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How I Became Just Another Meatgirl

by Gromet

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(Again no meatgirl was harmed in the making of this story, it is more about being a product than the actual process of dealing with the meatgirls - if being treated as an object offends you then please don’t read this story).

Part Two

Well if you think that after my close encounter as part of the stock of meatgirls previously would have put me off from ever trying it again, you’d be wrong. Maybe the strange desire to be kept as one of them, an object to be stored away until sold, would eventually lead to my own demise, and the fact that I came close to that should have dampened my enthusiasm, well it certainly dampened other parts at the thought of me being sold as a meatgirl. But the desires remained and though Ollie, my husband, was very reluctant to put me in harm's way again, he really didn’t have much say in the matter.

After a brief break, I was back to my old mischievous self and encouraged him to punish his very naughty meatgirl in whatever way that he wanted to. Naked, bound, gagged and held down over his lap while being spanked brought great joy to me, this was my place, and I wanted, no, deserved to be punished for making him do what he did to me. Later, feeling well used and sated by him, I would lay there dreaming that I was soon to be taken back down to the storeroom, where I would remain as part of the stock.

Though it wasn’t to be, Ollie was reluctant to go quite that far again, what had happened had scared him and while he was content to keep me bound, gagged and stored away in my very own storeroom, well the cupboard in the spare bedroom, and available for his own needs, it didn’t quite scratch that itch that I got from being kept as just another meatgirl. No amount of begging or pleading, or oral sex, got me what I wanted, I would have to be content with what I have I guess, or would I?

Well, you just can’t keep a ‘bad’ meatgirl down, we have ways and means of getting what we want, so after making sure that I’d worn him out, and that he was contented and asleep after some very good sex I must admit, and as usual he would basically pass out, leaving me sometimes to finish myself off, bring out another climax or just roll over and sleep, but not this time. Making sure not to wake him, I quietly left the bed and still naked walked out of the room, with a quick pit-stop in the bathroom to clean up, I then headed downstairs to the shop.

Here I found some of the rope used on the meatgirls, and me, and bending down started to tie my ankles together, though binding my ankles outside of the storeroom would mean that I would struggle to walk, but I knew that once inside the storeroom the other meatgirls would be listening and wondering what was going on, and I didn’t want to give myself away, even though I would be placing myself inside with them. Plus once the storeroom door closed behind me the light would go out, leaving me in total darkness, and trying to tie myself up would be much harder.

Satisfied with the ropes around my ankles, I grabbed the gag next, pushing the ball into my open mouth. The familiar feel of the round solid object was wonderful, my arousal building knowing that I was being very wicked at this moment. Once the straps were tightly fastened I moved on to the rope needed to bind my wrists, making a couple of loops as I had seen on the internet on self-bondage, I soon had one wrist inserted, with the other to follow shortly thereafter. With a pull the rope tightened around my wrists, I could still reverse this and get free at this point, but once inside I would be stuck.

Reaching for the door to the storeroom, my heart fluttering at the prospect of what I was doing, my husband blissfully asleep upstairs would have no idea where I was, or what I had done to myself, and I wondered when he would find out. Putting out any negative thoughts about what could possibly go wrong, I pulled on the latch to the storeroom door, the lock clicked and the door opened. Inside the light came on and I could see the other meatgirls hanging there from their wrists, the rope holding them all in place. They still wore the cloth hoods on their heads, apparently, that’s how they are sold now, some people had complained about seeing the eyes of the meatgirls as they got them ready put them off, so the hoods remained, I guess even after they were prepared and stuffed, but I didn’t want to linger on that thought.

I needed to get a move on otherwise I may be discovered in the act, and he would put a stop to what I wanted to do. But thankfully I had made it into the storeroom, now all I had to do was find a spare hook and get myself in place. Taking note of where there was currently a gap among the meatgirls, I knew that was where I was going to place myself. Getting the last things I needed while the light was still on, I grabbed the tool that applied the tag, holding it with shaking hands I placed it over my left nipple and pressed the trigger, the pain was just like last time, and I instantly regretted doing it, but I knew that I needed it to be like one of them.

Placing the tool down I picked up one of the cloth bags that hooded the meatgirls now, along with the plastic fastener to hold it in place around my neck. In my eagerness to get myself in place not worrying or forgetting what else was needed, I pulled the hood on the top of my head ready to pull into place. Now set and ready, I noted again where I was going to go, and then pulled on the door to the storeroom, closing it behind me. My stomach felt full of butterflies at this point, I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Now in the darkness of the storeroom, I hobbled over to where the hook awaited my bound wrists, I accidentally bumped into one of the meatgirls causing her to grunt in surprise, I had slightly misjudged where I was, but I eventually found my spot, moving myself into place between two other meatgirls, I wondered what they thought was happening here, but I wanted to press on and needed to be in place before I was possibly discovered.

Reaching up with my hands I brought the cloth bag down over my face and enclosed my head, pulling it down to my neck and then running the fastener around, threading it through one end and then pulling it closed, I was now sealed away inside the hood with my face and more importantly my hair hidden. With everything now done all I had to do was reach up above me and find the hook, my mind was currently trying to contradict my own desires and needs, did I really want to go through with this, or was I taking this too far, and would I be found before the store opened, I knew that I shouldn’t take things this far, but I had a need that required attention, and this was the only way I could currently achieve that.

With my hands shaking I reached up above me, finding the hook this was my last chance to stop, but my desires overtook any caution, and finding the hook I stood on tiptoes and placed the rope over the hook, the clip opened and the rope binding my wrists slipped in, the sound of the clip closing letting me know that my last chance of freedom was now gone, the ropes seemed to taunt me as well, tightening as I hung there from the hook, I truly was now just another meatgirl, stored away as part of the stock, no one knew where I was and what I had done to myself.

Now that the light was off, the meatgirls were back in total darkness, whatever had just happened and why there was a new meatgirl in their midst didn’t seem to concern them that much, not that they could express any opinion on the matter, being bound and gagged just like me. But once they knew that the door was closed, they began their previous activities again, their little erotic dance that they did to comfort and amuse themselves in their final days. I was now just another warm body to caress their own body up against, the rhythmic movements of their bodies gently rubbing against each other, something that I had enjoyed and willingly took part in, lost in the total bliss of it all.

