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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f; fpov; objectify; public; display; naked; susp; transported; rope; gag; sold; piercing; feeding-tube; frottage; climax; cons; XX

Continues from

Part Thirteen


Day 51

After the long, lonely night in the holding pen, Emma found herself being carried back to Steve’s office, she didn’t want to go and tried to protest when Andy picked her up, she wanted to remain with the other meatgirls, and maybe finally end her days. But she found herself again placed in a chair, with Steve, Susan and Andy looking at her, she feeling slightly more submissive and accepting now in Steve’s presence.

Steve then spoke to Emma and started to explain what had happened while she was kept away as a meatgirl, and why she had been kept for so long. Steve explained the details of the court proceedings, “It seemed that the lawyers that Nick’s mother had hired had pictures of you on display as a meatgirl, from a couple of the stores. It looked like they were trying to keep track of where we moved you to.”

“Really, why?” Emma asked.

“Not too sure, though at one point it got quite nasty.” Steve told her.

“Nasty, how?” 

“Nick’s mother had it in for you, she and her legal team kept insisting that we produce you to the court.” Steve said, then continued, “But we couldn’t do that, because you’re now registered as a meatgirl, you have no rights, you’re just property, or in this case you would have been evidence for the court of the fact that you’ve had yourself registered again as a meatgirl.”

“And what does that mean, I am a meatgirl, I wanted that.” Emma answered.

“Yes, but if we presented you to the court, you would have been taken from us, and entered into the court system as an exhibit.” Steve told her. “We couldn’t do that.”

“Why not, I guess that my desire to be a meatgirl again has backfired on me, but why not hand me over, it would have been easy for you to do.” Emma replied.

“Of course, it would have been easier to do that, but once you’re handed over, the court then owns you and can deal with you however they want, eventually you’d have been disposed of once the case was over, and then shipped off to be processed.” Steve explained.

Emma was shocked and sat there stunned. “Why would Nick do that to me?”

“It wasn’t Nick, his mother seemed to want to get you out of the way, she seemed hell bent on making sure that you never returned to Nick again.” Steve said. 

“Nasty bitch, she’s always disliked me.” Emma swore.

“So we kept you hidden away and out of reach of the court system and her lawyers. Even though they tried to find you, and even sent the meatgirl inspectors out to try and locate you.” Steve told her. 

“Was that why I was packaged up ready for delivery?” Emma asked.

“Yes, we got word that they were coming to try to find you, so the guys packed you ready for delivery, and the inspectors only scanned the stock of meatgirls on the hooks.” Steve laughed when he told her this. “Lucky for us it bought some more time.”

“I wondered what was going on, I was expecting to be delivered, I thought maybe that somehow I had been sold, and that maybe you were finally tired of me.” Emma replied.

“I could never tire of you Emma, just know that.” Steve answered.

“So, the inspectors are still looking for me, and does the court still want me?” Emma asked.

“Well, no, not any longer.” Steve told Emma.

“Why?” Emma questioned.

“We had two options, either produce you to the court, which Nick’s mother was really pressing for as she knew what would happen to you, or we could present a bill of sale.” Steve answered.

“So, I guess I’m off to court then.” Emma asked.

“No, the court accepted the bill of sale.” Steve replied.

“I was sold?” Emma queried, “How?”

“We sold you to the convention center, and apparently you were delicious according to the people who sampled your delightful meat.” Steve laughed as he told her this.

Emma was stunned to hear this and sat there waiting for more answers.

“Look, I have a contact at the convention center, who for the right price is willing to look the other way when we deliver their order, with one or two short.” Steve smiled at Emma’s reaction to being sold. “Though he didn’t want to go to court over it, so it was lucky for us that the court accepted that you had been sold and finally consumed.”

“I feel slightly cheated.” Emma laughed, “Sold and eaten, but still here.”

“Well, we can arrange….” Steve started to say.

“No, I’m quite content to remain alive to enjoy my time as a meatgirl, thanks.” Emma chuckled, though the thought did excite her slightly.

