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Bound in a Suitcase

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; discovery; encase; spandex; bond; rope; gag; object; used; cartrunk; transport; threesome; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Part One

Blake returned home to find the house empty, his wife Dana seemed to either be still at work or out shopping, he had the home to himself, or so he thought. Walking upstairs to their bedroom to get out of his work clothes, after a quick call of nature to relieve himself, he entered their bedroom, kicking off his shoes, and then walking around the bed in his bare feet he stubbed his foot on a suitcase laying there. Cursing his wife for leaving it out for him to find with his foot, he was just about to move it when he heard a noise from inside. Opening the lid, he was surprised to find his wife Dana curled up inside, and she was dressed in one of her yoga outfits, the lycra one-piece stretching and covering her beautiful body. 

“What the…?” he said, looking down as she uncurled herself from inside the suitcase.

“Hmmm, well…” Dana replied, embarrassed that she had been discovered in her little hideaway.

“What are you doing in the suitcase?” he asked, still astounded that she actually fitted inside there.

“Sorry, I must have fallen asleep,” she said, “I didn’t hear you come home. What time is it anyway?”

“It’s nearly 6pm, but why are you inside the suitcase?” he asked again, as she seemed to be avoiding the subject.

“Well, as I said, I must have fallen asleep, but I suppose I’d best explain why I was in there.” She replied.

“Yes, I’m waiting,” he said, “it's not every day that you come home to find your wife inside a suitcase.”

“Okay, I’ll admit it’s a little strange, I’ve been doing this for a while now, from when I was in my early teens I think, I get the urge to place myself inside the suitcase, and I seem to find it relaxing, all cares and concerns seem to float away, I like to call it my ‘Me’ time.” She explained.

“Concerns, worries, whatever do you mean, I thought that we were fine, the house is paid for, we both have jobs, what do you mean?” he asked, worried that he’d done something to upset her.

“No, silly not like that, it’s just sometimes everyday things used to get on top of me, and the only way I’d find to relax myself is to climb in the suitcase. But now I don’t have the same concerns as when I was younger, but I still get the urge to put myself inside and spend some quality ‘Me’ time in there.” She continued to explain. “Plus whenever I spend some time in there I do feel more sexually aroused, there are times when you’ve come home just as I’ve gotten out of the case, and I couldn’t keep my hands off of you if you recall.”

“Mmm, yes but I just thought that you were just turned on, maybe the time of the month thingy or whatever.” He tried to answer.

“Men, time of the month indeed, you silly sausage, you have no idea what goes through a woman’s mind, do you?” she questioned.

“Obviously not.” Was his weak reply, still stunned at finding out her secret.

“Well, maybe you could find out, maybe if you lock me away again inside the case, I will surprise you.” She asked coyly, not sure what his reaction would be to her offer.

“You want me to lock you away inside the case?” he sounded alarmed. “I don’t know what about air, can you breathe?”

“Yes, of course silly, I’ve been doing this for a while, though I’ve never been actually locked inside, and now that you’ve found out about my secret, it would be an ideal time to find out if we both like doing it. I’ve kept my secret for too long from you, and I want to share my desires, and my fantasy with you, my gorgeous husband.” She said as she placed her arms around his neck and brought him close for a kiss, all the while teasing him with her body by rubbing herself against him, she knew that he was getting turned on as she could feel his erection forming against her body.

“I’m not sure…” he started to say, but the look of the disappointment of his wife’s face made him change his mind, after all, girls have been getting their way with men for millennia. 

“Please… it’ll be worth it to see if we both like it, and I promise a good reward for my man when he lets me back out.” She teased.

Now having agreed to her request, he could never say no to her as she was such a wonderful wife to him, he would do anything for her, as long as it didn’t hurt or harm her, that’s why he was so concerned with her breathing whilst inside the case. But she had assured him that there were breathing holes so that there would be no problem, plus she told him that all her years of doing yoga had kept her really flexible, as he had found out in bed sometimes she had reminded him. Now that she had overcome her husband’s initial shock discovery, and also his concerns, she looked forward to spending some quality time in the suitcase, and as she had told him, she had never been locked away before as she had no one to do that for her, now he was going to be the first one to do so.

Watching her curl up her fantastic body inside the suitcase, he was still amazed at how she managed to fit inside there, but she did it seemed with some room to spare. Now that she was curled up into position, she asked him to close the lid and to lock her inside, he was still reluctant but agreed and reached for the lid of the case. He began closing it, still looking at his wife’s beautiful body inside the case, still hesitant to actually go through with it, but he managed to close the lid down.

“Now, please lock me inside, dear,” she asked, hopeful that he would.

Blake was still wavering when she asked him again to lock her inside, this time he grabbed hold of the latch and clicked it into place and locked just one side of the suitcase. 