I guess that it was a few hours later that the light suddenly came on again inside the storeroom. I thought that maybe the shop had opened and that I may be the next one to be sold, but it turned out that Ollie had woken from his sound sleep and found the bed empty. He had looked for me upstairs but couldn’t find me, after having eliminated our apartment, the only other place would be downstairs in the shop he figured. But even he was confused when he first looked inside the storeroom, the light came on to display hanging there was just a row of meatgirls, all naked, bound and hooded waiting to be sold. He hadn’t seen me hanging there among them, so closed the door and went back upstairs to check again.

Eventually, he returned back to the shop, checking again that I wasn’t there, he opened the storeroom door causing the lights to come back on and stopping the meatgirls in their little erotic dance, I was so close at this point to achieving my orgasm, but with him interrupting the meatgirls while admittedly looking for me, he had stopped me from reaching that final plateau. Now he decided to look closer at the stock that he had there in the storeroom. His hands inspected each meatgirl as they hung there, checking that their feeding tubes were still in place. like he did when he locked up each night.

Then his hands reached my own body, and the familiar touch of his roughness against my own soft flesh felt delicious, though I tried not to move or give myself away, I was so close to finishing that I wanted desperately to remain in place. It was then that he noticed that I had missed the feeding tube, and I heard him say, “What the…?” Of course, I couldn’t reply or let him know that I was here among the other meatgirls, to give away the fact that I wasn’t like them by speaking, even through my gag to him, it was a rule I guess that I had not to speak with the other meatgirls around.

His hands began to explore my body, bound and hanging there. It was currently beyond my control to stop him, not that I wanted to, it did feel nice to be touched up by him. However, I did wonder if he knew it was me and not just another meatgirl that he was feeling up. His fingers reached down between my legs and found my sweet spot. He could feel the wetness down there and knew from experience that I was very aroused by what I was doing. His fingers continued to play with me for a short while, teasing me by playing with the soft folds of my pussy, his fingers running around my little hard nub with no words spoken between us, it felt strange to be used like this, strange but very delectable.

But if I thought that he would finish off what the meatgirls had started I was to be mistaken, just as I was about to begin my climax his fingers were withdrawn leaving me humping my crotch in the air, and denying me that final step. He stepped away and returned shortly after. I felt the cold press of the grading stamp on my rear, another thing I had missed in my rush to get myself in place. Then reaching up he attached the feeding tube to my gag and with a quick slap on my rear, left me in place, the final act from him was closing the door to the storeroom behind him, leaving me bound, naked and in total darkness as just another meatgirl.

The familiar taste of the feeding tube starting in the morning gave the meatgirls their wake-up call and also their sustenance for the moment, each one waking to the realisation that another day had arrived and that maybe this was their last day, the store would be open soon and the customers would be coming in. When I tasted the fluid on my tongue I woke up, though I had only managed to slumber, half-sleep throughout the rest of the night, there were too many questions running through my mind for me to sleep peacefully, after he had found me why did he still leave me here, was I now part of the stock, did he really know that it was me in here and not just another meatgirl.

There was no way for me to answer those questions and the others that I had run through my head last night, it did seem strange that he had left me here, I had expected that he would have been angry that I had placed myself in here and that he would have taken me back upstairs for a very stern lecture on just how stupid and dangerous was the stunt that I had performed. But it hadn’t happened, he had just left me here after adding the feeding tube, was he leaving me here, had he given up on me and decided to grant my wish to become a meatgirl.

The door to the storeroom finally opened and I thought that the shop was now open and that I would remain here until sold, but then a pair of rough hands grabbed me and lifted me free from the hook, I thought at that moment I was on my way to a customer, I was crudely thrown over the shoulder like a side of meat, and then carried from the storeroom. I heard the door closing and then felt the person carrying me walk out towards the shop, placing me down on a bench top and leaving me there. I could hear sounds of movement in the shop but didn’t know who was there, so I couldn’t give myself away, even though from my point of view I thought that I was about to be sold.

Did I really want this? Would I go through with the final act?

After a short while, I again felt rough male hands on my body. I was again lifted up and thrown over their shoulder, thinking that I was on my way to the customer's vehicle. I didn’t know what was going on, but felt highly aroused at this point. If whoever was carrying me decided to check they would find the slight stickiness between my thighs, my sex was currently tingling, even twitching at this point, I knew that I would explode given just the right touch at this moment, it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge.

The person carrying me hadn’t spoken, so I was still clueless as to who it was, it could have been one of the store workers, maybe Matt who seemed to work here more often these days, I wonder if he knew that the thing that he carried over his shoulder was, in fact, Ollie’s wife. But then the person carrying me started to walk up the stairs to our apartment above the shop, so then I knew that the person carrying me was my husband, no one else would come upstairs as they had their own facilities down in the shop.

But if I thought that I would be facing the music for my actions I was to be mistaken, I was carried into the spare bedroom, and again without speaking I was placed on the ground, my arms were quickly held and pulled up above my head, the feel of the cold metal hook again holding my limbs in place. The door to the cupboard closing let me know that I was going to remain there until my husband decided otherwise. I would remain naked, bound, gagged and hooded, stored away in the spare bedroom cupboard for the rest of the day.

Only later, after the shop had closed, did Ollie come up and take my bound body down from the storage hook, but he didn’t untie me or remove the hood or gag, but he carried me over to the bed and pushed me down. I fell forward until my body found the mattress under me, and then ropes were attached to the ones holding my limbs until I was stretched out on the bed, face-down and available for him to use me. I was looking forward to him taking me for his pleasure, I thought that in some way that it would take out any anger that he may have had for what I had done.

But no that wasn’t the case, I was left there and finally heard the door closing, he had left me here and gone to the kitchen and then to the lounge to ‘cool off’ he later told me. In the meantime, I remained where I was wondering what was going on. Later I would find out, I was woken by the sound of the door opening, somehow I had managed to fall asleep, and I was soon wide awake with what came next. The first slap shocked me, it was shortly followed by several others, though this wasn’t his hand it was something else, unlike his hand it was solid and much more painful and intense, he had brought with him a paddle, where it had come from I had no idea, but it hurt. Well at first, the initial stinging slowly began to turn into something surprisingly different, the warmth of my rear spreading outwards and down between my thighs, finding the luscious spot there and sending exquisite signals to my brain.