“So, you no longer exist, you’ve been sold and enjoyed by the customers at the convention center.” Steve continued, “But that leaves us with another problem. What to do with you?”

Susan interrupted, “Yes, Steve has put himself in a bit of a pickle with trying to keep you safe, if you’re found by the authorities you and anyone involved with hiding you, or lying to the court about you being sold off, will end their days as some form of packaged meat or worse, pet food.” 

“Oh, I’m so sorry that my foolish desires have put you all in danger, I am so stupid that my obsession with being a meatgirl has led you all down this path.” Emma replied. “Maybe it would be better to be done with me, send me to be processed or packaged for the oven.”

“As much as that sounds like a delicious idea, I would like to suggest something else.” Steve told everyone.

“Go on.” Emma and Susan both replied.

“Export.” Steve exclaimed. 

“What?” Emma asked.

“We export you to another country, that way you’ll be away from the legal system and authorities here.” Steve told Emma.

“But I’d be away from everyone I know.” Emma stated, “But then I guess that you’ll be safe at least.”

“It may be the safest option.” Steve replied, then added, “In the end.”

“In the end?” Emma asked.

“Well, you’ll be safe where we send you, and I have people there to look after you when you get there, but the journey may be dangerous for you.” Steve explained.

Steve then told Emma of his idea, and what the trip would entail and that she would be packaged up along with others, then transported out of the country. But that once on the way, he would no longer be able to oversee her safety, and that they would have to trust others to make sure that she arrived at her final destination.

The words ‘final destination’ struck Emma, she suddenly realising what she had gotten herself into, the now failed marriage, her break up and losing custody and the fact that she was no longer regarded as anything other than a meatgirl, though one that had now been sold and devoured. But she knew that she had no choice, her friends had risked themselves for her and she knew that she couldn’t put them in danger for her own stupid choices.

Having agreed to what Steve had suggested, she asked that Andy and Susan let her have a final few moments with Steve before she needed to hand herself over. When they were alone, Emma apologised to Steve for all that she had put him through, and said that she never thought that it would cause this much damage to their relationships. If she could, she would make it up to Steve, and offered herself to him.

Steve thanked her for what she told him, but declined to take advantage of her at this moment. Even though he wanted to, just to comfort Emma, and not to use her for his own ends. Walking over to Emma, he hugged her, the feel of her soft, warm naked skin was nice, and reminded him why he wanted to keep Emma for himself. He would need to make some changes, but that would come later, for now the need was to keep Emma safe. 

Making sure that she was ready, Steve checked the ropes binding Emma’s wrists and ankles, then with one last kiss placed the gag back up to Emma’s willing mouth, she readily accepting the ballgag that filled her mouth. The straps now tightened just enough to keep it secure, and with one last inspection of the now bound and gagged meatgirl, he opened the office door and called for Andy.

Emma was hoisted over the strong shoulders of Andy and carried out one last time from Steve’s office, Emma wondered if she would ever see Steve again. As Andy carried the bound meatgirl through the office, the workers again carried on with their tasks, not taking too much notice of the naked, bound meatgirl in their presence. Back out in the yard Emma was placed back into the holding pen, though this time she felt like she really was nothing more than a meatgirl.

Left hanging there from the hook, with one last look from Andy she was now back where she belonged Emma thought to herself, this was her place, she deserved to be here. She wondered what her future would await her, and what the journey that lay before her would be like, and her mind turned to the possible dangers that lay ahead. It was soon quiet in the holding yards again, the workers having finished their shift had left for the day, leaving the meatgirls alone in the pens, each taking the time to seek whatever comfort that they could from those around them.

Day 52+

The following day, it was an early start for Emma’s holding pen, each one waking up to the feeding system allowing them some little liquid refreshment, then it was just hanging there waiting for the workers to start. Each meatgirl in Emma’s pen was taken out to be processed, the production line that would again scan and clean them ready to be shipped out to the waiting customer, though strangely Emma wasn’t processed like the others, instead Andy carried her out and took her over to the container that they would all soon be sharing on their journey.