“Do we have the key for this case?” he asked, now concerned that he had locked her inside without being able to release her easily should he need to.

“Yes, it’s attached to the handle, but the latch is unlocked, all you have to do is slide it across, that is unless you want to use the key to lock me inside?” she asked hopefully.

“No, not right now,” he said as he slid the clasp on the lock and found that it was indeed unlocked and it opened easily. Now happy that he could free her easily if he needed to, he began closing first one latch and then the other.

Now locked inside, she had her first mini-orgasm when she heard the locks close sealing her inside. 

“You okay inside there?” he asked, concerned by the noise she had made.

“I’m fine; thank you.” She replied, now recovered from the initial rush. 

“I’m going to leave you, but I’ll check on you to see if you’re still okay or want to get out.” He said.

“I’m okay, thank you, you’ve made me very happy.” She told him from inside the case. 

She felt really happy that she was finally getting to experience being locked away, she wondered to herself if she could get him to slide the suitcase under the bed where she normally stored it, but didn’t think that he’d agree this first time. The orgasm she’d experienced was a surprise to her as well; normally she’d masturbate inside the case to bring herself off, something she hadn’t told her husband was the other reason she liked getting inside the case. That could come later, like me, she laughed at the thought. She settled herself down inside the case and began to have fantasies about being sold; she was being shipped off to some far-flung country, maybe to some slavers or a harem, which usually brought out the most wonderful climaxes whilst inside the case.

Every ten minutes or so, her husband came up to check on her, calling out to her and asking if she was still okay. Each time this interrupted her fantasy that was running through her mind, which she found slightly irritating but she reasoned to herself that he was only showing his concern for her welfare, it’s not his fault that he didn’t know that she’d spent hours inside the case beforehand and even a night or two, even sleeping came easy to her curled up inside here, especially after an intense orgasm or two. Each time he asked if she wanted to get out she replied that either; “she was fine”; “no not yet”; and finally; “please darling just leave me in here, I’ll call when I need to get out.” And that maybe some time she laughed to herself.

But just after an hour inside the suitcase she heard her husband enter the bedroom again, she listened as his footsteps got closer to the case and she felt him moving it; then she heard the latches opening, the springs popping the locking mechanism upwards, the case was now unlocked. Dana then squinted as the light rushed in as her husband opened the suitcase to reveal his curled-up wife inside, thankful that she seemed to be unharmed, he would never forgive himself if he’d hurt her in any way. There was a certain female muskiness reaching his nostrils’ as he opened the lid of the suitcase, he didn’t know that she had a couple of orgasms whilst locked away, he was just happy she was okay.

Dana began to stretch, she’d always did this when getting herself out of the tight confines of the case, to Blake she looked cat-like in her movements, the way she moved her body was graceful and enticing, he watched transfixed as she knowingly teased him when she removed herself from the case, his eyes watching her every move. She was pleased that she had this effect on him, she knew that it drove him wild with desire for her, and she often played upon it, her years of yoga helping her body movements. Her suit was damp with perspiration and other fluids, the outline of her sex was very obvious to Blake, the costume having stretched when she masturbated inside the case, pushing the lycra material into the folds of her labia.

“Seems that I have a camel toe,” she laughed when he looked down at her sex.

Blake was still transfixed looking at his wife to notice too much, her body curves overwhelming his male mind with the way they moved, she was happy that she could still tease him she thought after all these years. But now she was aroused and hungry, once she stepped out of the case she dropped to her knees and walked over on all fours like a cat, her rear swishing from side to side, the look in her eyes pure lust for her man, she looked like she wanted to devour him he thought to himself. He was shocked at the way she was reacting but remembered that she had told him that she wanted to reward him afterwards and that she had said that she always felt very aroused after being in the case.

As she closed in on him, she licked her lips invitingly, the look of wanton lust on her face overwhelming him, he fell backwards onto the bed. She soon made short work of the clothes that he was wearing as she sought out her goal and was soon enjoying herself sucking on his erect member, teasing with her lips, her tongue running over the head and then the underside of his penis, her teeth gently biting him as she took him further into her warm, wet mouth. There was nothing he could do, he was her prey, and she was the huntress, she was his now, his mind lost to the wonderful feelings that he was experiencing with her lips wrapped around his cock, she seemed intent on taking the whole thing in as far as she could, he hoped that it was still there when she had finished with him.