The slaps stopped before I could finally adjust the feelings of pain to more pleasurable ones, then I heard the familiar sound of clothing being removed and then a naked male body climbed onto the bed next to mine. The feel of his rough hands on my skin sent wonderful sensations throughout my body, though this was meant to be my punishment, he couldn’t resist seeing my naked body lying there available for him to use. Soon I felt him adjust himself on the bed and climb on top of me, the weight of him pressing me deeper into the mattress and I waited eagerly for what was coming next.

The feel of his now very hard member rubbed against my soft rear cheeks, then fall into the cleft between my buttocks, seeking out the object of his desire, his missile finding the right target, he pushed himself against the weak defences that he found, they giving way to the inevitable and allowing him access to my rear again. The initial pain of entry giving way to the pleasurable feeling of having him using me there, submissively I writhed underneath him, though bound as I was I had very limited movement, more so with his whole body weight on top of mine.

He slowly took me for his own pleasure, then just when I thought that he’d pull out, he again began the slow delightful build-up of taking me again, if this was punishment then I would have to misbehave more. When he finally finished using me I again thought that I would soon be free, by now I guess that I’d been bound and gagged for nearly 24 hours, it must be late evening by now or even bedtime. He moved off of my body, his hand again touching me, rubbing against my skin, it felt nice to be touched by him, and I enjoyed the brief moment of tenderness.

But with a slap to my rear, he climbed off of the bed and walked out of the room, leaving me bound where I was, still gagged and wearing the hood that I had put on myself. He hadn’t even thrown a blanket over me like before, I had just been punished and used by him, and then left tightly bound to the bed. I remained there until the next morning when he came in and used me again, my rear still slightly sore from the paddle and being used by him last night, but it fed my subservient side who delighted in being ravished like this.

Only when he was done did he untie me from the bed, my urgent need for the bathroom overcoming any chance of currently speaking to him. When I finally emerged from relieving my bladder I found the apartment empty, he had gone down to the shop and started his day. I guess that we would be talking about my misdemeanours later that day, something that I wasn’t looking forward to, but I knew that I had to clear the air and take whatever punishment he decided I needed.

But it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined, while he had been very angry at what I had done, especially without his knowledge, he could see that I still had my desires and appetites, even after the incident with the storeroom and what happened at the other shop hadn’t appeared to dull my inclinations. We agreed that if I wanted to go down to the storeroom, it could only happen at the weekends, and that I needed to let him know if I was going to place myself down there. With a clear set of rules laid out, I could now indulge my fantasies and desires without guilt.

The following weekend I found myself bound by his hands and carried over his shoulder down to the storeroom again, where he placed my bound wrists on the hook, the hood and gag in place, and connected to the feeding system, the tag attached again to my poor nipple making me aware that I was again part of the stock. Once done he left me there with the other meatgirls for the rest of the weekend, totally ignoring me and only taking me out on the Monday morning just before the shop opened again for business.

My play times increased, I either bound myself in place for him to find me later, or he would use me upstairs before bringing my bound body down and placing me away in the storeroom. My weekends are often taken up by my desires to be kept and stored away. I think it was the element of danger, I was here among the other meatgirls, naked, bound and hooded just like they were, if something happened then no one would know where to find me, to anyone looking into the storeroom I was just another meatgirl, part of the stock waiting for the customer. This was so much more different from being bound and stored away in the spare room upstairs, plus I had the added attraction of the other meatgirls to keep me entertained, which was very good.

As usual, I do tend to take things a bit further and bend the rules slightly to get my own way, so Friday evening became part of the weekend in my eyes, yes the shop would be open for Saturday morning but it was just Ollie running it on those days, so I felt safe to try it. So, after leaving my sleeping partner in bed, I walked naked again down the stairs. I already had the ropes and other stuff needed for my pleasure time in the storeroom. indulging my fantasies and desires. Though now I was able to enter the storeroom and then start binding my limbs, having done this a few times, I had my routine mastered.

Closing the door behind me caused the storeroom to plunge back into the comfortable darkness that I knew and loved. Bending over I ran the ropes around my ankles, binding them together, after that placing the gag into my mouth, my saliva building in anticipation of what was to come. The hood came next, tightening the fastener around my neck, sealing me off from the rest of the world, leaving me anonymous and finally the ropes around my wrists. But first, the tag for my nipple, by now having worn it so many times I had made a piercing, which I kept open with a nipple ring, much to my husband's amusement, so I could now just slip the tag in place without the need for the machine, or the moment of pain.

Now done, I moved over to find a spare hook to hang my wrists from, making sure that the loops were in place. I reached up and found my goal, slipping the rope between my wrists over and hearing the clip closing, letting me know that I was now secured in place. I guess, if I wanted to, not that I did, I could reach up and release myself, and I gave it a try just out of curiosity and found that I couldn’t, the clip locked my wrists in place, the release button was just out of my reach, so even if I should ever want to get myself free, once bound in place I couldn’t, I would have to remain in place until I was found, or sold.

I’d also remembered this time to attach the feeding tube to my gag, the small hole in the cloth hood allowed the ball gag spout for feeding to poke through, with the tube attached not only would I get some liquids, but I could also now judge how long I had been kept locked away in the storeroom with the other meatgirls. There were three feeds a day, morning, midday and evening, with the midday one being slightly shorter, the other two being longer let me and the other meatgirls know that either our day was starting or ending.

Now bound, gagged and in place I settled down for another night of meatgirl delights, it wasn’t long after I had put myself in place that the erotic dance started. Rubbing myself up against the warm female body in front of me brought wonderful sensations tingling throughout my body, sending signals to various parts of my sexual anatomy, my arousal building as the dance continued. Even better when there was another meatgirl behind me, sandwiched between two writhing bodies was heaven in my book. The rest of the night was spent in delightful bliss, the intense waves of pleasure when I finally came running through my entire being, leaving me thoroughly spent.

Waking up in the morning just as the feeding cycle started, I judged that I had spent the entire night in the storeroom. Had Ollie not realised that I was here? The light came on, letting the meatgirls and myself know that someone was in the storeroom with them, and one or two of them would soon be on their way out. I thought that Ollie had finally come down to look for me, maybe he had woken up, realised where I was and left me, knowing that I was safe and secure, locked away inside the storeroom. But then I heard another voice.