“Sorry, but we can’t scan you any more, remember you’ve been sold already.” Andy explained. 

Emma nodded, looking around to see if they were alone, then smiled behind her gag.

“And we need to tag you again, I believe you remember this process.” Andy said as he held up a plastic tag and piercing gun.

Emma remembered those alright, she had wondered why they no longer used them, but recalled the first time that Steve had done this to her back when she was on display in Nick’s store.

“Sorry, but I need to add this to you, it’ll sting for a bit.” Andy explained, then after seeing that Emma was ready, applied the gun with the tag loaded to her left nipple and pulled the trigger to activate the device.

Emma winced at the pain as the tag pierce her nipple, it hurt just as much now as it did back then, but soon the pain eased and Emma relaxed, though she found that she now enjoyed some forms of pain, her days as a submissive slave at the hands of Nicky’s friend had changed her outlook, so she found it much easier to live with it.

“There, all done!” Andy told Emma. “Right, we’re about to pack you in with the other meatgirls to be exported, you still okay with this?”

Emma nodded as best that she could, she knew that she had no other option, her life here was over, more so if she stayed and put everyone else in danger. She had accepted that this was her only choice, and again nodded to let Andy know that she was ready.

Throwing the now ready meatgirl over his shoulder, Andy carried Emma over his shoulder and into the shipping container. This one was made specially to export live meatgirls to other countries, it had its own built-in feeding system and waste containment tanks, should the meatgirls need to relieve themselves on the journey. It also kept them stored at the right temperature, so that they didn’t overheat or feel too cold. But once the meatgirls were all loaded there wouldn’t be too much room inside.

Andy carried Emma inside and placed her near the back of the container alongside another meatgirl, they were the only two in there at the moment. 

“I’m placing you with Janice here, she’s like you and enjoys being a meatgirl, and if you remember you shared the night alone with her back in my storeroom.” Andy smiled as he told Emma this, then laughed, “I have the video to prove it!” 

“She will be traveling with you, you're both going to the same place, so you’ll be able to enjoy the ride.” Andy added. 

The one-sided conversation was interrupted when the other workers started to bring in the other meatgirls destined to be exported alongside Emma and now Janice. Once the meatgirls were loaded Emma saw that some of the meatgirls wore the same red tag through their nipples like her, while the others wore yellow ones. She wondered what this meant, but she guessed that she would eventually find out when they got to their destination.

Finally, every meatgirl was loaded into the container, with one final inspection of the stock inside the shipping container, the doors were closed, locked and custom sealed. Emma didn’t know this, but the doors would only be opened once they arrived at where they were being shipped to, Steve had paid the customs officer to not check the stock inside too closely, so now there was no further need to open the doors until delivery.

Emma hung there, her body tightly pressed up against Janice, who was quietly rubbing herself against the soft warm body that she found herself squashed up against. And those on either side of them were now doing the same, seeking comfort during their final journey, each knowing the fate that awaited them at the other end. The container was full and there was not much room to move, so when the thing started moving the meatgirls had little movement, each just pressed closer to the other around them. The truck that carried the container soon made it to the railway goods yard; here the transfer to the wagon happened, all unknown to the contents inside, they could just feel the motion as the container went from road to rail.

Then all went quiet for some time, just the sound of the other meatgirls mews and cries as they continued to seek pleasure from the others around them. Their ministrations were finally interrupted when the train began moving, they were finally on their way it seemed to Emma. Though she was a bit preoccupied with rubbing herself up against Janice, she had managed to turn around so that they faced each other, and had access to the more sensitive parts of their bodies, much to their mutual delight.

The journey lasted two whole days, Emma only realising by the times that the feeding system activated, hanging there in the darkness of the container, any semblance of what time of day it was outside was lost to those inside, the only thing that occupied them was both the movement of the train and their own bodies against each other, the slight swinging and swaying of the train as it continued its journey giving the contents of the container more chance to rub against those around them.