After that day, she gets her husband Blake to put her away in the case more and more, and each time he is well rewarded by her sexually, as every time she’s locked away she gets very aroused, randy even, plus the time that she gets to spend inside the suitcase also gets extended each time as well. ‘He seems to be getting more used to locking me away’, she thought. She even eventually managed to persuade him to push the case back under the bed with her locked away inside, well actually he’d briefly forgotten about the case one time and hit it again with his bare foot and in his anger and pain he’d pushed the case under the bed, only realising that she was still inside when he did that. He immediately pulled it back out and opened the case to apologise for what he’d done, but she told him that she was very happy that he had done what she had wanted to ask for, but was scared to ask, thinking that he’d find her request strange.

“Well, no stranger than asking me to lock you away inside the case,” he told her.

“Please darling, lock me back inside and slide the case under the bed, you know you’ll be rewarded especially well if you do it for me.” She teased.

Taking one last look at his wife’s body, her lycra full-body suit covering her wonderful form, the curves highlighted with the sheen of the suit. He closed the lid of the suitcase again and closed the latches, locking her inside. They still hadn’t locked the case itself and he could easily open the case should the need arise, and once closed he began pushing the suitcase containing her delightful body under the bed, the covers moving to one side as the case slid under, and then closing to cover the case and hide it from view. Dana was ecstatic inside the case, she was dressed in her favourite material, placed inside her suitcase, locked away by her husband and he had finally slid the case back under the bed, where it belonged. She felt like an object being put away after use, something to be stored away and only gotten back out when the need arose for it. She had several self-induced orgasms that day, her dreams of being a sex doll, used and stored away under the bed, her husband was very well rewarded for his efforts when she was released, much to his enjoyment.

Then one day she came to him and asked that she would like to be put away during one of the football games that he watches each Saturday, that's going to be well over six hours locked inside the suitcase as he watches several games, something they hadn’t done to that extent and length yet, though she had when doing this by herself and she told him that she had done much longer sessions in the past. He reluctantly agrees but only if she remains within the same room as he doesn’t want to keep going back up to the bedroom to check if she’s okay and interrupting his watching of the games. She reluctantly agrees to his condition, knowing that she wouldn’t get her ‘Me’ time in the suitcase without it. She brings down the suitcase from the bedroom; she has dressed herself in another one-piece spandex suit, this one shiny and reflecting the light on it, her body displayed in all its glory, his eyes wide open as he sees her dressed like this for the first time.

“Like it?” she teased, showing off her body, teasing him with her movements.

“Very nice. I love it.” He told her, wondering whether not to watch the game and play with her instead.

“Well, best pack me away then before the game,” Dana told him, ‘Or before you try to get your hands on me,’ she thought as she watched the look on his face, she knew when his desire for her sometimes overcame reason and his lust for her overtook his male mind, which she normally didn’t mind, quite enjoyed in fact, but she wanted to spend some more time in the case, and then devour him or let him use her, when she was ready to be released.

She curled her body into the suitcase, each time it still amazed him that she fit so well inside the case. He watched as her limbs moved enticingly as she placed them into the confines of the enclosure she loved being inside of, mesmerised by her snake-like movements, she seemed to be able to fold herself in ways that he would find impossible or even cause him an injury. Once she was safely curled up in the bottom of the case, she told him to close the lid and lock her way, and to leave her until the football had ended. She had no interest or desire to watch the games; she much preferred to be out of the way, safely locked inside her comfortable world, her mind drifting off into her fantasies. She heard him closing the latches and knew that she was now locked away for the duration of the games; she felt her first thrill go through her body at that thought.

He then placed the suitcase on the floor near to him, he even rested his feet on the case at one point, forgetting that she was still inside the case, so engrossed in the game he was watching. The sound of the game on the television annoyed her and she found that she cannot to get ‘relax’ as much she normally did and was therefore unable to ‘enjoy’ herself as much, so the next time she asks that she be put away, while he watches the games on Saturday, she told him that she has prepared and cleared out a special space for her suitcase in the hallway cupboard under the stairs. Now locked away and stored in the cupboard by her husband, she is able to ‘enjoy herself’ many times over, her fantasies no longer interrupted by the sound of the television. And she jumps on her hubby afterwards with great enthusiasm, when released from the confines of the suitcase, something that he has grown to love from her.

More and more times she is put away for various sporting events, he loves that he can watch without any interruption from her, and she loves that he takes the time to lock her in the suitcase and put her away inside the cupboard, leaving her there as just another item to be stored, she even makes snacks for him to enjoy along with providing him beer. Then one day there was a football game, followed by tennis finals on television and this time she had requested to be tied up inside the case, then locked away and again put in the cupboard as usual. He had become accustomed to her requests to be put away, and each time she seemed to be increasing her own desires, but this was the first time that she would be bound in the case. They had done bondage in the bedroom many times before, so this wasn’t something entirely new to them, but adding it whilst she was encased was, her body looked wonderful dressed in the black shiny spandex suit he had told her he liked her to wear, the white ropes that were fastened about her limbs stood out against the dark fabric. 