“Morning meatgirls, welcome to another day,” he said.

Listening as he moved about the storeroom, getting things ready for the shop to open, judging by the sound of his voice I guessed that this was Matt, one of the workers, why was he here on a Saturday morning I wondered. And where was Ollie, my husband, and the only one who knew that I wasn’t really just another meatgirl and part of the stock. There was nothing that I could do at this moment, to him I would be just another naked meatgirl waiting to be sold, somehow I found this highly arousing, my nipples rising to the cool air inside the storeroom, and my sex started tingling, the dampness down there inflaming my lustful desires.

Just as I was fantasising that his rough, firm hands were grabbing me from my hook, and throwing me over his strong shoulder, carrying me out to the waiting customer, then throwing me down on the preparation table to be rebound for purchase, my dream was shattered by the sound of Ollie’s voice.

“Sorry Matt, I slept in,” he said.

“Long night, hey, that missus of yours’ wearing you out?” Matt replied, and they both laughed.

“Something like that. Anyway thanks for getting things ready, I know that it’s your first day opening the shop, and I was supposed to be here at the start of things to show you what to do.” Ollie said to him.

“Not a problem, I’m here to learn, thanks for the extra hours, I really need to get some more, so taking over Saturday morning for you helps me a lot,” Matt told him in reply.

“Well, I figured that I should get out more, do some fishing and golf, and enjoy myself while knowing that the shop is in safe hands,” Ollie said.

“Great idea, you should come out with me one day when I take the boat out, plenty of fish out there,” Matt replied.

“Sounds like a plan, I see that everything is ready, time to open the shop, you open the door while I just check on something in here,” Ollie told him.

The sound of footsteps leaving let me know that I was now alone with my husband, well alone with the other meatgirls that is. I followed the sound of his footsteps as he inspected each meatgirl, making sure that everything was right with them, the feeding tube attached, the nipple tags in place and their bindings remained secure. Working along the line he eventually got to where I was hanging, his rough hands touching my skin, I felt him pulling on the tag, slightly stretching out my nipple, teasing me and causing me to wince in pain.

“Mmm, just as I suspected.” I heard him say, “Not marked or graded.”

Then the cold press of the rubber stamps slapped my rear, leaving their indelible mark to let whomever know that I was of acceptable quality and had passed my meat inspection.

“There, all done,” he said with a slap on my rear.

I would have thought that he would have taken me out of the storeroom now that the shop was open, and that another person was working in the shop, but it wasn’t to be, I guess that it would be strange with him carrying a meatgirl upstairs with someone else in the shop. The only choice that he had was to leave me here, I wondered if he would let Matt know about me, would he give me away or would I be left as the others and possibly sold. My thoughts were interrupted again when he returned.

Then I felt something pressed against my right breast, the hand lingering and gently rubbing me there, something was being put in place, and I wondered what was going on. Apparently, it was a sold sticker that my husband had put on me, unable to take me back upstairs, he had to leave me in place, but with the sold sticker he knew that Matt wouldn’t touch or attempt to sell me to one of the customers. The storeroom door closed, letting me know that I was staying here.

The day continued, the shop usually only stayed open for the morning, so I figured that I would be taken out in the afternoon, either to face my punishment or be used by my husband for his own pleasure, either way, suited me. But today they were trying out some extended hours, so it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that they finally closed the shop, the last meatgirl for the day had been sold, and at one point during the day Matt had come into the storeroom, his hands grabbing me around my waist before he attempted to lift me free of the hook, them spotting the sold sticker, he released me and picked the one behind me.

It felt that my time had come and that I was on my way to my final outcome, though his firm hands did feel good around my waist, strong and powerful, I felt like putty for that brief moment, he could do whatever he wanted to me, I was his for the taking. Of course, I felt disappointed when he spotted the sticker and moved on to the next meatgirl, though I guess that I should have been relieved that I had been spared, and I got to enjoy another one of my fantasies.

The sound of the storeroom door locking let me know that I was going to remain here for however long Ollie wanted me to, he was leaving me in the storeroom, maybe as punishment for my misdeeds, but I wouldn’t see it like that, to me he was indulging me in my desires, leaving me to stew and satisfy my cravings to be just another meatgirl, hanging by her wrists and stored away until needed. The evening feeding let me know that the day was over, and maybe I would remain here for the rest of the night, I certainly hoped so.

It was late on Sunday that he finally came down to retrieve me from the storeroom, throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me upstairs. But the bondage I had applied remained in place until Monday, he had other uses for me and my trussed-up body, and I soon found myself dropped face-down on a bed and ropes attached to the ones binding my limbs, he tightened the ropes stretching me on the bed, I was now stuck and loving every minute of what he was doing to me.

Of course, you all know what came next, well he did several times, and mostly in my rear, but I was denied the chance to orgasm myself, and it satisfied me that my needs and yearnings were being dismissed by him, any chance of achieving anything close to a climax were dashed, either by him stopping what he was doing or slapping my rear with either his hand or more often than not, the leather paddle that he had bought to punish me with previously.

So that’s how Friday is now part of the weekend in our house, if not trussed up by him, I would take myself down to the storeroom and fulfil my own needs, remembering now to add the sold sticker to my preparations, unless I wanted myself sold Ollie had told me, which while I may fantasies about, in reality, when my urges have been met, I didn’t want to end my days as someone’s next meal, which relieved him.

Ollie entrusted Matt with more responsibilities, leaving him to open the shop and run it on his own on Saturdays, even with me as part of the stock, trussed up and naked for him to see, though in his eyes I was just another meatgirl, he knew with the sold sticker that I wasn’t available and grabbed another from the row. Ollie would now feel free to leave me in place while he went off to play golf or do some fishing, stuff that he knew that I didn’t like and he would normally feel slightly guilty about leaving me at home alone, especially on the weekends, as I worked during the week as did he, but he knew that I would be enjoying my time in the storeroom, and getting a thrill from having someone else treating me the way that I longed for.

Then one evening during the week I found myself being tied up by my husband, which always leads to a good time, so I relaxed and let him bind me. First, my wrists in front, this generally led to me either face down on the bed or hanging from a hook somewhere, shortly followed by my ankles being tied. I was naked of course, my natural state these days at home, clothes just feel so restrictive, and sometimes irritating, so I generally walk around naked after getting home from work, not that he objected to seeing me this way. Then came the gag, I noticed that this one was from downstairs, and wondered what was going on, upstairs we usually had another ball gag that I wore when tied up by him.