Finally the movement stopped, the final shunting of the wagons into place was the last time that the meatgirls would experience their rail journey. From here the container was moved onto another truck and driven out to the customer who was expecting the new stock to arrive. The light was very bright and blinding when the doors were finally opened, the truck had delivered them to the wholesaler in the new country, and the air felt warm on their bodies after being kept chilled for the journey.

Emma wondered where they were, she listened to try to hear what the workers were talking about, it was a language that she didn’t know, and correctly guessed that she had indeed been shipped to another country just like Steve had told her. She hoped that they knew that she and Janice were not ‘real’ meatgirls, but she guessed that she would soon be finding out. It was out of her hands now anyway, she had to accept whatever happened to her she thought.

The workers began unloading the meatgirls from the container and carrying them outside. Emma watched and tried to get a look to see where they were, but other meatgirls obscured her vision. Eventually one side of the container was finally unloaded, then Emma realised that all the meatgirls with yellow tags were now gone, leaving only those with red ones like hers inside. The doors of the container were closed again, and Emma expected that they would soon be moving again, but that didn’t happen.

The feeding cycle woke Emma up, she had managed to fall asleep, as did most of the others still inside of the container with her. The doors opening again brought some trepidation as to what would be happening to her, her dreams had again been of her being processed on a meat packing line, her body chopped up and packaged, but strangely there had been no pain and she could still manage to feel every part of her body, even though they were all packed in different containers.

The meatgirls that were closest to the doors were unloaded first, then Janice was taken and finally Emma felt herself lifted over the shoulder of a worker and she was removed from the container. It had felt safe to be inside, though she knew that it was only temporary, she had long suspected that she would be sold and processed along with the others, without Steve here to protect her, she was at the mercy of the new wholesaler, who she doubted cared about what Emma wanted or desired, she along with the others were just product to be sold, for a profit she guessed.

Emma looked around as she was carried over the shoulder as they made their way through the wholesale yards, she spotted some of the other meatgirls who still had their yellow tags in place in one holding pen, but there was no sign of those like her with red ones. She then noticed the guy walk up a ramp, then she saw the walls of the truck as she was carried inside, finally her feet felt the ground again and her bound wrists were placed over an overhead hook. Before the worker left, he gave Emma a quick feel, checking out her rounded breasts and making some comment in his own language, that Emma guessed was about how good that she would taste. 

The final act was when he placed a feeding tube in the hole of her gag, and slapped her on the rear before leaving. The doors closing behind him, sealing the meatgirls inside. Again, Emma found herself hanging there in the darkness, she wondered where Janice was, she had seen her being taken out from the container, but hadn’t caught sight of her when Emma was placed in the rear of the truck among the other meatgirls. In the dark she couldn’t see the others, but could feel those around her as they pressed themselves against her own body.

The truck moved off, the contents in the rear moving this way and that with the cornering and braking as the truck moved through the city. That eased when the truck made it to the more open roads and finally the highway. The meatgirls in the back had grown used to this by now in their long journey, they had been in a few vehicles though not as many as Emma, who was quite used to swinging, in more ways than one.

It was a surprise to find the feeding system working in the rear of the truck, the journey was much longer than Emma had ever been when being delivered, even the furthest store in Steve’s ownership was just a couple of hours, she had never spent the night inside of a truck before. But there were a couple of stops along the way, Emma didn’t know what for but guessed that the driver needed his own sustenance and wasn’t hooked up like the contents in the back. Though one was for border control, though Emma didn’t know that she’d gone from one country to another, until she got to the final destination.

The movement finally stopped, the sound of the engine ceased and Emma knew that they had arrived, but where she didn’t know. The rear doors opened to what seemed like darkness, so it must still be night Emma reasoned, she tried to look out as best that she could, but there wasn’t much to see other than old brickwork and doors. Workers soon started to remove the meatgirls from their hooks and carry them out of the truck, and soon it was Emma’s turn, as she was thrown over the workers shoulder she finally caught sight of Janice, she was near the back of the truck, much to Emma’s relief, though it would be of little comfort if they went from the truck to the frying pan.

