this was, as she had been removed from the storeroom while temporarily blinded by the light coming on, and then could only see from her position over his shoulder. Either way she didn’t mind, she was used to being touched, and liked the special closeness of the discreet ‘feeling-up’ of her body.

The moment of pleasure was short lived, as she felt herself lowered down from his shoulder and placed face down on a table, this was the preparation table that she knew and loved, and found at every store that she’d previously been kept in. Emma wriggled her body at the thought of what was about to happen to her, she usually ended up tightly trussed up and bound after being put on the table, sometimes to be delivered, while other times made ready for something else.

Emma felt as his hands grabbed her legs and then folded them back; with her lower legs finally ended up tied off to her thighs, she knew the very familiar tie, and laid there content to allow him to bind her however he wanted. Once he had completed her legs, he moved on to her wrists, re-binding them behind her back and pulling down her wrists to connect with her ankles, causing her to arch her back and lifting her head back so she could only look forwards. 

A new gag was then added, this one had straps that not only went around the back of her head like the previous gag, but also over it, with one strap that seemed to divide into two either side of her face above her nose. The harness was firmly fitted around her head, but it seemed that the main reason for the gag change was that this one had an attached ring on the back of the head harness, with the rope tied from her ankles then binding her head in place and forcing her to maintain the arch-like position that he was putting her into.

Once that part was over, she felt herself being carried over to a display stand, this was similar to the oven that she had previously experienced, only this time it looked like she was being cooked over an open fire beneath her, the lighting and flame effects looked real, but she realised that again there was no heat. Emma wondered if this was another of Susan’s designs, she had grown to like being placed in her works. 

Her reflections were interrupted when another pair of hands grabbed hold of her shoulders, while the other steadied her body on the framework. She was placed with her back to the main metal pole, with the pole beneath her taking her weight for now, they then carried on getting the display ready. Emma felt their hands adjusting her bound body, some lingering a little bit longer than needed, but she enjoyed the contact. Then several straps were fastened around her already tightly bound and packaged body, making sure that she was firmly fixed in place, she would not be going anywhere for now she thought.

Then she felt hands in between her legs, and the coldness of another pole as it made its way between her bound thighs, and then gradually press up against her sex, but the firm metal pole then stopped its journey, much to Emma’s dismay, she had hoped to be impaled on it, at least for a bit of fun and pleasure, but that was not to be. A metal cup now covered her modesty, making sure that the display didn’t fall foul of the authorities. The one up at her head did seem to fit firmly into her new gag, the solid ring holding her mouth open allowed the metal pole to intrude, but only just enough to look the part.

Emma was now finally bound to another display, though this time just like in the other stores now behind the newly blocked-out windows, this display though deemed safe enough to move out from behind the counter that she had witnessed back in Andy’s store beforehand. With the final adjustments made, she heard the click of the switch and then she felt her body start to rotate around in the display, the ‘fire’ below her with the lighting flickering and a fan blowing what looked like flames ‘cooking’ her body.

Satisfied with the new display model, they left the meatgirl slowly turning over, the machine moving gradually as its body was rotated around on the spit. Another meatgirl was then brought out and added to another display, and now that things were at last in place it was time to open the store. They had expected, with Emma again there on display, to be slightly busier than normal; they had some previous experience of the effect that Emma had on business, and it turned out that after an initial slow start business did pick up, and several of the meatgirls were sold that day.

At the end of the day the guys went about closing up and cleaning the store, they had forgotten, it seemed to Emma, that she was still bound on the display, and that was something that she found that she really enjoyed, from the very first time Nick had left her bound in the window, to now, she loved it when they treated her like she was just part of the stock, an object left on display like any other meatgirl would be. The final closing of the door and the lights going off let her know that she was indeed stuck here for the night, as the machine continued to rotate her body around over the flames beneath her.

Emma woke suddenly, the place looked unfamiliar to her, but she found that her limbs were still tightly bound, with her arms behind her back, and her legs now bent in the usual delivery position she had been in before. After checking her bindings, Emma felt something quite large, deep inside of her body, the feeling was like it had been forced inside of her, even though it felt like it was way too big to fit. 

She wondered where she was and how she got here, she recalled that she had been in the storeroom, then taken out and placed on display, had she gone back into the storeroom? She didn’t know, it was all a bit of a blur to her at the moment, her mind felt foggy, and she was disorientated. Emma thought that maybe they had sold her by mistake, or was it on purpose, something planned by Steve.

Emma managed to look around, it seemed to her that she was inside of an oven, then she noticed the heat and it felt like she was being cooked, the smell as her skin was being roasted reminded her of the pork or beef that she had cooked in her own oven. The gag in her mouth stopped her from calling out, then she realised that this was way bigger than the gags that she normally wore, and this had a taste to it, then she realised that it was an apple, it had been forced into her mouth so that she couldn’t spit it out.