He then pulled a cloth bag over my head, and I felt his hands fastening the zip-ties closed holding it in place. It seemed that he was getting me ready to place on the hook in our spare room, or maybe, I just hoped, that I would soon be downstairs as part of the stock, just another meatgirl in her place, but this was Thursday, we don’t do that, either because I will be working in the morning and the gag marks are a bit too obvious, or because there may be one of the other workers down in the shop, though with the sold sticker we had managed to get away with that before.

Hoisting my bound body over his shoulder, I was taken from the room and we headed downstairs. I was right, he was going to add me with the others, it seemed; very strange for this part of the week. Each footstep down the stairs resounding through my body, my breasts rubbing against the rear of his shirt, causing my nipples to become erect, well more so, after being prepared and bound by his hands, you can’t keep a fired-up meatgirl down, this set off every part of my being.

Reaching the base of the stairs he turned and headed to the storeroom, he hadn’t spoken about what he was doing, he had just bound and gagged me before carting me off down the stairs, it made me really feel like an object, something to be used, handled, a product to be dealt with. It rang all of my kinks, and I guess that he knew that already, that was why he was treating me this way. Finally, when my feet touched the ground outside of the storeroom, did he finally reveal his plan.

“I’m off fishing with Matt on his boat tomorrow, maybe we’ll be away for a couple of days, depending on how much fish we catch or how the weather holds out.” He told me, “So I thought that I’d put you out of harm's way, knowing just how much you enjoy this, I thought that I’d give you some extra time to indulge yourself. Plus I know that you’ll only do this to yourself anyway when you get home tomorrow, so I’ll beat you to it and bind you myself, knowing that you’ll be safe and secure.”

It seems that he knows me too well, and yes I would have placed myself inside the storeroom when I got back from work, knowing that he was away and I could spend some much-needed quality time indulging my fantasies and curing any itches that would build up with me bound, gagged and stored away.

“Don’t worry about work, I’ve called them and told them that you’re currently incapacitated, which given your present state I guess is true.” he laughed. “Oh, and I’m not letting you know if the shop will be open or not tomorrow, I want you to stew the night away wondering if someone else will be running the shop in my absence.”

With another laugh, he added, “Maybe they might even sell you.”

With those words he grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder again and carted me into the storeroom, the light coming on as we entered stopped the other meatgirls doing what they do, knowing that someone was in the room with them. Taking me over to a spare hook he then placed me down and held my wrists above my head until the hook captured the ropes binding them. Adding the feeding tube to my gag, then leaving me momentarily, he returned with the tag, then after he had placed it through my left nipple, pressed the stamps on my rear, leaving their mark on my carcass. Finally rubbing the sold sticker on my right breast, this was where he was going to leave me while he enjoyed his fishing trip. I would have to thank him later.

The night was spent in total bliss, rubbing myself against the other soft, warm bodies, our erotic dance lasted for some time, and eventually worn out by our exertions we all finally drifted off to sleep. Until I was woken up in the morning by the feeding tubes, letting us know that another day was about to start, I wondered if the shop would be opening today, he had teased me last night when he left me here, I guess that I would find out. Would he take the chance that I could be sold, either by mistake or otherwise, I wasn’t sure.

The sound of the storeroom door opening finally let me know, yes the shop was open for business, and he had left me here as part of the stock. To the worker, I would remain as just another meatgirl, though with the sold sticker I hoped that he wouldn’t use me. Though it seemed that today was a quiet day in the shop, there was only one meatgirl taken out during the day and the worker, whoever it was, didn't come anywhere near me; maybe he had seen my sold sticker, but I didn’t know.

Just before the day ended he came in to do the last check on the stock, his hands examining each meatgirl, lingering as he made sure that the feeding tubes were in place. When it came to my turn, I felt the warmth of his hands on my breasts, checking the tag hanging there and then rubbing the sold sticker back in place. It had started to come off with me sweating during my playtime with the other meatgirls. I wondered what would happen if it fell off one night, maybe I should mention to Ollie that some stronger glue was required. Or maybe not, the devil on my shoulder suggested.

As I was lost in my own thoughts, his hands felt nice touching me, I had visions of the guy taking me out of the storeroom, maybe abusing this poor meatgirl before placing her back after he’d taken his own pleasure from her. After all, I’m just another meatgirl in his eyes, he could just use me and dump me back in the storeroom, no one would be any the wiser, the meatgirl that he’d used couldn’t complain. But that dream was denied me, as he moved on to the other meatgirls, finally, he was done and the door closed, the sound of the lock letting me know that I was to remain here for another long and entertaining night.

The feeding tube on Saturday morning let me know that the night was over, the shop would be opening soon, and I wondered if it would be the same guy as yesterday. I didn’t know how many workers Ollie employed, other than Matt I hadn’t really taken much notice. I was usually away during the day at work, and only returned in the evening after the shop had closed for the day, so I never really saw who worked here. But it remained quiet, the lunchtime feeding came and went, followed by the evening one. So the shop remained closed on Saturday, and wouldn’t open again until Monday. I wondered how long I would remain here, not that I had any current desire to leave.

Sunday came, I counted the feeding times, the final one of the evening and I was still here, it seemed like my husband was really enjoying his fishing trip. Just as I was enjoying my time in the storeroom as well. Then came the Monday morning feeding, by the time the lunch and evening one had come and passed I was starting to get worried, and slightly confused, had I miscounted the hours and feedings, surely the shop should have opened by now. Had something happened?

We had previously discussed something along these lines, what if I was hanging in the storeroom and something happened to him, what if he died, he had asked. I told him, then I would soon join him, I didn’t wish to live without him in my life, so I would remain as a meatgirl until sold and find out my final fate. He had laughed and told me that I would enjoy my own end far more than he would his own, getting off on my final fantasy. I guess that he was right, but I laughed off the whole thing, now I wondered if it had finally happened?