Now bound, encased and stored away Dana was off in her fantasyland, switching between thinking that she had been sold, and then she was a slave, and she even had one where her husband had grown tired of her and was going to dispose of her bound body later, storing her away until dark and then transporting her to some location and burying her in the suitcase, her orgasm overwhelmed her with this fantasy and she blacked out from the sheer intensity of it. Meanwhile unaware of what was happening to his wife in the cupboard, Blake had enjoyed watching the football game and was then engrossed in the tennis finals, but it was a case of too much beer and too long in front of the television as he fell into a deep sleep on the sofa, only to wake up in the early hours and slip up to bed groggily, forgetting about his wife bound inside the suitcase and stored away in the cupboard.

Only in the morning did he realise when he woke up and found the bed empty, he remembered binding her and storing her away inside the cupboard, and then he feared the worse, either from her temper or if she was injured herself, but he found that she had loved being left for so long and though stiff she still thanked him for the wonderful session, she then asked that she remained bound as he used her for his pleasure, and to use whatever part of her that he desired, hinting that she wouldn’t mind if she was used by him in that special place that he enjoyed using, something that didn’t happen often, it was a special treat, and she soon found herself bent over face down on the sofa as he reamed her rear until he came in a long shuddering climax. She delighted in the fact that he had used her this way and that she had given him pleasure while not getting any herself, this was his extra special reward for leaving her overnight, and she hoped that the message got through to him, though she doubted it until after he had recovered from his sexual peak.

The next time they tried the usual Saturday games ritual, after he had tied her in the ropes they used, and then closed her inside the suitcase and finally placed her bound form inside the cupboard, did he find that he was out of his favourite beer, and that he needed to go to the store to buy some more before the game. Luckily, they had started earlier than usual, as each time now she seemed to want to get inside the case well before the game started, so he found that he still had time to run down the store and be back in time for the game. Opening the case he explained what was going on and that he'd have to release her, but she said that there was no need and to leave her packed away inside the cupboard; however he said that he would not leave her on her own in case of something happening in the house. 

So she said instead of taking the time to untie her, the run to the store and come back and re-tie her again, by which time the game would be well underway, she reasoned with him that she should just travel in the trunk of the car. After a brief discussion which hubby lost on every point, she was again locked away in her case, and he reluctantly carried her out and placed the suitcase in the trunk of the car. He then drove to the store for more beer, worrying that if he was pulled over by the police what he would say to them when they found a bound female inside a suitcase in the trunk of his car. Luckily for him the drive was uneventful, and he began going through the drive-thru before he remembered that she was still in the trunk inside the suitcase, by now he had already opened it from inside the car for the attendant to place the carton of beer in the trunk next to the suitcase before he realised his mistake.

She thought that she was about to be discovered when the trunk opened, and she heard the carton placed down beside her. But the lid was quickly closed, and after paying for the beer, he drove home, again watching his speed and worrying about the police. Now looking at the time when he returned home, he found that the game was underway, his slow driving causing him to miss the start. He decided to leave her and the suitcase in the trunk, she had caused the delay he reasoned to himself, so why should he miss any more of the game by carting her case inside and storing her inside the cupboard, when the car trunk would be just as safe for her, she’d be locked away inside the trunk and the car secured in the garage. Parking the car inside the garage, he pressed the remote for the garage door to close, grabbing the beer from the trunk and seeing the suitcase containing his bound wife laying there peacefully, he thought that this would be a better idea. 

He slammed the trunk lid down and left her there in the trunk of the car and locked away in the garage. She heard him as he parked the car and then the sound of the door closing, the car trunk masking some of the sounds from outside, she had been thrilled to be carted around this way, she loved the fact that he had driven through the drive-in part of the liquor store, even exposing her to the attendant who simply thinking that there was just a suitcase in the trunk, dropped the carton of beer next to it and slammed the lid closed. Not in his wildest dreams, she thought to herself, would he think that there was a tightly bound female waiting to be used inside the case, her own arousal as high as it could be at being treated this way, another fantasy world of hers where she is kidnapped and hidden in plain sight, while unsuspecting people see the case but don’t realise that there is a bound victim inside, as the kidnappers drive her tightly-tied, encased body away to their lair.

Dana was more than happy that he had left her bound and stored this way, her own mind lost in her fantasies and she was reluctant to leave the confines of the car trunk when her husband came to fetch her after the game had finished, he had wanted his reward for binding her, which he was more than happy to take from her when she offered herself again, bound and this time gagged, he could do what he wanted to her and to her own surprise he managed to take her a couple of times before he fell asleep, leaving her bound and gagged laying on the bed, but no longer bound like she was inside the suitcase, as he had rebound her several times changing her position to satisfy his own needs and desires. She was a happy bunny as she drifted off into slumber, even the ropes binding her couldn’t stop her falling into a deep, blissful sleep.