The hands that carried Emma from the truck found their way to the softer parts between Emma’s legs, there they found that the meatgirl that they were currently carrying was quite well lubricated. Emma had been really enjoying her time in the back of the truck, and had just managed to orgasm as the doors finally opened, and she still felt herself aroused, so the fingers finding their way was welcomed by her, and was quite the distraction of what was going on around her.

The pleasurable moment was ended when Emma found herself placed into another holding pen, her wrists attached to the hook above, she was left there with the others while the rest of the contents were unloaded from the truck. Once that was done the lights went out, the workers it appeared had waited for the delivery to arrive and were now happy to be finally going home after a long day.

The next day, rather than the expected workers showing up to process the meatgirls, there were just a couple of women, they looked a bit official and entered the pen and started to scan the nipple tags that each meatgirl wore. They then left without a word, which seemed puzzling to Emma, she had never been processed by women before, the only one that had gotten close was Susan back when she processed her body for the displays.

Later, more women came in and started to remove the meatgirls from the hooks, and also unbinding the ankle ties so that each could now easily walk out of the holding pen. Then it came to Emma’s turn, the woman smiled as she unbound her ankles, the first time in a long while Emma realised that she was free to walk, and she directed Emma from the pen and over towards what looked like an office. 

Inside there were several of the meatgirls that had been delivered alongside Emma, each was sitting at a desk listening to the person on the other side of the desk. Emma was directed to sit, this was very strange Emma thought, but complied with the request. It all seemed very friendly, and more relaxed and she wondered where she was, and moreover what would be happening to her. Maybe this was just another one of her dreams, she thought.

The woman sat behind the desk and spoke to Emma, her accent was foreign, so Emma guessed that she was not used to speaking the same language as Emma, but her smile when she spoke made Emma feel welcome. This really is just a dream, and I’ll wake up at any moment inside an oven somewhere, Emma reasoned.

But as the woman spoke, she explained that Emma had been taken to a safe place, one that outlawed the sale and processing of meatgirls, and that the only processing that she would be getting today was the rehabilitation of her rights as a human female. Emma was told that all of the meatgirls that had arrived today would be processed and given identity documents, then they would be taken to a hostel where they would be given accommodation and proper food, though that may take some time in Emma’s case as she had lived for so long on the liquid diet, she would need to take her time with solid food.

“How did you know?” Emma asked.

“Steve told us. He arranged the safe passage for you and the others to escape your fate in your own country, we have put in place a way for some meatgirls to find safety here.” She told her.

“Steve?” Emma queried.

“Yes, although he runs the meatgirl processing in your part of the country, from auctions to wholesale, and even processing, he does so because the government makes the regulations for it to happen, and he has to comply. To make up for that he provides an escape for certain, deserving girls to regain their freedom in a new country.” 

“Certain girls?” Emma asked, “Who?”

“Those that deserve a second chance, who haven’t committed any crimes other than being poor or made to turn themselves into meatgirls.” She told Emma. “But I have to warn you, while our government accepts you, make a mistake here and you not only jeopardise the program but you will be shipped back to be processed in their factory.”

“Oh, I guess that’s fair.” Emma responded, shocked by the warning.

Emma was then processed and given some new paperwork that allowed her to remain in the country. “These are your identity papers, you’ll need them if the authorities ask, so don’t lose them.”

“Okay, thanks.” Emma replied as she looked at the official looking document.

“Now that’s out of the way, let’s get you dressed and over to the hostel. You’ll have to share a room if that’s okay?” 

“Could I share it with Janice?” Emma asked, pointing over at her fellow former meatgirl.

“I guess that will be okay, but it’s up to the hostel, just ask when you get there.” She was told.

Emma followed the woman out, her naked body looked out of place now with the other woman dressed in what she guessed was her uniform. She felt slightly submissive following her while she was still naked, and it brought back some pleasant feelings and memories from her past. But they soon reached another room; here Emma was given a dress to wear. It felt odd to finally be wearing something again after so long.