The Tuesday morning feeding came and went, and all thoughts of gaining any pleasure from my current situation were now gone. I was too concerned about him to enjoy anything that was happening inside the confines of the storeroom. Next came the lunchtime feed. I felt really confused, and doubted my own system, usually I could keep track, even with the distractions of the other meatgirls, but now I just didn’t know. Was this Tuesday or Monday, was it still the weekend, and where was my husband and eventual saviour.

Finally, the door opened and I heard the sound of heavy footsteps, there were gasps as the meatgirls reacted to the hands touching them, and I wondered what was happening, were we all being taken away again like the last time? Then the cold hands touched my warm flesh, and I realised then their reactions to the touching, the hands lingered on my body and then reached up to grab the rope and release me from the hook holding me in place. My body was thrown over the shoulder of the person and then carried out of the storeroom.

Once outside I was lowered down onto my feet, and I stood there still naked and bound waiting to see what was going to happen to me. The hands returned and I felt them removing the neck fastener and taking off the cloth bag from my head. Looking up at the face I saw that it was Matt, had he taken me out to sell me or give me bad news, and how did he know that it was me, maybe I was just the next meatgirl to be sold. My mind was awash with different thoughts, some bad and others even worse.

“Sorry about the cold hands,” he said, ”bit chilly outside at the moment.”

I tried to say something but the gag stopped any coherent words from leaving my mouth.

“I’ll remove that in a minute, after I tell you my news,” he told me, a dread running cold down my spine, where was Ollie?

“Ollie’s fine, just banged up slightly and still in hospital, I’ve only just managed to get out myself. We had to be rescued after we hit a sandbank in my boat, unfortunately, Ollie banged his head when we hit the bank. The sudden stop threw us both towards the front of the boat, Ollie was out cold when the rescue boat arrived and we both ended up in hospital.”

“MMmph!” I cried out from my gag, indicating for him to remove it.

“Not just yet, let me finish without you interrupting. Anyway, we spent the past few days in the hospital, something about concussion or whatever, I was eventually released but they kept Ollie back as he had been found unconscious in my boat. When I went back later this morning to see how he was, he was awake and feeling much better and then told me all about you, he seemed more worried about that than the bang on his head.” Matt laughed.

“Mmolleee!” I asked again about the gag.

“Look he’s fine, I suspect that they’ll release him today or tomorrow,” Matt replied.

“Hummph!” I replied, holding up my wrists indicating that he should untie me.

He began removing the gag, stating that he couldn’t understand me.

“How did you know that it was me?” was the first thing that came out of my mouth, not even thinking about that I was standing here naked and bound in front of this man, or that my husband was still in hospital.

“I’ve known for a little while now, you see every time I open the store on Saturdays there is always one meatgirl who wears a sold sticker on her right breast,” he replied, pointing to my bare breast with the sticker still in place.

“And you didn’t think it strange?” I asked.

“It’s not up to me how you two do things, I just guessed that it was some sort of game that you were playing, though at first, I thought it was just a test to see if I’d sell the one with the sold sticker, but after seeing the meatgirl for several weekends, usually with the sticker in the same place I guessed that it was something you two did for fun.” he smiled as he explained, “so sometimes I played along, you’d feel me grab you and then move on to another meatgirl, I hoped that you didn’t mind.”

“No, actually it felt quite nice, so thank you for keeping our little secret, I’d hug you but I’m a little tied up at the moment,” I replied, holding out my wrists, expecting that I’d be released soon.

“Sorry, I can’t do that, I’m under strict instructions from Ollie, I can’t free you, I shouldn’t have even removed the gag,” Matt told me.

“What? I need to get to the hospital to see him.” I responded.

“Ollie is fine, he’ll be home soon and he told me that he didn’t want you fussing over him, which seeing you now I guess that you would. He told me that he’d untie you then.” Matt said while picking up the gag.

“You can’t be serious…” I tried to say, but the gag prevented any objections on my part.

Then he placed the hood back over my head, the strap holding it in place fastened and then he threw me back over his shoulder. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me, though I did find it highly arousing, which he’d find out should his fingers find the right spot, I really wanted to be free to see my husband. But that was not to be and again things were out of my control at this moment as he carried me back in the storeroom, and placed me back on the hook that I had just come from.

His hands felt really good on my body, and I knew that I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I felt more of an object under Matt’s control, just one of the products that the shop sold, another meatgirl on the hooks in the storeroom. The touch of his hands did linger on me, even after they had left my bound body, my flesh energised by his touch and I was disappointed when they finally left. Having thoroughly checked that I was in place, with the feeding tube attached, I think that he checked my nipple tag more than twice and the sold sticker seemed to attract more attention.

But that was where Matt left me, the final sound of the door closing letting me know that he was serious when he told me that I was here until my husband returned. The next day came and luckily Matt was running the shop today, after checking me out one more time, quietly whispered that Ollie would be home today. After that I was left just where I’d been placed, with the occasion teasing touch when he came in to grab one of the meatgirls, sending me wild and heightening my arousal in the process.

It was evening and after the shop had closed for the day before I was eventually free, well not free exactly, I was still bound but this time to our bed, my limbs spread to the four corners, held there by tight ropes stretching out my poor body, to be abused several times by my husband, whenever the need took him. Seems like the knock on the head hadn’t affected him in any way, maybe when I hit him with the frying pan later for keeping me bound in the storeroom after finding out about his accident would knock some sense into him. But I doubt it, and anyway, I had other things on my mind at the moment, the toys that he had thrust inside of me, both front and rear, were doing their darndest to wring out the next orgasm out of me.

Our playtimes continued, with me left stored away, Ollie off golfing or fishing, and Matt running the shop, with the occasion teasing of one particular meatgirl in the storeroom. On one of the rare occasions that I was free at the weekend, I managed to catch Matt down in the shop one Saturday morning. I stood there watching, fascinated by the way that he was binding a meatgirl for the waiting customer. It was very erotic and stimulating the way that her limbs were confined, ending with her limbs tightly trussed against her body.

Then I watched as Matt carried her out to the customer's vehicle, mesmerised by the spectacle of what I had just witnessed. I had never seen this before, and I had never experienced being so tightly bound that way either. My thoughts on the matter were interrupted when Matt returned and finally spoke, breaking me out of my spell.

“Bet you wish that were you?” he asked, seeing the look on my face.

“N.. no, not really… though… ” I blushed at the thought. “Seeing that gives me some ideas…”

“Seriously, you want to be tied up like that for the next customer,” Matt replied.