They both were now very happy with their sex life, he had always enjoyed tying up his wife, and she loved it when he did so, she looked forward to their sessions, she would often be bound by him and left on the bed or over a chair and he would later come back and make use of her body, sometimes to both their mutual pleasure and other times just for him, which she enjoyed as well, she was happy to just be close and share things with him, and give him pleasure whenever she could. Happy in the knowledge that she would soon be tightly bound, and packed away again, stored somewhere around the house or even the garage, now their activities were no longer just confined to the under stairs cupboard, she could end up anywhere now. He had grown used to having his wife bound and stored away, even having a couple of friends join him in watching the game knowing that his wife was safely stored away, and he would put her to good use later.

They repeated the car trunk journey several times, each time she loved it when someone else placed something in the trunk with her, and they not knowing that she was bound inside, it gave her a deep thrill each time it happened. There was even one day the trunk was full of boxes of stuff that he’d bought at the local out of town warehouse, her suitcase was then shoved roughly to the back of the trunk, and by the time he and the assistant had finished, the suitcase was covered and no longer visible. She loved it, she told him later in between mouthfuls of his erect penis, he was just happy that she was rewarding him for a job well done, he thought.

Their outdoor adventures continued one weekend when he decided to go and watch the game over at a friend’s house, he’d been invited over at the last minute, and as his wife was already bound and safely inside her suitcase he decided to take her along with him, they made the usual trip to the liquor store, the attendant placing the carton in the trunk next to his bound and encased wife, then the drive over to his friends place. It all went without a hitch that was until he got there, he began removing the beer as usual from the trunk of the car and then spotted the suitcase, with his bound wife bundled up inside, he didn’t want to carry it inside as he would have to explain why he’d brought the suitcase, and then possibly face questions as to what was inside. He figured that it wasn’t a warm day and the car was parked in the shade, so why not leave her there, and he’d miss the game if he didn’t, so ignoring the suitcase enclosing his wife, he closed the trunk lid firmly and locked the car, he left her outside in the driveway and went inside. 

Several beers and the match over and he found that he was in no condition to drive home, so it was decided that he would spend the night on the sofa at his friends' place. His friend offered to call his wife and explain so that he didn’t get in trouble with her for staying over and reassuring her that he wasn’t off with some other female, but Blake stopped him and said there was no need, but he said that he needed to explain something first. He then told him about having his wife bound in the trunk of his car, it was parked outside and he didn’t want to leave her out there in case the car was stolen or something. 

“So, you’re telling me that your wife likes to be tied up,” he asked, “that’s not that unusual.”

“No, I suppose not, but she’s tied up in the trunk,” Blake told him.

“Well, just go and get her,” he replied, astounded that she had been out there all this time, “you can’t just leave her out there.”

“No, I guess that you’re right,” he said in reply, knowing that his friend was in for a big surprise.

They both walked out to his car, Blake popped the car trunk, and his friend looked eagerly inside, expecting to find a bound, naked woman in there, but he only spotted a suitcase. “Where?” was all he could ask.

“In the suitcase,” Blake replied.

“No way, how does she fit in there?” looking from the suitcase laying there and then back to Blake for an answer.

“Very easily, she’s done it many, many times.” He explained and reached in to pick up the suitcase.

Dana heard voices and wondered what was happening outside; she was relieved to hear her husbands voice; she initially thought that there might have been strangers wanting to take the car. But then she heard the other voice, especially when the trunk opened, and she knew that she was about to be discovered by Blake’s friend Jeff, as she recognized his voice, she had been over to his place several times though not bound the way she was now, this would be embarrassing she thought, lucky for her that his wife had left him recently, so he now lived alone, she thought that it would be better than facing another female, men are so focused on one thing, she knew that she could handle that.

She then felt the suitcase being lifted from the trunk and carried inside Jeff’s house, she wondered what they would do to her once they released her from the suitcase and she had several visions of her being used by them for their pleasure, she wondered if her husband would do that to her, her mind drifting off to being used by the two men, and then joined by several others, she was just their plaything, used, abused and later discarded. Blake brought the suitcase inside the lounge and placed it down with a bump. ‘Steady on there,’ she thought. ‘Fragile goods in here.’ 

She then heard the sound of the latches being released, and then the top of the case opened to reveal two pairs of male eyes looking at the contents revealed therein. She was still bound and gagged, something she always seemed to be now when being enclosed inside the case, though they had yet to lock her inside. Now she looked from one pair of male eyes to the other, still slightly fearful, but also aroused at the thought of what they may do to her. 

“Wow, I’d never believed it unless I had seen it!” Jeff exclaimed, “that is amazing.”