The heat began to build, and she wondered how much longer she would last, surely the heat should have finished her off by now, that was what she thought happened in these circumstances, but she wasn’t sure just how long she had been cooking inside the oven, but judging by the heat she felt it must have been some time now. How had she ended up in here, she wondered?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the oven door open, the tray that her body lay in was pulled out slightly and she felt hot oil being poured over her skin, it seemed like the person who was cooking her was currently basting Emma in her own juices, which they were, to them she was just a meatgirl, Emma reasoned. She was then pushed back into the oven to cook some more, the oven door closing letting her know that she wasn’t quite ready yet.

Eventually, after some time had gone by, the oven door opened again, the air much cooler on her body after being so long inside of the oven. Emma thought that she had been well roasted by now, her skin felt very tight with the glaze covering her skin. Emma was confused, surely she should have eventually drifted off, her final thoughts would have been on the fact that she hoped that she tasted good, and that they enjoyed her as their next meal. But it seemed that she was still alive, how?

She then felt the tray she was in carried over and placed on a table, she lay there unable to move, then she heard several people walk in the room and sit down. Emma saw at the head of the table directly in front of her was Nick, her husband, and she was shocked that he seemed to accept that she had just been prepared and cooked, roasted in the oven, in fact he seemed to be very delighted, and handed his plate to whoever was behind her, then Emma felt the sharp knife cut pieces off of her rear.

Then she heard the dreaded shrill voice of Nick’s mother, “See I told you that she would end her days as someone’s dinner, and she sure looks like she will taste every bit as good as she looks.” Then she continued, “Tuck in people, there’s plenty of meat to go round, now Penny would you like breast or rump, it’s so nice that Nick has finally seen some sense and settled down with you, you’re much better than the previous one.” The carving fork in her hand prodding Emma’s behind.

“Breast for me please!” she brightly responded, and Emma felt the sharp pain as the knife went to work on her body.

Days 5-8

Waking up from her nightmare, Emma found that it was just a dream, though she was roasting, it was only on the store's current display, still bound to the pole. She settled down to another day as a meatgirl. The store workers arrived, and the next day continued like the first, with Emma slowly rotating around and catching the eye of the customer. Several had asked if they could buy that particular meatgirl on the display, but left satisfied with one from the storeroom. They had even taken to pre-packing several of the other meatgirls due to the amount of interest they were getting from having Emma on display, the machine packaged their bodies in plastic vacuum packaging, and then finally adding the cloth hood over their heads covering the last remaining visible part of the meatgirl as each was sold.

They eventually had to ring the wholesale yard to order more stock such was the demand for meatgirls, the truck arriving later that day and Emma watched from her vantage point as each new meatgirl was carried in and scanned just like she was, and then added to the stock kept in the storeroom. At one point she saw Steve come to the store to check on how things were going, seeing the sales figures he guessed that his little meatgirl on display had something to do with it. 

He ran his hands over the displayed meatgirl’s naked flesh, lingering slightly as he spoke to the two guys who ran the store, but at no time did he acknowledge the fact that it was Emma that was the meatgirl on display, to him she was just another product on display, though the slight smile that she witnessed later before he left let her know that she hoped that she was getting what she wanted, her meatgirl desires were being seen to, which Emma had to admit were beyond what she had expected. 

After Steve left the store, the workers continued to deal with the flow of customers, and again the meatgirl on the display was forgotten about, the workers kept very busy to even think about Emma. and for the customers who admired and touched the display model, this was just another meatgirl and nothing special other than it looked very delicious, one to admire and imagine what it would like served on their own table, which is just what Emma wanted. 

Finally at the close of business the following day, a whole three days since she had been put out on display, the guys reluctantly decided to remove Emma from the current presentation, though they really wanted to keep her there as business was good, and the extra money from the sales commissions that they received from the selling of the meatgirls would come in handy. But really they knew that after a couple of days on the display that the meatgirls should be rotated and rested, a fresh meatgirl would take Emma’s place the next day.

Placing Emma back in the storeroom, leaving her bound and gagged, her wrists again attached to the hook in the ceiling, they made sure that she was in close contact with the other meatgirls, they knew just what they got up to when the lights went out, and sometimes watched on camera the goings on after dark. But not tonight, once Emma had been placed inside the storeroom, they both locked up and headed home, tired but happy with the day’s trading, leaving a very contented Emma in her favorite place, slowly rubbing against the soft, warm flesh of the meatgirl next to her.

Though her dreams now seemed to always turn into something darker, Emma found herself being taken to a processing facility, her tightly bound ankles placed on a hook suspending her body upside down, her arms tied behind her back. The production line moving the meatgirls inside of the factory, Emma could see the line of meatgirls as they went closer to the dark interior. Emma again wondered how she had gotten here, she was safely back in the storeroom, how had she been taken without her realising what was going on. 

Then Emma watched as the meatgirl before her was carried into the insides of the machinery, there was a sound that sent shivers through Emma’s body, then it was her turn…


To be continued in part 13-5

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