“Urrmm! No, not for the customer…” I blurted out, “Sorry, this was stupid of me…”

“No, I don’t think so, I saw the way you were watching me bind the meatgirl, you’ve never seen that before obviously,” Matt responded.

“Seen or even been tied up that way, it looked so tight.” I blushed again as I spoke, “So erotic…”

“Well, if you want to try it, you’ll need to be naked like the other meatgirls,” Matt answered.

“I… I’m not too sure… ” I uttered, still aroused at the sight and the thought of me tightly bound that way.

“Look I’ve seen you plenty of times bound naked in the storeroom, and I am well used to dealing with meatgirls like you, so it would be very easy for me to have you in the same way,” Matt told me, with a genuine smile on his face.

“What about… ” I started to say.

“The customers will think that you’re just another meatgirl being made ready, and if you’re worried about Ollie, well he’s not here today, so it’ll be just between you and me.” Matt remarked, “Plus you really seem keen to enjoy your time as a meatgirl, what better way than to try this as well.”

Without realising that I had actually agreed with him to try this, I found that I unconsciously removed what little clothing I was already wearing.

“Stop, what are you doing? A customer could walk in, come with me to the storeroom.” Matt exclaimed, slightly shocked at my undressing in public. Red-faced I followed meekly behind him.

“If we’re going to do this, we do it properly.” Matt told me, “Remove your clothing while I things ready.”

He only turned around for a brief moment, but when he turned back I was already stark naked, my clothing dropped on the floor. I don’t know why I was going through with this, maybe it was from the sight of the other meatgirl, or Matt’s commanding presence, and my submissive side responding to him, whatever it was I was both very nervous and aroused at the same time. I just stood there waiting for him to do whatever that he wanted to do to me, I felt powerless to stop him, not that I could with him being used to handling meatgirls, or wanted to at this moment.

“Wow! That was fast!” he responded when he saw me naked, and I blushed as he took in the view that I presented to him, even though he’d seen me naked several times, I was always hooded and among the other meatgirls, now I was outside the storeroom, it felt slightly embarrassing to be standing here in my natural state. But I didn’t have long to wait, as soon as he turned I saw the ropes in his hands.

“Right, we’re going to start with you as another meatgirl, so I’m going to bind and prepare you for the storeroom. I’m going to leave you in there for a short while, and then I’ll come and grab you, take you out and get you ready for delivery, okay?” he asked.

“Y.. y.. yes…” I managed to stutter out. Then I managed to find my voice, “Please all I ask is that you treat me as if I was another meatgirl from this point on. I’m so nervous, but I don’t want to stop whatever you do to me, so if I ask or plead, then please ignore me.”

“Okay, let's see, if you say the word ‘fish’ then and only then will I stop, and relax, you’re in safe hands, you’ll enjoy this,” he said.

I felt slightly less nervous with what he said, and excited at the thought of being bound like I had witnessed. “Okay, fish it is. You can do whatever you want unless I say the word, I guess that sounds fair.”

“Right then, hands,” he commanded, taking my offered wrists and binding them tightly. He was rougher than Ollie was, but then he was dealing with just another meatgirl like I had asked.

Other commands followed, “Feet together,” as he bound them tight as well, “Open,” followed by the gag being pushed home and the straps pulled tight. He then shoved the cloth bag over my head, I was now ready for the storeroom, just the tag and stamps to add, after that I was in place among the meatgirls, just another one of them. I hadn’t planned on being here today, and this was a bit of a whirlwind, my mind was blown away at the fact that I had agreed to this, and I was back inside the storeroom.

His final act was for me to test out my safeword as he called it. From behind the gag and hood I managed to hiss, “phiscche”, and the reply I got was “Close enough.” The sound of the door closing again let me know that Matt was gone, leaving me here in the storeroom. Though it didn’t seem too long before the door opened again, his hands touching my body, grabbing me around my waist, then with a short laugh, leaving me there while he grabbed another meatgirl for a customer. As the door closed again I’m sure that I heard the word “Soon,” from Matt’s lips.

True to his word, once he had dealt with the latest customer he returned and this time did grab me and lift my bound body from the hook, throwing me over his shoulder he carried me out of the storeroom, his hands either slipped or he deliberately moved them, whichever way I found his fingers exploring that most treasured, and hot, spot on my body, and he remarked at just how wet that I was, the fluid sticky on his fingers. He continued to explore there as he carried me out and into the shop. I hadn’t mentioned my safe word, so it seemed to him that it was okay with what he was doing.

I was totally lost in my own world to take much notice of where his fingers probed, other than to enjoy the feel of them as they found the entrance to my most intimate of places, the soft outer flesh parting with the firm push of his rough fingers. I lay there over his shoulder as he carried me, not wanting the moment to end, but when we got further into the shop, he placed me down on the preparation table, the same one where I had witnessed the other meatgirl being trussed up. The thought of me as just another meatgirl sent me over the edge, what with his recent fingering, my body shuddered as I lay there recovering, cumming back to earth.

“Well, that’s a surprise!” Matt remarked, having witnessed my climax, my body blushed when I realised what had happened. “Never seen that before, sure glad that I had that effect on you.” His face beaming with his smile, it had made his day I guess and he was about to return the favour for me.

“Right, best get on then while the shop is quiet.” he said, “But I want you to see what I do to you, so I'll lift the hood off of your face for the moment while still hiding the fact that you have hair, but the gag will remain.”

Laying there on the table my limbs felt weak, I couldn’t move them even if I wanted to, I was like a rag-doll in his hands, and I guessed he knew that. With the original ropes no longer restraining me, I lay there waiting for him to rebind me, or use me, either way at this point would be acceptable to me. His firm hands grasped my body and I was rolled over so that my breasts rested on the workbench top, the tag in my nipple pulling it causing a little pain, but nothing more.

My wrists were held in his firm grasp, and I felt the rope binding them together behind my back, once that was done he started on the rest of the bondage. Tying my ankles together again, but leaving some rope spare for later, not that I took much notice of that, my gaze was focused on the mirror on the shop wall where I watched the latest meatgirl getting bound and ready for the next customer, that meatgirl was, of course, me but I felt like I was witnessing it from outside of my own body. Sure I could feel the tug of the ropes as he bound me, but it seemed to be happening to the mirror girl.