“Told you that she fitted inside, didn’t I,” Blake said to his friend, ignoring for the moment his restrained wife presented to them both in all her bound glory, with only the spandex suit covering her body sparing her from them seeing her naked.

“Yes, well, that’s something you don’t see every day,” Jeff stated, his eyes still glued to the bound female inside the case.

“I still can’t get used to seeing her this way myself, the word stunning comes to mind,” Blake said.

“Mmmph!” I tried to talk.

“I think that she wants out,” Jeff said, still drinking in the vision before him.

“Oh yeah, guess you’re right,” said Blake and he began to help me out of the suitcase.

Tied up as I was, I couldn’t get myself out of the case, I was bound tightly into a ball-tie and unable to extract myself from the confines of the case like I usually did. The gag effectively stopping me from speaking, even making too much noise, I had insisted on this after nearly giving our game away when some idiot dropped something on the case in the trunk and nearly caused me to yell out, and I had grown to love being bound and now also gagged during my time inside the suitcase, it gave it an extra element that had been missing, a deeper thrill that aroused my inner being, and it made me feel more of an object, which I had come to think of myself as when encased, building my own sexual arousal even more and stoking the fires of my desires. 

Now out of the case and just left laying on the floor, Jeff took the time to inspect the ropes binding me, he then told Blake that he’d managed to tie his ex-wife this way but not as tightly as you have her tied. This seemed to be like some form of badge of honour for Blake, that he had impressed his friend with the way that he’d bound his wife; it was like they were comparing notes on the way they bound women. Meanwhile all I could do was lay there like a piece of meat to be prodded, poked, it seemed that I was subject to their inspection and appraisal, and this in some way turned me on, I felt my arousal growing as they checked the way I was bound, hands touching me everywhere.

I wondered if Blake actually saw me as his wife at that point or was I just an object for their entertainment and amusement, it felt that way, and it played into my arousal that I was their plaything, something to be used and discarded afterwards. I also wondered if he’d feel this way about displaying his bound wife to his friend if it wasn’t for the beers they seemed to have consumed tonight, judging by the empty bottles and cans littering the lounge room. Now that I had my secret fetish revealed to not only my husband but his buddy as well, I wondered who else would find out. 

My embarrassment at being found like this now long gone, I seem to them both a figure for them to examine, use and play with and again wondered what would happen, would I even be untied tonight or just used by them both for their pleasure, and that thought, plus the way they were treating me, caused me to have another mini-climax in front of the two of them, my body shuddering as the enjoyable waves swept through me, my eyes glazed over and my mind lost to the wonderful pleasure of the female orgasm. I found that even after my initial embarrassment and the orgasm in front of the two of them that my arousal now high again, I seem to be more turned on by being displayed to them this way.

“Wow, I think she just orgasmed!” Jeff said.

“Yes, it seems that way,” my husband replied, and then revealed, “she’s normally as horny as a polecat in heat when she’s released from her suitcase and bondage.” 

“Mmmph!” I tried again to get their attention.

“I think she wants to speak,” Jeff said to Blake.

The gag was removed by my husband, and he had expected a string of abuse from me for revealing my secret to his buddy, he knew deep down that what he had done was wrong, but even he was shocked with what I then said.

“Fuck me!” I exclaimed. I wanted to be used so badly by now that I didn’t care who did it. 

It didn’t take Jeff long to start using me, he quickly took the hint, and he had himself unzipped, and my now ungagged mouth was now full again with his erect member, meanwhile my husband had recovered from his initial shock and was moving behind me, I was now propped up on my knees, some of the ropes binding me were released so he could gain access, and soon he was plundering my depths from behind, the fact that I was his wife seemed to have been forgotten at that moment in the sexual, drunken haze that now filled the room. It didn’t take long for both men to finish, they came close together, and they even managed to get to use me some more, switching places and again my mouth was stuffed whilst my sex was again enjoying the attention of the male member pounding in and out of it.

At one point, they tried to unbind my arms and the rest of the ropes, but I told them to leave them alone, in fact, demanded that they kept me tied up. After they had used me again, the third and final time that night, until both men were in no state to continue to pleasure me, which I was disappointed with as I still wanted more, but there was nothing I could do, as the drink they had previously consumed plus the exertion of using me had worn the two of them out. Blake, my husband, fell asleep first sprawled over the sofa, and then Jeff began to move to leave the room, I called over to him.

“Hi Dana, what’s up, you want to be released now?” Jeff asked.

“No, please, I want to be re-tied and gagged,” I stated, looking up at him hopefully.

“Wow! Dana, you’re certainly one for surprises, sure I’ll bind you and gag you, if you wish,” Jeff replied, again looking at my body, appraising me like an object.