With everyone finally ready, the group of former meatgirls were led out to a waiting bus, each one entered and sat down, again this was very strange to them all, not used to such treatment. The bus moved off and took them to a couple of different hostels, Emma and Janice eventually stepped off the bus and into their new life together, it seemed that their past was finally behind them.

Months later, with Emma and Janice now sharing an apartment, both had jobs that they seemed to enjoy, but it had taken some time for them to adjust, not only to the new country and different rules, but also to their new life together. Even with their markings still in place people didn’t seem to notice, and it was only when one of the former meatgirls went out without her hair did anybody seem to notice, and most just accepted them as part of their community.

Emma returned from work back to the home that she shared with Janice, as she walked in she thought that she heard a familiar voice, and when she entered the kitchen she saw Steve standing there. Emma was shocked and surprised to find him here, this was totally unexpected, and she rushed over to give him a welcoming hug. Though she had grown to accept and love her new found relationship with Janice, she still had fond memories of her times with Steve.

Once he was able to disentangle himself from Emma’s grasp, he took her by the hand and led her out from the kitchen, closely followed by Janice, who knew what was about to happen. Steve took Emma into the lounge room, and there Emma saw Nick’s sister Donna, the last person that ever expected to see sitting there. But what she held in her arms was what shocked and surprised Emma the most, it was Emma’s baby, she hadn’t seen her since Nick took her away on vacation, however long ago that was.

But here she was with Donna, Emma didn’t know what to do at that moment and it took Donna persuading her to finally get Emma to take the baby in her arms again, and that it was okay. Emma broke down in tears and hugged her baby, one that she thought that she would never see again. The how, why’s and whatever’s could wait for now, she just wanted to enjoy this moment.

Steve finally started to let Emma know the whole story, with Donna’s help they had managed to get the baby out of the country and away from Nick and Donna’s mother, who had taken over keeping the child from Nick, who now seemed to be missing somewhere, without a trace it seems. Emma wondered if Steve had anything to do with that but didn’t want to know the truth, she trusted Steve with her life. So they had brought the baby to the one person who deserved to care and love like no other can than her mother. Donna explained that she too had moved here and would still be close by to offer her help, if Emma needed it.

Emma thanked them both, still unsure if this was real, the whole thing didn’t feel like it would ever happen, she had not expected this from Steve, and from Donna. It took a while for Emma to finally realise that she was indeed reunited with her child, and that no one could take her from her again, that she was sure of, as Steve explained that there was no legal way for that to happen, now that she was free in another country.

Later Steve sat with both Janice and Emma, while Donna put the baby to bed, they could finally talk alone. Steve told them both that he would be moving here too, he had bought a house big enough for the three of them to live. He also revealed to Emma that Janice had been in a submissive relationship with himself for a while, and that she wanted to move in when the house was ready, all that was needed was for Emma to join them.

Slightly shocked, but Emma figured that there was more to Janice, she felt the same way that Emma did, her submissive side showing through on a number of occasions, but with Emma also being a submissive person there was no way that either could act against the other. And Emma always felt very submissive when Steve was around, she guessed that Janice did too. And she thought that her current relationship with Janice could only get better with Steve around to be their dominant partner, something that felt missing between the pair, and keeping them both out of trouble.


With both Janice and Emma now moved in with Steve, the basement now resembled more of a dungeon and playroom for them to play in. Several of the displays from the stores had made their way across the border, and were installed down in the basement, with Emma currently enjoying herself tightly trussed up by Steve and placed on the display, slowly rotating around inside the large oven that Susan had made for her to be displayed in.

Donna was currently taking care of the baby, while Steve, Emma and Janice were enjoying some quality meatgirl time down in the basement. Janice was bound, naked and gagged, bent over a bondage bench with Steve paddling her rear, soon to be followed by him using her for their mutual pleasure. With Emma catching the occasional glimpse of them both as she revolved around in the confined space that she currently occupied.

Life was good for Emma now, she felt that she had finally found her place.



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