Matt then began folding my body, bringing me up to rest on my knees, with my thighs pressed against my breasts. Adding rope between my thighs and calves, pulling the rope through and binding it tightly around my waist, forcing my legs firmly against my own body. The little bit of leftover rope from my wrists was brought down to the ankle tie, forcing them to be held tightly against my back and slightly arching me.

Another rope was fastened into a loop and Matt placed it over my head and around my neck, pulling it under my body, splitting my breasts in the process and further down to where I thought he’d tie it to my ankles, but that wasn’t to be, the rope was pulled through my legs and against my sex, as he pulled it the rope made its way deeper into the soft outer folds and rested directly on my pleasure button, the roughness of the rope felt exquisite. The rope tied to my wrist bindings.

More rope was added as something to carry this tightly packaged meatgirl, one end to the loop around my neck and the other to my bound ankles, this also had the effect of holding my wrists in place behind my back, not that I had any movement there anyway. As Matt was finishing off the ties, another customer walked in and stood there watching as Matt bound the meatgirl in front of him. They spoke while the binding continued, mostly about the weather and other stuff. I was just an object in their eyes, just a product and it made me feel very warm and tingly inside.

Once Matt had finished binding me, I felt like a tightly trussed-up package, at this point I no longer cared if this customer wanted to take me, I was more than willing to go the whole way, and it scared me that I was happy to go that far, I knew that there’d be no coming back, even so it turned me on to even think that it was possible. Though I trusted Matt, even with my own life now it seems, he could easily hand me over. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my bound body being picked up from the preparation table, maybe this was it, he had sold me, I was too lost in my own world to follow their conversation.

Matt moved me over to the display cabinet, finding an empty space he placed me down inside, with only the glass between me and the customers, through the clear glass I could see that there were two more who had entered while I was being trussed up. One even asked if they could take me home, seeing that I was already packaged for delivery. But Matt told them I’d already been sold and was just waiting for the customer, who was on his way to collect me. Happy with that, they patiently waited while Matt bound another meatgirl for them to take with them.

Watching from my vantage point, I could see the meatgirl being made ready and then carried out of the shop on their way to whatever fate awaited them. Now that the customers were gone Matt finally had the chance to finish me off, bringing me back from the cabinet, and placing my trussed form on the table again, he bent down close to my face, his hands resting on my back. With no response from me, his hands continued to explore, to the customers that walked in it looked like he was getting another meatgirl ready, and not that he was playing with the bound package.

It started getting busy again, a last-minute rush before the shop closed for the weekend, so Matt had to stop playing with me, the feel of his hands on my body was really nice, and bound as I was I couldn’t stop him from doing whatever to me, I was his for the taking so it seemed. Matt replaced the hood back fully over my head, securing the cloth bag with a new strap, and returned me back to the display cabinet. He then ignored me and dealt with the customers. I guess that I would have to wait to have any more fun. But by the time the last customer was dealt with, it was time to close the shop.

Once the main door was locked I expected Matt to return and deal with the bound package patiently waiting for him to use it, but that was not going to happen as Matt brought me back to the table and started to remove my bindings. I wriggled for him to stop and managed to say the safe word. He quickly pulled the hood off and then removed the gag, waiting for me to speak.

“Please… ” I begged.

“Sorry, but while I’ll play along with your game, and the binding of your body was fun, especially teasing you, but I’m not going to take advantage of you that way, it wouldn't feel right and it would be awkward working here with your husband, and while you may want it to happen now, what about later?” Matt told me.

“Thank you, Matt, I know that I can really trust you and I’m very sorry if I came across as wanting you to use me, which would be fine with me trussed up like this, but I know that I’ll regret it later, so again thank you,” I stated. “But…”

"But what?” Matt asked.

And so it was that when Ollie returned home from his fishing or golf, or whatever he was up to today, he found a note on the kitchen table for him. Thinking it strange that I wasn’t here, but guessing that I was tied up down in the storeroom, he went looking for me, without first reading the note. Of course, he didn’t find me inside the storeroom, nor the bedroom or spare room. Finally, he returned to the kitchen and picked up the note. 

All it said was that his dinner was in the oven, and for him to enjoy.

Walking over, he opened the oven door and there tightly trussed up was what looked like a meatgirl, though there was no heat coming from the cooker. The ropes binding her tightly preventing any movement on her part, the hood still in place, and the flesh slightly red and coated in oil. Pulling the tray out, he looked down at what was before him in the tray. At this point I didn’t know what was going through his mind, I guess my little surprise puzzled him, just how did I manage to get myself in the oven tied as I was.

Without commenting on how or why I was inside the oven, I heard him walk away and open the fridge, he returned and I felt something very cold at my rear, then lower down until he found the right spot and pushed it home. I was so turned on and aroused at this point the wetness that he found there was all my own juices, not just the oil coating my skin. Pushing in whatever he was using on me, he moved it in and out a few times before pulling it out and then forcing past the tight muscles hopelessly defending my rear. Once fully home he then brought something larger and pushed this deep inside me, it slipped in way too easily, and then he moved the ropes back in place to hold them in.

I finally heard him speak, “This meat is still too raw, I best cook it for a bit longer.” He then added more oil to my body, his hands rubbing it everywhere, taking his time with the more delectable parts. Then without another word just pushed the baking tray that I was resting in back into our small oven. Bound tightly as I was, I just fitted, the door of the oven closing, and the sounds of his footsteps walking away.

It was much later when he finally managed to ‘eat’ his dinner, spread out over the dining table, my limbs remained tightly bound while he savoured my delights, taking his time before finally removing the carrot he had shoved in my rear and replacing it with his own very solid member. The rest of the night was spent with me bound in some way, with him using me but mostly trying, unsuccessfully, to prevent me from orgasming and enjoying what he was doing to me.

In the morning I confessed about what I’d done, how Matt had managed to tie me up and that I had gotten him to put me in the oven, waiting to serve my Master I told him, and hoped that he enjoyed the moveable feast that had been prepared for him. Well he couldn’t deny that he had enjoyed what I had given him, and he told me that he expected the same gift for his birthday next week, and that Matt deserved a bonus, which pleased me, so much so that I rolled over and lay there face-down, and told him that his dessert was currently waiting for him.


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