“Please,” I said quietly, “I need to be kept tied tonight.”

“Okay, is there any way you want to be tied, maybe back in the ball-tie you came in,” Jeff asked, “Do you want to go back inside the suitcase?”

“No, not right now, please tie me any way you wish but not the ball-tie as I don’t want to be free until the morning, and I think that position would be too much to handle,” I told him.

“I know just the tie you want.” He said and then started to re-bind my limbs, my arms pulled behind me, and he bound my wrists and then my elbows until they met together behind my back. “Wow, you certainly are flexible.” He remarked.

“Now the legs,” he told me, and tied my ankles, then above and below my knees.

“Please gag me as well,” I asked.

“Sure,” he grabbed the gag laying there on the floor and shoved it back into my mouth, it was again filled by the gag, and I was now no longer able to speak, which I loved.

Next, he pushed me over until I laid face down, he then used more ropes from my bound ankles up to my tied wrists, “This is a hogtie,” he told me, “hope that you enjoy it.”

Now I was re-tied, gagged and trussed up tightly, I couldn’t move my body other than to rock from side to side, he then moved me over by picking up the rope binding my wrist to my ankles, it was painful being picked up like this, but the gag stopped me protesting about it. I was then carried into a bedroom and dropped on the bed there, it was a single bed, and he started to use more ropes on me, tying me down to the bed and stopping any movement that I had. I was totally bound and unable to move by the time he had finished, it was then he moved to where my head rested on the mattress, he removed the gag and told me that he expected some reward for his efforts. After he had used me for his pleasure, I was re-gagged and left bound to the bed, he then left the room and turned off the light before going to bed himself.

In the morning, I was released by my now remorseful and sober husband; Jeff had left him to untie me as they weren’t too sure about how I’d react to last nights events. But I had loved the way the both of them had used me, though I wouldn’t reveal that to them for a while, they needed to squirm for a bit, and I enjoyed my power over them, they had had the power last night, they had used me as their object, each one taking me for their own pleasure and then I was discarded in this bedroom, tightly bound and gagged, which I had requested and loved, but again they wouldn’t know that at first. I walked down into the kitchen after my much-needed shower, I had found their sexual spendings in my hair and other places, and I needed a good long wash to get myself clean again. They both looked up as I walked into the room, both looked sheepish, and they also seemed to be suffering the after-effects of last night’s too-many beers.

Blake moved from his seat and offered me a place to sit, while Jeff brought over a cup of coffee, neither man seemed to want to look me in the eye at the moment, and I revelled in the power that I had over the two of them, knowing their guilt at what they had done to me last night weighed on their minds, it felt wonderful and I wondered how long I could keep the pretence up. I was served breakfast, with both of them bending over backwards to fulfil my desire, each again worrying what I would say to them, I had remained quiet and not spoken when I came down. But it was starting to get on my nerves, sure they had both taken advantage of me, but I had told them to do that last night, it was not their fault that they found a rabid, randy female tightly bound and waiting to be used, her perverse sexual fantasies driving her to allow them to take her and use her, and I had taken great pleasure from them whilst doing so.

“Guys, please stop looking so damn guilty,” I finally said to them, “I can’t stand you two on eggshells this morning, look, we’re all adults here, we all had a good time last night, sure it wasn’t planned, and it was unexpected, but it was fun, wasn’t it?” I looked at the two of them, their face now lighting up like two schoolboys, relieved that they weren’t in trouble with what they did last night.

Now the mood was lifted we all sat and drank our coffees, finished breakfast and cleared up after ourselves. We even cleaned the lounge room of the mess we had created last night, including all of the empty bottles. Once that was done the morning was nearly over and the conversation seemed to dwindle, the events of last night now a distant, wonderful memory and Jeff had told us that he would have to leave soon for work. Looking around the lounge room one last time, I spotted over in the corner was the suitcase that I had come here in, and I had a wicked thought enter my head. And I wondered if they would play along with my little game with me.

“Well, Jeff, thanks for a great time last night,” I said, “I suppose that we’d best leave you to get ready for work.” I continued looking over towards my husband, who was getting himself out of the chair. 

“No, thank you, Dana, you were excellent,” Jeff stated, “is there anything I can do for you?”

“Well glad that you think that way, and now that you mention it, I was wondering if I could be tied up again by both of you?” I asked them, the shocked look on both of their faces made me laugh.

“What surely, after last night…” my husband Blake said.

“Why not, I’m more than happy for you two to bind me, and then maybe you could then both use me one more time,” I expressed my wish.

Jeff, ever the opportunist it seemed, was quick to pick up the ropes as I stood there waiting for them both, I then dropped the robe that I was wearing to reveal my body in all its naked glory. This brought a whistle from Jeff, and a look of shock from my husband, here was his wife naked in front of his friend, he seemed to have forgotten about the events of last night until I told him that I was fine and that I wanted to be tied again. Now over the initial shock of his naked wife standing there, he joined Jeff in binding my limbs, soon I was again just a bound object, the ropes holding me in their loving grasp, my arms bound again behind my back and out of the way, my ankles bound together as was my knees and I wondered if they had thought this through if they were both going to make use of me sexually tied as I was. 

Not that I needed to have worried about that as I was soon bent over a coffee table, Jeff then bound me tightly to the top, he seemed to more confident in tying me, and I found my movements were once again restricted, I was their bound plaything again, and there was little I could, or wanted, to do to stop them using me. Which they both did with great delight, bound as I was I couldn’t stop them having another go after as well, and I didn’t mind either as I was loving being taken by them, in my mind they were pirates taking me as their prize, a helpless maiden being used by two ruthless men. My orgasms when they came, were of great delight to both men who seem to wear it with pride that they had made me climax, and to myself as the waves of pleasure went through my whole body, the bondage of the rope seemed to enhance the experience for me. We were all happy and sated in our sexual needs by the time we had finished, and now I had one last thing to ask them to do for me.

“Thank you,” I said seductively to both men as they recovered from their exertions while sitting on the floor. I was still bound tightly to the coffee table, and I could still taste their semen in my mouth, and I could feel their fluids running out of me. Both men then also thanked me for being such a good sport; they said, men and their sporting analogies, whatever I thought.

“Better untie you,” said Jeff, happily sated now.

“Not so fast there Jeff, I have one last request of you both today,” I said, “I arrived here in a suitcase, and I want to leave bound again in the suitcase as well, could you do that for me?”

My husband was stunned that I wanted this again after what they had done, but I thought that he was used to binding me and enclosing me inside the case, Jeff, on the other hand, had no experience of this other than seeing me last night, but he was good at binding helpless females, so in my mind that he should easily get the hang of it.

They both began to untie me from the table, they offered for me to clean up first, but I declined, telling them both that I wanted to be treated like the sexual object that I was, and for them to just re-bind and then gag me before enclosing me inside the suitcase, after that I wanted them to treat me as nothing more than an item to be used, discarded and stored away, I also told them that I wanted to be placed back in the trunk of the car for the journey home as well. Soon they both had me tightly tied again in the ball-tie, the gag was roughly stuffed into my waiting mouth, the straps pulled tight behind my head, and I could no longer speak. I felt their hands grab me and lift me from the floor and I was carried over and placed inside the suitcase, they both took one last lingering look and Jeff did a final squeeze of one of my bound breasts, he’d tied rope around them both in a breast tie he called it, his final parting gift to me was then attaching a pair of clothespins to my nipples, each one crying out in the pain they caused when first clasped on them.

I was now indeed their bound object, and they had treated me that way whilst tying me as nothing more than a used plaything, I loved the way they were roughly using me without regard for any feelings that I may have had, I felt more like an object than ever before. This was what I had wanted from them, in this I found what my true desires were, I truly loved being someone’s sexual plaything, an object to use, discard and store away, and I wondered if this was what being a sex slave would be like. They made sure that I was safely tucked into the suitcase before they closed the lid, I heard the latches being closed, and then the key was placed into the locks, and I heard the key turning, I was being locked away inside, this was the first time that I had been locked away like this, and a wave of pleasure overwhelmed me, my body shuddering with delight at this finally happening to me. 

“Best keep that key safe, want me to hold on to it for you?” Jeff asked my husband, winking at him and letting him in on his game.

“Sure, no problem, here’s the key,” said my husband loud enough for me to hear inside the case.

“Maybe I should post it to you,” Jeff then said, both boys now amused at their little game.

“Great idea, but don’t post it until Monday,” my husband replied, “there’s no rush.”

Inside the suitcase, I had heard their conversation, and this triggered another wave of pleasure throughout my tightly bound body, they both seemed to know that I would get off on the idea of them keeping me trussed up inside the case, their toy waiting to be taken out and used again later.

I then felt the suitcase being picked up, and I was carried outside, I heard the sound of a car trunk opening, and I felt my case being placed on the floor inside. Before he closed the trunk, he again said to Jeff, “Don’t forget to post that key Monday!”

Both men had a laugh as the trunk was closed and their chatter was then deadened by the metal of the vehicle and the suitcase I was bound inside of. Soon they said their farewells and I heard the car start and then felt the car move, I was going home it seemed or did they play another trick on me and I was actually in Jeff’s car. I could only wonder and fantasise inside the suitcase, bound as I was unable to do anything, I couldn’t reach to enjoy myself like when I wasn’t bound, I would be denied any sexual pleasure from being encased, and I found that I loved this.

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